Plan with me | June 2018 Bullet Journal Setup | Magic Under the Sea

Plan with me | June 2018 Bullet Journal Setup | Magic Under the Sea

Hi everyone, I hope that you were able to
accomplish a few milestones and have new adventures this past may, just as I have. This month of june, is my birthday month with
my birthday on the 17th, and I know that there are a few of you who also have birthdays this
month, so happy early birthday to you too! And because of this, I want to make this setup
incredibly magical, so since one of my favorite places to be is the ocean, I’m going to take
you on a little journey under the sea, to an ocean of animals! We’re going to hop right into june, because
I didn’t use my journal too much last month because of the craft show prep. But I did
sketch in the layout to save us some time,so if you’re interested in seeing how I create
layouts in general, check out my how I start and plan video for the whole process. I’ll have all of my supplies and other very
important links below as well, so please check that out when you can. There is a story about a mystical world, where
our curiosity and imagination roam free. The story states that when a whale surfaces
the water it opens a gateway, allowing land creatures to meet those under the beautiful
glass-like divide. It is a story about acceptance, diversity,
and harmony. I’m using this pale coral tombow to color
in the seaweed and then adding pale blue accent color. And then I go back in with my 02 and 05 micron
to ink in the lines, using the larger micron to add in more variety to the drawing. Okay, so I actually had no idea what I wanted
to do with whale and I was going to leave it simply outlined. But since I really wanted to add more color,
I ended up adding in this Zig blue gray just in a few places, and didn’t like it very much,
so I tried to fix it by adding in the pale blue but it did not look good. So them, I filled it all in with the dull
blue and that was scary because it was huge blob of color. I ended up making it work with my white gelly
roll, adding in the highlights that I needed to make it look more like a whale. And then I went back in to the rest of the
drawing with my gold gelly to add in some magical bubbles and other details, and it
doesn’t look too bad! I just read this quote by Bob Ross who said
that we don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents and this is definitely a
happy accident moment. So if you find yourself doing someone similar,
try to make the best of it and turn it into something wonderful or funny and get a laugh
out of it. Unknowingly, as the bunny and the bear enjoy
a day on the water to kick off their summer adventures, the gateway is opened as a massive
whale and it’s baby make their appearance. The mystical imaginary underwater world is
full of so much difference, harmony, and simple wonder. And although it is on this same planet, it
is a world of it’s own. The two newly united friends are scared of
the unknown and very hesitant of entering the new world, but their curiosity and new
found courage from their past journey gives them that extra push to explore. For this illustration, I’m using the same
color brush pens on watercolor paper this time, to add a wash to the painting. I definitely want to keep this simple because
to balance out the cover page. After I added in areas of color with my brush
pens I then went in with my watercolor brush pen and washed out the colors to create this
pretty cool effect. Once the colors are dry, I went back in with
my micron and gold gelly roll to add in the details and tie it in to the rest of the spread. Before I started this illustration, I wanted
use my ipad pro and procreate to create this magical scene. I had this vision of the illustration that
I really wanted to accomplish but there is quite a learning curve, so this is basically
as far as I got until I decided to go back to my brush pens and microns. I do have to thank Skillshare for helping
me get this far with the illustration and for sponsoring this video. I’ll talk more about how they helped in a
little bit so stay turned if you’re interested in learning more about that! I’ll have my entire
set up available to download at the link below, If you are interested. I do want to say thank you in advance for
supporting my work, I’m so happy that I can share it with you and I love reading all your
reviews and comments! I seriously would not be able to do this without
you. The printed illustration will go here and
then on the right is the theme for this month. This is the month dedicated to finding magic. I’ve started to plan out my vacations and
through research I love to hear ‘magical’ when a place or experience is described. I’ve used it many times in my setups and it’s
a word that should be shared through and through because that’s what we’re looking for in life. Something we can only feel, that can’t quite
be explained, something that is extraordinary and special. This is the time of year where we plan our
adventures to find magic and explore the extraordinary of the world and I hope we all find it. Underneath the theme of the month, is a quote
about magic in life by W.B. Yeats, on this clear matte label paper I have,
this way it blends in with the paper and doesn’t stick out too much. He says, the world is full of magical things,
patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper. A beautiful school of fish is spotted sharing
