Plan with me | April 2018 Bullet Journal Setup + Cherry Blossom Tutorial!

Plan with me | April 2018 Bullet Journal Setup + Cherry Blossom Tutorial!

Hi everyone, I hope you are having a wonderful
month so far, I am actually planning this setup a little early this month because I
am going on holiday the week I want to share this set-up with you! Many of you asked me to do Cherry blossoms
and teach you how to draw them and I am so excited to be able set everything up before
my trip and get this out to you on time! This month’s spread is a little different
from my past setups because I have added color onto the pages. If you guys have been following me, I started
out only using black ink, then added in color with my paintings, then added in more color
using metallics, and now finally I have the courage to add real color with brush pens! Before we start, here is a little flip through
of what I have completed so far for the Month of March. I love how simple this setup is! Next to my 3 month calendar spread are my
video ideas for the month simply listed out. And then I have my monthly calendar which
is semi-complete and then here are my trackers. I use alternating diagonal lines to fill in
the boxes to create something like an optical effect. Next to those are my basic lists of my milestones
and social stats. And then finally, my weekly to-dos with all
of the check boxes lines up. The first week was pretty bad because it started
on a thursday, but I wrote monday. And then I have two saturdays, one being a
sunday. I left some pages blank for the rest of the
month and then now we can start April’s Setup Jumping right in, we are going to continue
the story of the bunny and bear as the sakura cherry blossoms inhale the first signs of
spring and begin to blossom. Surrounding a Japanese inspired house, set
on top of mountains with the hint of the sun in the background. I’ve taken some time to pre-plan and sketch
in the layout to save us some time and if you’re interested in how I find inspiration
or the whole pre-planning process check out my “how I start & plan” video for the
behind the scenes! I am starting off with the flowers first with
my Tombow number 772 and then adding in the branches with the Tombow N15, basically pink
and black. This would be my first time using these pens
and I absolutely love them, because they don’t bleed through the paper! For the stems, make sure to keep your pens
loose, barely touching the paper to get more variety to your lines. And then go back in to add very thin lines,
outlining the main ones which give the whole branch more structure. After that, I am inking in the blossoms and
rest of the imagery with my 05 Micron pen, adding in shadows to bring the scene to life. For the final magical touch, I am creating
the sun with my metallic gold gelly roll. I’ll have all of my supplies in the description
for you plus a how to draw mountains video if you want to learn how to draw mountains
and trees, so definitely check out all of that when you can! Underneath the title of the month, on top
of my favorite blush cardstock, I have an amazing fact about cherry blossoms, which
I found while falling in love with them. It says: The Cherry blossom represents the
fragility and the beauty of life. It’s a reminder that life is almost overwhelmingly
beautiful but that it is also tragically short. Time is a blessing that we can’t buy nor
do we know how much we actually have. And just that thought motivates me to try
to do my best everyday. On a tangent, Here is a mini how to tutorial
for cherry blossoms. First thing you have to remember is that the
most recognized flower has 5 petals. So start off with a rough upside U shape,
and then add 4 more of those U shapes in a circle, to form something like a star. They don’t have to be the same exact shape,
so just let the shapes flow. And then for the center add in a rounded star,
which looks like the core of an apple. And then finish off with some spots. You can also change up the U shapes and add
a notch to the top for another type of cherry blossom. Or you can keep them basic U’s for a more
cartoon like flower. For a side view, draw 3 petals and then add
in half of the apple star. And then add in the other two petals peeping
out from the back. Connect that to a branch and that looks good. The bud or blooming bud is basically 1.5 petals
and then the stem. And then I wanted to show you what it’ll
look like if you quickly connected the petals without really defining them and it still
looks like a flower. So don’t worry too much about getting the
perfect shape every time, it’ll be okay. With the tombow, you’ll have to put the
color down first, otherwise it smudges the micron. And then you’ll continue the same way as
before. Inorder to put the flowers on a branch, go
ahead and draw the flowers in where you want One tip here, is to look at a real cherry
blossom branch and mimic the lines and flower placement. You’ll then get a sense of how branches
flow. Mix it up between the full flower, side view,
and bud to make it look a little more dynamic. And then go back in with the black brush pen
and draw in your branch. Again keep the pen loose and then add some
thin lines to add details. And then finish off with the 05 micron. Along with the beautiful blooms of the sakura,
masking nature in varying shades of pink, the birds are singing their song. The bunny, curious about where the music is
coming from, climbs onto a branch to find a beautiful blue bird chirping away, without
a worry on its mind. Alone on his journey of self-discovery, he
has followed his curiosities allowing himself to take in all of the wonders of the world. But, nothing, he believes is quite as magical
as the blooming of the sakuras and so he decided to spend some time to simple enjoy them. I taped off the paper to give it a clean border
and then used watercolor for the wash in the background. For this piece, I am trying my hand with gouache
for the first time. It is similar to watercolor but more opaque
and since I want the flowers to stand out, I thought it’d be perfect! After everything is dry, I went back in with
my micron to tie it back into the other ink drawings and then added in some gold with
my gelly roll. I wasn’t planning on doing this, but the
little shine looks perfect! I’ll have this painting and the entire setup in my shop if you’re interested! Back to the journal, the painting will go
here. And then on the next page I defined the mood
of the month. This is the month of Blossoms, literally and
also metaphorically. Underneath is a quote that sums up my meaning
for my mood by Epictetus, which I hope I am pronouncing correctly. He says: Nothing great is created suddenly,
any more than a bunch of grapes or a fig. If you tell me that you desire a fig. I answer you that there must be time. Let it first blossom, then bear fruit, then
ripen. Blossoming is not the end, it’s the beginning
and that holds true for us as well. When we find that courage to break out of
that shell and emerge, last month, we’ll blossom, rise. And this month is dedicated to yet another
beginning. Moving on to my 3 month calendar spread. I loved this version of it last month, so
