PLAN WITH ME | May 2018 Bullet Journal

PLAN WITH ME | May 2018 Bullet Journal

It’s time for our May 28th this month
we’ll focus on blue florals going through a bunch of different floral
doodles creating a graphic may cover page a matching weekly layout and even a
beautiful May flowers goal tracking page so let’s get started! Hi guys welcome back my name is Shayda
Campbell on this channel I do bullet journaling hand lettering and
illustration so if that’s your thing consider subscribing and of course today
we’re doing our may bujo with a goal tracker a new weekly layout and this
month if you’re interested in printing my designs for the May cover page the
goal page and of course our monthly layout you can head over to my patreon
site because all of the channel bonus content is available for just two bucks
a month so if you’re interested in those printables they’re there for you okay
let’s get started so to begin my botannical designs for
the month of May the first thing I want to do is write the word May in big block
letters on the left hand page here in my bullet journal so I’ve marked my center
of the page and then I’m just writing out May in big capital letters in a
simple print and this is how I always do block letters I’ll just write out the
word make sure that my waistline is the same which means the middle of the
letter like the cross on the a and then I’ll go around each letter and draw a
sort of a border around all of them and so doing the print first I feel really
helps me to make sure that my block letters are fairly even so just write
the word out and then we’re gonna go around it and draw that border and
that’s how I create my nice big punchy block lettering as you sketch out your
block letters you may want to check that waistline again so the middle of all the
letters should also line up not just the top and the bottom but the middle
portions as well and you don’t need your letters to be perfect but you do want
them to be fairly straight and all about the same size and it’s up to you
how much you measure if you’re using a grid paper or like a dot grid you might
have some help there and you’re able to say okay each letter is you know five
squares but I’ve done a pretty rough sketch and I’m not taking it too
seriously I can already tell that my M is a little off and yeah it’s probably
a little off since I don’t measure I think that’s that’s probably
why so it looked a little uneven so I’m just gonna try to fix that up and then
I’ll um I’ll fix that later I’m with a little leaf or something so
what I’m doing here is just going over my word in pen
I’ve left some areas blank like the A here because I want the leaves to sort
of come over top of the letters so that they’re you know it’s all sort of this
cohesive piece and the letters aren’t just sort of sitting flat on top and
then now that the letters are outlined what I want to do is just draw all these
leaves and flowers and vines sort of coming out from behind the letters so
all of the floral designs are gonna sort of move outwards so the ones at the
bottom of the word are going towards the bottom of the page the ones at the top
of the letters are going towards the top of the page so think of the letters you
know as having a center line and anything on either the top or the bottom
of that is gonna grow away from the center line because you want this very
lively piece that looks like it’s growing and I’m just drawing all kinds
of flowers and little leaves and giving them lots of detail you can see I’m
using a lot of lines shading here and that’s so that the white letters will
really pop we’re gonna have all these detailed flowers and leaves and then
this gorgeous lock lettering that says May so you can see it coming together
lots of different designs I’m repeating some patterns so if I’ve got you know
one sort of leaf on one side I’ll repeat that same type of leaf on the other side
to make the piece sort of look a little bit balanced and cohesive this is
definitely one of those cover pages in a bullet journal that takes some real time
to complete but it’s a lot of fun to draw I think because you’re working with
familiar forms or if you love drawing flowers as much as me these are familiar
forms but speaking of flowers let’s take a second and talk about how to draw some
different flowers and vines in case you’re not familiar so I’m just gonna
flip to a new page in my bullet journal and we’ll do some different leaves and
flowers nice and close-up so you can see so the first things I want to do are
just some basic leaves you start with a curved line a straight line and you just
draw these pairs of leaves all down the length of that line that you drew and
I’m sure I don’t have to tell you but just by changing the shape and the size
of those pairs of leaves you can get so many different variations and create all
kinds of beautiful and interesting botanical doodles for your bullet
journal you can choose to color the leaves in you can put some lines on them
to indicate veining so you can really really get creative and create all kinds
