PLAN WITH ME | March 2018 Bullet Journal Setup + GIVEAWAY

PLAN WITH ME | March 2018 Bullet Journal Setup + GIVEAWAY

hey guys welcome back to my channel and
welcome back to another bullet journal plan with me video as per your request
I’m doing a very quick flip through of February all filled in before we move on
to March s setup I was a few days behind my daily affirmations and a few days
behind my habit tracker but mostly I have stayed pretty consistent and my
weekly spread was the same just the same thing repeated so we’ll just skip over
that so before we get into this app I’m really excited to announce that there is
a giveaway in this video I am partnering with Jord who make all natural wood
watches like this one that I have on my wrist I absolutely love it it even came
in this adorable little wood box that actually smelled of cedar wood it
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down in the description a coupon code to get $25 off your first order and that
lasts until the 1st of April or when the giveaway ends so good luck to you if you
enter and let’s get on to these set up for March so last month I asked you guys
what kind of theme you’d like to see and Laurie I hope that’s how you pronounce
your name requested that I do a tea time theme I thought I would do an English
spin on it and make the theme this month afternoon tea
so I immediately thought of Han Kim when I thought of tea for what I should do
for my cover page and this is one of my favorite pieces by her I thought I would
copy it and put it as my cover page I just took the cinnamon sticks out so I
will link her instagram below she does the coolest pieces of all and quite a
lot of them featured tea and like tea bags and like galaxies and unusual
perspectives so I love this one of a woman taking like a spa bath and a
teacup and I was really liking how this looked but I wanted to do it accurately
and have the black so I braved the tombow black pen but it stays in key for
quite a bit before it dries so that is some left-handed like that’s some risky
business and I was doing so well until suddenly this smudge appeared and I had
some on the back of my hand no idea how that happened
left-handed problems I guess and on to my monthly spread I decided to do this
bubbly like more thick and bold font this month I’m really liking moving away
from calligraphy I got a bit bored for like half the air I was doing different
styles of calligraphy and copying like calligraphy fonts but I just felt a bit
stale so I wanted to move away from that and on to something like minimalist and
a little bit more like plain and I’m really enjoying it so far so now I’m
doing some teacups I’ve drawn some like flowery tea and some chamomile tea which
I saw on Pinterest and I’m doing the same kind of like important and goal
sections because I really liked my calendar last month it worked well for
me a month just isn’t busy enough to fit in a massive calendar and I liked my
little sections but I’ve decided to switch out my blog for my Instagram
because I really want to start taking my Instagram more seriously and posting
more often and Instagram is a great way to show off photography and I am a
budding little photographer so I really want to practice my photography and try
out new things with themes and stuff and really get into Instagram so I’m drawing
some little doodles I saw on Pinterest of a little dessert with sauce on the
top and a cup of tea and a scone do not fight me on that I will actually die on
this hill but as I say it and finally I’m doing a strawberry dessert and
adding a bit more accent color and now for the affirmation spread I decided to
keep this from last month because I really enjoyed the affirmations last
month we did self love and this month I’m doing a something positive every day
and right here my camera cut out in the middle of my bright ideas spread so I’m
just showing a clip of last month it’s exactly the same but instead of these
colors I used purple and mint and I actually sell my full expense tracker
with my camera turned off the battery died and I just didn’t know is so you
know what shit happens but I did it exactly the same as last month no
changes a section for my shopping and my wish list and just standard expenses and
moving on to my habit tracker pretty much the same this month but
I’m just drawing a cake instead of a cup of tea I really like it when I find
something that works I tend to stick to it but if you do have any ideas for
spreads or things I could change it up just in case you guys get a bit bored do
let me know in the comments but I do like to track the same things and keep
it pretty minimalistic so that I do consistently stick to my habit checker I
also really enjoyed the cha and how cool it looked with the mood being in black
and the sleep tracker being in color so my camera actually cut out here again
this time the SD card was full but I pretty much set up my weekly spread
exactly the same as last month where I did a little sections for each day of
the week and then in between I did doodles so I did the exact same Cup as
before I also drew this adorable little jar of cookies with a jug of milk and
I’m drawing another cup of tea here I’m kind of doing the theme of having to
like one odd and even so two of the cups and one of the dessert and now I’m doing
two of the dessert and one of the tea cups so now I’m doing a I think this
might be a piece of top or maybe a piece of pie I think it’s a talk with some
whipped cream on top this is just something I saw on Pinterest and then
the syrup drawn on top and I love the little blobs like the blobs of sauce
that they do in restaurants those are so nice looking and I’m doing a cup of
berry flavored tea so I have little berries with leaves bursting out of the
top and now I’m drawing a little plate of sandwiches but I thought it was
looking a little bit plain compared to the others so I looked up olives because
I forgot one olive look like to draw some little olives next to the sandwich
here is the final flip through with my artwork from Hanna Kim I absolutely love
this I think it looks gorgeous and it’s really nice and minimalistic
and here is my monthly calendar I’m really liking this like established
theme I have going of like black and white with a pop of color and like
drawings really spread out so everything has a lot of like space between it and I
think that makes it look nice and minimalistic and simple and I absolutely
love this theme it’s making me crave an afternoon tea sadly there is nowhere
near me that does a dairy-free afternoon tea so I might just have to make my own
maybe if you’d like to see a dairy free afternoon tea video
and also let me know what steam you’d like to see for April because as you can
see if you leave a comment I will actually make that theme and make it
happen I will also leave a poll in the cards above to vote on what color is my
accent color for the month I really enjoy letting you guys have like a soy
over wok she goes into a bullet channel I think it’s a really cool sort of
interactive concept so I really hope you guys enjoyed my March stuff if you did
enjoy it don’t forget to give this video a like and pull and my playlist for my
other bullet journal videos will be up there in the cards and do not forget to
enter the giveaway down below in the description and subscribe if you haven’t
already and don’t forget to hit the notification bell so you don’t miss a
single time that I upload I hope you have a lovely day and I will see you
guys soon bye guys and

38 thoughts on “PLAN WITH ME | March 2018 Bullet Journal Setup + GIVEAWAY

  1. I didn’t realize you were left handed until you said something. It’s kind of a relief cause so am I, and I thought it would be hard for people to watch my videos since my hand would be in the way most of the time. But I’m glad I’m not the only one, and this looks very nice.

  2. You should do an egg theme not like a boring egg, more like a easter egg, the front page can be a bunny and have some eggs on it. Think it would be pretty cool!!

  3. I just recieved an email! I won the giveaway! I’m so happy!!! Can’t wait for my watch to be here. I choose the Fieldciest series 🙂

  4. Maybe you should try to do an individual Habit Tracker, just to do something new. By the way I love your vids ❤️

  5. where i come from we always say the weather is unpredictable in april so why not draw different types of clouds and weathers?

  6. I love your theme and how you do your bullet journal, I was so inspired by the way you combined your mood tracker and sleep tracker. I especially love how your nails match the theme of your bullet journal! subscribed 🙂

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