PLAN WITH ME // November Bullet Journal Setup + Q&A

PLAN WITH ME // November Bullet Journal Setup + Q&A

100 thoughts on “PLAN WITH ME // November Bullet Journal Setup + Q&A

  1. Where do you life right now? You move to london, studied in Denmark and Austria.. Do you live in one of the cities you studied in or back home in Romenia? (I'm sorry if I wrote it wrong) ♥ Beautiful layout ♥

  2. I've been so obsessed with bullet journaling lately, and you've been my favorites Te channel. I liked how you just went with the flow, and you accent is so cute BTW.

  3. This is my favorite setup ever! I was super excited to see that you uploaded more videos. You are very inspirational and just the way you write/draw is so satisfying to watch. Your calligraphy is also very cute and unique 💕

  4. Quick question – do you do a weekly spread for every week of the month? When I've seen past flip throughs it's only one or two weeks. Or do you just do it based on if you need it?

  5. Love your video's and your style. Tempted to give bulletjournaling another try…:) I like that you are to the point and clear. Thanks for the inspiration. Look forward to the next video.

  6. I love your channel!! All your spreads are so great. I'm still using the disc system for calendar but leuchtturm for creative journaling. I'm doing NatVember right now on my channel and I have my flip through up already too! Hope you enjoy and I can't wait to see more of your work!

  7. I love the idea of using torn up colored sticky notes as background. Simple and elegant yet still functional. And inspiration on ways to use my white gel pen. Thanks!

  8. superrr nice but i have a question if i want to order a bullet journel it's sooo expensive i live in europe and i can hardly find a bullet journel with ringband you can help me get what i need to do now; 😉

  9. I'd love to watch a video that you show us how you make your handwriting 💛 I love your chanel darling
    I'm watching it from Brazil hahaha

  10. Does anyone else watch these for her speaking voice?? ❤️❤️ Your monthly layouts give me so much inspiration and I look forward to your next videos 👏👏👏

  11. You're the best! love your designs and comments, you are so humble but I think you are one of the best around youtube! Greetings from Chile and thank you for your generosity :D!

  12. Just when I thought I wouldn't find the best layout that would suit my taste, I clicked this video accidentally and yeyyy. Thankeee. 😊

  13. Subscribed instantly. This is without a single doubt my favorite layout and style (and believe me I’ve watched a llllllot of bujo videos haha). Major inspiration, thank you !
    Xxx from a Frenchie (I saw the little French quote at the end 👀)

  14. You're the one who influenced me on doing bullet journal, and it's very fun. I even made a video on my channel. You should check it out, and lemme know what you think about it! ILY!

  15. This is my favourite video not only as yours, but about bullet journaling as well. This is my fifth time watching in and I'm still obsessed (and I can't wait to try it myself)!

  16. Wow… It's looking very beautiful.. I can't stop to myself to watch this beautiful and neatly journal.. And your writing is look like a diamond in the notebook 😍😍😍

  17. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the kind of worn out, vintage look of this layout. Obsessed. I'll definitely do this sometime in my journal!

  18. I COULD'VE SWORN YOU WERE FROM ROMANIA! That makes me really happy, I'm romanian too! I really really love you bujo videos and I can't wait to start one myself! I'm a sophomore in highschool and I want to plan out my year a little bit while having fun being creative! Multă baftă mai departe! Ly❤️

  19. I really love this "theme" ♥ It's nothing big but looks very noble and fine nevertheless 😍♥ I will copy it for sure somewhere in my future bullet journal 👍

  20. Your pages are getting prettier every month. I'm in love with your channel! I'm using a regular planner this year but I can't wait to begin with a bullet journal next year

  21. I love this set up, this is the first video I'm watching of you and the sound of your voice is sooo relaxing, just as much as you "clean" style! 
    I'm in love!! Well, hello, you have a new subscriber ♥️

  22. HEY!! I just joined the Bullet Journaling YouTube Community!! I loveeee your page. Always finding inspiration in your stuff. If you have time I'd love it if you could check out my first and only video. Or check me out on IG @doodlingem I LOVE YOUR CONTENT!!!

  23. This theme is so simple and elegant and beautiful, I loooove the colours & headers & freehand lines & flower doodles

  24. I can't stop watching your bullet journal videos. You are so talented. I can't believe that you are romanian. I am romanian too. ♥️

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