it’s space with a another school of dashing fish, jelly fish and a stingray as the bunny
and bear continue to explore. They feel this sense of peace in this world,
where appearances do not matter and kindness is shared as a way of life. Without strings, without obligation, and unconditionally. This is my three month calendar spread, where
I have my main month up top, larger and then the next two months underneath. And then on the right I’m going to leave it
blank for video ideas and others things I’ll need to note. I really love having blank pages in my spread
because it allows me to be flexible with the content. Sometimes I can plan in a tracker or a dedicated
page but can’t predict if I’ll have time to use it. So don’t worry too much about filling your
journal with so many trackers or having to fill in every single page. Life is always unexpected and it’s so much
fun to plan for it as the month goes on. A family of sea turtles enjoy time with each
other, so enchanted by their happiness that they don’t even notice the visitors at all. Embodying the true power of positivity. After adding some color to the family, I went
back in and inked in the entire monthly spread. Making sure each box is about 1 inch squared. And then on to the right, I have my monthly
goals. This month I’m dedicating my goals to self
improvement. My first goal is to finish a rough draft of
my book, you’ll start to see updates on that pretty soon, thank you so much for your patience. And then my next two goals are overcoming
procrastination and practicing self love. I’ve noticed that, when I’m stressed out I
tend to avoid the task until I’m practically forced to work on it. So I want to find ways to improve that. And also, it doesn’t help when I’m constantly
comparing my work to others. This is recurring, and I’ve been good for
some time but paired with procrastination, I feel like a mess sometimes. So if you’re going through the same thing,
you’re definitely not alone! Next are my trackers. I have a 30 boxes for the 30 days in June. On top of each one are these beautiful seashells
and starfish, with seaweed on alternating sides. I’ll be tracking my fitness and will also
try to dedicate at least 5 minutes a day to sketch. So I’ll fill in the corresponding boxes if
I accomplish the goals. And then on my right is my page of milestones
as the bunny and bear are fascinated by seahorses. The beauty of the creature and it’s friendly
presence peeks the duo’s interest. They can’t help but stare. There are just so many different creatures
living in peace under the water, passing each other everyday or swimming along the same
path, all in Harmony. The bunny and bear are in awe by the simplicity
and serenity of life in this imaginary world. There is truly magic here and if they didn’t
have that courage or curiosity to explore, they would not have found it. How do we bring this sense of harmony and
all of this magic to our world the bunny asked, the bear answers, I guess it can start with
us, by example. They have resurfaced to enter their own realities
again, with the magic of the world slowly disappearing. They want to simply enjoy the lingering feelings
of serenity as they continue along their adventures. And as the sun paints wonderful colors in
the sky, covering the world in a glow, the bunny and bear promise to share the new found
light with the rest of the world. Underneath this final scene that also is my
weekly to do list title page, is a quote that sums up the narrative by Matt Musser, he says,
If you want today to be magical, you must become the magic. One of the resources that helped me so much
with this magical spread is Skillshare. I’ve talked about them before as they also
helped me prepare for my biggest milestone last month, my craft show. And this month, I just bought my iPad pro
and procreate and It was so easy to start learning using Skillshare. They are an online learning community for
creators with over 19,000 classes, and they have seriously inspired me so much throughout
my journey. So if you’re interested in learning how to
draw digitally, the best course is called digital illustration: learn to use procreate,
and it goes through the app step by step, so it’s really easy to follow. Skillshare is offering the first 299 people
who sign up using my link in the description, 2 months for free. Otherwise it is $10 a month for a premium
membership. So definitely check that out because you’ll
love it! Overall I love the way this entire spread
turned out with the subtle colors and accents of gold, and just the overall movement of
the setup. I hope that you found inspiration for your
own journals or simply enjoyed the meaning of the story for your journey. Let’s all find magic in this world and share
it as much as we can. I will finish the digital painting soon, so
follow me on Instagram to see the progress and to connect with me! I will be updating my Instagram handle from
mylinhxo to blushandmay, this way it’s a little easier to navigate from my shop to my Instagram,
but don’t worry because the content is going to stay the same. My YouTube is also going to also stay the
same because it’s actually my name and since my videos are little more personal, I love
it the way it is. Thank you so much for watching, I’m wishing
you a wonderful month and I’ll see you next time, bye!

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