PLAN WITH ME | JUNE Bullet Journal Monthly Setup

PLAN WITH ME | JUNE Bullet Journal Monthly Setup

100 thoughts on “PLAN WITH ME | JUNE Bullet Journal Monthly Setup

  1. Mylifeinabullet TYSM😍 Recently am really into bullet journal because of your videos and I am intending to do one but I don't know where to start as I'm a student I don't know what I can write about in my bullet journal. Can you give me some advice please🙏

  2. I'm late this month but I just have to say that I want to live in your pages!😍 and I like what you said about not comparing – it is the thief of joy!

  3. i watched all your videos today and i'm looking forward to the next ones! you're so talented, have a great day : ')

  4. What song exactly did you use for the opening??? I love and wanna hear the whole song but can't find it. Also your BuJo is surreal 😍

  5. You are the best.You have change my life when ever I saw your video I was so exided to star my bullet journel and thanks to you my lile has change.

  6. Just came across your channel. I have to say I am very impressed. I love everything that you have going on here. I may have to try some of these out. It's all so creative and uniquely tailored to your needs. Truly blown away though!

  7. This is the most beautiful bullet journaling I have ever seen😀subscribed! I Wish I could draw like this…unfortunatly I have no talent..great video😀

  8. I did this it took me 10 days!!!1. lazy 2.i really want to have this 3.ten days later-finally done 4.I am sooo excited to write in it ….
    Thank you!!!

  9. I just got a bullet journal today and your video has helped me a lot with monthly planning. It was a little overwhelming at first but you have lots of good layouts in your journal. Thank you!

  10. I so want to do this🤗
    🤔who am I kidding I can barely make stick figures.
    Missing creative bone🤷🏿‍♂️

  11. OMG! I am a really new subscriber! How on earth can you only have 28K for such amazing content! Shit! The internet is missing out on her omg! 💙

  12. that was an amazing journal…love how you can write straight even if there is no line…is there a technique??? hope u can teach us?

  13. Your spreads are sooooo clean and pretty. They make me feel light, happy, and inspired! Thank you for sharing!

  14. I have a question! You did a weekly log but do you keep doing it for the next weeks of the month?

  15. I have the same kind of planner where did u get the blank paper? Did It come with it… mine did not

  16. Hi I'm a new subscriber and I was just wondering if you were German because I think you have a little accent😇🇩🇪♡ btw love this video xxx (I am German)

  17. youve really inspired me to start a bullet journal😊 What brands of bullet journals do you recommend for beginners?

  18. I love this theme! Also all the bright colors put me in such a good mood! I also LLLLOOOOOOVVEEEEEE all your calligraphy! Keep it up! Love u!!

  19. Always that I see a video like this I wonder what's the name of the paper you use, I mean there are squared paper and blank paper and stuff, but this have dots!!! What's its name? Someone knows? My first language is spanish and don't know what's its name even in spanish

  20. I really love these pages, I'm getting inspiration because I'm starting one. This is amazing, the spreads are so pretty! Please could you do a doodle a day page, or something like that?

  21. You are literally an artist!! I fell in love with this setup. And i will rewatch this video in december when summer starts here in Argentina

  22. I've been subscribed to you for a few months now; n I wanna say your journal spreads are amazing! I love our beach theme!

  23. awesome set up. love love love your headers there's nothing wrong with your calligraphy and your illustrations are sooo cute

  24. im having problems doing a design in my journal with my name debbie can you show me any designs on you tube please and thanks??

  25. Those calligraphies r so on point and I just ❤️ ur style of journaling! It is so simply and so pretty!!! I’m just loving ur style

  26. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are so awesome at bullet journaling and your drawings are absolutley amazing! Keep up the good work!

  27. "I should track my income so the spread doesn't get too depressing"… umm, if I track my income, the spread will be increasingly depressing.

  28. Wow! So awesome to watch. I tried bullet journalling with big spreads for a year and loved it but I couldn't keep it going. I don't feel bad bc it inspired the development of so much art from skills I never knew I had; and it's led me onto other development and journeys I am really enjoying; BUT when I listen to you and watch your vids I totally want to revert back. Agh. Just so inspiring! I WISH you used Travellers Company TNs bc that would be the bomb. I get the rings but I don't like them for myself although I realize I can use your examples with any style of journal. I just am so enamoured by your style and all the art/skill/fun behind it. I am a total subbie, and I mean a deep dive subbie. Keep it up. btw, this vid is from 2017 and still so relevant/cool and inspired. c

  29. You're such a WONDERFUL artist girl … LOVE your journal. Time for me to try to draw I'm not an artist by any means, so this should be hilarious. Thanks for the great tutorial !!! ♥️

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