PLAN WITH ME | December 2019 Bullet Journal Setup

(gentle hip hop music) – Hey everyone, it’s Amanda. Welcome back to my channel. Today’s video is a little bit bittersweet. Of course, I’m doing my December
2019 bullet journal setup, which is obviously great, I know you guys look forward
to those every single month. But it’s bittersweet because
it is the last one in 2019. Like what? Guys, where has the time gone? I actually do not know. This year has been so insane and, actually, what I was
thinking about the other day is of course I love bullet journaling as a productivity tool, I actually use it in my personal life and I love making these videos, but besides that, I also
love using my bullet journal and sitting down and making these videos as kind of like a time capsule ’cause they kind of mark certain eras and time periods in my life. Like, I find it so fascinating to go back to my old bullet journals and read through my tasks and see what I was working on and seeing what my mental
state was back then. This video, December 2019, marks three full years
of me bullet journaling. Just the other day I was looking through my old bullet journal setups
from earlier this year and it was so funny ’cause I could see the
tasks that I was working on to get my planner collection done, which just come out now. So it’s like this funny full circle moment and I can see the progression of how things finally came together for certain projects and all of that. By the way, yes, my
planner collection is out, if you didn’t know. There’s a whole video on it. I’m not gonna talk much
about it in this video but launch day was insane, so thank you to anyone
who was a part of that and for all the support. But anyway, what I was
saying is bullet journaling and making these monthly videos has been a source of
constancy and routine for me which is really nice, especially when a lot of other
things around me are chaotic, like my personal life, my work life. So it’s just really nice that I get to share that with you guys. So thank you for joining
me for yet another year. I’m sure you guys wanna
get right into the video. I’m excited to sit down, chill, get some planning time in, but before I do, I’d like
to give a quick thank you to today’s sponsor, Squarespace. They made it possible for me to continue putting videos out like this while all the craziness
was happening this year, so huge thank you to them. My personal website is
built by Squarespace and I highly recommend them if you are looking for a
website building platform. But I’ll talk a little bit more about them later in the video. Without further ado, for the last time in 2019, grab your bullet journals
if you’re planning with me, grab your snacks if you’re not, and let’s get started. All right, so for this month’s theme I asked you guys what you wanted to see on my YouTube Community
tab page and on Instagram and so many of you guys
said you wanted to see northern lights, winter
forest, winter nights, a winter wonderland type of theme so I kinda merged it all into one, at least I hope I did. And it worked out perfectly because for the last Plan With Me of 2019 I wanted to do something
a little bit different so I actually whipped
out the watercolor paints which I’ve actually never
done in a Plan With Me. Now, I know some of you guys are probably already thinking, watercolor paints, that’s
too hard, too intense for me, but trust me, I promise this is actually a lot easier than it looks. The technique that I’m using to do this is called wet-on-wet which means we just cover the entire piece of paper with water and then we brush the wet
watercolors on top of that. So I’m using the blues and the purples and the greens to create that and because it’s wet-on-wet
it blends together and creates that nice
northern lights effect. The trick with this to make
your colors really dark is to work in layers. A lot of people think that with watercolor you’re gonna get the dark,
rich colors right off the bat, but no, you have to
wait for things to dry. So this took about three different layers. But I was a little bit smart about it because as you can see in the center, I have my main shape but I also decided to fill the borders because I knew I was
gonna use it later on. So the center, you’re gonna
see me use for the cover page and then all of the edge stuff I just use for the rest of the setup. So that way you only need to paint once and then you’re good to go
for the rest of the month. Alternatively, you can of course just print out a picture and cut it out but I thought the watercolor paints would be a fun, little
artistic project for this month and it was actually very relaxing to do. I forgot how calming
watercolor painting could be. So I glue taped that right
into my bullet journal and we’re gonna be adding
stuff on top of that. I actually really like the
way the painting turned out. I kinda surprised myself because I’m not the
best watercolor painter but I feel like it looks pretty accurate for northern lights. So I’m adding winter trees
below it, as you can see, and these are super easy to make. I just scribbled a bunch of
lines in a triangular shape and my black brush pen that
