Pawn Stars: OWNER INSULTED by Low Offer for Madonna Journal (Season 13) | History

Pawn Stars: OWNER INSULTED by Low Offer for Madonna Journal (Season 13) | History

100 thoughts on “Pawn Stars: OWNER INSULTED by Low Offer for Madonna Journal (Season 13) | History

  1. Robert got suckered into paying too much for the day planner when he first bought it and is trying to get the pawn shop to recover his overbid from when he got it at the "reputable auction house" as he calls it.

  2. He definitely did steal this thing. This wouldn't end up in an auction house, it has personal info of a lot of celebrities in there. Also, I think they edited this footage for legal reasons.

  3. Let me have a buddy come down here cause i know absolutely nothing about it but i have a guy who reads this work everday and would know everything. This show should be named “let me call my buddy”

  4. He's been offered more. Fine. Now the person offering him more will see this episode and offer him much less. Way to go.

  5. Don't be insulted to be offered 5-50% of the value at a pawn shop, but do not settle for less than the weight of something like silver or less than a quarter of gold.

  6. Something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it! Some of these people are retarded. In this case however I do believe this is probably worth more than $12,000

  7. If the seller is reading this…I will paypal you right now $30 and even cover shipping cost!!!! Cmon man I am such a huge Madonna fan…


  8. He's one of those guys who want to show off on TV, just because some random fan online says he will give you X dollars dosn't mean they are serious

  9. Owner: I have big foot captured in this cage. How does $100,000,000 sound.
    Pawn Stars: I can do 2.
    Owner: $2,000,000?
    Pawn Stars: Nah Nah Nah, $2
    Owner: ……………………….

    (Owner has exit chat)

  10. After seeing this Vid..The seller, The evaluator are trying so hard to be so cool..but I see 2 geeks. (+ Corey -just a fat kid with family $)

  11. that was a lowball offer. Could have offered him 8k and still paid at least 2k on selling it. Of course the seller probably wouldnt have accepted 8k…..btw, anyone with steve grad's writing comparison gadget could do his job….and not be a fraud like he is as well.

  12. The insult is selling Madonna's (a complete moron) planner. She's complete rubbish (like most pop artists). If he wanted real money, then he shoulda got Michael Jackson's planner.

  13. Dude thinks a pawn shop is ‘highest bidder’ and claims he’s been offered far more $20,000 for his dumb Madonna book well go sell it to them then! Duh!

  14. Iconic piece of rock and roll history????? Blahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha….. Blahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha..

  15. TBH I would be insulted too. It's clearly worth more than the expert said. Maybe not "worth" 25k, but someone out there would pay that much for it? Sure. I would expect him lowest 8-10k offer, but 4k? Yes I agree that's insulting.

  16. If anyone's curious, at auction it sold for approximately ~ $14,000 ( He has to pay auction fees on top ) so that's probably around $12,600 he made. The more you know!

  17. This guy seems like he prob did steal it when he was 12 bruh like he didn't even say the auction house he got it from

    edit: If this guy has gotten higher offers for the book why didn't he take those

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