PLAN WITH ME | October 2018 Bullet Journal Setup

(upbeat music) – Hey everyone! It’s Amanda. Welcome back to my channel. October is coming around the corner, which I am so excited about because this is actually one of my
favorite times of the year. The cold weather is here. Halloween is coming up. It’s just a great time of the year. As you can see I was so excited that I wore my designated Autumn sweater. I just feel like this
is very Halloweenish. But of course we can’t
start off a new month without setting up our bullet journal. So that’s what we’re gonna be doing today. Before we get into it I’d like to thank
today’s sponsor, Audible. I always get tons of questions asking me what I listen
to while I bullet journal. And recently I’ve been loving
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book while bullet journaling. It’s the best thing ever. But anyways, I think that’s
pretty much it for the intro. So I’m going to hand you guys
off to the voice over now. Okay so for this month’s theme we are doing something that you guys have been asking me to do basically since I started bullet journaling. We are doing, “Magic and Wizardry.” I actually also asked you guys over on my YouTube Community Page what theme you guys wanted to see. I put a poll up and this won
by an overwhelming majority. There was over 60 thousand votes and this one was basically 50% of the votes. So, you know what? I had to do it. And I figured it would be perfect because it does kinda fall under the
broad umbrella of Halloween. Even though it’s a bit more specific than just doing a Halloween theme because we are focusing
on witchcraft and wizardry and all of that fun stuff. Now I know I have a lot of
Potterhead viewers out there. Speaking of which, I totally
should of been listening to the Harry Potter books on Audible while I was bullet journaling. I’m kind of mad I didn’t
think of that until now. But anyways, I definitely
wanted to do this theme justice for you guys. Because it’s just so iconic. But I also wanted to make
sure that those of you who aren’t the biggest Harry Potter fans could also enjoy this theme. So I made sure that the cover page was a bit more generic
and the doodles didn’t have to do specifically with Harry Potter. It’s just more so witchcraft
and wizardry in general. So you’ll see I have some
witch hats, some cauldrons, there’s a candle,
broomsticks, and just a couple little nods to Harry Potter within there. Just because I had to. But otherwise I feel like
anyone could use this theme. For those of you who do want it to be more Harry Potter
focused and go full on HP, cause I know that there
are a bunch of you guys who might want to do that. What I would do is change the font to be the iconic Harry
Potter lightening bolt font. And then maybe throw in a
couple more Harry Potter focused doodles into the mix there. You could also choose your accent color based on which Hogwarts House you’re in. There’s a lot of things that you can do. Just wanted to give you guys
a couple of options out there. Side note, and a little fun fact, I actually only used two pens to create this entire cover page. I used my Tombow Fudenosuke
hard tip brush pen to do the calligraphy. As well as the outline of all the doodles. Typically I would use a fine liner, but I decided to try something new and use the brush pen for the outlines because then I could get variation in the widths of the line and I actually really really
like the way it turned out. I feel like it makes
it look more hand-drawn and you can use it a little
bit thicker and thinner depending on where you
want the darkness to be. And then the other marker that I used was my accent color which was
this gold metallic marker. Which I thought worked perfectly
with this magical theme. And it was great because the gold metallic actually shows up on
top of dark backgrounds. So I was able to use the
gold on top of any things that I colored in completely black. On the other page I decided to do a quote. And of course I had to do a quote that was said by the legend
herself, J.K. Rowling. It says, “We all have magic inside us.” Which I thought was obviously very fitting for this theme. And I thought it was a great
way to start off October. Make yourself feel a little special and just give yourself a little
motivation with this quote. I added a doodle of a wand and then a bunch of sparkles all around it. And of course colored it in
with our gold accent color. (cheerful music) Moving on to my monthly calendar layout. I’m actually doing the same
monthly calendar layout as last month. I just like the amount
of space it gives me and it also give a decent
amount of space for doodles. And I was in a very doodley
mood for this month, as you can probably tell. So I had to make sure I could throw in all those wizarding doodles around it. The font that I’m using
for the days of the week is this kind of quirky Serif font. If you guys don’t know what serifs are, they’re those little ticks on the ends of different styles of lettering. And I thought this went really well with this theme because in my head I always associate Serif font with old timey history books (laughing) and since I’m drawing a lot of parchment rolls and all of that, I thought it would work really great. So throughout this whole video you’ll see me kind of
switching between this font and then my classic calligraphy
cursive hand lettering font that I do with my brush pen. And that was the perk
of using this brush pen for basically everything. Because it was very easy for
me to switch back and forth. I didn’t have to switch out
pens in-between in order to do a different font. Basically in order to get the serif font I would go really light handed so I could get the details of the serifs. And then if I wanted to do my cursive I would press harder on the downstrokes to get those thicker downstrokes. And I could still use it to get thicker outlines on my doodles. Or as you can see, on the days of the months I
used it to do black circles and then I wrote the numbers overtop with white gel pen. So many options and I’m truly loving this. I think I’m gonna use a
brush pen to do outlining and lettering more often because it’s just so so versatile. In order to decorate this spread I did the same sort of
floating magical objects. Except this time it’s coming from the edge of the page all
across to the center. And kind of meeting and joining up with that rolled up parchment. And I’m still filling everything in with the gold accent color. The next spreads are
of course my trackers. And these ones I have to say, “I think are some of my favorites.” Just because I think I did them in a very fun creative way. YOLO. Gotta keep it fun so that you can keep up with your trackers. I know I get that a lot. A lot of you guys say, “That its hard for you to
keep up with your trackers.” I totally get it. Sometimes I skip a couple days. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, but if you switch things up and come up with new little
