PLAN WITH ME: February Bullet Journal + January Flip-Through

PLAN WITH ME: February Bullet Journal + January Flip-Through

– Hey! What is up everybody? It is time for another
monthly bullet journal video. Are you excited? This is like my favorite
time of the month, because it’s just so nice and relaxing to just like sit down for like an hour and just draw and kind of zone out. And I feel like to a lot
of people who think that bullet journaling takes
up way too much time, because yeah to make your monthly spread does take a little while, but you only do it once every month just to set up your
month and then that’s it. That’s all you have to do. Aside from like filling it out every day. But, it’s just kind of a
meditative experience for me. Anyways, let’s blue skidoo
into this book here. So, I’m just going to do a
quick flip-through of January, show you guys how that
all worked out for me, show it all filled out and finished. I really love the way
that this calendar looked. I think it’s very clean, very sleek, but also kind of fun and
crazy at the same time. Definitely going to use the
same calendar for February. My mood tracker was really fun. I loved the hot cocoa thing. It was really cozy, really cute. Though in retrospect, I
don’t know if I would have used the color red because
it just looks kind of creepy. And my habit tracker
is now my new favorite habit tracker that I have ever made. I don’t know why, it’s just
something is so satisfying about coloring all of these
little boxes, I love it. My expenses page is the
same as it is every month. Very boring, literally
have nothing exciting to say about this page. This is my hey, stop spending money page. See how well that’s working for me. It’s not going super well. This page ended up being
a little bit pointless. It’s a very small area for notes. There wasn’t really
much I could do with it. The coloring book page was
nice, it was kind of relaxing to just sit and color
whenever I felt like it. But not very practical; I’m not sure if I’m gonna keep this
for my February spread. And then these are my
weeks, all filled out. And as you can see, I
definitely do not stay within the guidelines
of these little boxes, because sometimes you just have too much shit to do in one day. And people are always like, “Ah, I couldn’t do a bullet journal, because I wouldn’t wanna
like write outside the lines, or like scribble or mess up.” But you can literally
scribble all over it. It’s fine, it’s not gonna ruin anything. It still functions as a planner. I dunno, I just scribble all over all the borders, everywhere. I just can’t live my life
in these tiny little boxes. Anyways, let’s move on to February! For February, I am making a cover page. I didn’t make one for January,
but I’m making one now. And the theme that you guys really wanted, like really, you guys really wanted this, I was shocked: Valentines Day. Everyone wants Valentines
Day, and flowers and candy. So I’m gonna kinda do that, but not like super in-your-face Valentines Day, because personally, I just think it’s a really dumb holiday, but I’m doin’ it for you, tsk. But I’m mostly just gonna
do lots of flowers and roses and pinks and reds, and I
think it’s gonna be so pretty. For my mood tracker, I’m going back to the standard, circular
mood tracker thing, but I am covering the
entire thing in roses, I’m gonna color it in, and
it’s going to be so pretty. (rhythmic jazz music) And I thought for my little color key, I would draw some little flowers, instead of just a bar, like I normally do, and I love the way this looks. Oh my God, I love it so much! For my habit tracker, like I said, I love the way I did it
last month, so I’m doing basically exactly the
same thing this month, with a little bit different,
of like an aesthetic style that kind of matches my theme. (rhythmic jazz music) My expenses page is the
same as it always is. I’m gonna add a little
flower behind my title, but other than that, it’s gonna look the same as it always is. If you guys have any creative ideas for what I should do next month for my expenses page,
that would be awesome, because I literally never know how to, I just, I just don’t know. Such a boring page. I should just get rid of it. Who needs to keep track of their budget, like pfff, it’s fine,
it’s fine, it’s fine. And then, I didn’t really know what to do with the page next to it. But I do realize that every month, I need just a scribble
page, like a brain dump, a something to just
write random things down that don’t really have a place. So, I’m just gonna make
this page my notes page. (rhythmic jazz music) Next, I’m going to draw my calendar page. I’ve decided to put this later in my spread this month, for some reason. Honestly, no idea why I did that. Just wanted to switch it up. Though I am doing the
same style of calendar as the one that I made last month. I just really love the
way that that looked. And I’m just coloring in the days that are in the months
before and after February. I’m adding some funky washi tape, and that’s pretty much it. On to my weekly spreads. I’m making these pretty much the same way that I made them last month. I like this very boxy,
very structured style. It worked really well for me last month; I was able to fit
everything that I needed to in these boxes, except for like maybe one or two days that were just insane. But I really like the way this looks, it’s really pleasing to look at, and in the upper right corner, I am also adding the weather for the week. I’ve seen a lot of people doing this in their bullet journals, and
I thought it was a great idea, just to kind of look ahead, and be like, “Oh no, it’s rain on Thursday, I better cancel my plans or do
something else or whatever.” The rest of my weeks are pretty much following the same structure. I’m just kinda changing the colors, adding a few pictures of
flowers, changing the font. But honestly, this is one of my favorite bullet journal spreads
that I have ever made. I just love how it’s very
simple, I love the colors, I love the pictures, I
love all the flowers. I don’t know, I’m just really satisfied with the way this month looks. (rhythmic jazz music) But that’s it for February! I hope you guys liked what I
did with this month’s spread. Let me know what you think
March’s theme should be. But I’m excited to hear
what you guys think of, and I’m excited to see what
your bullet journal spreads look like this month. I would love to see photos of them in the comments or wherever. If you’re inspired by one
of these bullet journals, and you made your own version of it, I would love to see it. It would be super cool,
maybe we’ll even feature it. But thank you for watching this video, and I will see you next month. Bye, guys. (rhythmic jazz music)

100 thoughts on “PLAN WITH ME: February Bullet Journal + January Flip-Through

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    Can you try a minimalistic yet aesthetically pleasing theme? Maybe with a minimal space theme?

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  9. I think you should do a yellow and light blue theme. Definetly a light and airy look. Maybe with some plants and a yellow sun for your habit tracker. Maybe for your expenses you could do them in a shape. Like a swing set, with each swing being a different category.

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