PLAN WITH ME | December 2017 Bullet Journal Setup

PLAN WITH ME | December 2017 Bullet Journal Setup

(upbeat music) – Everyone, it’s Amanda,
welcome back to my channel. Today’s video is, of course,
my December plan with me and bullet journal set up. Can you guys believe that this is the very last month for 2017? I feel like this whole year
has been such a whirlwind from starting bullet
journaling and doodling and switching my channel over to art. You guys have been so
supportive and awesome and I just wanted to thank you for that just a little moment of
appreciation. (laughs) But anyways, I’m gonna be setting up my bullet journal for this month, you guys know the deal. Before we get into it, as usual, I wanted to showcase your
recreations from last month, you can see them above me. Look at how amazing they look, you guys seriously kill it all the time. Be sure to send me
recreations from this month or any other month, you can do so on my
Instagram @amandarachdoodles. Be sure to tag me in the
photo, not just the caption because then I can like
and comment on all of them. You can also follow me there because I’ve been doing
a lot of fun stuff. I’ve been posting a lot
more doodles and spreads, and I’ve also been live streaming every single Sunday, my weekly set up. In the future I wanna do more doodles and drawings but you won’t
know unless you follow me. I also did want to give a quick shout out to Skill Share for sponsoring this video. You guys know I love them and they are really the best to work with. So, I’ll talk a little
bit more about that later. But, without further ado, I’m going to hand you
off to the voiceover. As you can see, the theme for this month is snowflakes and snow. I thought it was just very wintery and it would go really
well with the seasons. I know that for some of
you, it doesn’t snow, but, for me, it does snow. So, it felt very festive and
perfect for this time of year and I really love the way it looks. It looks very magical,
like the snow is falling. I just feel like I wanna
wrap myself in a blanket and drink some hot cocoa
when I look at this spread. And I really hope some of
you are doing exactly that as you watch this video. I drew larger snowflakes,
smaller snowflakes, as well as circles and dots
to give it a lot of depth and I feel like this
does a very effective job at making it look like that
snow is just gently falling. The accent colors I used are some pastel, mint, and turquoise colors. I’m using a Combo Duel color brush pen as well as a couple Zebra Mile Liners. Of course, as usual, I will link all of the products I use in the description box below. Anyways, for my monthly
spread for this month, I, of course, am doing the
standard calendar layout that I’ve been doing in recent months. And at the top, I wanted to make it look
like there was icicles and snow piled up. I thought it was just
kind of a fun thing to do. I love this theme because
there’s so much playing around and experimenting you
can do with the doodles, which you guys know I love. So, I can’t wait to get creative with it all throughout this week
and do some more spreads. For this month, I even experimented with new styles of lettering. I did this style, which is a serif font. Very basic and standard, but I think it goes really well with this wintery festive theme, and it’s something a little different than what I normally do. In terms of the dot spacing for this, each individual box
for this is six by six, and then I left two dots on the right and two dots on the top. This is of course for the
Leuchtturm1917 A5 dotted journal. And, I decided to put the December title on the bottom this time which is, again, something a little bit different, but that’s just because
I had a layout in mind. I have my YouTube growth tracker
on the the left hand side and you guys know me and my drop shadows, gotta add those drop shadows. I feel like it really just does
add so much of a difference. Whenever I add a drop shadow to something, I’m much more happy with
the way the spread looks. In the spaces all around the calendar, I, of course, drew some more snowflakes. Snowflakes of all shapes and sizes which I love getting creative with the designs of the snowflakes, it’s so much fun for me. I do wanna do a little snowflake tutorial, let me know if you guys
want a whole video on that or if you want me to just
post it on my Instagram. Let me know in the comments below, but again, I love the way this looks and it’s making me so in
the mood for Christmas and the holidays, and now, I’m probably gonna
go watch Christmas movies after this because it makes me so happy. I decided to fill in the ice/snow at the top of the calendar
with the turquoise color just to give it an added pop. My next spread is my
mood and habit trackers. For this month, I didn’t do any crazy creative mood trackers, I went back to my box standard layout, except I did it vertically this time. And I just wanted to do this because I have been struggling
keeping up with my trackers, so whenever I have an issue with something from the previous month, I try to change it in the
next month to fit my lifestyle and I do know that December
is going to be crazy busy for me so I’m not gonna have time to uphold my bullet journal
if I have to do a lot of, you know, things every single day. So, I thought this layout would be really good for me this month. As you can see I put all of the habits that I want to track at the top, and then the mood is just going
to be a standard line graph. In the empty spaces, you guys
know what I put in there. Gotta put those snow flakes, and then on the page
on the right hand side, you will see that I did
a video ideas spread. There’s not a lot to
talk about this spread just because I tend to
keep it pretty blank because I wanna have
enough space to jot down any random brainstorm ideas that I have. I did put the title in
that same serif font and then put the snowflakes all around it like a vignette of, vignette, is it vin-yay or vignette? I don’t know, but it framed
the page very nicely. I know that this spread doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone because not everyone has video to make, but you guys can apply
