PLAN WITH ME | May 2017 Bullet Journal Setup

(upbeat music) – [Amanda] Hey guys, it’s Amanda. Welcome back to my channel,
and it’s the end of a month. You guys know what that means. It’s time for another
bullet journal Plan With Me. So today I’m gonna be
setting up my bullet journal for the month of May,
and before I get started, I just wanted to say
that if you’re a beginner bullet journalist or if you’re confused how the system works, I
definitely highly recommend you check out my very first
bullet journal set up video. I explain everything
there, so I will leave the link to it up in the corner there as well as in the description box. But getting right into it, as you can see, I’m drawing my May cover page right now. And I actually got my
theme idea from you guys. A bunch of you guys in
the comments suggested for me to do an ocean or a blue theme so that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m drawing a bunch of these abstract wave designs all the way around and I really love the way that it turned out. So, if you have any
theme suggestions at all, feel free to leave them
in the comments below and I might just do it for the next month. While you guys watch me
finish up my cover page, I just wanted to showcase some
of your spread recreations from my last Plan With Me video. A ton of you guys sent
me pictures on Instagram and on Snapchat and it
seriously makes me so, so happy, especially when you guys
say that I inspired you to start bullet journaling,
like it’s just crazy to me. So, I just wanted to say thank you and I think I’m gonna continue showcasing your recreations in these
Plan With Me videos, so if you want to be
featured in the next one, feel free to send me a picture over on my bullet journal Instagram account. I also do repost some of
your spreads there as well, so follow me, it’s just
@amandarachdoodles. Again, thank you guys so much. I cannot explain how much it means to me and how much it makes
me smile whenever I see a picture of you guys
recreating my designs. But, back to the drawing. The color that I’m using in the video is the Tombow Dual Brush Pen
and it’s in the color 533. It’s like this really soft
cauliflower blue color. Shout out to the people who know where cauliflower blue came from. But I also ended up using
the Zebra Mildliner, and this is in the darker blue shade. It’s still pastel, but it definitely is a bit darker than the Tombow shade and I just used this to fill in to give it some more accents and give the drawing some more movement, and I really do love the way that this color page turned out. I feel like it really does set the stage for the ocean theme that we
have going on this month. All right, so we’re just
about finished with this cover page, and side note,
it does bother me that the May is not centered in the
page, but that’s what I get for not planning it with
pencil ahead of time. I know some of you guys
are gonna mention it so that’s why I’m bringing it up. Don’t worry, it’s bothering me too guys. But onto the monthly log for May. If you guys remember, in last month, I switched over to a
double page monthly layout just because I wanted more
space for my personal events. And I found that this
worked really well for me, so I’ve just decided to do it again. So on the personal side, I double spaced the vertical numbers and
had two columns going on. And then on the YouTube side, I went with the more traditional calendar layout so that I can visually
see my video schedule and plan out everything accordingly. And, oh on the bottom, for decoration of course, I added more of these waves. I don’t know, there was a blank space so I just decided to fill it in. By the way, if you’re
curious as to what pens and materials I’m using,
I will leave a whole list in the description box below as well as link everything for your convenience. I get questions all the time about what I use and always check
the description box guys, because more often than
not, I usually leave everything linked down below for you guys. (bright music) For my YouTube monthly
spread on the other page, I decided to go with a bit of a different calendar aesthetic. Instead of including all of
the vertical calendar lines, I decided to go with
only using the horizontal and it gives it kind of more
of a clean, minimal aesthetic. Oh yeah, I was too lazy to get a ruler so I just decided to
use my pen as a ruler. I am the queen of laziness, guys. But yeah nothing too crazy around here. I like to keep my monthly
spreads pretty functional just because this is
kind of like my go to hub when I’m planning out my month. (bright music) Of course you guys know every month I do my YouTube monthly
growth tracker in the corner. Nothing has changed for
this, it pretty much looks exactly the same as it did in the beginning, but it works for me. Another thing that I
added in the other corner on the other side which you guys will see soon is my monthly goals section. I used to call this a
future log, but I found that I just want to have some main goals, so I just changed up the name of it. But now onto my monthly habit trackers. I used my Tombow Dual Brush
Pen to do some calligraphy for the titles and I mentioned
