PLAN WITH ME | August 2018 Bullet Journal Setup

PLAN WITH ME | August 2018 Bullet Journal Setup

(upbeat music) – Hey, everyone, it’s Amanda. Welcome back to my channel. Today, of course, we are doing
my August planner with me and bullet journal setup. I’m actually really excited to
just sit down, plan, doodle, throw on some music and relax. It’s very calming to me and it’s kind of what I need right now in this hectic, crazy month. Before we get started I’d like to thank today’s sponsor, WiX. WiX is an awesome website builder that I actually used to
create my own website,, check it out if yo want to. It was so great because I had
zero idea about web design but it was so intuitive to use and I was able to create a website that looks really professional
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the photo and video galleries, you can do booking forms, you
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I cannot recommend it enough. And the best part is, you
can get started for free. So, if you wanna start playing around with all of WiX’s awesome features and start building your own website, be sure to click the link in
the description-box below. But anyways, I’m sure you
guys wanna get right into it, so, let’s get started on this
month’s bullet journal setup. For this month’s theme, I decided to do something that you guys have been requesting a lot ever since summer started and I thought that since
this is the final month before summer ends, I know it’s sad, but I thought it’d be the
perfect time to do a fruit theme. So, we have a lot of citrus fruits, lemons, limes, strawberries,
kiwis, watermelons. It all just makes me feel very summery and it feels like I’m on
a picnic or something. So, I started out by coloring in the basic shapes of all of the fruits, using my Zebra Mildliners. Pretty much, all the markers that I
use were Zebra Mildliners, except for the orange. But, of course, I’ll link
everything down below, in case you are curious. And this does couple of things. So, first of all, doing the marker first
before the fineliner, ensures that the fineliner doesn’t smudge because if I had done the fineliner first and then colored in after, I can almost assure you that there would’ve been
some sort of smudging. And also, by doing the
marker and coloring first, it gives you sort of an imperfect look when you outline it afterwards. As you can see, while I’m
outlining the shapes right now, it’s hard to aim the fineliner perfectly over top of
the colored-in shapes, but that’s kind of the look
that I really like about this, it looks kind of off-set, a bit more whimsical and hand-drawn. So, I really liked how this
cover page ended up turning out. Obviously, I added all of the seeds and
little details in, afterwards. And I also used a white gel
pen over a couple of these to add a little bit of highlights and make it look very juicy. (laughs) I feel like this cover
page is a little different from what I normally do. I tired something different. Usually I go for one accent
color, but obviously, this one’s very colorful and bright and it ended up looking so, so summery. On the other side of the page I wanted to do a little quote and going along with the
whole picnic fruit theme, I drew this little Mason jar
with some lemonade in it, I added some other fruit
at the bottom of the jar to make the scene look
very fresh and inviting. And the quote that I wrote with this is, very simple, it just says, “Enjoy today”. And I feel like, this
encompasses what I wanna focus on during the final month of summer, just enjoying the moment,
taking a deep breath and being present, which
is something that I really have been trying to focus on this year, but this summer especially. Things can get so hectic
and I feel like sometimes we all just need to take a breath and enjoy a nice glass of
lemonade, or something. (laughs) In the end, I really
like how the combination of this cover page and the
quote page, turned out. I feel like they complement
each other really nicely. The quote page is a bit more simple, there’s a lot of blank space, but I feel like that really
balances out the cover page because, obviously, the cover page has a lot of things in bright
colors and patterns going on. Moving on to my monthly log, I went for a standard calendar layout, so it’s just a normal grid. And, I believe, the dot
spacing for each box was about a five by five, so, if that helps you out in any way. And, as you can see, every single row, I chose a different color to go along with this
colorful citrus theme. And on the left-hand side, there was a perfect amount of
empty space for me to fit in, of course, my YouTube growth-tracker, but also a nice title, as well as some more decorative elements. Obviously, I had to throw
in a bunch more fruits all around this page,
to tie it all together. And this is one of my favorite
pages throughout this month. Even though it’s kind of a simple concept, I really like how the
colors all came together and I feel like it looks
very simple and clean, but still fun. Fun is the word for this month’s setup because I feel like this
theme is just so much fun. Probably gonna say that
a lot during this video. While you guys watch me
finish up this spread, I actually wanted to quickly mention that, if you’re interested in
following me on Twitch, I have just recently set it
up and I’m probably gonna do a lot more stuff there in the future. So, it’s just In the past, I’ve done live
streams over on Instagram but I think I’m gonna be doing
them a lot more on Twitch and I’ll do some weekly spreads, some more doodles and drawings and stuff. It’s gonna be a fun time,
it’s really new to me and I’m excited to get
started and learn the platform and I think it’s gonna be
a fun little change-up. Obviously, all content is gonna stay the
same here and on Instagram, but I wanted to throw in some
extra stuff for you guys. So, link in the description-box, if you want to follow me Twitch. Okay. So, moving on to my trackers. For my mood tracker, I decided
to do something a little fun. As you can see, I drew a
cross-section of a citrus fruit and I divided it all up. Unfortunately, August has 31 days, which is really hard to
