People Too Innocent For The Internet

People Too Innocent For The Internet

There are two types of people. Innocent or dirty-minded. But when people are too innocent on the Internet, it’s actually pretty hilarious. So, I guess girls get this question a lot. “How far have you gone with a guy?” And when you’re so innocent, you say, “I went to Canada with my dad once.” They got 250,000 notes. But I think it’s great when people are innocent, and even though to the rest of us it seems really funny. What’s up, guys? You’re watching Reaction Time, and let’s look at some more innocent posts on the Internet. So, this is actually another famous YouTuber. His name is Tyler Oakley. He tweeted out two years ago: Just got a blood nose in the shower. Obviously, I’m fine. But it’s just very alarming to look down at your naked body and see blood everywhere. Then when he realized what it actually sounds like, he says, “Oh my God at all the girls in my replies right now.” So, apparently, girls have to go through this every single month. And you guys know what it’s called. Tyler Oakley experienced what it would be like if he was a girl, and he didn’t even realize it until after. All these girls replied to him. So, we got a picture of a very giant, shredded, ripped dude, and also, a very small, ripped dude. They’re actually together. They’re a couple, and someone compared them on the Internet to this. A mouse trying to eat a giant banana. Oh, if you guys are too innocent to understand, please, please keep it that way. We don’t want you to become like the rest of us. It says, “I don’t understand the joke. Why does this have 3 thousand notes? These pictures aren’t even related in any way.” Ah, my sweet, sweet innocent child. You don’t understand, and I really hope you’ll never understand the joke. Because once you do your life flashes before your eyes. Oh, my God. Please don’t demonetize me YouTube. What’s your favorite position in bed? Mine is near the wall so I can use my phone while it’s charging. *slaps face* Oh, my God. It’s either, they’re doing that on purpose as a troll, or they genuinely think they ask for the favorite position in bed, as in how you lie down. No, no, that’s not what they … This is a picture of a bunch of straps. If you guys know where it’s from. You guys know what it means. Someone is very, very kinky. It says, “Hello, MTV, and welcome to my crib.” Holy s***! How many dogs do you have? Sweetheart, no. [laughs] I have been recently informed that these harness thingies are not, in fact, for dogs. Someone says, “If they aren’t for dogs, then what are they for? Horses?” Oh! Oh! They’re not- that’s not supposed to go in there like that! Amazing costume. This is one of the most inappropriate costumes you could ever get for Halloween. If you don’t know what, uh, this uh, vagina- I mean, this costume is, then, uh, yeah. We’re just gonna call it Kooka. See, Kooka is another word for a woman’s … Yeah, so, we’re just gonna call it Kooka. We don’t wanna get demonetized. Maybe YouTube doesn’t understand what Kooka is. So, uh, this beautiful Kooka. Yet another oversexualized Halloween costume. Um, how is a slice of bacon oversexualized? If that’s a slice of bacon, I’m a potato. This is literally the most innocent thing I’ve ever seen. It’s pretty adorable. Does that really look like a slice of bacon? Right here. Right- Riiiight here. Now every time I’m gonna think of bacon, I’m gonna think of Kooka. Kooka and bacon don’t go together. You know how a period is supposed to last, like, 3-7 days? Who is that *beep* that only has to suffer 3 days? How freaking long are your classes? The longest period I had was 50 minutes. That’s funny. The longest period most girls have are 3-7 days. The longest period you have is 50 minutes and it’s goddamn Algebra. Horrible. Horrible. I’m sorry. It turns out creampie isn’t a pastry and the Internet is a disgusting place. THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU! You know what’s funny? I thought creampie was actually a pastry, too. When people always talk about it, I mean, not always. Like, who always talks about it? When people would talk about it or refer to it, I genuinely thought it was a pastry. Girl getting creampied. Like, I thought it was a prank on YouTube where they get a creampie and just put in on their … Oh!! Will give head for food. Um, how are you gonna eat it with no head, though? This is the most innocent thing I’ve ever seen. Oh my God. How are you gonna eat it with no head, though? You really thought they were gonna give head. Like … Whatchu doing up at 2 in the morning? Me: Beating my meat. You guys know what that means. If you don’t, keep it that way. Someone says, “What is this cooking meme? Is this a chef subculture I don’t know about? A butcher subculture meme?” But you guys don’t understand. You don’t understand what beating your meat is? Good! Oh, this one is a little sad. So, this guy came home with bruises on his neck, scratches on his back. The girl says, “My boo went out with his friends and got beat up. I’m glad he’s safe, though. He had to stay in the hospital overnight.” Just think about it. What guy would punch you in the neck? And you only have little bruises. What guy would grab you by the back and scratch you? I actually feel bad for the girlfriend. She’s too innocent. That she doesn’t know this guy actually cheated on her. This is from Daddy. [laughs] I got you a shitload of stuff from Sephora, by the way. Just in case you still hate me for being a dick. Someone says, “I wish my dad was like that.” And then someone replies, “Um, I don’t think that’s her dad, to be honest.” Daddy? [laughs] I hate when people ruin the word ‘daddy’. Every time someone says ‘daddy’ now, it doesn’t mean what it used to mean. It’s not an actual dad … It’s daddy. Guys, this one is actually hilarious. If you want to see it, first link in the description. It’ll take you to all the photos of people who are too innocent for the Internet. I’m sorry, guys. If you didn’t understand these jokes, ah, that’s good. Keep it that way. Hope you stay innocent forever, but it’s probably not gonna happen. You’re exposed to all of this. But thank you so much for watching, guys. Check out the second channel. It’s a collaboration channel with me and my friends. Here, let’s play a short clip. We got water. We got ice. We have all ice. Are you ready? Chill, bro, I’m gonna slip. That’s what it’s all about. Go subscribe right now, right here. Or subscribe to Reaction Time if you haven’t already. Thank you for watching. Have a good one. And I’ll see you next time. Peace out!

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  1. Actually I understood most of it (I had to process it in my brain for like 30 sec. before I finally understood) except for that meat thing…

  2. I thought that kookum was a ham cut in sqare that has a ketchup and the daddy part I was like oh how is this bad and then the repost happened.

  3. 3:24 when I was in grade 5, I heard of what a creampie is, so when my friend said he wanted to give some guy who was annoying him a cream pie, my dumbass said “omg so like you wanna cum all over his face?

  4. My friends: says something
    Me: turning it to something dirty
    My friends: Thats why you're lonley…

  5. I don’t really think they are or were couple. Both of them are adult film star ( And actually I enjoy their work 😏) actually they both are good actors.

  6. BL: exits
    My fujoshi mind: Got dirty everytime seeing boys talking to each other oh shitz….how did I even understand all the things in this video-

  7. Tal I love u, but pls get ur animals right!!!!! It is a HAMSTER not a mouse!!!!!!!! Probs can’t c it from up there giraffe… JK lol!!!!!

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