Plan with me | October 2018 | A Magical Bullet Journal Setup!

Plan with me | October 2018 | A Magical Bullet Journal Setup!

Thank you to Wix for kindly sponsoring this
video! If you want the freedom to create a stunning
website of your dreams, you can do all of that and more with Wix. Legend has it that when the leaves begin their
change from Summer’s green to Autumn’s orange, the owl possess the ability to bring courage
to any spirit until all the leaves have fallen. However, the spell is not as easy to cast,
as it will need the presence of three specific creatures, encountered in a specific order. The owl itself represents wisdom and most
ancient beings of magic have even trained them to perform certain spells, passing down
the ability of magic to the owls we see today. Hi everyone, I’m jumping right in today
and I’m doing something that I’m not very good at, creating on my Ipad pro in procreate. I want to be much better at digital drawing,
so this is one way I will be practicing. The design is inspired by tarot cards and
my challenge is to step outside of my comfort zone of my microns and strictly use color
without the need to outline everything in black. I will have this print in my shop and have
the entire spread there as well, if you’re interested, but overall I love it so much
and I can’t believe that I did that! I hope this little tad bit inspires you to try something you’re not good at. Moving on, The first creature is the bat,
representing flight. They are nearly blind in the daylight and
are active at night, but what makes them very important to this spell is their inability
to see. Unlike most creatures, the bat does not rely
on its eyes to fly, but its other heightened senses, painting pictures through the echo
of sound. Because of this, it is regarded by all wizards,
witches, warlocks, and all mystics to be the ultimate flyer. Flying unlike others, but flying nonetheless. This month is dedicated to being brave. Brave to do things differently than others,
being different than others, and succeeding differently than others. Mary Anne Radmacher once said: Courage doesn’t
always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the
end of the day that says, I’ll try again tomorrow. I hope this reminds you that simply trying
again and again, is an act of bravery no matter how small of an act it may seem. Okay, we’re going on a quick tangent for
a little pumpkin tutorial for the next spread. They look complicated but are super simple. Start off with an oval, add on a half oval,
add on another one to the other side, and then another one and then the stem, which
looks like a volcano. And if you want to make a taller pumpkin,
draw taller ovals. To color pumpkins, I personally like to add
the color in the first, leaving white spaces between each oval and then go back in to outline
them. Notice that I leave the horizontal part clear,
that gives it an illusion that it’s round, as if light reflected from it versus it being
flat. Now that you are pros, next up is new layout
of my 3 month calendar page, allowing room underneath for holidays, goals, or anything
I’d like to remember for the next 4 months. I’ve been realizing that I want plan farther
in the future, so that I’ll know what I’ll need to accomplish in the next few months,
and this way it’ll help with that. Underneath the calendars is a little scene
of pumpkins and leaves and a witch’s hat, bringing in the magical side of Halloween
and a mix o f autumn. So I switched up the monthly calendar last
month and I loved it. It’s very compact and straightforward, combining
trackers and the calendar into one spread. Since I want to focus much more on my tasks
and goals, I don’t want to have to fill out so many separate trackers. So doing it all in one place is so much quicker
and still is as satisfying. For every day that I accomplish one of the
task I set in the keys section, I’ll put the same color dot next to the day. I’ll be posting my September’s flipthrough
on Instagram, when the month is over, so make sure you’ve joined that community if you’re
curious. In the box next to that is my goals for the
month. My first goal is to prep for my first ever
Pop-up shop at west elm in Lancaster, PA on October 13th and also prep for the holiday
market on December 1st and 2nd in Philly! More information is in the description as
well so make sure to check below for all things! And then regarding my book, I want to do one
more draft, which will be my 3rd and start searching for editors, which I’m so nervous
and excited about! To continue the spell, the
owl will need to come across two black cats, representing faith. In all of history, black cats are associated
with witches and as bad luck, but not many know that they have the slightest ability
to see the future but not change it. It may seem like a burden, but to them it
is the ultimate challenge of keeping their faith that the future will change, through
the goodness of all. It is this ability that makes them irreplaceable
for this spell of courage. I’ll be using this page for either my video
ideas or any ot her list making needs throughout the month. This way I have a little bit of freedom to
the setup depending on my needs. This month is going to be amazing because
I’m going to join in to the Inktober festivities where you follow the prompt per day and create
one pen and ink drawing I’ve seen this last year but it was a little
too late for me to start, but this year I’m challenging myself to complete the whole list! If anybody wants to join me, I would absolutely
love that! Underneath the official prompt list, which
you can find at the link to in the description as well, is just a little scene of a pumpkin
and a few magical ingredients for a spell. The next page is another blank one for my
milestones or anything else I’d like to use it for, which simple fall leaves and colors
that match the rest of the spread, so it works. Finally, to complete the spell, the owl will
need to come across two sleeping rabbits, representing support. It may seem very odd that rabbits are apart
of this spell as they are rarely associated with witches or wizards, but they also have
magic within their history, with the ability to quickly disappear and escape any situation. But the characteristic that makes them the
most valuable in this spell, unknown to most beings, is their love and support for each other. Once the owl has acquired all three, it will
then cast the spell of courage to only one spirit of its choice. Giving the spirit the bravery of the bat to
fly even though it doesn’t see as others see, the confidence of the cats, that despite
their association, they remain confident, trusting of kindness to change the outcomes
they know, and finally the love and support of the rabbits, reminding the spirit that
it will need to be loving and supporting of others and of itself. This is my weekly cover page, perfect as a
reminder as I start the month of October to be kind to myself as I navigate all of the
new and old struggles to come. I know this story is very different than any
other t hat I’ve done, but I love it. I had the idea to create a spread inspired
by fantasy, Halloween, and to also create something that brought to life the qualities
of being brave. And incorporate all of that into the beautiful
style of tarot cards. I actually had this whole idea to create 4
tarot inspired designs in which I can turn them into postcards, but the owl and partly
the rabbits are as far as I got. I will continue to finish these up because
I love them for the season so stay tuned for that! I did change up a few things after I recorded
the set-up just so all of the images worked better together and looked more cohesive,
so that’s why you see the new print and older color print of the cover page. Before I finish off this video, I want talk
about Wix. They have supported me through this crazy
journey of realizing my dream of having a legit business and website, so I am beyond
grateful that they are backing me which allows me to make so much more content for you. If you’re looking to start a website, blog,
or basic online store, you can do so yourself and make a gorgeous online presence using
Wix, so here’s my website for example. I can’t wait to see how it evolves as I
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up at the Patreon link below. I am working on a little something special
to send to everyone who joins by November 30th to show my deep appreciation for you! So definitely stay tuned for that! And that’s its, thank you so much for watching! As I was working on this, I realized that
I’ve been creating basically a mini book every single month since i started with the
bunny and bear and I have to thank you for being my biggest encouragements. I wish that your dreams will come true and
wonderful days until then. I’ll see you next time, bye!

100 thoughts on “Plan with me | October 2018 | A Magical Bullet Journal Setup!

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    This has motiveting me to just start the thing I want to do, instead keep making excuses to not start. You are helping me so much with that, thank you!

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