Pig in a Pumpkin – Pork Braised in a Pumpkin – Food Wishes

Pig in a Pumpkin – Pork Braised in a Pumpkin – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes
comm with pig in a pumpkin that’s right i’ve always wanted to cook a pig in a
pumpkin but i could never find a pumpkin big enough or a pig small enough so i
finally just settled for cooking part of a pig in a pumpkin and the results were
almost as delicious as they were beautiful since this really was one of
the more visually stunning things i made in a long time
so with that let’s go hang get started and the first thing i did was cut up
some pork shoulder which is often sold in butcher shops as pork butt and why
that is is not nearly as entertaining of a story as you’d think but anyway i have
about four pounds of pork shoulder here which were formerly sold as two pork
roasts which is why they kind of have these weird flaps since the butchers
kind of tuck those in and then tied them up to make him look like one solid piece
but anyway notwithstanding a couple fatty flaps i went ahead and cut that
into nice large chunks and then once that was said i transferred it into a
large mixing bowl and proceeded to season it with a whole bunch of kosher
salt and yes we do need that much i also touched in some freshly ground black
pepper and of course a little shake of cayenne as well as a little bit of dry
thyme i hadn’t planned on that but there was
like a half teaspoon left in the bottom of one of my jars so i figured what the
heck let’s throw that in and then i followed that with something i did plan
on adding which was some crushed fennel seed and then i finished up with a
couple fresh items including some freshly chopped rosemary and some sliced
shallots and then i went ahead and gave that a very thorough mixing and by the
way of course garlic and our onions would have worked in place of the
shallots or you could have used all three all right that kind of stuffs up
to you I mean you are after all the chairman of
the board for your pork stuffed cord and this really is just a techniques video
so feel free to season this any way you want and then once that’s all mixed up I
guess we could move to the Browning stage but I actually decided to cover
mine in parchment paper and pop it in the fridge overnight which will give our
seasonings more time to penetrate that meat a little more deeply so I went
ahead and covered that and pop it in the fridge overnight at which point we’ll
pull that out and then before we brown it I’m gonna
sprinkle over a couple tablespoons of flour and besides helping the mead
develop a beautiful crust as we brown this I also thought that starch would
help thicken up our cooking liquids which we would then use for a sauce
later and yes I probably should have broken up that lump of me first and then
sprinkle that over but that’s fine well just take the tongs and give it a mix
until each piece is sort of semi evenly coated and then once my pork chunks were
floured I went ahead and browned up this meat over medium-high heat and a little
bit of olive oil all right you don’t need too much because remember fats
gonna render out as you cook these and I Brown that very thoroughly on both sides
and I should mention I did that in two batches so as not to crowd the pan and
then besides browning up all our meat the only other thing we’re gonna have to
prep is our pumpkin and we’ll do that by first cutting off the top and to do that
we will plunge our knife in very carefully at a 45 degree angle two or
three inches away from the stem and we’re gonna go very slowly just cutting
around about an inch at a time and the reason we want to go in at a 45 degree
angle is because have you cut straight down that top is just gonna fall
straight down through oh and I should mention this is not a regular ornamental
pumpkin that you make your jack-o’-lanterns out of okay these kinda
commonly refer to as pie pumpkins since they have more and sweeter flesh but
anyway we’ll cut like that all the way around and we’ll remove what’s basically
gonna be our lid and of course we’re gonna trim off the seeds and any of that
sticky orange hair or whatever those fibers are called and of course we’re
also gonna have to scrape out the inside nice and clean using a large spoon or
regular spoon or when I really use between shots which was an ice cream
scooper and that did take a few minutes and was by far the hardest and most
annoying part of the whole operation but eventually I got that nicely scooped out
and when done it should look a little something like this and then what we’ll
do once our pumpkin is sand seeds is place that into some kind of baking dish
or pan and as you can see I did put a little piece of parchment paper in there
although to be honest with you I’m not exactly sure why but anyway once I had
my pumpkin pad I proceeded to fill that with my brown meat and I was not sure it
was all gonna fit as I just guessed at the amounts but his
luck would have it it actually all fit in perfectly including any of those
shallots and scraps from the pan as well as of course any accumulated juices if
you throw those away we can’t be friends and then after that I finished up by
pouring in my braising liquid which was a couple cups of hard cider or as my