I was using to draw these happened to be a little bit dry and that’s actually what I wanted because as you can see, as I’m scribbling these you can see some of the
white paper underneath which makes it look a little bit more 3D. And that’s just a result of my brush pen being a bit dry and not fully inky, so you can see the
individual leaves almost. On top of the painting I used a paint pen, these are Posca paint pens, to create little galaxy
stars on the northern lights and this really pulls it all together. I also added some more
stars slash falling snow around the aurora borealis
painting on the white part. And then for the title, initially I wanted to do white cursive on top with the paint pen but I decided it didn’t pop out enough so I ended up cutting out some black paper and just writing it out in
some lowercase lettering, which, I actually really like the look of the simple lowercase. I feel like it adds to the calming vibe. This entire setup was
pretty minimal and calming. Not minimal but, I don’t know, simple. On the other side, I cut out another section
of my watercolor painting in another rounded square shape and above it and below it I wrote, all is calm, all is bright. You know, it’s a holiday themed quote but I didn’t wanna make it too
Christmassy slash holiday-y because I know that not
everyone celebrates Christmas so I wanted to make sure it was just a bit more universal. If you are looking for more holiday/Christmas-specific spreads, I highly recommend checking out my holiday bullet journal videos. I have a couple of them where
it’s just only holiday videos. And even last year’s December
spread was very Christmassy. So if that’s more your
vibe, check those out. I’ll link them down below. But anyway, for my monthly
overview calendar layout I decided to stick with
the rounded rectangle motif that I had going on. So the calendar, as you can see, has the rounded corners and then in the top left side of each box, that’s when I filled in with the black box to match the black box in the cover page and I wrote the numbers out with white. The white pen that I’m using throughout this whole video is a paint Posca pen. Since I was cutting things out and writing on top of
thick watercolor paper I thought it would be the best. And, oh yeah, this is when that extra scrap watercolor came in handy. So I cut it out for the
headers of the calendar and also for the sidebars
for my YouTube tracker and my monthly goals. And it just makes it really easy ’cause this month actually
wasn’t very doodle-heavy since I did just have to cut out a bunch of shapes from
the watercolor paper. The only things that I’m
doodling are the trees which are so fast. These literally take me
like five seconds to draw. So this entire setup was
pretty quick once I got going and I really love the
way that each page looks. I think it just looks very calming. Oh yeah, can’t forget to add in all of the little galaxy
stars on top of that, and this spread is good to go. Moving on to my trackers for the month. So you guys will be very happy to know that I finally got an
acrylic stamping block. If you’ve watched any videos where I use these little plastic stamps, you’ll know that I’ve been putting them on random things for the longest time and I finally decided to just
spend the couple of dollars to get these acrylic stamping blocks and it made it so much easier
to stamp the calendar days ’cause I can actually see through it and place it more accurately. So this has been great, great investment. I’m gonna link it down
below if I can find it. I just got it off of Amazon. A lot of people ask me where
I got the stamps from, Amazon. Best place to find stuff like that. So for the titles of each tracker, I cut out the watercolor paper as well as some of the black
paper and alternated it. And what I would recommend, actually, for setups like these where it’s very just
background paper-heavy, just keep it in the back
pocket of your bullet journal so you can whip it out whenever you wanna make a new spread. That’s what I’m doing. But yeah, threw in more
of those trees at the top to make a nice little header moment, and moving on to the mood tracker. Now, this one, you guys
are gonna be very shocked because I’m whippin’ out an
old type of mood tracker. I haven’t used this type of mood tracker in a year and a half maybe. It’s the horizontal one and
it’s kinda like a line graph. The reason why I decided to do this is because I figure once I fill it in it’s gonna have the zigzag lines and it’s gonna end up looking
like the forest line of trees which I thought, you know, might be cool. And underneath the graph maybe I’ll start to
draw some trees as well. Now moving on to my
favorite spread to make which is my monthly playlist spread. As usual, I’m gonna
link a Spotify playlist with all of the songs down below. And I’ll also add a couple more songs to the Spotify playlist, it’s just this page only
has space for nine songs. So yeah, check that out if you wanna see what I’m
listening to this month. I do have a Christmas-specific
playlist on Spotify but this playlist is
more so just wintry songs that make you feel like you wanna cozy up with a cup of hot cocoa. So I have “Winter
Things” by Ariana Grande, NIKI’s new “Acoustic Sessions” album which I really love, Billie Eilish’s new song, Eric Nam’s new album is
