PLAN WITH ME | July 2018 Bullet Journal Setup

PLAN WITH ME | July 2018 Bullet Journal Setup

(chill music) – Hi everyone, it’s Amanda. Welcome back to my channel. It is time for yet another
“Plan With Me” video. July is here, we’re gonna be setting up our bullet journals for the month, doing a little organization, it’s gonna be a fun time. Before we get into it, this week, I’d like to thank Storyblocks for sponsoring this video and supporting my channel as always and just supporting creativity in general. If you’re ever in need of a high quality photo, vector, or illustration, Storyblocks should
definitely be your go to. I’m gonna be talking a little bit more about Storyblocks and how I
incorporate some of the images into my bullet journal a
bit later in the video, but without further ado, let’s get right into showcasing your recreations, you can see them all above me. As usual, I love seeing your recreations, scrolling through Instagram
and my tagged photos is one of the best parts of my day. So be sure to send me a recreation, whether it’s this month’s spread or an old month’s spread, I can’t wait to see what
you guys come up with, you can send them to me
by tagging me on Instagram in the photo and the
caption @amandarachdoodles. All right, I think we’re
done for the intro, so I’m gonna hand you
guys off to the voiceover. This month’s theme as highly requested by you guys is sunflowers. I thought it’d be perfect for summer time, sunflowers always make me so happy, I don’t know what it is about them. Maybe just the fact that they’re always facing towards the sun, or the bright yellow
color, I love it so much. So I decided to draw this
bundle, bunch of sunflowers, and you know, typically
I do one accent color, but I thought that the
leaves and the stems of the sunflowers are such an important part of what they are since the stems always turn towards the sun, so I thought I would include that as well. You’ll see that I used
a bunch of different yellow markers incorporated
into the design. I’ll be sure to leave the exact shades and markers that I used
in the description box in case you’re curious what
I used to get this look, but I thought that the multiple yellows would make the sunflowers
look way more dynamic and golden and you’ll
see that I also add in a darker ocher color to the center to add a bit of shadow. And then as I mentioned,
I colored in the stems with this faded green color. It took me so long to choose
the right shade of green because I wanted it to
obviously look green, but I didn’t want it to be too bright so that I would take away from the vibrant yellow of the sunflowers. So I settled on this Tombow
Dual Brush Pen, again, the exact codes are gonna
be in the description box. And then to finish it off, I added some shadows to the leaves as well as a thin border
all around the page. Now it’s time to fill the other side of this spread with a collage. This has become one of my favorite things to do during my setups, you guys know I love using
Storyblocks to find my images. With Storyblocks, you can
download all of the high quality stock images your heart desires at just a fraction of the cost. Their member library has
over 4,000 photos, vectors, textures and icons, and they’re
constantly adding new stuff on there so you’re always gonna have something new to download. All of the content is royalty-free, so you can use it in both
personal and commercial projects and you don’t have to
worry about the watermarks or getting a license, which is awesome. You can also save on
millions on the additional marketplace images where
the original artist take home 100% of the sale price. I’m gonna leave the link to Storyblocks in the description box below, so if you want to learn more
and start getting creative, be sure to check that out. Anyways, as you can see, I downloaded a bunch of the images from Storyblocks, printed them out and I’m gonna cut them and kind of play with a layout that I want to do for my collage, this is always difficult, but it’s really fun to shuffle things around and cut things up. It kinda takes me back to my childhood and reminds me of making
collages in school, maybe that’s why I love it. But I think this collage
turned out really well. The colors really match the cover page and I think it adds something a little different to my spread. Something I love doing is
playing with washi tapes and doodles on top of my collages. I think it is just an
added fun, creative thing that you can play with with your collages and it really elevates
the collage in my opinion. Of course, there’s no right or wrong way to collage or doodle in
general, so have fun with it. Turning over the page,
we’re gonna be making our monthly calendar layout for July, and I decided to go back
to the floating box layout. I think the Last time I did
this layout, it was April, and in April, I did it
like actual squares. This time I decided to do rounded squares. I did kind of mess up on the layout, I think it’s because
July started on a Sunday, so there’s that random
lone box in the corner, which is annoying, but
if I were to do it again, I would fix the very last row so that it only had Monday and Tuesday, because July actually ends on a Tuesday, so really I don’t need all of
those boxes in the last row. But c’est la vie, can’t fix it, we’re just gonna leave it empty and
not add numbers to them. So a couple things happening here, I added my YouTube growth tracker, I added the numbers, the title of July, and then now I’m gonna go in
and add a bunch of sunflowers, like a lot of sunflowers, get used to it, this month is going to be
filled with sunflowers, but I thought it’d be pretty cute if these sunflowers were
behind the floating boxes, so you’ll see that I draw the stems kind of in the background. And I’m also playing with
doing some sunflowers from a side angle, making
sure that the stems are curved in different directions, even though I know this isn’t accurate because technically sunflowers all turn towards the same direction,
which is the sun. But I think it just looks better with the sunflowers are all
turning every which way. And I also add in the leaves later on, just to add a bit more to it, and then of course, we’re
gonna color everything in. I honestly really enjoyed
the coloring process. Usually I find it tedious
to color everything in, but I think since I used
multiple shades of yellow, it almost was more artistic
and ended up looking a bit painterly and watercolor-y even though I was using markers. So I really enjoyed it. Highly recommend playing
around with your markers. I already know I’m gonna say this a lot in this video because this has become one of my favorite themes, but I really liked the way
