PLAN WITH ME | April 2017 Bullet Journal Setup

PLAN WITH ME | April 2017 Bullet Journal Setup

Hey guys, it’s Amanda, welcome back to my channel and today’s video is going to be my monthly plan with me video And I’m going to be showing you my April bullet journal setup so while I make my little title page for April by the way, this is the new pen that I’ve been using it’s the Lepen Fineliner and it’s supposed to be smudge proof and all that and so far I love it so so much, but as I was saying while you watch me set up my title page for April I just wanted to say thank you guys so so much for all of your support on these bullet journal videos I’m so happy you guys have been enjoying them and I have been loving seeing all of your recreations of my spreads Bunch of you guys have sent me pictures on Instagram and Twitter and I save all of them And I do do like monthly features where I? Repost your recreations on my bullet journal and Dual Instagram account So if you ever recreate any of my spreads be sure to send me a picture and you might be featured on my instagram So go check it out, but here’s my title page for the month of April I decided to go with the [star] theme Just cuz I wanted to use the color yellow I feel like since its spring I wanted to do yellow since it’s too bright and fun color And I thought stars would be perfect for [that] the two yellow markers that you see me switching between are the Zebra and wild [liner] in the dull yellow as well as the Tombow dual tip marker in 0 to 6 which is more of a golden ochre color But I actually really [do] love the way [that] this page turned out with the constellations and everything It’s definitely a little bit different from what [I] normally go for so [onto] my monthly spread Which [is] the spread that changed the most from the previous month? I mentioned in my march plan with me that I didn’t like how every single day in the monthly spread I only had one line So if you had more than one event you can really squish it in So this month I decide to double space it and do two columns as you see here So now I have more space per day to Plan ahead for the month of April basically instead of seeing one page between personal and Youtube planning I’m going to be giving One whole page to personal and then one whole page to Youtube so I’m giving myself more space [for] both which I think is going to work out a lot better The difference though is that the personal side I used that vertical Numbered layout and then for the youtube side I did sort of more of a traditional Grid style calendar layout and my plan is for this to use Little sticky notes and cut them up so that [I] can move around my video schedule a lot of times I’ll switch up a video idea or I want to do it on a different day and in previous months when I wanted to do This I would [have] to cross [it] out, and it would [just] make it look a lot more messy in the vertical layout So I think using the sticky notes will be a lot better because I’ll be able to easily move things around if I want to Allen do now is finishing up the rest of my calendar layout as well as setting up my monthly [YouTube] Growth tracker So while I do that, I did want to quickly talk about something else which is on my previous videos I got a couple of comments saying that this is too much work Or there’s no point in doing this and if the bullet journal system is not for you I totally understand or if you prefer more of a minimalistic look that is fine as well I always say that the only thing you need the bullet journal is a pen and a notebook and that’s it But at the same time there’s nothing wrong with wanting to get creative with it and using colors and doodles and pictures you do you whatever works the best for you, but [as] you can see right now I’m just setting up all of my lifestyle trackers, so I’m doing my habit checker as well as my mood tracker This is something that hasn’t really changed throughout the [month] I pretty much like the way that it’s set up the only thing that I’ve been Changing is the color and the [design] layout and so far after three months of doing these checkers I really do find that it has helped me keep myself accountable for all of these things that [I] [normally] would procrastinate on I Added these gold shooting stars as well as these little smiling and frowning face stars for the [mood] tracker. Which I thought was so cute Of course on the other side of the spread I’m setting up my expense checker and find out I [don’t] know if you have noticed but I’ve been really getting into calligraphy Especially since I’ve gotten a bunch of the tombow dual tip markers as well as the tombow who [de] [sweetened] [Azuki] [I] still don’t know how to pronounce it but b black brush pen so I’ve been practicing a lot and I think I’ve been getting Better [I’m] definitely not a professional yet, but it’s something that I enjoy and I’ve been incorporating it more into my bullet journal [all] right, so now on to my video ideas and brain duck page [I] kind of went for a different look with this spread but I did like the way that it turned out I kind of made a star wreath as well as hanging Star Christmas lights if that makes sense But I think it does match the brain dump page which you’ll see very soon Again, I just used the zebra Mod liner for the yellow which is more of a true yellow instead of a golden yellow But I don’t know let me know what you guys think I feel like this whole month was a little bit more experimental for me because I wanted to try [out] new designs and Do something a little bit different because I don’t want to keep doing the same like floral and lease thing over and over again so that was kind of my thought process so now I’m moving on to my weekly spread for the first week of April and This is another thing that I actually changed up Midway through March Before I was doing a full weekly set up with a tiny little weekly overview for events But now I’ve adopted sort of like a weekly overview Sidebar so it gives me more space to plan out the future events for the weeks and have a Nice visual of what my week looks like while still leaving the daily rapid logs for my everyday to-do list Having this weekly overview is of course a personal preference of mine But I know a lot of people who don’t like have a a weekly [overview] because they find it repetitive I just really like to see the events that are happening for that week Also, if you are confused as to how all of these different sections work together I definitely recommend checking out my very very first bullet journal video. I kind of [explained] in more detail [how] the system works so if you’re confused go check that video out? Hopefully, it’ll answer any questions that you might have Anyways, I kind of went a little overboard with the stars and I used it all over the spreads But it’s my theme for this month so I had to go all in guys other things that I added to Decorate this spread was a little sticky note Doodle that had the big dipper in it as well as a calligraphy quote that says look how they shine [for] you Which is a lyric from Coldplay’s? Iconic song yellow which I thought was very very fitting for this month Okay on to the next spread um usually I don’t actually do my weekly spreads this ahead of time But you guys really like seeing spread inspiration, so I decided to do two [week] for this video Just to show you guys different Ideas as well as show you guys that I kind of switch up the layout of my weekly spreads Depending on the week that I have so if I know I have a busy week I’ll do a full week like this Or it gives me more space to write out any tasks that I have to do and it’s also a lot more fun for me to just constantly be switching things up and Evolving the style of my bullet journal because I don’t want to get stuck in a rut and just keep doing the exact same spreads over and over again But this spread is Complete let me just show you guys the final look and flip through at my april Bullet journal spread setup I hope you guys enjoyed this video If you did [be] sure to give it a thumbs up and don’t [forget] to follow my bullet journal Instagram account for more spread Inspiration throughout the month, but I hope you guys have an awesome day, [and] I will talk to you in the next video. Bye guys

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  1. I need your help babes! I have the chance to be nominated for the MMVA's!
    VOTE for me by tweeting/instagramming with the hashtag #Amanda4MMVA ❤️ I would really appreciate it!

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  3. this is the first bullet journal video I have ever seen , I started watching more bullet journal videos of yours and other channels . it really inspired me , so I started my own ! I just want to say THANK YOU !!!!????

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  11. I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!!! I've got some ideas for next year's journal!

    January: buttons (why not! ?)
    February: candy hearts
    March: lillies
    April: rain and/or umbrellas
    May: Sunbeams
    June: rainbow
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    August: something black and gold
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    October: pumpkins
    November: any wood
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