Plan with me | July 2018 Bullet Journal Setup | Vintage Storybook

Plan with me | July 2018 Bullet Journal Setup | Vintage Storybook

Hi everyone, it has been such a whirlwind
of a month with so many emotions but overall it’s been a good one, and I hope that you
had a great one too! To celebrate my birthday month I am doing
another giveaway and this one is special. So stay tuned throughout the video for how
to enter and a run through of what you can win! I am so excited for this year! Before we jump into the new setup, here is
a flip through of June. I’ve been basically using this setup with
a few minor changes for the past few months and I’m going to add a new spread to it that
will help me with procrastination and being more productive! It is a variation of the one I introduced
in my last video, so if you haven’t seen those ideas, definitely check that out at the link
below! I still have a few blank areas to fill out
for the rest of the month but overall, it’s very basic and simple to use which is exactly
what I love. This month, we’re going to follow the journey
of the bunny though his thoughts. It is a journey of self acceptance and it’s
a very personal one since I’ve been struggling with this for a long time and still feel this
way sometimes. But I’m hoping that once I get this story
out here, it’ll help me to start a new and better chapter. I sketched in the layout to save us some time
but if your interested in seeing my planning process check out the recommended videos below
for a behind the scenes plan with me in which I go through my entire process. As the bunny and bear continue on their journey
to share magic to the world around them, hoping to, one day, create a world full of kindness
and love, the bunny has its own struggles that he will have to overcome, in order to
live the life of his dreams. They end up on a golden land that seems to
burn with beauty during the sunset, full of magnificent creatures with abilities that
then can only imagine. Beyond the few scattered trees and seemingly
floating in the royal landscape, the bunny spots an elephant and is in pure awe. Using my 02 and 05 micron, I’m inking in this
cover page and then adding in some color with my kuretake Olive green and ochre brush pens. And then of course going back in with my metallic
gold gelly to add a bit of shine to the layout. Finishing off with the title of the month
within the wreath. With his new found courage the bunny climbs
on the elephant and says to her, “You have so much power over the world, everyone is
so small next to you, how do I get that same power too? I wish I had the same massive presence as
you do. But instead, I’m so little and so small that
I am overlooked all the time.” The elephant smiles at the bunny and says
in reply, “I too feel small and invisible sometimes, and the one thing I’ve learned
is that it’s more important to create a positive presence than a powerful one.” With that, the bunny and bear continue to
explore, the bear letting his friend ponder in peace, within in his own thoughts. Instead of doing a painting this time, I am
continuing with another illustration. Again using my 02 micron for the thinner lines
and then my 05 to add a few thicker lines to the drawing. Added in some color and metallics, completing
the piece. If you are interested in the entire spread,
check out my shop link down in the description and I’ll also have all of the supplies I’ll
be using in this video linked as well! On the next page is the theme of this month. This month is dedicated to self-love. Underneath that is a wonderful quote by Buddha,
he says “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love
and affection” Moving on to my three month calendar spread
with this month larger up top and then the next two underneath smaller. Adorned with tall grasses on the left. I use this page so much throughout the month
just to plan ahead and it’s been perfect. The bunny is so deep in thought thinking about
how he wishes that he was better, more capable, and just more, but he couldn’t really explain
it, even to himself except that he was disappointed by who he was and all that he had. He then spots two beautiful ostriches with
gorgeous feathers and a pose as elegant as a dancer. He goes up to them and says, “you are so
beautiful and so elegant, with a look of an abundance of confidence, while I have stubby
arms and barely have legs.” The two ostriches bent down gently to meet
the bunny’s gaze and says in reply, “we actually don’t pay attention to the way we
look, instead, we focus on loving each other and treating each other with kindness. That’s what makes life wonderful.” This Leaves the bunny pondering yet again. This page will be left blank for video ideas
or anything else that I need, filling it in as the month goes on. Next up is my monthly spread with a decorative
grass motif up top and then for the boxes I’m making sure that they are 1 inch squared
since they been working perfectly. On the right of the month, I have my monthly
goals. This month is all mainly dedicated to self
improvement especially self love. My first goal is to start a patreon account
to have the means to continue creating content for you, I have so many new ideas and projects
for that, so follow me on Instagram or stay tuned for my next few videos for updates on
all of that! The second goal is to be kind to myself. I have really high expectations and when I
don’t meet them, I think things that I would never say to anyone else and should never
ever said out loud. So I really want to change that for the better. And then my last goal is to be very diligent
