PLAN WITH ME – April 2017 | Bullet Journal | ANN LE

PLAN WITH ME – April 2017 | Bullet Journal | ANN LE

100 thoughts on “PLAN WITH ME – April 2017 | Bullet Journal | ANN LE

  1. Oh my lord. If I see this journal in bookstore. I swear I will buy it. I like how you paint the crystal. It's just feel so relaxed. The light purple with water color. I love it so so much. You're amazing. I feel so relaxed when I'm watching this video.

  2. This is genius! I have at least 5 notebooks that i don't really use for anything, i bought them to make art in them but i just gave up. Sometimes i still draw or paint in them, but never in the same one. Now i know how and what to use them for! 😀

  3. That looks really cool. It's so S O F T A N D N E A T. yes we will destroy the internet. But it does look super cool btw

  4. This is the most gorgeous monthly layout I've ever seen 😍 what journal is this? Mine definitely wouldn't be able to handle the watercolor

  5. I've always been intrigued by bullet journals, but never tried! I'm so particular I think I'd take too long haha. Gorgeous video xx

  6. I've seen heaps of youtubers doing this and they look so pretty but there is no way I could ever be bothered to do all of this haha

  7. Where did she get the journal book? I want to purchase one and do this. I think this is an amazing idea – I've never heard of bullet journaling before and I've always enjoyed journaling.

  8. Loved your spread! I was wondering where you got your notebook?! I'm looking for a new one and yours looks flawless! Thank you and you're amazing!

  9. I totally loved this video! You should definitely come out with a planner I would be the first to purchase one ! 😊😊😘

  10. Welcome to the planner community! 😊 I am the same way but super creative. I live by my agenda though. Have too many appointments to not do that. I love drawing and also found my sketchbook recently. I love art so I started with a notebook to help. Have a couple different of books. If you use a paper planner some of them have lines or a schedule written in it. This is so cool cause I am trying to get into Journaling as well. So cool going to go paint some stuff today. Your artistic talent/writing is amazing!

  11. Wow this is an awesome journal. I remembered growing up from grade school to college I used to write diaries of what happened around friends, family and other things I wanted to get off of my chest. I also drew and was once artistic. But what you created was very inspiring using both words and pictures combined. I guess the one thing I need to improve on is finding the time to do something awesome on my own time and keep the consistency going on.

  12. Welcome to the bullet journal community!!! To me, is always great see a different way to bullet journaling, I hope you do more videos like this. ¡Your drawings are so beautiful!

  13. Which notebook did you end up using? Could you post the link in the description for others? YOUR'S IS ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!! 🙂

  14. Ive had a bullet journal for a while now, but it always made me nervous. I like making the spreads and the scrapbook effect of it, but I would copy other people's spreads bc I was too afraid to make up my own. You are so comfortable with your bullet journal that you have inspired me to start planning out MY OWN version of a spread.

    You seem so casual when you bullet journal, and it's really making me feel inspired! THANK YOU!!!!

  15. Wow this is one of the most beautiful journals I have seen. Your doodles are beautiful! You should keep doing these vids!

  16. It came out so cute and different everyone does flowers, like me =D I'm also a #bulletjournaljunkie =D Loved seeing this <3

  17. If this is the Leuchtturm notebook, I've used water color in mine with no problems. The page does buckle a bit, but I ended up loving the result of how the colors pooled together even if it doesn't lay completely flat anymore.

  18. im so inspired! u always inspire me! like you, i hate my handwriting.. ppl always make fun of me lol of course i say im practicing my signature because i'll be a doctor one day! lol but i def love your crystal theme because thats significant to you!!! and are you really a beginner??! like jeeez its perfect!!!!!! im into journaling but more on a blog? hmm.. i have so many writing journals though.. but i kinda wanna give this a try.. can u explain more about the dots on the journals??

  19. Oh my gosh, I love your take on your spreads and how you have one theme that ties all your pages in! Can't wait to see more from you!! xx

  20. So so so beautiful! So happy you joined the community! I love love love the theme for this month. I died 😍😍❤

  21. wow…
    I love my bullet journal and was very happy to discover another one of my subscribed YouTuber started!
    It looks AMAZING!

  22. Ah this was so great to watch! I'm also very visual and my journals always have lots of colors and doodles. It's always inspiring for me to see other journals/journalists that go outside of the original minimalistic theme of the bullet journal.

  23. Did you seriously say you have bad handwriting?!! It is freaking perfect!!! If you think that's bad and embarrassing then I should really never write anything again cuz mine is a thousand times worse

  24. Thank you so much, for eng sub. Because I am your fanclub from Thailand.I like all of your video. LOVE
    (Sory for my english, not very well)

  25. I've been thinking about starting the bullet journal too, so thanks for the ideas. and KAUAI! looove that island! Have fun!

  26. omg great jobs girl! have you considered selling these? I mean doing different things on pages and putting them on etsy! I would totally buy them! I was gonna start doing the whole Erin Condren planner thing but this just looks easier and more personable. and I would only buy 12 pages for entire yr and I am done! I would so totally buy them! LMK love you- BTW you have amazing handwriting! Yazmin Mota

  27. This is very helpful cause I can't stop thinking and I really like the mind dump section cause I really need that…. Thanks for more useful tips!!!

  28. Hey, this has helped me plan thanks, also I saw something on pinterest like a habit tracker and I think it would be helpful for next month.

  29. You did an amazing job with this! No need to feel insecure about your handwriting. I admire your work and would LOVE to see more and more of it! I hate that anyone gives videos like this a thumbs down, it irritates me because there's no reason for it. Keep it up. You're very talented <3

  30. How do you practise your lettering? Could you show us how you've learnt/improved your lettering?

  31. Hey Ann ! You probably won't see this but I'm just going to put it out there anyways. My teacher is related to you and she told us a lot about you. She's Linh. Anyways, she showed us your healthy eating video and everyone loved it and we want to tell you keep it up. Linh isn't teaching in Oakland anymore because our teacher left and we were falling behind. We really love her and we all want you to come and visit us like she told us you did with her old scholars! You won't read this but I don't really mind. Thank you! ~Isabelle

  32. Hey Ann I got really motivated to do a bullet journal and so I did! I was wondering if u were Hawaiian because I saw your week one of April in your bullet journal so I was curious to know❤️❤️

  33. I saw your eye makeup one on Pinterest! I'm so inspired to see your series of the Plan With Me🎆

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