PLAN WITH ME | August Bullet Journal Setup + Giveaway!

PLAN WITH ME | August Bullet Journal Setup + Giveaway!

100 thoughts on “PLAN WITH ME | August Bullet Journal Setup + Giveaway!

  1. Seriously thoughhh. The one (just one) hot air balloon I drew for my monthly August cover page took way too long!
    You made a good choice going with clouds. It looks great btw! And the little paper airplane is so cute!

  2. i started watching your videos about a week ago and you inspire me so much to start a bullet journal!! thank you!! ❤️❤️

  3. Happy Birthday @MyLifeinaBullet Love your beautiful setup. Watched all your videos and wanting more.
    Question: How did you start your first video with so many views?
    So impressive. Did you bring your fans from other places?

  4. Hey I am julieanna I am 13 my email is [email protected]
    I do not have social media
    You are a great youtuber
    I hope to win
    Good luck
    I go back the last week in August
    Going into 8th
    Video Request MORNING ROUTINE

  5. What stats do you track for social media at the end of the month? I really like how you do your spread, but can't seem to find anything similar. Thanks!

  6. Ahhh just today subscribed but I've been rewatching your videos for a few hours now? This is probably the best bullet journaling channel I have stumbled upon! You make such amazing content, keep it up

  7. I don't know how ppl use ring books. I find the ring annoying as it is thick and so restricts me from writing at the right side of a left page

  8. I just started a bujo and didn't know what to draw for this month's theme (I'm still in the "I don't want to mess up my journal" stage I think). This cloud theme is perfect for me, easy and looks really cute! Thanks so much for the inspiration 🙂

  9. happy birthday day this month and your writing and drawing is so awesome it's so neat and cool great job tyfs

  10. I'm behind on August too. Your videos are awesome. Totally agree with you on the flexibility and simplicity thing!

  11. I love this video! The set up is amazing and super beautiful. Your theme is so simple yet pretty to look at and to recreate so please don't mind if I do try to copy it in my bullet journal 😉 ^^ I am just wondering tho, are you by any chance a kpop or anime fan? I am just curious lol Love this video~ Too bad I can't give at least 10 thumbs up all at once lol

  12. I love how your theme is simply and easy to do. I'm a lazy person and doing simply design will make me want to doodle more.

  13. Is It only me that came from Therese Lindgrens video? Swedish: Är det bara jag som kommer från Thereses video? (Sry for the bad english)

  14. i love your videos, they are so great. i think you dont even know how happy i am if you upload! i'm not journaling yet, but i'd love to in future. ? your channel is so inspiring! and i have a question because of the giveaway: is it international? 🙂

  15. September is a very busy month for me, I have 9 of my friends birthdays and a week long school tour, plus a school fair and a lot of traveling among my family! Plus my birthdays on the 30th of August ?

  16. Hi! Do you have a post anywhere in which you list and/or link to the tools that you use? Such as the rulers, circle tracer? I've needed items like this for a while, and love how compact & multifunctional yours are! If you don't have a post, would you mind sharing what kind they are, where to buy them? Thank you!

  17. First time viewer here, and I just have to say WOW, you have the straightest, nicest looking handwriting I've ever seen! Your drawings look so perfect too! Amazing talent! ?

  18. You… are my new inspiration! I heard you are romainian and i went nuts. Ai un nou abonat;-)

    Now i get why you always have romainian captions…..

  19. I RLLY LOVE YOUR LITTLE CLOUD IDEA! sorry caps. Anyway im so exited for when a new video comes out! One theme i have in mind is plants! Or like nature or something. I hope you like it!

  20. can you make a video about how you use all your trackers? that would be so nice because i dont know how to use the trackers i copied from you haha

  21. Great video! Your clouds are so cute! I was wondering, which kind of paper do you use for your normal spreads? Is it normal printer paper or something thicker?

  22. I can't wait to watch your September Setup!!! When is it going to be released?? I'm so excited!!! Really love your videos!!

  23. Hi! I am a brand new subscriber! I am quite new to bullet journaling but am very excited about this. Could you please do a video of a completed month so we can see how you used the set-up in more detail??

  24. hello ? i send you this message from France ?? I'v see all of your video and I would like to tell you they are AMAZING ☄ I have a little question: I would like to have the same notebook by Martha Stewart but in France this article don't exist. I'v church on internet but I found nothing
    can you help me?☄??
    best regards
    French fan??

  25. Very good design !! Congrats for this video !
    One question, where do you buy the planner (case with grip)?.. I like it

  26. Love your setup, handwriting and drawings, I wish I could draw those clouds, mine always look a mess is there an easy way to learn how to draw them? Followed you on Amino & Instagram and subbed here 🙂 TFS

  27. Hi! I had been using a Happy Planner, but am slowly turning it more and more into a bullet journal, (and you are such an inspiration for that) So I want to start printing my own inserts, but I can't find a "good" paper, that has neither too much ghosting, nor takes ages to dry. Would you be willing to share what kind of paper you use? Also… this layout looks so beautiful.

  28. I love your videos so much. You inspire me a lot, I just bought my first notebook for bullet journal and I'm intent to start next year. Love your spreads.

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