I simply kept the layout the same. I actually messed up May, making it look like
Moy, but then used my white gelly roll to correct it. You can’t tell too much that it was corrected
unless you look really close, but it looks so much better. Not only is the singing bird fascinating to
the bunny, he also spots something that seems to be able to control gravity. A beautiful hummingbird, who has come out
to celebrate the blossoms as well. With its gold accents it shines its magnificence
to the world, like a priceless and delicate jewel of nature. I’ll be using the next page to add my video
ideas like I did last month and since I was accepted into a juried craft show in Philly
held on mother’s day weekend called Art Star Bazaar, I’ll be using this page to
also plan out everything I’ll need to make and do for the show! This will be my first craft show and I am
so excited to share this news with you! If any of you want to come out and say hi,
I would love that! In the midst of this exciting news, I am also
very thankful to have this video sponsored by one of my favorite online resources, Skillshare! I had no idea that I would be able to get
to this point where I could earn an income from my content and for that I have to thank
you, for being a significant part of my journey! I’ve been using skillshare to improve my
handwriting, learn new watercolor techniques, and also simply as a great source of inspiration,
because there are more than 19,000 classes on there. There’s even classes on bullet journaling,
and so much more. And it’s very easy to use and organized, covering
topics from the very basics to the more detailed levels. Since I want to get into using gouache more,
I’ve been looking at a few classes on skillshare and one of my favorites in called gouache
for illustrators – Create a cute Animal Portrait, basically breaking down how to use gouache
while creating a cute animal, in such a clear and easy to follow structure. And then now since I am doing a craft show,
I’ve been learning the basics from experienced artists who have collected tips from years
of traveling to different shows, which I can’t even explain how grateful I am to have this
knowledge at my fingertips! Skillshare is offering the first 240 members
who sign up using the link in my description, a 2 month, premium membership for just $0.99
cents. Otherwise, memberships begin around $10 a
month for unlimited access to learning. On to my Monthly calendar, it’s set up the
same way as my past setups but with cherry blossoms up top and I started the week on
a monday, versus sunday because I’ve realized that when I write my weeklys, I start on a
monday anyways. This way it’s more consistent and I know
some of you normally start your calendars like this and have requested it, so here you go! And to keep things simple, I added my goals
directly onto the page this time. This month I will continue on my book, make
an effort to work out 5 days a week, prep for my show, and I wasn’t sure how to illustrate
this and it turned out looking funny. But it’s a magnifying glass focused on “Me!” I’ve been catching myself comparing my journey,
my process, my work, myself, to others a lot lately. To the point where I feel as if life is unfair
and then the negative emotions take over. So for this month, I am going to be very aware
of what I am thinking and to try to start off my days with a positive confidence quote
as a reminder that no one in this world can be compared to me, because there is only one
me. I just read this quote, that is kind of my
mantra in the mornings now, it says: Don’t compare your life to others. There’s no comparison between the sun and
the moon. They shine when it’s their time. Moving on to my trackers, I had to remember
to create the boxes to match my calendars starting on Mondays. So there are 30 boxes for the 30 days of the
month and as you’ve seen in my flip through, I just fill them in with alternating simple
diagonal lines. Since I am very inspired by japan for this
spread, I have fans on top of each tracker with some sort of cherry blossom imagery on
it. But they are so small, the flowers ended up
looking like spots, but it still works. Next to each box is a single cherry blossom
branch to tie it back with the spread. After a day of venturing and exploring the
beauty of nature, the bunny returns to the the house. He stops in the middle of his tracks, overlooking
the valley he’ll have to cross, because he spots something familiar but odd at the
same time. Throughout his solo venture, he knew that
someday he’d be somehow completing a full circle of a journey, ending at his beginning,
but as a whole different bunny full of new knowledge, a newfound courage, and the tools
to step outside of his comfort zone to continue to grow, to blossom. This is the page of my milestones, so here
I’ll record my stats for my social and anything else I want to celebrate big or small. The bunny begins his decline down the mountain,
over the valley, and then back up the mountain towards the house, gaining speed as he
realizes the blessing that is waiting for him, at the top of the ridge. He flies into the arms of his dear friend
the bear, overjoyed that something that was once his beginning, his present and then his
past, has now become his beginning again. They are surrounded by the vibrant colors
of the blossoms as the sun shines her golden magical light upon them. Underneath this drawing is a quote by Cory
Doctorow, summing up the story. He says: Every good thing comes to some kind
of end, and then the really good things come to a beginning again. And now here is the final spread. I know this video is a little longer than
my normal but I had so much to share with you and I hope that you found something to
gain from it, even if it’s simply a good feeling. I have to admit and I know this won’t be
my only one, but this set-up has become my new favorite! I didn’t just want to create a cherry blossom
theme, I really wanted to capture its magic and I think I did. Let me know in comment section what
you thought or just to say hi! And again if you want to see my planning behind
the scenes or want to learn how to draw mountains and trees and learn a little about shadowing,
check out the recommended video links in the description! If you haven’t already, come join me on
instagram and tag me in the photos you want me to see, I love when you share your work
even though I can’t comment on all of them! Just know that I still appreciate it! I can’t say this enough, but I am so thankful
to have such a wonderful and positive community. I am wishing you all the best on your journey
and I am excited to be a part yours! I’ll see you next time, bye!

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  1. The magnifying glass could also look like a hand mirror, which would also fit with the goal of focussing on yourself

  2. Your little birdie on the sakura tree looks so cute! The whole video looks so good but i really love that birdie! And i also really loved the way you told told the story with your pictures while doing your setup!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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