PLAN WITH ME | Organisation Bullet Journal JUILLET

PLAN WITH ME | Organisation Bullet Journal JUILLET

Hi and welcome on Margauxstips ! Today I’ll show you my bullet journal spreads for July But first, as always, here are your June bullet journal The theme was really summery ! You seemed to have enjoyed it, I got soooo many pictures send via Instagram You are great ! I am really happy that you liked it ! Your comments about this design were really nice. I am so pleased ! If this is your first time on my channel and you have no idea what a bullet journal is you can click on the “i” on the right hand corner to get my playlist with explanation and all of my other design from the beginning of the year. Yes… We have already gone through half of the year ..! Has always, if you want to be in my next bujo video, please post a picture of your interpretation of July on Instagram and don’t forget to tag me @margauxstips Or else I might not even see your picture because I get to many private message to read them all Let’s start ! And the theme is… …ice creams ! Many o you asked for lavender, waves, sun or cacti… But there are already plenty of those on YouTube so… I tried to find a theme that I had not seen yet It might exist but I haven’t seen it. Ice cream it is ! Which will be nice for July, right ? As always, everything I used in this video will be linked down below This month my spread changes a LOT I am not going to do my July cover on the right but on the left instead Because this month, and I won’t be alone on this one, I’ll be traveling for 10 days out of france (so 1/3 of the month !) I have to make my luggage as light as possible So I won’t be taking my bullet journal with me Some of my usual pages won’t be useful Because I won’t be able to fill them in properly ! I am so happy of how this turned out. It’s my favorite monthly spread so far ! Only 3 double pages but full of luv Loads of (easy) drawings but minimalistic content wise. For this page, I am drawing 4 ice creams It takes lots of space yet it is quick and easy to draw If you want to see how to draw those step by step, don’t worry I got you covered in the next pages ! (4 ice cream designs to come) You’ll find this page on my instagram too (@margauxstips) After a rough drawing I am filling them in with some details such as melting ice cream. This cover is so quick to make especially compared to what I usually do ! When finished it appears complicated but it is soooo simple. The best thing is, you don’t have to be precise with this one ! I am not going to use my usual Fudenosuke pen to write “July” (or “Juillet” in french) I want to show you a way to calligraphy even without the traditional tool. You just have to double any part that are going downwards when writing it. Now, fill those spaces with your pen. You’ll see it does the trick Of course it is way quicker if you have the Fudenosuke but at least you can do it anyways ! And voilà ! You can stop here if you want but I wanted to add something more so I put some melted ice cream on the top of the page. Those are the colors I chose Of course, choose whichever color you want ! (if you like chocolate, be my guest and add a variation of browns!) My only advice is to color in the same shade the “melting” parts of your drawing so that you instantly understand that the top of the page is melting. Also, try to alternate the different colors so that it is not too monotonous and yet coordinates ! I forgot to show you this color It’s a nice cool brown from Zebra that goes perfectly with the beige from the “vanilla”. This is my July cover page ! You might notice that this month I did not add a quote ! I would like that YOU choose it for my in the comment section ! On the right page, I have my personal goals and my professional goals And for the first time this year I have NOT done a monthly calendar ! I found another way in order to gain some space and adapt my bujo to my needs for this summer. To keep the theme going a garland of “fake” ice creams separate my goals from one to another. Again, all those designs are explained in the next double page. No worries ! I messed up my garland, I did NOT realise I was going to the right side ! Fortunately, I have one of those white pen that allows you (or me!) to cover your mistakes. On the other half of my right page I draw a huge scoop of ice cream I am adding details (it’s key !) And this will be my “important days” spot ! Inside, I’ll put a small calendar Then highlight the days I’ll be of in vacation as well as the days I have important meetings. As usual, I add loads of colors. Because why not. With my white pen, I add reflects within the melted ice cream. And this is how my monthly spread turned out. * yellow=holidays * * circled=important days* Some more color… …to make it even. One more popsicle ! Next double page ! This one is my Mood Tracker ! I draw gigantic popsicles, divise them into smaller section – each section equals a day – And to add more depth I make two ice cream cones with tones of scoops on top ! There is one scoop to many but it’s okay, details guys ! Of course I add some more …yes, you’ve seen it coming ! This page is for you, I won’t be able to fill it in properly as I’ll not have my bujo with me for 10 days. I hope you find it inspiring though ! I LOVE this title’s style : it looks like a ribbon has gone over and under each letters. Do you like it ? It’s quick and easy too ! I tried to bind both pages as one. I prefer it this way, it feels like I have one giant page instead of two separated ones. On the left page, I added some more details… …I know, most used word of the video ! But it does give the drawings some life ! NOW. Let’s talk about : “How to draw : Ice creams” This is a step by step guide. You can find many more designs on Pinterest, I like those the best as they are the most realistic. For this one, just remember to always start from the top scoop and then go downwards. Now onto the weekly spread ! If you’ve ever come across one of my previous spreads You’ll see that it’s completely different from what I am used to ! Usually, I make it vertically on both pages this time I wanted something circular ! So my month is in the center. I draw many different ice creams and popsicles to keep on with the theme. I love it. What do you prefer ? Have you ever made your week circular ? I find it highly practical, especially for this month as it starts on a sunday. With this time of spread I can have a “8 day-week” if I want to ! If you are on holidays this month You might find this spread useless My tip ? Use it not to get organized but to write memories down ! This way, at the and of the summer, you will have a lot to read and remember from your holidays. Wouldn’t it be nice ? * yellow=current week * * add the first of July to it * * beige=holidays * It will help me keep in mind everything I have to do before my vacation ! My next weekly spread will have everything from the 24th to the 31st of July in one double page. I will show you my design on Instagram (probably in direct!) I love colors but you could leave the spread black and white too. I feel like this spread says “childhood holidays”. I am so nostalgic ! I add any key things to my days. Just so you know, adding starts, dots and all really ties the design together. Try it and you’ll see ! And voilà ! I am so happy with it I wanted something light, child like and colorful. Tell me which page you prefer I did not set a habit tracker this month because I will not be using it but honestly, I would have done exactly the same spread as my previous months with…ice creams and popsicles everywhere ! I hope you got inspired by my bullet journal set up. If you did, don’t forget to thumbs up 🙂 Subscribe if you liked and I’ll see you next time here or on Instagram @margauxstips ! Have a nice day and don’t forget to… …doodle away ! (and add details) (YES, always.)

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