Plan with me | February 2019 Bullet Journal Setup | Elegant Swan

Plan with me | February 2019 Bullet Journal Setup | Elegant Swan

Hi everyone! I hope you had a super productive first month
of 2019. If you were struggling a little bit to get
into a new routine, you were not the only one. Let’s use this February as another chance
to try again and believe in ourselves a little bit more. This month, I decided to just draw what I
wanted to draw, rather than trying to figure out a timely event such as chinese new year
or valentines day to be inspired by. I wanted something simple and beautiful, so
I chose an elegant swan. Before I get into the setup, I wanted to thank
you so much for all of the love for the enamel pin collection! I only have a few left of the bunny, bear,
on the moon pin and I’m so excited to get them to their forever homes. So if you want them, check out my shop linked
below! We’re going to start by flipping through last
month’s setup, If you guys missed the 2019 setup, I’ve decided to keep this year very
simple. I want the bullet journal to help me achieve
my goals, versus something that causes me stress. And for the weekly setups, I do them as I
go along. This way I am not confined by any shape or
size, giving me complete freedom as I go. So this is what my weekly looks like through
the month and I love it! I use the keys to determine the status of
the task and I may be updating that system a bit as I go. You’re not going to see a whole lot of trackers
or additional pages because I’ve tried that before and they stay blank or half completed
and there are so many other things I want to dedicate my time and energy to creating,
so once again, make sure when you’re creating your setup, design something that will work
for you, versus what you think a bullet journal should look like. Everyone’s should be a little different,
because we all have different goals and needs. The winds were calm and the sky was the perfect
blue hue with clouds as fluffy as cotton candy. It was a very important time of year as the
new swans took their first flight as adults. All of the beautiful swans drifted upwards
effortlessly and elegantly, disappearing beyond the horizon. All but one little swan. She didn’t think that she could. She had wings of course, but the sky just
felt so far away and there was no way she could ever reach it, she thought… Using the 05 Micron and then a mix between
the 02 and 08 micron pens, to draw the illustration. I realized that if you use the 02 micron to
go back and add shadows, it looks so much better than using the same size for everything. I then used a kneaded eraser to clean up some
of the lines and then went back in with some color! I’m using the tombow 942 and 761 and of
course you gotta have the gold accent with the gelly roll. I absolutely love this gel pen, no spread
is complete without some sort of metallic. Keeping in line with the simple and intentional
design of the layout, I’m using the same print out for the 2019 setup but only the
month of february for the calendar. You can find all of the links to the supplies
I’ve used down in the description, I also list out the clear label paper that I use
to make these stickers blend into my page and you can also get this whole setup as a
blank for any month or for february and get the calendar in my shop. I really do love making these available for
you to use in your own special ways, so tag me on Instagram if you have one! This is the month I wanted to remind myself
and all of us, to believe in ourselves. Believe that we can be the person we want
to become and achieve of the all of the goals we want to achieve. Underneath that are two of my favorite quotes
about belief. The first one is by Henry Ford and he says: Whether you think you can or think you can’t
– you’re right. If you think something is not possible or
out of your reach somehow, you’re probably not going to commit much time or energy to
accomplish that goal. And if you believed that you could, you would
try your very best, with so much determination. Martin Luther King, Jr, says, Faith is taking
the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase. And this is what I want to focus on this month,
to begin a journey with all of my heart and soul, even though I don’t know for a fact
where I would end up. The only thing that I do know, is that if
I don’t try, I will not progress. So starting right now, let us believe in ourselves. Last month I decided to fill in my calendar
with my milestones as it happened so that I can look back and know the day it happened
in order throughout the month. I loved it, it looks like a visual milestone
page! For the black bars for the days of the week,
I am using black cardstock paper and just cutting about .25 inch strips across. And then I’ll cut them to size and double
stick tape them into the setup. Super simple, especially with my glider which
is the perfect .25 inch size. So the great thing about using black cardstock,
is that the white gelly roll, goes on very vibrant which doesn’t normally happen with
my tombow markers. So if you want your white gel pen to be bold,
try it on black cardstock. On the right of the calendar are my goals
for this month. First and foremost, I want to continue to
take moments to learn and think. I’ve noticed that I’ve been working on
a few things at once and moving onto the next thing without a blink of an eye or a good
refreshing break in between. Which then leads to burnout. So taking a moment to learn new things, read
something fun, or to think will help me go into my next task ready to conquer. The next goal is to start illustrating my
book, for real this time! I have the final draft done, finally, and
I cannot wait to get moving on that! It’s been forever in the making and there
were so many other obligations that needed to be prioritized and if you’ve been following me then you all of the things that have happened But it’s happening this month and I can’t
be more excited! And then my last goal of the month is probably
going to be a very difficult one. I’ve always been a little self conscious
on video and I’m no pro with makeup to express myself the way I would like to, to the world,
so this has been the hurdle that I’ve been struggling with. SO this month, I just want to toss the belief
that I am not good enough or interesting enough for vlogs, out the window and like nike says,
just do it. There is so much that I want to share with
the world and I can’t keep letting those immature notions keep me from achieving that
goal. If anyone else feels the same way, let’s conquer
this together and seriously, just do it. Be proud of yourself when you do and don’t
worry too much about others. A little reminder to myself as well. The little swan sits there alone as the sun
slowly begins to set, turning the sky into a magical mix of colors. Colors so vibrant that she could only wish
to twirl in them. Being surrounded by this magical scene and
her family, is all she longs for now. Loneliness has taken over and she knew that
if she doesn’t at least try to fly now, her family will be miles away and too far
gone. Fear turns to sadness, sadness then turns
to anger. Angry at herself for not even trying in the
first place, for not believing in herself and her abilities, and for being the reason
why she was still here as the world continues to go on. She takes her anger and channels it into determination. Lifts her wings high into the air and begins
to fly relentlessly. Up she goes, slowly towards the magic and
eventually, gaining speed to rejoin her family. Underneath the illustration for my weekly
cover page is a final quote that completes the intent of the setup by Eleanor Roosevelt. She says, The future belongs to those who
believe in the beauty of their dreams. Because when you believe, you will find many
ways to make your dreams come true. When I started this journey a little over
a year ago, I’ve been conflicted and torn between journaling and storytelling. It wasn’t until I decided to combine the
two, no matter what the standards were or what anyone said, simply because I believed
in it. This past month, marks an incredible milestone
when I started a monthly self-care package over on patreon. Happy mail that cheers you on to do great
things and inspires you when you need it. If you’re looking for a goodie bag full of
stuff, this is not it. If you love my stories and want a thoughtful
original story and journal prompt to take you on a journey through self-discovery and
goal setting, this is for you! I am opening up a few more spots for the month
of February, so if you want to join this journey with me, click the link below! I want to thank all of the special Blush patrons
and everyone who have stuck by me through thick and thin, joining me on this adventure
in such a personal way! As a thank you, leave a comment below answering
this question: What is your dream job or dream goal? And I’ll pick a winner to receive a signed
mini print of this month’s cover page in the mail. The winner from the January video will be
announced in my next video, so stay tuned! I hope this video inspired you to believe
in yourself and to take the first step in faith. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll
see you next time. Bye!

100 thoughts on “Plan with me | February 2019 Bullet Journal Setup | Elegant Swan

  1. I want to be an author; although our genres are entirely different (you with a childrens book and me with a novel over 200 pages) I still take inspiration from each step you take towards your goal; you're the flying swan and I can't wait to spread my wings as well!

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