European friends call it cider because apparently it always has alcohol in it
over there as so many things do so I poured in a
couple cups of that and then pressed on the top which did not quite fit but
close enough and I figured is this roasted and the meat shrunk up a little
that lid would settle down and then once I had that all situated to my liking I
went ahead and transfer that into a 350 degree oven for almost four hours or
until it looked like one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen come out of an
oven I mean come on check that out and yes of course is that was roasting I was
checking it with this gear which I’m just pretending to do here but do not
under any circumstances stop cooking this until when you test it with a
skewer a knife or fork that meat is very very tender and then what I did was
decided to let this rest a little bit and while was sitting I decided to paint
the outside with the rendered fat because even though we don’t think
somebody could look any better we always want to check so I brushed some of that
hot melted pork fat all over and believe it or not it became even more gorgeous
and then I didn’t film it but I did spoon off the rest of the fat and
reserved any of the juices in the bottom so I could mix that with the juices
inside the pumpkin to use that as a sauce later and then just because I
thought it would look nice for the pictures I surrounded that with some
Brussels sprouts I’d sauteed in butter and once that was said I went ahead and
took a few pictures like a hundred or so and it took a while but eventually I got
tired of looking at it and I pulled off the lid so I could serve some up and see
how it tasted so I pulled out some pork which smelled absolutely amazing and I
also cut out a serving of the pumpkin which if you’ve never had before
actually tastes a lot like butternut squash and I went ahead and plated some
up with some nice buttery mashed potatoes
and then I finished it off by spooning over some of the cooking liquids after
skimming off some of the fat and I will admit it was not the most beautiful
sauce because it had a bunch of particles from the cook pumpkin this
sort of made it look a little grainy which is why I decided to finish this by
distracting everybody with a nice sprinkling of freshly chopped to tell
you parsley and I will give you more info about the sauce in the blog post
but anyway I finished up with some parsley and that’s it my pig in a
pumpkin was ready to try and as far as the cooking method goes I thought this
was very very successful and although was very subtle the pork did pick up a
little touch of sweetness and on the other hand the pumpkin really picked up
a ton of that pork flavor mostly thanks to all those sausage like seasonings and
by the way if we have any kids watching don’t eat things off the tip of a knife
unless you’re playing pirate then it’s okay so to summarize the pork was
amazing the pumpkin was amazing the sauce was pretty amazing although
like I said I’m gonna give you a little advice about that in the blog post I
probably could have poured in a little more cider so I would have had a little
more but anyway all in all an amazingly successful experiment and visually just
a total seasonally appropriate showstopper in fact I thought this looks
so incredible that even if you’re not gonna use this technique to braised pork
I think this is probably how you should cook your stuffing for Thanksgiving
I mean not that grandma’s casserole dish is not impressive but imagine walking to
the table with this or if you don’t get some oohs and ahhs with this you might
need to be thinking about a different guest list but anyway whether you’re
gonna use part of a pig or some other savory stuffable substitute I really do
hope you give this a try soon so head over to food which is calm for all the
ingredient amounts of more info as usual and as always enjoy
you you

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  2. I am impressed! I will definitely be making this for Thanksgiving. Oh the creative ideas are flying. [How about rubing Brown sugar and butter on the inside of the pumpkin filling it with slices of ham and cubed yams] yummy

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  7. Made this today.. We had extra pork so we made some in a covered baking dish with apple cider. The pork tasted exactly the same so the pumpkin didn’t;t seem to add to the flavor. Our pumpkin didn’t slice as nice as it did for him but we are able to scrape the pumpkin out easily. The pork is absolutely delicious even made in a baking dish.

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  19. The video magically found me, pork but was magically on sale, and sugar pumpkins coincidentally appeared in the produce section. I had to make it at that point, and it came out great!!!!!! Thanks Really easy too!

  20. Once you have scooped out most of the pumpkin innards with your hand, fill it with boiling water, this partially cooks the inside of the pumpkin and makes it much easier to scrape out the stringy bits.

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    Thank you for 🐖in🎃 would like to have shared pictures

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