with my morning routine and create a process that fuels productivity and positivity. Moving on, I used to put my two very simple
trackers here for drawing and for fitness, but since I want to be more organized, I’m
switching it out with my morning routine tracker, which I talk more about in last video. Basically I’ll organize my morning by the
hour and then underneath that I’ll add a little calendar. For everyday that I follow this routine, I’ll
place a coloured dot on top of the day that I achieve the routine, almost resembling the
way I filled in my trackers for last month. I’ll have two different morning routines for
the week and I’ll color code them and use the different colors to fill in the calendar. Follow me on Instagram to see how
I finish up this up because I still have to figure out a good and realistic routine and
then I’ll post the final spread there. No matter what anyone tells the bunny, he
continues to feel inadequate and just so sad. He’s confused why he is the way he is and
he’s angry at the universe for the life he was apparently given. Lost in his thoughts, the bunny comes across
a Cheetah, so quick and agile, all with a touch of ease. He goes up to the Cheetah and says, “Your
so fast, agile and just beautiful. I wish I was faster and maybe even the fastest,
agile and beautiful too.” The Cheetah looks at the bunny with so much
empathy and love and says, “You’re right, I am fast, but I also can get tired. There are moments that I too don’t feel fast
enough and lose out on a race. Instead of focusing on those moments, I like
to enjoy the peacefulness of the land and soft hum of the wind. I find pleasure in the stillness. And to be honest being the fastest does not
make me happy. It’s the moments when I’m able to be present,
that does.” The bunny is so confused and doesn’t understand
how such a perfect creature just disregards all of its gifts that he only wishes he had
and again is left confused. This is my page of milestones, I’ll have to
figure out how I want to organize it a bit later, but for all of the little things that
I accomplish, I’ll write it here to look back on years to come. Finally, as the bunny continues to ponder,
out come another bunny, happy as can be. She is radiating with confidence and is seemingly
towering over the bunny. The bunny looks up and asks, “why are you
so happy and confident? You’re small, have stubby arms and no legs,
and you’re not the fastest or the best of anything. How can you be so happy when you clearly have
and are nothing?” The other bunny says gently in reply, “I
am everything that I need to be. I can see the beautiful golden land, I can
smell all of the flowers that will ever bloom here, I can hop across rocks, I have arms
enough to reach the sky if I wanted, most importantly, I have love for who I am and
all that I am. As much as you are longing for the things
that you are not, I ask you in reply, why not long for all of the things that you are.” And with that last question, the bunny finally
knew that in order for him to be internally happy, to stand up tall and start living the
life he could have only wished for, he needed to love who he was and all that he had. This is my weekly cover page and then underneath
this is final quote by M. Scott Peck. He says, “Until you value yourself, you
won’t value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do
anything with it.” I have never loved any one of my stories as
much as I love this one today and I also love the overall spread. This is so personal and I was a bit reserved
about sharing it, but it turned out just wonderful that I actually teared up a bit while I wrote
it. I’m not sure if there is a book like this
out already, it is something that I’m struggling with and it just felt so right to turn it
into a story like this. So definitely let me know if it was already
created or if there is something similar. I hope that this story gives you the extra
push to love yourself and most importantly to be kind to yourself, no matter your flaws
or your mistakes. Now for the giveaway, in honor of this amazing
life changing month of June, I am giving away a version of the traveler’s journal that I
made featuring my watercolor artwork as the lining, with two dot grid notebooks included
and pack of 6 micron pens all packed with love! To enter you must be subscribed to my channel
or be following me on instagram and then once you click the link below or the one on my
instagram profile, you’ll be directed to the contest page where I’ll need your name
and a valid email address to can contact you if you are chosen. You don’t need to put in your birth date,
but I will need consent from an adult if you are the winner under the age of 18. This then takes you to more actions you can
do to earn more chances to win, each one will be marked off once you complete it and you’ll
be able to see your entries on the top left of the box. There will be daily tasks that you can do
to earn even more chances to win everyday! Contest is open internationally and until
July 31st. And that’s it! Thank you so much for watching and helping
me reach my milestones so far! July 28th will mark my one year anniversary
of starting this journey, so it would be wonderful to reach 100k subscribers by then and I would
be forever grateful! Wishing you all good luck and wonderful days
ahead, I’ll see you next time, bye!

100 thoughts on “Plan with me | July 2018 Bullet Journal Setup | Vintage Storybook

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