PLAN WITH ME | August 2017 Bullet Journal Setup

PLAN WITH ME | August 2017 Bullet Journal Setup

(upbeat music) – Hey, everyone, it’s Amanda. Welcome back to my channel. Can you guys believe it’s already August? I feel like this year has
been going by so quickly, it’s actually crazy, but at least a new months means
a new bullet journal setup. So, as usual I’m gonna
be taking you through my setup for the month of August, and you guys can come along for the ride and plan with me. As usual, I love to
showcase your recreations of my bullet journal spreads. So, you can see them up above there. Make sure you tag me in any of your recreations on Instagram. My Instagram account is
just @amandarachdoodles and when you do that, make sure you tag me in the photo, not just the caption because then I’ll be
able to like and comment on all of them. And it just makes me happy
seeing your guys’ recreations. That’s my favorite part
about doing this whole thing. Is that if I inspired anyone
of you guys to be creative, and pick up your pencil and
draw, or organize your life, then my job is done. So, thank you again for sending
me all of your recreations. I cannot wait to see what you guys do with this month’s theme, which is seashells, and
coral, and under the sea. I actually asked you guys to vote for my bullet journal theme
on my Patreon account, which is So if you want to be a
part of the future polls as well as receive exclusive content like a monthly bullet
journal flip through, check out my Patreon account. It’s in the description box below. I know I talk about it a lot, but I’ve been really, really loving it. You guys have built kind
of like a little community. We’re almost at 100 patrons, which is crazy, and I love it, and I have some super
exciting announcements that I’m gonna be making on there. So Patreon is the place to be you guys. Anyways, as I mentioned, the theme for this month
is seashells, and coral. The other scene that one
on the pole was clouds, but I thought that this theme
would go better with August since it is the end of the summer. So it gives it kind of like a beachy feel. I will do clouds at a later date if that’s what you guys want. Again, I’ll make a poll about it, and you guys can decide for me, but without further ado, I’m gonna hand you guys
over to the voiceover. Alright, so for the cover page, I decided to draw a bunch of scattered
seashells and starfish, and I even drew a rope around the August to give it a nautical feel, which I think suits this
cover page really well. The accent color I chose
this month is coral, and I’m using the Zebra Mild Liner. I don’t know the exact name, but I will link everything, all of the supplies and materials that I use in the description
box below as usual, because you guys always ask me, so check down there if you’re curious. For the seashells, I decided to not color
all of them in all the way so as you can see some
of them I did stripes, some of them I just use
the coral as a shadow, and this is how I use my accent color, and make it not as boring, because if you use one color sometimes it can be a little mundane, or a little flat looking, but if you change the style in which you color your doodles in, it just adds a little
bit more visual interest to your cover page. But anyways, this is my August cover page. Moving on to my monthly spread setup. Last month I went back to my
vertical bullet journal layout, and I really liked it, especially since it’s the summer, I don’t really have a lot of work to do, so I went back to that. I’m actually really curious
to know your thoughts. Do you guys prefer the
standard calendar layout like with the squares, or do you prefer the vertical
bullet journal layout? Let me know your thoughts
in the comments below. I’m really curious. I always love hearing your guys, like personal preferences in terms of your bullet journal, because it does give me ideas for my own. Of course I added more
seashell doodles to the top. I think I’m gonna do some
sort of like mini tutorial on the seashell doodles on my Instagram. So go check out my Instagram, Amandarachdoodles for that in the future. I want to do a lot more on my Instagram. I know I wasn’t that active this month, but I have plans guys, don’t worry. As usual, I did my YouTube
growth checker in the corner, and then in the bottom, since
I had a lot of empty space, I decided to do some doodles of coral, and I used the thin end
of my Zebra Mild Liner. To do it, it was really, really easy. You kind of just draw branches, and then later on I outlined it. It makes it a lot easier
than outlining it, and then filling it in in my opinion. That’s just a little trick if you want to learn to draw coral. I also added the sea floor, and added some sort of
like sand at the bottom just because I wanted to make it look like it was the bottom of the ocean. So I also added a little fish, a little cute fish with
some bubbles, bubbling out, and I’m so bad at voiceovers, guys, you guys know this already. My voiceovers are a hot mess. On the right side of this spread, this month I decided
to do a one line a day journaling kind of section,
but I kind of messed up. I didn’t leave enough space
to do every single day. So next month I’m probably gonna give this it’s own page just so I can do it fully, but for now it works, and I just love this page, because of all of the little doodles, and you guys always ask me
