Pie In The Face Challenge

Pie In The Face Challenge

( music playing ) Mythical salutations. Now, we’ve been
out on our tour
of Mythicality, getting to know
a lot of you guys
out on the road. – Yeah.
– But during our
Los “Angelesh” show, we actually sent Mike
and Alex, right here… Alex is over here, behind my hand. Mike is over here,
behind my hand. And they’re gonna
cut our hair right now, – is what it looks like.
– No, no, no, no. That’s
not what this is about. – You ever cut
anybody’s hair?
– I’d love to. – You ever had anybody
dye your hair?
– Mm-hmm. Yeah, we’ve
done that. – On an internet show?
– Yeah. – It looks great.
And you never looked back.
– Yep. – Hey, Mike?
– We also cut your hair. – Have I cut
somebody’s hair?
– No. Would you be – willing to let us dye
your hair multiple colors?
– Ooh, no. Well that’s not what this
segment is about at all.
( laughter ) We’re just wearing these
because it’s gonna get messy. So during the Los Angeles
Tour of Mythicality Show, we sent these guys out
into the line to meet some of you Mythical Beasts
who were waiting, and they posed
a question to you, “Would you rather eat
a pie or put the pie
in Alex’s face?” We’re gonna watch some
of those videos and
Link and I have to decide whether or not–
well, basically, we have to choose
what you did–
predict what you did. And if you get it wrong,
you get a pie in the face. Or you get
a pie in the face.
You go first. – Okay, I’ll go first.
– You’re taller. Let’s watch
the first video. – How’s it going, man?
– I’m doing good, how are you? – I’m good.
– You look like a
sweet young man so I brought a sweet
treat for us. You now
have the choice, you can take this home,
you can eat this right now, – That could be nice.
– Or, you can take
Alex’s face here, and smash it
into that pie. – Okay.
– It’s a decision. Heavy is the decision,
I know. ( laughs ) – ( Rhett mock laughs )
– ( laughter ) Don’t make fun of him.
He was a sweet young man,
as Mike called him. I would’ve done the
same thing but I
already called him sweet. I’m not making fun
of the guy. I’m just saying
that that laugh,
that “hehehe,” that’s a “Yeah, of course
I’m gonna put this
in your face,” laugh. So I’m gonna say
he did not eat that pie, – he put it in Alex’s face.
– Well, the question was, Mike said to put
Alex’s face in the pie. Don’t over-complicate this.
You know what I mean. Yes, he wanted to put
Alex’s face in the pie
or the pie in Alex’s face. Let’s watch. You’ve got three
seconds to decide. Everyone:
Whoa! ( laughter ) – That’s quick thinking.
– Wow, he– Good gosh! That looked
like it hurt! He was not a sweet
young man at all. – That wasn’t very
sweet, man.
– He must’ve known you were gonna make fun
of him on the show, – ’cause he– did he
break your nose?
– No. Didn’t care for
that, though, no. – What?
– But you’re not hurt. – No, I survived.
– That was too much, man. – It was a lot.
– Let’s see what
you got, Linkster. If I get this wrong,
don’t take it out on me. Listen, now that I
experienced it, you know, – I don’t wanna–
– Well, my idea was– I said if Alex was gonna
go out and get this
done to him… – Right.
– …he should have the justice
of doin’ this to me. – I preemptively got this,
sorry, I just…
– But don’t do it– – Sorry.
– Don’t be that hard. – I won’t, don’t worry.
– Don’t be that hard. Okay, let’s watch
the next one. – How’s it goin’, man,
what’s you name?
– Seth. You can either have a
romantic moment with Alex, you’re gonna
“Lady and the Tramp”
this pie with him. – Which could be nice.
– Or you could throw this
in Alex’s face. – Oh! Wow.
You see that face?
– Slow zoom. Boom. He’s thinking about
“Lady and the Tramping”
you, man. He’s like,
“Hmm, let me consider this.” “Lady and the Tramping”
a pie, – Yeah, it’s different.
– Is not that weird. – Well, it would be kinda weird.
– Rhett: It is pretty weird. I mean, you get to the
middle of the pie, it’s weird. But I saw the look
in his eyes. I think he
“Lady and the Tramped” it. Would you like to
“Lady and the Tramp” this
pie with me? Oh, my God. This is gonna
be really nice. Ya ready? How far we going?
Ready? ( mumbling )
This is really good. Maybe we… – Man: Maybe? Yeah.
– Yeah. – Yes! ( laughs )
– You didn’t seem very
comfortable, though. ( laughs ) You guys didn’t get
into the middle of the pie. We’re gonna switch things up
for the last two rounds. This time somebody’s
definitely getting
a pie in the face because if I get
this one right, you get a pie
in the face. And if you get it
wrong, I get a pie in the face.
Okay, let’s see it. – How’s it going? Alex.
– John. Good to meet you. – Ebony.
– Ebony, nice to meet
you guys. If you’re hungry
and you want a taste
of this pie, please go ahead,
just eat it. You could further
ruin this young
man’s life and throw another
pie in his face. Doesn’t he look
like he’s been
through enough? She was kinda doing this,
which I kinda feel like, she’s already apologizing
for what she’s about to do. Which is throw
a pie in his face. Don’t tell us. Just pick
both of the pies up, guys. And then whoever–
if he was right… pie me. I say that you got
a pie in the face
on this one. Let’s see. ( laughing nervously ) Sorry. All: Oh! Ah…! Yes! You ready? Link: Oh, ho, ho
ho, ho, ho, ohh, yeah… – Ooh. That’s refreshing.
– Sucker. It’s like a quarter of the
force of the kid that got me. It’s a little looser
than the pie he used. – I know, man.
– Yeah. That was gentle. That was so gentle.
You’re a sweet young man. ( laughter ) Of course,
I could get one more. I gotta put my
glasses back on to watch
this next one. – How’s it going, guys?
– I’m Anya. – Anya, Alex.
– Nisa. Nisa? You can either take
this pie, smash it in
your sister’s face, maybe have a good time
after the show… ( whimpers )
No. Or you can keep it
clean and throw it
in Alex’s face. – Oh, you switched it up.
– She’s got face tattoos, man. – So putting it in the
face tattoo’s face.
– No, no. – She has the choice.
– To put it in her
sister’s face – or put it in Alex’s face.
– I don’t think it was tattoos,
I think it was make-up. It was cool,
whatever it was. I would like to know,
’cause that does make
a difference. – Either way it’s awesome.
– It was definitely tattoos. – Oh, it was?
– Okay. All right. – Maybe.
– There’s no way – she would do that
to her sister.
– You would think. Wouldn’t ya? I don’t think, so yeah,
I’m saying that she– she pied Alex. I mean, you know,
I’m gonna be with her – for the rest of
my life, so…
– Yeah, fair enough. – That’s a good point.
– I’m just, uh… All: Oh!
( laughing ) Alex: I did not see
that coming! – Tastes good!
– ( laughing ) – I can’t believe that!
– I knew it! ( buzzer ) Git him, Alex. – Oh, goodness.
– Git him. Git him. – Are you doing
glasses on? Okay.
– Yeah. ( Rhett laughs ) Oh, I need a little
windshield wiper action. – Rhett: I’ll just
eat this one.
– Mike, help me out – with the other one.
– Certainly. Come on– oh! He’s better
than you are, Alex. Well, I got a little,
I got a little… – ( squeaks )
– Okay. I’m just gonna
eat this one. I’ll tell ya,
you gotta watch out. You gotta watch out for
them spikey-hair people. Mm. You need
some inspiration? Just click on through
because, from what I hear, Rhett made some
inspirational posters Yeah, I did. Link:
Bundle up with hot cocoa and our bundled mug set
available at mythical.store.