of variations another one that I’ve been doing lately is this variation on the
same idea where you’ve got that one you start with one line with the pairs of
leaves but then it keeps branching out and it keeps branching out and it can
sort of go on forever and it can really be a nice way to fill up space you can
just continue to put more and more twigs branching off literally branching off
and sort of continue the pattern you can keep things really really tight and
close together like I’m doing here and it kind of almost starts to look like a
pine bough I like doing that one a lot or maybe it sort of looks like a fern so
it’s a little bit different you can do ones that are really really tiny like
just barely little dots along the length of the initial line that you draw and it
looks quite detailed and pretty so now let’s talk about a flower this is one
I’ve been doing lately where you start with a dark circle put a little scallop
around that dark circle then you draw the first two petals then you fill in
those second two petals and then you do a double line and you kind of leave a
little space at the top there where the line doesn’t meet and that’s to indicate
that the petal is kind of curling up and forward and then you just fill in the
main part of each petal there with some simple line shading and you get this
really pretty flower put some leaves on that flower and again just another
really fun design and you can of course do some more line shading on the leaves
or if the flower is really dark it kind of looks pretty to leave the leaves to
leave the leaves a little lighter this is a variation on the same flower where
you start with those four big petals but then you add another four petals sort of
peeking out from behind you can sort of fill in
the stamen there with some dark shadowy shading add some line shading on the
leaves and then everywhere the petals are overlapping you’re gonna add some
lines shading to indicate depth and that’s a fun one to draw now I’ll often
add larger leaves where my flowers are in a in a floral piece so I’ll add all
those tiny little vine leaves maybe in the upper part of the piece and then
down in the foreground where I’m placing these large flowers I’ll also do these
large leaves and I just kind of do this big floppy shape add the veining and I
always do one side of the leaf a little darker than the other and that’s just a
nice way to add some detail and add some depth as well it looks like one side of
the leaf is sort of not hitting the light and then I just you know as with
the leaves for flowers you just can do variations on that similar shape and
this is basically my go-to styles when it comes to drawing flowers and leaves
so I hope that’s helpful if you’re not super comfortable those are basically
all the shapes and forms that I’m using for my May cover page here and I’m just
interweaving them and making sure that all of the flowers and leaves behind the
letters sort of overlap we don’t want them to just sort of sit one by one we
want them to look very you know like a wild garden we don’t want this to look
flat or stiff at all so try to make try to draw them so that they look like
they’re overlapping a little bit and you know try to also think about size some
flowers make them big some flowers make them a little bit smaller same with the
leaves and then by repeating different sizes and repeating different styles of
flowers and leaves I think you’ll end up with a really cohesive piece so just
variation in size variation in form and then repeat those variations on the left
and the right and you get it and then once you’ve drawn a lot of flowers and
leaves and your piece starts to look full and crowded you’re gonna get to a
point where you just want to fill in with dark blue or black whatever you’re
using and you can really see it in the a there
there’s some little white flowers and then behind them I’ve just colored it in
and you don’t want that coloring in that dark space to reach out beyond the
letters it wouldn’t make sense but anywhere that’s really tight and close
to the letters feel free to color that in because it’ll
make the letters pop and it’ll just add to sort of the depth and the darkness of
this wild garden but anywhere that’s on this sort of perimeter of the letters
say like at the bottom of the Y there you just want to make another flower or
a leaf to fill that in because you don’t just want to color black right on the
perimeter or the border of the letter it just wouldn’t make sense but you can use
your your pen to sort of color in in the middle of the piece and it will add a
nice a nice darkness and a nice contrast I just need to fill in a little bit more
sort of on the corner of the Y here but other than that space I’m thinking I’m
almost done with this piece so at this point I’m looking for well I’m looking
I’m checking the balance of the whole piece I want it to look even on all
sides I’m coloring in any negative space that’s left between leaves and flowers
on the inner bits of the piece and I’m just adding some little berries and
twigs sort of popping off of all sides to give the piece a nice bounce and