in my last Plan With You video that I’ve been getting
more into calligraphy and I’ve been practicing a lot. And I did get a ton of
comments from you guys asking how you can learn calligraphy or how you can improve your handwriting, so I partnered up with Skillshare to show you guys how I learned calligraphy. If you don’t know,
Skillshare is an awesome online learning community
with over 15,000 classes. They have classes in design, photography, calligraphy of course,
and they even have classes in business leadership
and computer programming. So no matter what you’re interested in, there’s definitely a class
on Skillshare for you. Anyone can take a class, try a project or even teach a class. You can also download these
classes and watch these videos and learn from your phone
which is super cool. Premium membership begins
around 10 dollars a month for unlimited access to
everything on Skillshare, but I have a link to
a two month free trial in the description box,
so if you are interested in learning calligraphy definitely utilize that two month free trial
because you have nothing to lose. I personally found it so helpful because you basically have someone
taking you step by step and showing you all of the techniques and I’ve definitely seen an improvement in my handwriting because of it. But, back to the bullet journal. I’m finishing up with these trackers. I pretty much haven’t changed
the layout of these trackers since I’ve started bullet journaling just because they’re easy
to use, they’re efficient and especially for something
that you have to fill in everyday, I don’t want it to
be too complicated because I want to keep up with it
and stay consistent with it. Oh yeah, of course I’m
setting up my expense tracker. Next month I might have
to do a double page spread for expenses because
every single month I seem to run out of space which
is probably a bad sign, but I’m gonna see how this month goes. Hopefully I can control my purchases, but if not next month I’m
gonna have to figure out something to give me more space. Flipping over to the next page I’m doing my video idea and brain dump page. And I ended up spelling
video wrong and messing up so I covered it up with
some washi tape that I got from Muji and writing over top of it with the same brush pen from Tombow. And I actually liked the
way that it turned out, especially because the
washi tape kind of matched the color scheme that I had
going on for this month. So, it kind of worked out in the end. I also did the same
thing for the other side just because I needed to
make it look cohesive, but I also after writing
on it with the black pen, I used my white gel pen to
kind of add a drop shadow so that the letters popped
out from the tape a bit more. (bright music) And lastly, moving on to my
weekly slash daily spreads for the first couple weeks of May. For the first week I went with
something a bit more simple. Again I really didn’t change anything up in terms of the layout, like
it’s the same kind of look with the side bar on the left side and then the main daily
spreads on the center just because I found a system
that really works for me and I’m very efficient in it,
so once you find something that works for you, you
should really stick with it. Who knows, down the line I
might switch back to certain layouts, but as of right
now, I do really enjoy this. I put my events that I
have to do in the side bar and then I put the tasks that I have to do in the daily spreads
for that specific day. I hope this makes sense. In terms of decorative elements, of course I added a little Post-It sticky note thing and a motivational quote just to add to the whole aesthetic and
fill in all of the blanks. But, yeah I enjoy the way
that this one turned out. It kind of has a very relaxing vibe to it. As I’ve mentioned before
in previous videos, I don’t usually set up my weekly spreads this far in advance,
but you guys love seeing different spread inspirations and layouts, so that’s why I’m doing two
weeks for you guys here. And for the second week
I decided to showcase my new and improved calligraphy skills, thanks to Skillshare, with these titles. And I’m using my Tombow
Fudenosuke Brush Pen for this. And then for the numbers
I decided to do like underwater bubbles to go
along with the ocean theme that we have going and I
just did some scribbles, put the numbers and then I
did some bubbles around it. I don’t know, I kind of
just winged, winged, wung, winged it, wow this voice over is a mess. I’m sorry guys, but you kind
of just see what’s going on. I suck at voice overs I’m so sorry. For this one, since there was no side bar I did my weekly events
in the bottom corner and then to fill in the blank space I went back in with the washi tape. So here is final flip through of my May bullet journal set up. If you guys want to
check out any of my other bullet journal set up videos, I will leave the whole playlist linked down below. I hope you guys enjoyed. If you did, give it a
thumbs up and subscribe for more and I will talk
to you in my next video. Bye guys. (upbeat music)

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