33 thoughts on “PD: Lee Whitnum arrested, removed from Democratic gubernatorial forum

  1. Another Democratic libturd who is against the democratic industrialized Westernize modern country of Israel.

    Thank God she got Karma.

  2. Lee Whitnum (born June 23, 1960) is an American writer and politician. She is an outspoken critic of Israel and gained notoriety on that issue in the 2010 Connecticut U.S. Senate race. She also takes a hard stand against illegal and legal "white collar" immigration as a way to curtail unemployment. She cites abuses of the H1-B and L1 immigration loopholes as detrimental to the United States by contributing to unemployment.[1] She's a true American in my book. God bless her.

  3. Brookfield, OH? She needs to be a pro gun Republican and she has everyone's vote, except for the Jews and they don't count.

  4. everything Lee warned about Israel is coming to pass.
    I put her in high regard.. right up there with James Traficant

  5. Meet Lee Whitnum A rare politician who has a soul and humanity and she cares about America. Zionists have failed to buy her out. America and world need politicians like Meet Lee Whitnum.

  6. Democrats are laughed at and made fun of all the time. No one of any importance likes Democrats. No wonder, Republicans dominate elections.

  7. Lee Whitnum knows what she is talking about. They have to discredit her any way that they can. Israel has bought and paid for our media to filter what we hear. Bad news for us. Hopefully bad for them as well. They are racist and do not mind our being ruined by fighting their wars so they do not need to be reasonable to their neighbors.

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