Plan With Me: MAY Bullet Journal | WITHWENDY

Plan With Me: MAY Bullet Journal | WITHWENDY

Everyone it’s me Wendy May is coming up really soon so today I have a bullet journal plan with me to get us ready for me if you want to see how I typically do my months April was actually a really good example, and I say this because for me I am trying out a couple of new things for those of you that may be new here in my bullet journal videos I tend to stick to very Productivity focused style it’s all about tracking and staying motivated And there’s not a lot of doodles because I just need to Get straight to the work of all my bullet journal videos one of the most popular is how I started bullet journaling So there’s a link in the description if you want to watch that After this and before anyone asks my bullet journal supplies are also in the description Let’s quickly flip through April And then I’ll get right to May. April had my typical daily Goal tracker and productivity line graph and on the right side of the page is where I write a short Summary of every single day I did successfully complete all of my video goals and April so I was really really happy about that there Was even a tutorial I made that didn’t go up on my channel but went up on someone else’s channel if you want to see me make a really easy Swan trinket dish I Created this tutorial for a CBC life since I have a whole home decor series with them And there’s a link in the description if you want to check that out It was very easy, and I was extremely happy with how it turned out So it was a good month. Flipping through you will see that I occasionally set aside whole chunks of space for brainstorming and then each day I use a different color to make it really easy to separate them visually within each of those days it tends to be a combination Of a to-do list a timeline, and if I’m in the mood a journal Those are the three things that swap around now the fun thing in April was that I wanted to up my calligraphy game all this Time scrolling through Instagram has got me inspired so I did start experimenting with some big cursive days of the week I just watched Instagram videos to get a sense of Which way the strokes are supposed to go and even though there were a few rough days I feel like I got the hang of It certainly you get a lot of practice writing the word day because it’s at the end of everything day of the week I’m pretty happy with how this looked I’m gonna keep it going for May, so let’s get into me Okay mine is broken down into a few chunks and the reason for that is because I’m Travelling to keep track of the chunks. I’m putting a calendar in the corner I still have plenty of goals that I want to track so I’m putting these right beside the calendar and these dots are for each day
I aim to do that goal because you can’t You can’t live your life trying to hit every single goal for every single day as an example when I complete that goal I’m going to circle around it. I thought this would look nice I found it on Instagram and depending on which days are on that page. That’s the number of days I’ll highlight in the little calendar in this first chunk I will not have begun traveling yet So I’ll stick to my typical thing of putting a small date writing a cursive date of the week getting that practice and Below that is where I’m gonna put all my daily plans before I go I’m not totally doodle free in this travel theme. I decided to throw in a dotted line and a paper plane Oh, and I guess I haven’t said where I’m traveling to yet. It is Asia I’m very very excited Specifically three countries in Asia. I’m gonna make this page the kind of like overarching page of the trip I really like to be mindful and present whenever I’m traveling cuz it can be a bit hectic going back and forth But it’s nice to really take time to soak it all in so this is a section where I write a few Daily goals last year when I was in China. I tried to learn a new Chinese word every single day I really liked that goal So I’m going to continue it even into countries where I don’t speak the mother language, hoping for the best I am also seeing some relatives that I rarely get to visit so I like making the goal of giving them a hug Might seem a bit strange, but family can always be a bit hectic I don’t get to see them very often and so sometimes I forget to actually show them that I love them next up is my shopping list so I don’t forget to keep looking for the things that I want to buy while I’m traveling many many small things as you can see and then beside that is some filming notes So that I can keep track of what I’ve shot while I’m on my trip flipping it over. The first stop in Asia will be After I finish this calendar It’s Japan Nihon yes that wasn’t very confident So it’s my first time ever we’re going to be staying in Tokyo and Kyoto. I’ll leave the rest of this blank We’re gonna go right to the next stop It’s gonna be China zhongguo ah the motherland dan is gonna get to meet my whole extended family I’m like excited and I feel bad for him, and I feel happy for him all at the same time But I definitely look forward to it and our final country in our Asia trip is going to be South Korea dae han min gook Have some friends that I’m going to visit there. We’re likely gonna stick to Seoul Who knows I will leave a full spread for each because you got to leave room for collecting memories I actually don’t like to break down specific days since I want to keep my bullet journal flexible But each day there are actually things that I want to track so I’m putting them on a sticky To keep them migrating as I go if you haven’t realized by now I think I’m kind of addicted to track you think each day I want to write down the location that I was at what is it a new word My steps count in something tasty that I ate as well I want to write down what I reflected on in my quiet time and a special memory from the day Is this ambitious I guess we’ll find out that’s pretty much how I’m setting up May This was not all when it comes to my bullet journal videos There’s plenty more in the description for you to check out in the travel theme last year I did have a road trip that I showed how I tracked my bullet journal the format was completely different So if you want to see how that was done It’s over there and since I will be traveling in May if my uploading is a little bit light Please forgive me come find me on instagram under @withwendy And if you sew any of my projects while I’m away Please do use #madewithwendy so I can find it on Instagram if by this point you have subscribed Then I’ll see you next time bye Bye, my videos are made possible by my patreon supporters if you want to support me on patreon go to Wendy come on over

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  1. Oh man I was planning to do my May Bullet Journal this weekend and <3 have your lovely voice to listen to as I do it! <3 ahhh!! your content these past few days 👌👌👌 💯

  2. I actually use that tombow fudenosuke brush pens for calligraphy! They are really good! I recommend the soft tip for beginners to calligraphy!

  3. What excellent timing! I'll also be traveling at the end of May and wanted some special way to record it. I like the simplicity of your travel log spreads which I'm sure will look fantastic once filled with all the mementos you collect!

  4. İ was looking for buy the deco of your bullet journal & İ understand this your DİY! You are so inspiring! 😁💕

  5. I'm going to Japan too! It'll be my first time going! It was a gift for graduating from college! 😀

  6. Ahhh that’s so cool you’re going to Asia! My May bullet journal theme is travel!! I would love if you checked it out! 💕

  7. you are such a delight! definitely laughing out loud as you ask if this is ambitious//admit your tracking obsession. 🤣 so excited for your Asian adventure!

  8. hi, wendy! i was wondering, do you ever order fabri online? if so, i was wondering which sites you like the most, because unfortunately where i live there arent really any fabric stores around besides joanns and they dont exactly always have the best selection. thanks!

  9. "Micro" youtuber here. My new channel is called Mommy's Sewing Again. I would appreciate more subscribers 🙂

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