it to your lifestyle, as usual, whatever you see fit. The next page that I decided to do is a little off the theme. But, since it’s December, you guys know I had to a
Christmas spread of some sort. So, I decided to do a Christmas gift list which is a spread where I can write down all of my gift ideas for
the people in my life. My family members, my friends, and it’s just so festive, like look at it. I put Christmas lights at the top, Christmas trees at the bottom, as well as gifts and ribbons
and all of that fun stuff. Also, don’t worry, I currently am working on another video which is completely separate where I show you even more Christmas and holiday spread ideas. That will be a fun video, but I didn’t want to do
all of that in this video just because December
doesn’t necessarily mean Christmas for everyone. So this is just a sneak peek of that up coming separate video. So, for any of you who are
already excited about Christmas, stay tuned for that video. On the page next to this one, I decided to do a
lettering quote doodle page where I just had fun and was creative. I drew some large and
in charge snowflakes. These were pretty hefty and I made them look
like they were hanging from the top of the page. These were so much fun to draw and come up with the intricate
designs of the snowflakes. And then, in between
all of these snowflakes, I did the words let it snow, of course, classic have to quote a holiday song at some point. You know how it is. (laughs) The brush pen that I’m using is the Combo Duel brush pen in, I honestly do not know the
color off the top of my head, but I will leave it, again,
in the description box below. And I had to add the
turquoise in somewhere. I went back in with some brighter colors for the Christmas gift list page because it felt like it
was missing something. So I know that these colors don’t necessarily match my theme, but it’s the holidays, there has to be a splash of
color in there somewhere. So, I added red for the ribbons, and then, the Christmas
lights were multi-colored. It reminded me of Stranger
Things a little bit. And then the gifts, of course, at the bottom had to
be colored in as well. I love these two spreads together, they look so incredibly festive. I know I keep saying
that about every spread, but, come on. The last spread I am going
to show you for December is my weekly spread for the first week. And I wanted to tie it all back together to the first couple of
spreads in this set up. So I did the same icicle,
snow boarder at the top, which I think adds such a cool effect. I did the weekly events side
bar on the left hand side, and just so you guys know, each individual section of
the weekly events side bar is about four grid spaces. (laughs) So that would be four
times seven, 28 total. That’s for the height of the side bar, and then the width is
about 10 grid spaces. I added these snowflakes, except this time I
didn’t use the fine liner to draw the snowflakes, I used the turquoise markers. This made the snowflakes
a little more subtle and that way I could add
the block lettering on top. For each of the daily boxes, the height was nine and
the width was about 12, and I believe I left about two or three grid spaces in between each box. I’ve been doing this layout mostly because I love having the
weekly events sidebar. It’s just so helpful for me to figure out where I need to be and my appointments and events and all of that. I’m not sure if this is
just a thing that I love, I’ve always wondered whether other people enjoyed the weekly events
sidebar as much as I do. So, let’s do a little poll. There should be a poll
popping up in the corner so, take a vote, let’s see
the love for the sidebar. (laughs) Anyways, in the bottom empty space, I decided to draw a little snowman because it went perfectly with the theme, and it’s so cute! Instead of leaving it completely white or coloring it in with the mint color, I just did a light drop shadow
on the side of the snowballs, which I think turned out very well. Of course, on the top right empty space, I did a mini monthly overview. To be honest, there’s not
really a grand purpose for this, it was just the perfect shape and size for the empty space that I had. Anyways, here is the flip through of my snowy, icy, wintery, festive, December bullet journal set up. All right everyone, that was my December bullet journal set up. I hope you guys enjoyed. As usual, if you wanna send
me any of your recreations, be sure to do so on my
Instagram, @amandarichdoodles. I would love to see them. I did also want to mention that I do have a Skill Share
class going on right now. You guys know I love
working with Skill Share. I’ve been such a huge advocate
of theirs for a while, and that’s just because
I really believe in their platform and what they do. If you don’t know what Skill Share is, they’re an online learning community with over 15,000 classes in photo, illustration,
design, lettering, everything, and one of those classes includes my own. I go through the basics
of creative journaling and there’s a lot of
exclusive content there including doodle tutorials,
and lettering tutorials. It’s a really fun time, and you don’t have to
sign up just for my class, there is a ton of other options as well. Your membership starts
as low as $10 a month. You can teach a class, you can
choose a class to learn from, and you can even learn on
the go on their mobile app. So, it’s just really, really awesome. If you want to check out my class or any of the other classes, you can click the link
in the description box. There’s also a two month
free trial available for any of you guys
who want to try it out. A lot of you guys have messaged me saying that the Skill Share class was very useful and helpful, so I’m really happy to hear that. Thank you Skill Share,
you guys are the best. So, I hope to see some of you guys there, but I think that’s pretty much it. I hope you guys have an
awesome day and keep doodling. Bye guys! (upbeat music)

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