how I learned to doodle, and how I get inspiration, and for that I would recommend Skillshare. You guys know I love Skillshare so much. I learned calligraphy from this website. If you don’t know about Skillshare, it’s an online learning community with over 15,000 classes in
design, photo art, and more. You can teach a class,
you can take a class, and it’s only $10 a month
for premium membership with unlimited access to
classes on mobile, and offline, and I just really love what they’re doing. I believe in their platform, because I personally always am someone who preaches learning something new, and with this you can follow
along with their easy classes, and it’s just really great. I definitely recommend it, and if you click the link
in the description box, the first 250 people get
a free two month trial so you have nothing to lose. So my next couple of
pages are my trackers, and for these pages I wanted to of course incorporate these doodles even more, but I decided to add a thick black outline on the outside of the doodles, which is a trick that I learned from one of the Skillshare classes. It just makes everything pop. And I love the way that it turned out, especially with the calligraphy, and so for this month’s trackers, I actually decided to do
more than what I normally do, and we’ll see how this turns out, and whether I can keep up with it, but as you can see, I have my habit trackers in this page. So for this one I put all of the things that I want to do every
day, or as much as possible. So like working out, cleaning my room, posting on Instagram, doing my emails, that kind of stuff, and at the bottom, instead of putting my mood trackers, which is what I would normally do, I decide to add a little
quote as well as more doodles. So the quote that I wrote is the quote that I
wrote that, that rhymes, but it says you don’t need more time, you just need to use
the time that you have. And it’s just kind of just
about like time management, because that’s something
that I am awful at, and then for the other trackers, I decided to do that on the next page, and so you’re gonna see
that I did my mood tracker as well as my health tracker, and the health tracker
is something that is new. So what this is gonna help me do is track the amount of sleep that I get as well as the amount of water. I did them on the same graph, but sleep is a solid line, and water is a dotted line, and there’s gonna be two lines going, kind of like a line graph,
if that makes sense. Of course, on the other side, I as usual have to do my expense tracker. This is the same kind of deal, but I wanted to make it in the same style as the other trackers just
to make this month’s set up look pretty consistent. And then on the other
side I did a packing list. This month I am going on a lot of trips. I’m going to Way Home Festival, Osheaga, and then I’m also going to be moving out. So I thought it would be nice
to have a little space work, and write a bunch of lists, and reminders of stuff
that I need to bring, and it’s also gonna be
nice for the future. Let’s say I go on another trip, and I can refer back to this to remember to bring certain things. So this is gonna be quite a useful page, and I imagine that I’m gonna
be using it a lot this month. The last spread I’m
gonna be showing you guys is a weekly spread. This month I decided to do
things a bit differently. I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but I’ve been switching
things up a little, trying some new things just to make it a little bit more fun for me. So recently I’ve realized that
I don’t have a lot of tasks that are specific to a certain day, especially in the summer
when I don’t have school, I don’t have work, that kind of thing, but I do have a lot of events, and appointments that I
want to keep track of. So how I decided to fix this problem is to have my regular event
sidebar that I always have, and then just have kind of like a master weekly running to do list that I can keep track
of when I finish things, and then that way I don’t need to keep writing
things every single day, because I found that when I did a full weekly spread in the summer, and when I’m less busy, I
was just rewriting tasks, and that can get a little
boring, and repetitive. So I just found that this was a more effective use of
my spreads, and my time, and it only takes up half a page so it saves paper as well I guess. Anyways, here is the final look at my August bullet journal setup. I changed up a lot of things this month so I will see how these changes go, and how they work for me, but let me know what your thoughts are down below in the comments, and of course if you recreate
any of these spreads, be sure to tag me on Instagram. Alright guys, so that concludes yet another bullet journal plan with me. I hope you guys enjoyed
August’s theme and set up. I will link down below my entire bullet journal video playlist if you want to do a little binge
session, a little marathon, I have a ton of bullet journal videos that are there for your viewing pleasure. So go check that out, and also while you’re down there, be sure to hit that little
subscribe button with the bell, because then you’ll be notified every time I post a new video. As I mentioned before, Instagram and Patreon
will be linked down below if you’re interested, but I think that’s pretty much it. I hope you have an awesome day. I love you so, so much, and I will talk to you in my next video. Bye guys. (upbeat music)

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