movement and life and liveliness because it is a garden and then the last thing I
want to do is just I’m going to sort of redo the outline of each letter so I’m
just sort of thickening and going over the border of each of the letters and I
just want to make sure that they really pop and that the outline is nice and
crisp and then I will add a little bit of white gel pen to a few of these
leaves some of them just got maybe colored in a little too dark but that’s
it I’m all done and I’m super happy with the way that my may cover page turned
out so with the cover page done and on the left hand side all I want to do on
the right is just give myself a good calendar and I’m going back to a larger
calendar style for May so I just drew a grid in pencil
really really simple using my dot grid to my advantage and then in pen I can
write the days write the days of the week and then I always just sort of do
these little corners in pen on the calendar I’ll erase my entire pencil
grid and then I’m just gonna underline just in my blue pen each day of the
week and I’ve just got sort of a nice simple month at-a-glance calendar and
then the bottom of the page is totally open for you to do notes important dates
whatever so now that we’ve sort of got comfortable doing flowers and we’ve got
our cover page done I thought let’s take this a little further and continue our
botanical theme for the month so on the next page here I’ve traced a circle
right in the center of the page I’m gonna take my pencil and write goals in
the middle of that circle although you could use this design for any kind of
tracker or whatever but I’m just doing a fun simple bowl list and then I’m going
to continue with my flowers and leaves and I’m going to draw a border of
flowers and leaves all around this circle so the circle just nothing can go
inside of it everything’s on the outside and while it’s natural to place some of
those flowers right on the line you want to place some sitting out from it as
well that’s a nice idea and then just sort of have your leaves and vines going
in every which direction and if you just did the may cover page as well this
is really easy and you’ll be like oh I’m so comfortable with these flowers this
is a great way to practice your flowers and leaves and just follow some of those
rules of design that you sort of laid out for yourself in the cover page where
you’re doing different shapes of leaves different sizes your repeating patterns
or repeating shapes and you’re creating a beautiful cohesive design this one
comes together a lot quicker and actually when I got to about this point
I was like that looks kind of pretty so you could leave part of the circle open
just do it in pen but leave it open and then of course go over the goals in pen
and you have this beautiful blue design and then at the bottom of the page I
just did these very simple hand-drawn lines I marked the middle of
page marked off where I wanted each line to start and stop and then just went
over them in pen and it was as simple as that so at this point we have this beautiful Mayflower’s botanical cover page our
month at a glance calendar we’ve got some goals for the month and
it looks so pretty and it’s inspiring and who wouldn’t do their goals if their
goals look that pretty and then I’m just gonna flip one more page here and I’ve
decided I’m gonna try a slightly different weekly layout for the month of
May so I’ll show you how I’m gonna lay out my weeks this month
I’m each week I’m gonna give myself a tiny little calendar in the upper left
hand corner and I just do that by simply placing each number on the dot grid so
it’s the dot grid on the ground on the bullet journal paper that helps me keep
that straight and then I’m writing the days of the week down the right-hand
side of the page just doing simple hand-drawn border or a simple hand-drawn
underline under each day and then I’ve got Saturday and Sunday sort of as one
section on the left-hand side of the page and instead of an underline they’ll
get their own sort of border and then wait for it more flowers and leaves so
if you’re not totally sick of drawing flowers and leaves you can again kind of
follow that same idea that you did for the circle and you’re just drawing this
border of flowers where they’re sort of emerging from the border and nothing
goes inside and Saturday and Sunday hypothetically should have less of a
to-do list so they get a smaller section on the page but they are the prettiest
so that’s my new weekly layout I hope you guys enjoyed seeing these different
botanical designs thank you very much for watching I am really enjoying
creating these monthly bullet journaling tutorials let me know what you’d like to
see next month for June don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and I will see
you next week with a new tutorial and patrons be sure to go over and grab your
monthly printables and the monthly front page you can print that out and put it
in your own journal and you don’t have to draw all those flowers

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