PLAN WITH ME | June 2018 Bullet Journal

PLAN WITH ME | June 2018 Bullet Journal

Hi guys welcome back for our June plan
with me we are doing a beautiful lavender inspired cover page a monthly
calendar page as well as a garden herbs doodle that’s just perfect for your
bullet journal so let’s get started Hey guys my name is Shayda Campbell
thanks for stopping by just a reminder that all the channel bonus content is
now available on my patreon page and that of course includes all the bullet
journal printables so head over there after the video and grab your printables
everything’s available for only $2.00 a month okay so I’m gonna start with the
June cover page here you can see I’m right at the end of my journal so I’m
just clipping the pages in place to keep them out of my way and lavender theme is
per a request and that’s just something I want to mention if you guys have
something you want to see in the next video or the next bullet journaling
tutorial be sure to mention it so I’ve just drawn a little square in the middle
of the page here it’s centered in the horizontal access but not in the
vertical and I am just going to fill in this rectangle actually not a square
that I’ve drawn with a bit of warm grey marker it’s like what color should I do
ooh how about grey I just love grey and I think if you have colors that you’re
really drawn to don’t be afraid to sort of you know go there again and again
it’s nice for you to have somewhere you’re comfortable and also to develop a
style so you can see here I’ve got this rectangle that I’m just filling in with
a wash of color and all I want is it for it to look like this very flat color
block and it’s about seven squares in on each side and then it’s sort of a little
lower than it is higher and yeah so I’m just trying to keep it even and I just
want this nice simple block of color that I can do an illustration against I
want to make sure that’s dry and then I’m ready to go over it in pen but
another option is to make this color block or color wash using a bit of paper
and you can rip it by using a ruler better to do it on a hard surface I’m
doing it on top of my journal which isn’t perfect but that’s fine it’s not
supposed to be perfectly square and you can see I’m just gonna paste it in I
just used a glue stick and it’s nice and flat and then I’m gonna do the
illustration on top of that color wash so whichever way you want to do it
marker or paper we’re gonna put our illustration on top of this nice block
of color I’ve got a title across the top and then I’m going to start sketching
out some lavender sprigs with pencil but I’m gonna go over
them in pen so that you can really see what I’m doing and we can talk about how
to illustrate lavender now you can use any artists pen the pen that I am using
today is the graphic line marker from Derwent in the O 3 nib 0.03 and it’s
just a new pen that I received and I’m a sucker for a new pen I’m always like oh
my god this is the best pen ever so I’m really into this pen right now and to do
the lavender they’re really simple to illustrate you just start with a line
and don’t try to make it straight the more wibbly-wobbly curved or weird it is
the better and you’re just doing these little hearts one heart at the top of
the line and then pairs of hearts on each side of the line going down so you
can see I’m drawing the line heart at the top and then two little hearts all the
way down so one heart on one side and then its pair on the other and
you can get very wonky and playful with this they can be really close together
you can spread out those little heart-shaped petals you could make them
more just regular little ovals for petals you can really play around you
have a lot of freedom with lavender if you do a straight line like this and
then some kind of petal it’s going to look like lavender it’s all about
keeping it vertical and especially if you did a little lavender purple wash in
behind there or colored them in a teensy bit with pencil crayon or
something okay and then the last thing I’m doing here is adding these little
hearts sort of all over the place and that’s to make it look like maybe a
breeze came along and blew the lavender or maybe it’s nighttime and there’s all
these little insects buzzing around it’s summery it adds some movement it
just helps the piece come to life and I’m gonna finish our cover page by
adding the title right at the top of that color wash whether it’s paper or
marker you’re gonna put the title June sort of just overlapping a little bit
and it makes the piece quite interactive you have this nice block of color that’s
just there to add a bit of interest to add sort of a border to the flower
illustration and by dropping that J down on to the color it just makes it it it
sort of live-ins up your piece it adds interest and you can see I’ve done a
cursive font or cursive lettering style and then I’m thickening each downstroke
to create that focal if you look that I love so much and that is with the title
page or the monthly cover page looks like when it’s all done I’m super happy
with that and then as usual I want to do a calendar on the right because I’m at
the end of my book I’m just tucking a sketchbook underneath to help me have a
more flat working surface or drawing surface and then I’m drawing a grid here
to make a calendar and I’ve done the grid the squares of the calendar are
three long by two wide so they’re a little longer than they are wide and I’m
just you know pulling the pen towards my body to help me keep my lines straight
but they don’t have to be perfect but by pulling that pen or moving it towards
you that’ll help you keep it steady now you can see here I’ve made a few
mistakes of this wonky line in the middle it’s like what am I doing with my
life and then at the bottom I really messed
up so I just did a double line and filled it in and you know there’s always
I just wanted to show you that because there’s always a way to fix your
mistakes even when you’re working in pen A) probably no one’s even gonna notice it
doesn’t matter or B) like I did with the bottom line you know it’s just so
fixable by doubling up that line and coloring it in looks like you meant to
put that there and you can cover up the fact that maybe the bottom of the
calendar wasn’t so straight you can see I’ve put the numbers in the upper right
hand corner and I’ve got this really simple calendar and then what I want to
do here is just draw like this drape these draping sprigs of lavender
underneath the calendar and it’s just another way to represent the flower I
wanted to show at least two different ways to draw lavender so I’m gonna get a
little closer up here and you can see you can sketch the lines out in pencil
so that you sort of know where you want your lavender to go and then on the end
