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Hey friends Elizabeth here from plant based bride and in today’s video I’m going to be setting up an astrology spread in my bullet journal! so I have relatively recently been getting into astrology a little more. Up until maybe six months ago, maybe a year ago I didn’t know anything about my own natal chart past the fact that I was a Leo. But in the past year I’ve had a few friends who have gotten really into astrology meme pages on Instagram who started sending me a bunch of memes and then I started following the meme pages and I noticed them talking about “Check your moon sign, or check your Venus sign” and I had no idea what that meant. I ended up downloading Costar astrology (the app) and had my chart done and finally understood astrology on a level that was much deeper than my understanding had been for about 26 years of my life. Two disclaimers. Disclaimer number one: I am a super noob when it comes to astrology I more than likely will get things wrong in talking about astrology Don’t use me as an expert because I’m not! Second disclaimer: I realize that astrology is not based in scientific fact but it is a very interesting tradition that has been around for a very long time, and like I mentioned in my Myers-briggs spread video, I like things like this (even when they aren’t scientifically based.) I just find them interesting! I also feel like astrology and myers-briggs and other things like that can be really useful tools for self-reflection. And one of my favorite things to do is practice some good old self exploration and self reflection. I’m a very introverted person; my eyes are turned inward a lot; processing my own emotions and thoughts and how I function as a person… and I don’t know. I find that interesting! So astrology is just another path to practice self-reflection. It’s a way to look at who I am as a person on a deeper level and think about what that means for me as a person and my relationships and my career and my life in general. So all that to say: No astrology is not scientifically based. It might not actually mean anything But I like it and find it interesting. And so I’m making a spread in my bullet journal! So the first thing I’m doing on my spread is drawing out a simplified version of my natal chart Simplified in that I’m not including all the lines that are normally at the center of a natal chart I don’t even know what those lines mean And there were so many of them that I was just 100% sure I would mess them up and also I felt like it would Stress me out to have to draw all of them So I decided not to because life is short and if I don’t have to be extra stressed I’d rather not be. So I decided to leave the lines out. Maybe at a future date I will add them in (when I get more confident in my drawing a bunch of random lines skills) But as of right now that day has not arrived. So I drew a simplified version of my chart So it’s basically a big circle with the astrological signs around the outside of the wheel The inner part of the circle is split into the twelve houses, and I have a line indicating the ascendant in my chart and then I drew in the little symbols for all of the planets and where they fall in my chart. So to do this I had a chart done online I’ll link the website I used in the description box if you want to do your own natal chart, and I basically just copied it to the best of my ability. Below my natal chart I wrote up just a couple little facts that I thought might be interesting to analyze at a later date. One thing that I learned about recently that I want to learn more about is the concept of a stellium or stellium I’m not 100% sure how to pronounce it, but this happens when you have three or more Planets in a single sign in your chart. Some places that I read said three or more, some places said four or more. Turns out I actually have Four planets in Leo, so my ascendant is Leo, my Sun sign is Leo, my mercury is in Leo, and my Chiron is in Leo. I forgot to add little Chiron symbol, but I added that in later. I also have a stellium in my first house. Part of the idea of putting together This spread was to get a wealth of information And just dump it onto the page and then use that as a jumping off point to learn More about the intricacies of astrology that I really haven’t dipped my toe into yet. And I just wrote out a couple other things that I found interesting, like the number of signs that I have that are cardinal, fixed, and mutable. The numbers I wrote there don’t include my Chiron and my true node or North node. In that case, if I had included those two, my fixed would be seven and my mutable would be four. Then I also thought it would be interesting to look at the proportion of signs I have that are fire, earth, water, and air. So again, if I add in my Chiron and North node or true node, That would bring my fire signs up to five in my chart and then I have five earth signs, two air signs, and only one water sign in my entire chart. So those are just kind of little facts. Terms that I’ve heard of before but don’t really know anything about. So I thought I’d write those down there as a little reminder to myself to look into all of those things and see if they mean something specific or not. If you know a lot about astrology and you have some interesting observations from these stats let me know in the comments down below. That would be cool! So the rest of my spread is made up of writing out each and every placement in my chart and then just writing a little more information about what that means So I ended up needing two full pages Plus a tiny little bit of a page to write out all of this information So for each one, I started with the symbol of that placement so for example My sun sign. The little Sun symbol, then I wrote sun beside that. Them I drew out the symbol of the sign that the sun was in when I was born, which is Leo. Beside the Leo sign I wrote a little number one to represent that the sun was in my first house when I was born, and then I just wrote Leo underneath. Then for each one I decided to write a few lines about what it means to have that planet in that sign. So your Sun Sign is all about your ego and identity and some examples of what that means if your Sun Sign is Leo