great, “Love Die Young.” What else do we have on here? Some old classics like John Mayer. “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room” always makes me feel very cozy. And then a bunch of other great new songs like IU’s new album. And yeah, so highly recommend
you check these out. In terms of the actual spread, I really like this spread
because it’s pretty simple but what jazzes it up is the title. I used my watercolor brush at the top to write out playlist and I made sure to switch out the colors so it mimics the look of the northern lights watercolor-y thing that we had going on for the cover and I did the same for the
play bar at the bottom. So next to this page I have my Amanda Claus video ideas page, and yes, guys, Amanda Claus
is coming back very soon. I hope you are excited as I am. We’re gonna be doing a lot of fun videos, a lot of fun giveaways. Perhaps giving away my new Doodle Planner. I don’t know, we’ll have to see. Stay tuned to find out. But there’s a lot of planning
involved with Amanda Claus so I wanted to have a nice blank page for me to scribble down any
video ideas or giveaway ideas. Which, by the way, if you do wanna see any specific videos, let me know in the comments below, for Amanda Claus, ’cause I’m gonna start
filming those very soon. Okay, and finally, we have our last spread which is the first weekly
spread of December. For this layout, I did a vertical layout with the events at the top, the tasks at the bottom, and a nice little bar at the top that has the days of the week. And then I used the same watercolor paper that I’ve been using for this entire setup and cut out little rounded squares and these are gonna be the
background for the numbers. And what I like is that since I cut out different sections of
the watercolor paper, it all looks like different colors but they still merge together like they match really nicely. And I used my Posco white paint pen on top to write out the numbers and underneath I filled it
in with the little trees that I’ve been doing
for this entire setup. My final touches included
throwing in some more stars on the background of
those rounded rectangles and also a title on the
right side of the box that says events and tasks and I did use the watercolor brush straight on the paper for that. But overall, this entire setup was super quick and easy to do since I had the painting
done from the beginning so it was mostly just cutting out shapes and placing them however I wanted. And at the bottom, I threw in some more
trees for good measure and that’s pretty much it
for this weekly spread. All right, guys, before I
show you the final flipthrough of this month’s bullet journal setup just wanted to talk a little bit more about today’s awesome
sponsor, Squarespace. If you’ve been looking to
create your own website, I highly, highly recommend Squarespace. My personal website is actually built on Squarespace and it’s been so great. Their all-in-one platform
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building your own website can be very overwhelming so if you do ever need
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out Squarespace for yourself and support my channel head to
for a free trial and for 10% off your first purchase of a domain or a website. Here’s the final flipthrough of my December 2019 bullet journal setup. This honestly might be
one of my favorite setups from this entire year. I was a bit hesitant because watercolor, I’m not the best at it but I’m glad I stuck it out because I love the way that it turned out. It just looks so relaxing
and calming and wintry without being too wintry, you know what I’m saying? So I hope you guys love it as well. All right, everyone. Sadly, we have made it
to the end of this video. Let’s do this one last time in 2019. Here are your beautiful
recreations from last month, November 2019’s bullet journal setup. As expected of the Lil Doodles, last month’s recreations were so amazing. I always love seeing what
you guys do with my themes. I always like to think that my
videos are kinda like a base and then you guys just run wild with it and do whatever works for you which is so fun to see. So if you do recreate this
month’s bullet journal setup or any other month, I love to see them and creep
on your posts on Instagram so make sure to tag me on
Instagram, @amandarachlee. You can tag me in the
photo and the caption as well as using our hashtag, #lildoodles, so that I can see them all. I’m already looking forward to seeing this month’s recreations. But anyway, that was it for this video. Thank you again so, so much for watching and for coming along yet another year of
bullet journaling with me. I’m saying this like it’s
the end of the year already but we still have a
bunch more videos to go. Don’t worry, there’s a lot of stuff coming this month as well. I can’t wait to see what 2020 brings us. I hope it’s a good year for all of us, all of you Lil Doodles, and we’re gonna make some great
memories together, I’m sure. So I hope you guys have an awesome day, keep doodling, and I will
talk to you in the next one. Bye, everyone. (gentle hip hop music).

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