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  1. this is unrelated but there’s a The Front Bottoms poster behind them in the videos with the pie!! my favorite band :’) <3

    (shoutout to New Jersey)

  2. Are y'all gonna go on tour again??? (I can't remember if you already did) I would LOVE to meet yall!!! You guys are one of the first YouTubers I ever watched!!!!

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  4. I wish that Rhett and Link were able to have Phoenix as one of the locations that they head to during their tour of mythicality. It really bums me out knowing that they don’t plan to have a show in Phoenix Arizona, where there are many mythical beasts waiting and itching to see them on tour.

  5. The first guy who threw the pie at Alex's face is my boyfriend LOL I'm not sure whether to be proud or feel bad for Alex

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    In search bar of YouTube, type “Life of a YouTuber”.
    Click on the first video with the channel, nigahiga.
    This channel is on step 3: “Eff everyone that hates me.”
    Watch and you’ll see. 🙂

  8. Alex was so sweet to ask, "Are you doing glasses on?" Before pieing him! 🙂 Alex and Mike seem like really good guys.

  9. I would have smiled and looked like I was about to take the pie home. Then I would shout "I AM GOD DAMN GLUTEN FREE" and shove it in his fzce

  10. Lol! That sweet young man is my baby boy! 🤣🤣🤣 he's always been a little goofball since he was a baby. Fun kid

  11. As soon as he said the other lady was her sister, I immediately knew she was getting pied. People with siblings will understand

  12. When the last girl said that she still had her whole life with her sister I thought she meant she had her whole life to pie her in the face so that's why I thought she was going to pie Alex…but I guess not.
    I wouldve totally pie'd Alex. Why? Once in a lifetime chance.

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