of each line you’re doing those little pairs of leaves or petals actually and
I’m not doing heart shapes this time I’m doing ovals so it’s just one more way
that you can draw and I think it looks equally nice and equally sort of
represents lavender it looks like lavender equally as much as doing the
heart-shaped petals and maybe this one’s just a little more sophisticated so
there’s what my monthly cover page and calendar page looks like it’s a nice
simple minimal spread with lots of negative space and I am going to enjoy
that this June and I can’t believe it’s June right okay so next thing I want to
do is a little herbal doodle that I thought would be fun because lavenders
and herbs so our theme is herbs so you can
see I’ve got my sketch book underneath there again and I’ve got my pencil and
I’m just drawing a grid trying to make sure it’s centered but I’m not fussing
about it too much I’m drawing a three by three grid of nine squares that I’ll
eventually erase but I just want it there to make sure that when I draw my
herbs they’re all equally spaced and centered so let’s draw some herbs
together the first one we’re going to do is rosemary you start with just a few
lines you might want to do those in pencil and then you make one leaf at the
top a very thin skinny leaf and then pairs of leaves all the way down the
stem very keep them very close together very tight and rosemary is really fun
and simple to draw so again just one leaf at the top pairs of thin skinny
leaves all the way down that stem and then what I’m gonna do for my
illustration here is just label all of them centered directly below so
eventually I’m gonna have this nice simple grid of nine different herbs okay
next one is sage another simple one you’re gonna do these big floppy leaves
and nice to start in pencil and then you can see here I’ve got these big oval
leaves a little bit of a point at the end not too pointy and then that simple
line thin stem and that one is sage and we’ll label that and the next one I want
to draw is lavender we’re getting pretty familiar with it by now you can again
start in pencil so that you know you’ve got those lines in the right spot but
you’re just gonna start with two or three or four lines and then again we
draw those pairs of petals all the way down and you can do the heart-shaped
pairs or just the pairs of petals that are like little ovals and that’s what
I’m doing here label it lavender and we’ve got our first three super simple
the next one is mint I do like to start this one in pencil because I’m sort of
drawing a top down mint because it grows like this flower where all the petals
sort of emerge from one another so start with three tiny tiny
pedals and then three more that get a little bit bigger and they all have a
lot of veining on them this is sort of like a spearmint or peppermint they’re
also sort of shaggy leaves with a with teeth around the edges and then you’re
gonna do another three or four coming out from those second three so you can
see how this kind of comes together it’s very much like a flower that’s opening
up or its petals are opening so that’s my spearmint or peppermint and I’m just
gonna label it mint okay for the next one we’re going to do oregano so this
one is just these round leaves on curved stems so just draw a curved line and
then these really round leaves and the curved line could be sort of bouncing
all over the place oregano has a lot of movement it’s this
sort of curly crazy plant I have one on my windowsill so a very cute little
plant and I’m just coloring some of the leaves in to give it a little more
visual interest so just adding lines and a little bit of shading can really bring
these little illustrations or little doodles to life now for our basil I’m
just drawing this stem in the middle and then pairs of leaves getting larger and
you can see starting with two got my stem another two they get larger and
then these ones at the forefront are bigger still and they have a little bit
of veining on them too so I’ll do some nice lines and that is my basil plant
there are a lot of different ways you could draw a basil and you could also
add in little more leaves there at the top if you feel like you’re lacking
something okay so let’s label the basil and then
moving on we’re already down to our seventh herb I’m gonna do dill here and
for the dill I’m doing again a curved line with all these little lines coming
off of it and then at the end of each one of those lines you’re doing a little
burst of lines coming out like five fingers and then at the end of those
little finger lines you’re doing these little dots and circles and this is more
like a dill flower or a dill that’s gone to seed it’s just sort of a fun pretty
way to represent it and again something I’m thinking about when I’m doing these
illustrations is if is really detailed like the oregano or
the rosemary those ones I’m sort of interspersing with ones that are larger
and simpler like the mint and the sage and in that way I create a cohesive
piece so here I’m doing some chives really simple these are basically just
lines and then the chives flower is that big shaggy purple thing so I’m doing one
chive flower on one of the chives other than that pretty much just lines and
I’ll label that chives and then for the very last one I’m gonna do some time so
you can see the rosemary the oregano the time they go in a diagonal row they’re
not sort of placed all in sequence horizontally or vertically so by moving
them around on the grid again just creates a nice cohesive well-designed
piece and for the time I’m starting with this sort of burst of four lines that
all begins in at one point and then just these tiny little pairs of leaves not
quite as long as the rosemary leaves a little shorter but still quite close
together and yeah that’s the time I’ll label that and that completes my little
herbs of the garden doodle all I have to do now is erase that grid that I
initially laid down so that no one knows that it was ever there and it’ll just be
super centered and I’m gonna put a little title garden herbs in capital
print really simple print and then just do a little flag around it to give it a
nice whimsical gardeny picnicky feel and I’m just doing that in pencil and
then I’ll go over it in my pen which you can see me doing there and that’s all
there is to it you guys will be able to print this out on my patreon but of
course I think we’ve walked through every herb so I hope you feel like you
can achieve these doodles in your own bullet journal thank you guys so much
for watching be sure to check the video description for the giveaway winner for
my 125k giveaway and definitely head over to my patreon to get your bullet
journal printables see you next week don’t forget to subscribe

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