layouts and doodles and stuff to add, maybe
it’ll make it more fun for you to fill it in. But again, don’t pressure
yourself to do something that is inconveniencing you. Anyways this theme was so
fun to play around with. Because there was just
so many possibilities and directions that you could go into. But I was actually really liking the look of this kind of
old torn up parchment. So I decided to make each of the habits a sheet of parchment, so you’ll see. I outline them, each individual square with that kind of jagged line and it makes it look very old timey. And then for those of you
who don’t know how this works for each day that I do a specific habit I will color in a circle
over top of the number. And I think I’m gonna use
the gold metallic marker. So hopefully by the end of this month this whole page will just
be filled in gold dots. At the bottom I just did
this crystal ball doodle to fill in that blank space. For my mood tracker this ones kind of fun. I decided to do little potion bottles. There’s a bunch of different
vials and glass jars with cork stoppers and they’re all along these shelves and essentially what I want to do is for every single day, depending on my mood, it will fill up the bottle a different amount. So if my mood is really good and I’m really happy one day I will color in the potion bottle all the way to the top so it looks like it’s completely filled. And then if I’m having a
bit more of a rough day then maybe the bottle or the vial will be filled only a quarter of the way. Which I thought was
kinda different and fun. If you want to make this spread I would recommend doing a bit of a pencil sketch underneath. Just so you can sketch
out all of the bottles and make sure you have
enough space for all of it. And make sure each row has the correct number of bottles as well. I made sure to add a
rectangle around each row. Which makes it look
like they’re on a shelf. Maybe at a class? A “Potions Class” at Hogwarts taught by, everyone’s fave, Snape, of course. And then in each bottle I numbered it with my gold marker. So these next couple of spreads really have no function per say. But it was just more for myself for fun. Because I was in a doodley mood and also in a very Harry
Potter mood, of course. So yeah, even though
all of the other spreads I kept very neutral and just general wizardry and witchcraft, these ones were the ones that I just went full on
Potterhead geek on them. (laughing) This page that you see me doing right now is like a, “About Me” as a wizard page. (laughing) I put all of my Pottermore results. So as you can see I am
in fact a Slytherin. Slytherin’s represent! Any other Slytherin’s out there? Let me know in the comments below. But I drew the Slytherin crest, which was really fun to doodle because
it was a bit more intense than some of the other
doodles that I was doing. And then underneath it I
have all of my results. So I wrote out my house,
my Patronus, and my wand. I actually forgot to
put my Ilvermorny House. So I’m gonna add that in later. But in case you’re curious, I am a Horned Serpent,
which is strange because all of my Pottermore results have to do with snakes in some way. I’m a Slytherin, my
Patronus is a python, and then my Ilvermorny House
is a horned serpent. So truly I have that
serpent DNA inside of me. Anyways I hope that kind of gave you a bit of insight into my
personality and who I am. Cause I feel like you can definitely tell a lot about someone based on
all their Pottermore results. Next to it I did a fun quote. Obviously I had to do, “I solemnly swear “that I am up to no good.” And I did it all in
this Harry Potter font. The classic kind of old time gothic font. Which was really fun
to play around with and quite easy to do actually if you use a brush pen like this one. Maybe if you guys are interested I can do separate font
and doodle tutorials? Let me know if that’s something
you would want to see. To complete this page I drew a doodle of Harry’s glasses and his scar. And of course since this is the saying that unlocks The Marauder’s Map I decided to draw in all of the moving
footprints across this page. So it looks like it’s
actually from the map, which I thought really
ties everything together. So that’s it. This was my time to geek out. Now we’re moving on to my weekly spread. I thought this would be the perfect theme to do a Dutch door
spread because with magic you never know what is hiding underneath and there’s all these secrets. So I cut a page in half and
that acts as a little flap. It also gives you more planning space because you can split it up
into two, like I’ve done. On the side bars of the spreads I drew more parchment and on the left I have the title of October, what week it is. I also have a mini monthly overview. And then on the right sidebar you’ll see that I draw a weekly events table. You guys know I like to split
up my tasks and my events. Just so that I can know
where I have to be when on each specific day because if I didn’t split up the events and tasks and they were all jumbled in together, I guarantee you I would
definitely miss an appointment or a meeting of some sort. So I like to have them separated. The weekly events sidebar also is great for a Dutch door spread like this because no matter which
way your Dutch door is you can have a weekly overview of what your week looks like. Again, I decided to do this one with the old parchment situation. And I used the gold
marker as small accents throughout the spread to color
in the stars and what not. And then on the empty space obviously gotta fill it in with all
of our magical doodles. I forgot to mention this at the beginning, but I always get questions about it, so I’m still gonna say it. All of the products that I used in this video will be linked down below. So in case you’re curious,
be sure to check that out. Anyways, here’s the final flip through of my magical October 2018
bullet journal set up. I finally did this theme for you guys. You guys have been bugging
me to do this for so long and I hope I did it justice. I think it’s personally
become one of my favorites. All right everyone, so I hope
you enjoyed planning with me. While I wrap things up here
are some of your recreations from last months bullet journal. As usual I love seeing your recreations. So if you recreate any of my spreads, whether it be this months
or previous months, be sure to send me a
photo over on Instagram. You can do so by tagging me
in the photo and the caption. My Instagram is @AmandaRachDoodles. You can also follow me there for a bunch more bullet journal and doodling and calligraphy inspiration. But yeah, can’t wait to see
your recreations this month. You guys know what to do already. If you’re not subscribed yet be sure to hit the subscribe button down below and also turn on post notifications so you never miss a new video from me. But anyways, keep doodling guys and I will talk to you in my next video. Bye everyone. (upbeat music)

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