that this spread turned out. Next, we’re making our mood tracker, and for this month’s mood tracker, I decided to do one large sunflower. Every single sunflower petal is going to represent a different day, and then as the days go on I will color it in depending on my mood. And then in the center of the sunflower, don’t worry guys, I didn’t actually draw all of those circles, I just
kinda did like spiral shapes and scribbled all around the center, but the reason why I did that
is because I wanted to write mood tracker with my white uni POSCA paint marker in the center, just to spice things up a little. And I decided that it wasn’t poppy enough so I had to outline the letters and then go over it multiple times. In the end, you can actually read it, which is all that I was going for. I finished it off with a border as well as a stem and the legend, which showcases which colors will be what. Next, we are doing our habit trackers. You guys know, I’ve been loving my individual habit trackers, I feel like 2018 is the year of the individual habit trackers for me, that’s been my biggest switch up, but they are a pain to set up, but so worth it, I just find that they work so much better for me. I did make them in the
shape of the calendar just I’d be able to visually see what day of the week each number is. And then if course, gotta add those sunflowers in in the background. Again, I played a lot with
depth with this spread, so these sunflowers are, since
they’re in the background, I made the stems go behind the trackers. Depth and size is something
I really played with during this month’s set up. Just because sunflowers
are such a fun flower and the nature of a sunflower field, there’s so many of them, and some are taller than the others, and you look far back and you
can see sunflowers for miles, so that’s really what I was
going for for this spread. I highlighted the
backgrounds of the titles with my yellow marker just so that it would stand out a bit more, and that is it for my habit trackers. Moving on to my expense tracker, exactly the same as the
past couple of months, it’s just this big chart situation where it separates it out by the type of spending and the weeks. I just like this because
it gives me enough space to write down a couple of my expenses, the important ones, and it also separates everything else in a nice, visual chart. For the header, I did
these large sunflowers as I just mentioned,
playing around with size was something that was really fun for me, so I thought doing these in the corners would be really, really cute. Something that I’ve been
meaning to implement into my bullet journal for a while now is a monthly goals page, so you’ll see I (mumbles) the title here. I did kind of mess up, but I
did a little white-out hack, and then I added some of
this cute washi tape on top. I’m gonna link the washi tape that I used in the description box below as well because I think it worked
perfectly for this theme. But yeah, even though I
do have my yearly goals for 2018 at the beginning
of my bullet journal, I thought it would be helpful
for me to break things down by month just because yearly goals are really big picture thinking and I like to take things
one step at a time, it helps me to not stress out too much. I think the monthly goals
are a nice attainable way to slowly make your way
up to those yearly goals, maybe throw in one yearly goal per month, something like that, come
up with a cool system. I’m also half-making this spread kind of like a summer
bucket list spread as well, so it’s not just like self-help and self-actualization goals, it is stupid things like things I wanna do this summer as well. I added a couple lines in the center in case I wanted to possibly separate my goals out by category or what not. If not, there’s just some
random lines on the center. We’ll see how it goes. Anyways, my next spread is
my video planner spread, it’s just a brain dump, brainstorming, empty journaling page. Obviously not all of
you guys are gonna need a video planner spread per se, but you can change this up
into anything you might need. I doodled a couple of sunflower
bunches in the corners of the page and then the
border around the outside, I decided to do in the green color, so it looks like it is the
stem of the sunflowers. Pretty cute, right? The rest of the spread is left empty for me to spew out all of my ideas. Oh, and I did add a
couple random extra pieces of washi tape on the other corners, just for fun and also because I became immediately obsessed
with these washi tapes. And finally, we have made it to the very first weekly
spread of the month. I decided to go back
to my vertical layout, you’ll see I’m drawing
a bunch of sunflowers, and this time I colored
in the whole center and I’m gonna be using my
white marker to do the numbers. This month is a bit more chill and relaxed for me, thankfully, so I don’t need an exessive
amount of planning space like I did last month where I did the Dutch doors and all of that. So I stuck with a classic layout like this where it was quick and
easy for me to set up, there’s a decent amount of planning space, but nothing too fancy or complicated. The more I think about it, this truly is a very typical me spread. There’s some calligraphy going on, of course, gotta add a drop shadow, and then some doodles as well
as a quote at the bottom, and the quote that I
decided to choose was, “Keep your face to the sunshine “and you cannot see the shadow. “It’s what the sunflowers do.” And this was by Helen Keller, and of course, I just thought
it was perfect for this month. Anyways, here’s the final flip through of my happy summery sunflower-themed July bullet journal setup, I hope you guys like it. You guys have been requesting
and suggesting this theme for quite a while now, so I really hope I did it justice. All right, everyone, so
that was it for July’s “Plan With Me” and “Bullet Journal Setup,” I really hope you guys
liked this month’s theme. I really liked it and made
me feel so summery and happy. Don’t forget to tag me in
any of your recreations, it’s just @amandarachdoodles, and while you’re there, why
don’t you click that Follow? We do weekly live streams
of my weekly setups, there’s a bunch of doodles
and sketches and photos, so more artsy content
for you guys to consume. Huge thanks, again, to this
week’s sponsor, Storyblocks. If you want to check them out, the link is gonna be in
the description box below. But I think we pretty
much covered everything, so keep doodling, and I will talk to you in my next video, bye everyone. (chill music)

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