would be: being bold and proud, loving attention and being cared for, being generous and charming, protective and loyal, a tendency towards arrogance and self-centeredness. And then I also wrote out a couple lines about what it means to have this placement in a specific house. So my sun sign of Leo is in my first house, which is all about your self-image. So some examples would be being self-conscious but wanting to project a strong image, wanting to make a mark on the world, having a tendency towards being a leader and an innovator, etc. So I did that for every single placement. I did a lot of research on different astrological websites online Trying to pull from lots of different sources and kind of focus on things that I saw mentioned in multiple places To try to get accurate information the best that I could. I would really love to get an official reading done with an astrologer I just be really curious to know what they would say about my chart; being able to pull all the information together But getting your chart read by an actual Astrologer is very expensive. So for now, I’m going to be my own amateur Astrologer, which is a very effective method. I would recommend. 10 out of 10. Very professional. So obviously everything I’m writing down is very specific to me because everything is specifically my placements So this might not apply to you at all. If you want you can totally pause the video and read everything I wrote I’m not going to bore you by reading all of it because chances are none of it would apply to you, but I would recommend If you’re even sort of into astrology doing something like this in your bullet journal Even if you just write out all your placements in a list I find it really interesting to read up on all of these things Especially some of the ones that I wasn’t familiar with before doing the spread mainly the Chiron and the true node or North node. I had never heard of those before I was copying out my natal chart and saw those symbols and thought “what are those?” “I don’t recognize those.” and googled them. And what I read about when I looked up my specific Placements for my Chiron and true node or North node literally shook me I am not even kidding I started to cry when I was reading an article about having your Chiron in Leo and also in the 12th house and it just hit home on such a deep visceral level that I started crying and got very Overwhelmed and upset and had to call my sister and she had to calm me down and then give me a pep talk for like An hour and a half. Thank goodness for big sisters. You are the best. Thank you so much, Katherine. I love you. So yeah, that was interesting. And I kind of had that experience with a couple of my placements when I first discovered them and looked them Up and just thought oh, wow, that’s me 100%… How interesting… and how dare you call me out like that?? I’m offended, okay?? I know a lot of people say that astrology is fake and it’s just very general So that anyone could read it and it would work for them but I just don’t see it because for example my Chiron is Very freakin specific. I can’t see 99% of the population Relating to it whatsoever But I read it and it’s 100% my life, like my biggest fear or struggle of my life So far in the first 27 years of my life, written down in a random Astrological blog on the internet and I just like, I’m sorry Can you stop attacking me like this? What did I do to deserve this verbal ab*se? so I would just like the skeptics in the audience to explain to me how this is possible because like I said it is very Specific and 99% of the population I could not see relating to it So that’s that. Anyway, as per usual, I added some little decor moments here and there I wanted to tie this into my October setup because these pages are sort of flowing into the cover page of my October theme of my witchiness and kind of spookiness So I used some more of my tea stained paper and some black paper along with a white gel pen on the black and then my good old Sakura micron on the tea stain paper to add some Constellations and some stars and moons. The constellation at the bottom of the page with the natal chart on it is actually the Leo constellation For fun, and the constellation on the right page is Taurus since my ascendant or rising Sign and my Sun Sign are both Leo and my moon sign is Taurus I feel like those two signs are kind of my two primary signs in my chart. I’m really curious what the makeup of my audience is here on YouTube. How many of you are also Leos? Are most of you virgos or Capricorns? do we have a lot of Pisces in here? I’m super curious! So let me know down in the comments what your sign is. If you only know your Sun Sign Let me know that, if you know your whole chart, let me know your whole chart That’s cool, too! If you have specific insights to my chart and you want to share let me know that because I’m really curious I feel like I learned a lot in Setting up the spread and doing all the research I did but it’s also so much information that I really need to sit with it and kind of let it percolate a little bit in my brain so that I can Really absorb what this means for who I am as a person but like I said at the start of the video, I just find anything like this personality tests astrology really interesting as a tool for self-reflection and Making this spread was really fun for me. I want to thank my patrons so much for their support Y’all are seriously the best and an extra special shout out to our newest patron Elin welcome to the squad! if you’re interested in learning more about astrology I would highly recommend you download the audible app If you click the link in my description You can get a 30-day free trial and two free audiobooks and they have a huge selection of books on Astrology and quite a few that are really good for beginners Personally astrology by Alex Fletcher is next up on my listening list And I’m really excited to have a few of my questions answered So tap that link in my description for a 30-day free trial and two free audiobooks You can cancel anytime and you keep access to your audiobooks forever. Alright, that’s it for me I hope you enjoyed the video, and I will see you very soon in the next one. Bye friends!

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