PLAN WITH ME: April Bullet Journal + March Flip-Through

PLAN WITH ME: April Bullet Journal + March Flip-Through

– Hello, everybody. My name is is Steph Cozza, and today, I’m gonna show you guys how I am making my April
bullet journal spread. Last month, in my March
bullet journal spread video, I asked you guys what
you thought I should do for my theme this month. And the main theme that you guys really wanted was umbrellas,
and rain, and rainfall, and I thought that was really cool, so that’s what I’m doing, by popular demand for the month of April. But, before we do that, let’s first go back to my March spread and see how it turned out
at the end of the month. Now, if you recall, last
month was a little bit weird, I made two different spreads,
just for the fun of it. I made a minimalist spread
and a maximalist spread. And I ended up using the minimalist spread for the month of March, just because I felt it was
a little bit more practical, and just worked really well
for me and my lifestyle, but don’t get me wrong, I really missed all the fun colors, and
drawings, and doodles. So let’s just flip through
my March minimalist spread. We’ve got my title page. We’ve got my dates
filled out, my calendar. I wasn’t super into this calendar method. It was very minimalist, obviously, but I like to see, like a
physical calendar drawn out and filled in, and it just
gives me a much better look at my entire month overall. Here’s my tracker and my expenses. I don’t really like the way
this tracker turned out. I think it looks kind of weird. And it wasn’t very fun to fill out, and it was also just kinda
hard to keep track of, and see what was what, so I am definitely trying
something new this month. I think what I just really
liked about this spread was the weekly spreads,
because it’s so organized, it’s so easy to see
everything and the big picture of my week, and my month,
and my to-do lists, and I just feel like I was
super organized this month. And then I’ll just flip
through my maximalist spread, just so we can take another look. I did use the habit tracker, because I loved this
bamboo drawing that I did, and I was really excited
about filling it out, so I did do that. And I’m pretty into the way it looks. I thought it was really fun, really cute, and I loved it, but that’s
it for my March spread. So let’s move right into April. Last month, in my maximalist and minimalist bullet journal video, a lot of you guys said that you kind of like both of these
styles, sort of mixed together. You like the structure and practicality of the minimalist bullet journal, but it’s also fun to draw and doodle, and not be totally structured and perfectly clean and minimalist. So this month, I’m gonna
kind of combine the two, so for my title page, I’m
not doing anything too crazy, but I am writing out April in
these nice, big, bold letters, and I’m drawing an umbrella, just to go with the whole
theme of rain and umbrellas, and it was looking a little bit drab, so I wanted to kind of
experiment with coloring. I’m trying out ombre for the first time. I’ve never really tried an
ombre design with markers, but it’s really fun,
and it looks so pretty. I love it. I’m gonna do this so much more this month. On to my calendar. Like I said, I love to see a
big, drawn out calendar spread. I’m not really into the list thing. I like to see the big
picture of the whole month, so I’m just drawing out a very
simplified, boxy calendar. I don’t want anything too
complex, because like I said, I’m into the minimalist style of things. But I am going to add
a little bit of flair, with some cursive days of the week, and I’m gonna add a little
picture of rain boots in the bottom right corner,
add some washi tape designs, and then in the background of my calendar, I’m just adding some cute
little raindrop doodles. Nothing too fancy. Everything on this page
was very easy to do, but it still looks really, really nice, and it’s not too overwhelming. For my mood tracker, I’m
honestly just kind of winging it. I didn’t really plan
what I was gonna do here, which sometimes is what I do. I think it’s more fun that way. But I knew I wanted to do
something with umbrellas, and I like that when you look
at an umbrella from above, it is kind of divided into
these little sections, almost like a little pie chart. So that’s kind of what I did. I just made all these little umbrellas, and every section is a day of the month, and I’ll just fill them in with whatever color
suits my mood that day, and then at the end of
the month, hopefully, I’ll have a really pretty
array of blue umbrellas. Also, I omitted the
mood tracker last month. I did not have one in
either of my spreads, and you guys were really
mad at me for that. So don’t worry, I have it again. I brought it back. To be honest, I don’t really
like using a mood tracker. I don’t think it’s ever
really helped me with my mood, or anything like that, but
it is kind of fun to do when you have the time. And it does look really
nice when you’re done, so we’ll see how this one looks. As for my habit tracker, I’m doing kind of the same
style that I always do with a little bit different details. I went with a little bit more of an elegant cursive title at the top. And one thing that I’ve noticed when I’m filling out my habit trackers, is that I always get lost as to where I am and the lines get mixed up, and I just, I don’t know, I have trouble figuring out which day is which spot. So to help me out, I’m just
highlighting every other line, so that it kind of divides
it up a little bit better, and I can know what I’m doing (laughs). And then I’m just adding
couple doodles at the bottom, and a picture of some daisies in the rain. I really love just printing out photos, and sticking them in wherever they fit, because I don’t have to spend
the time to draw anything, it really takes no effort or
creative abilities at all, but it looks so good, and it’s so cute, and it’s almost like a little scrapbook, and I just love that. Alright, my expenses page
just haunts me every time. It’s so boring. I never know what to do,
because it has to be practical, it doesn’t need to be fun to look at, because I need to keep
track of my expenses, and that’s the point of it. It’s not to be pretty and
overwhelming and maximalist, but it’s always so boring, so I decided to add just
a little bit of depth and just put a big border around the page. Nothing fancy, super easy. I’m just using a ruler and a pen. Like, there’s nothing crazy going on here. But for some reason, I
think it looks really nice. I’m putting it on both pages, so one page will be my expenses page, and the other page will
just be my notes page for braindumping, and whatever I need. And then just to add a little
bit of color to this page, I’m just putting a sunflower
with raindrops on it on my notes page, just
to fill up some space and add a little bit of something. I know it’s very simple,
and not much is going on, but I honestly love the
way this page looks, and I think it’s gonna look even better when it’s all filled out. And now we’re on to my weekly spreads. I’m gonna try something
totally different this month. I really like to switch
up my weekly spreads. I loved the one that I had last month, so this one is kind of inspired by that, but with a little bit less going on. I don’t want it to be too in your face. All I really need it to have are my days and enough space to fill out each day. That’s it, that’s all I need. But I don’t want it to be too boring, like my minimalist spread, so for every day, I am
drawing out big, bold numbers and then writing over
top of them in cursive, and because I loved doing that ombre thing on my cover page, I am using ombre all over the place for this. And I’m gonna fill in every single number with this pretty fade of green to blue just to go with my kind
of rainy colors theme, and I love the way this looks. It’s so easy, but it comes out looking so much harder than it was. And then I’m just going
over every single number with a little cursive,
bold title of my day. I’m gonna add a little place for notes, and then in the bottom right corner, as usual, I’m just adding a little, tiny miniature calendar of the month, just so I can refer to
that whenever I need to. And then I’m just gonna do the same thing for the rest of my
weeks, and then I’m done. So let’s just do a nice, pretty flip through of my month. Take a nice, good overall
look at what we have, and that is it. I love the way this month looks. This is one of my favorite spreads. I feel like I say that every month, but, you know, you improve every time. But I just love the balance
of minimalist and maximalist. It’s not too crazy. It’s structured enough
without driving me insane, but that’s it for my April
bullet journal spread. I hope you guys like it. Let me know in the comments
below what you think I should do next month
for the month of May. What do you think my theme should be? It could be anything you want. Anything your heart desires. But that’s it for this video. I am Steph Cozza, and I
will see you next month. Happy bullet journaling! (calming music)

83 thoughts on “PLAN WITH ME: April Bullet Journal + March Flip-Through

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