divide up into even segments, so, I just decided to do 32. Makes it a lot easier. One of the segments will just
be, basically irrelevant, but, I added the numbers
all the way around. And how this works, is that you assign a color to a different mood and then every single
day you’ll just color in, depending on your mood. So, I chose all of the various colors that I was going for this month. And I actually can’t wait
to see what this looks like when it’s all filled in. Recently, I’ve been struggling
keeping up with my trackers, so, switching it up and
having fun layouts like this is gonna make me really pumped to actually sit down and
fill it in every day. For my habit tracker,
I went with my go-to, these individual trackers, but I went with an even
more simplified version. As you can see, every
single header is just simple and then the calendar layout is just me writing out the numbers and then, every single day I’ll just color in a dot
of the corresponding color, whenever I do that habit. By the way, in case you are curious, I decided to skip out on my
expense tracker this month. I’ve just found that, in
the past couple of months, I haven’t really found a good use for it or haven’t found that it is
integrated into my life nicely, so, I decided to just omit
it completely this month. Who knows, maybe in the
future I’ll put it back in if I feel like I need it, but, right now, I feel
like I am good without one. But, something that I
implemented last month, that I actually really liked, was my monthly-goals page. So, I decided to do it again this month. I went with a really
simple layout for this. I just sectioned it off into
three different categories. So, I have my work and career goals, I have some health and wellness goals and then I have personal, which entails relationships,
family, friends. At least that’s what I consider it, but obviously, you can do
whatever categories you want, split it up in two, however many or however little goal
categories you want. On the other page, I decided to do a little
bit of a summer bucket-list. So, I titled it “Things to
do before the summer ends” and I thought it went
nicely with the goal page because, obviously, they’re
still kind of goals, but in my head, these are a bit more fun. Like, I don’t know, let’s say I wanna go kayaking
before the summer ends, I’ll put that in my
summer bucket-list page. And for this one, as you can
see, I drew a big Mason jar and I’m gonna put all of the
goals inside of the Mason jar. So it’s kind of like, you’re drinking all of the
final remnants of summer. (laughs) Or, at least, that’s how
I kind of interpreted it. It’s a little bit metaphorical. But I really, really like
how this spread turned out, it just makes me so happy to look at. Next step, we have my video
planner slash brain-dump page and these have actually become
my favorite spreads to do throughout the month. I like that it’s just a
wide, empty, open space for me to sketch,
doodle, write stuff down, whatever is in my brain goes on this page and it’s especially
helpful for video stuff. But even if you don’t make videos, you can still use a spread
like this for maybe journaling or daily doodling. It’s fun, try it out. Highly recommend. From these side-angle shots you can really tell how much
my journal has filled up. And actually, that’s a
question I get a lot, is, does my journal take me
throughout the whole year, and the answer is, no. Even last year, I had
to add in extra pages. But this year, I think I’m just gonna start
a completely new journal because we have quite a lot of months
left to go in the year. So, let me know if you
wanna see a video of me moving all of my stuff into my new journal because this is probably
going to be the last month. I counted the amount of pages left and there’s perfectly enough for me to finish off August in here, but, definitely gonna have to
start a new one for September. Anyways, sorry. (laughs) A little bit of a sidetrack. My weekly spread for
the first week of August is actually pretty simple, even though it might not look like it, but that’s just because
of all the different colors and decorations going on. But the essence of it is
actually just seven rectangles, there’s four columns,
two rows and actually, each rectangle is 11 by 17, I believe, the spaces are. Actually, I think the height is 15, but there’s two dot
spaces in between each box and that’s pretty much it. I mean, I split up the
rectangle with a line at the top and that way I can put my
events at the top section and then my tasks at the bottom, as usual. You guys know I always like to do that. And then, everything
else is just decoration. I have fruits all the way around it and a colorful drop-shadow, of course. And then, in the bottom corner I put a little quote that
says, “Take a moment”. As mentioned, that’s kind
of my mantra for this month. Anyways, here’s the final flip-through of my August, 2018 bullet journal setup. Hope you guys like this one. I really like how it turned out, it makes me feel very happy, it makes me wanna drink some fresh juice in a park or something. (laughs) All right, everyone. So, that was it for this
month’s bullet journal setup. I hope you had fun planning with me or just hanging out. While I do the outro of this video, I wanted to showcase
some of your recreations from last month’s bullet journal video. I’m kind of switching it up
and doing it in the outro, so it doesn’t take too much time. But if you guys wanna send
me any of your recreations, whether it’s from this
month or a previous month, be sure to tag me on
Instagram @amandarachdoodles and tag me in the photo and the captions so I can look at all of
them and like them all. It always makes my day to
scroll through my tagged photos and you guys are so insanely talented, so, I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with this month. Quick shout-out, again, to
WiX for sponsoring this video. Seriously, guys, if you’re looking to start
a website of any kind, I can’t recommend WiX enough. So if you wanna try out for yourself, be sure to click the link
in description-box below. Anyway, keep doodling, everyone. And I will talk to you in my next video. Bye, guys! (upbeat music)

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