PLAN WITH ME | POP ART / COMIC BOOK November 2018 Bullet Journal Set Up (w/ It’s Me, Andie!)

PLAN WITH ME  | POP ART / COMIC BOOK November 2018 Bullet Journal Set Up (w/ It’s Me, Andie!)

100 thoughts on “PLAN WITH ME | POP ART / COMIC BOOK November 2018 Bullet Journal Set Up (w/ It’s Me, Andie!)

  1. love the idea! would be fun to mix pop art/comic book style with rain and umbrellas to fit November!! insta: soizic_baldac

  2. I’ve seen your husbands bullet journal video and this one and you are already my new favourite bullet journaling you tuber. I’m absolutely in love with your style and your voice is soooooo relaxing for me. Also the stop at the beginning for your cat is just adorable. My instagram is @luleykingdnphotos and honestly, I’m sooooooo excited for what is to come.

  3. Wow! Very creative spread and well done. I think it is sooo great to try something outside your comfort zone! @joie_debayarea

  4. This is so cool. I love it. So much work put into it and it’s very creative. Definitely going to look through your videos and posts more to look for more inspiration! My insta is @jjournalings

  5. I love how you interpreted the theme and the bold colors you chose are amazing! (I’m following you on instagram thenewmrskioski )

  6. I relate to the river dale thing. I can’t stop watching it. But I think I might this season. Hopefully if I can stop myself lol. But my favorite is Betty

  7. Loved your video and love that you are collaborating with It’s me, Andie! I love her videos as well.
    My Instagram is @annavl123

  8. I really love this video! It's amazing! I was a little sad to not see my version of your kanban project board, but I understand. 🙂 Hey, guess what: I'm in school full time and work part time, plus I'm babysitting a two year old three days a week. 😀 If I were to win, I would like either the brights pack or the galaxy pack. 🙂 @katrina_nicole_smith

  9. You do really good designs!!! I loved this month!!!!!! And I will be so happy if I could win the giveaway!!
    My instagram is: @iriarcruz

  10. It's been so long since I have been on Instagram that I had to post something on your channel so I could remember my username — @Amethyst46! FYI, I enjoyed the layouts you and Andie created, such a fun challenge.

  11. This is such a great idea! I love the bright and bold colours. Its always so exciting to see what you come up with. @pflugbug is my instagram.

  12. Think this looks amazing. Would definitely be something to try when I start my bullet journal. hedgeskaitlin is the gram

  13. This is SO CUTE! The bright colors are so so fun! Cheryl Blossom is definitely my fav too – a true queen. @madelinestiles

  14. this is so great i love that you left the voiceover part with you talking to your cat 💞 my instagram is @yikes.madeline !

  15. Love this theme – it’s so different! Also can’t wait to try out the weekly setup (I knew there was a reason I hadn’t set up this coming week yet!) LOL Thanks for all the tips you share in your videos! @catluvingirl

  16. i love love love how the monthly spread turned out with all the overlapping patterns. personally i’ve never really been a fan of adding pages to my bullet journal but it really gave me some inspo and got me completely excited to start my new journal that just arrived in the mail today!!! really well done so thank you so much for sharing ♥️♥️♥️

  17. I'm always so intrigued when a video of yours gets posted! Love your amazing setups, and I really appreciate your openness about mental illness and tracking your symptoms. I am working on discovering how my bujo can help me work on improving my mental health and my coping with my depression/anxiety. Your videos remind me that others are going through the same things. I love that you don't hide that because it is so encouraging to see! My Instagram: @nthnlwly

  18. The theme looks so awesome cause its something Ive never seen before and it looks really fun I think you have even inspired me to make a monthly spread like this.❤ Also my Instagram username is Brian_Blanco2004

  19. I was so inspired by this video and the other one!! Lol I had to try it for myself!! I posted the picture on my instagram! Loved it! My handle is @andyserratom

  20. I'm starting a bullet journal for the first time in 2019 and I'm so glad I found your videos!
    – my insta is 🍃

  21. I watched Andie,s and watched yours, both are absoluyely Amazing !!
    I hope someday I will do a collaboration with you guys 😊

  22. You have given me some cool ideas and I thank you very much! Awesome video! See you on Instagram and Twitter too! PattyAnnJohnson AKA IBeGoodNow

  23. I love what you did with the paper! I just bought a paper set at Micheals. I get a lot of inspiration from you, dear! @auroranoir

  24. Wow!!! This was so so fun to watch and I want to try that theme myself for November! it’s also very much outside my comfort zone but maybe it can be fun to try!!

  25. I think this is one of your most creative themes, definitely! You're always outdoing yourself, and I feel so proud, like you're a friend. I'm @gottalovebujo on Instagram and please thank you for the video!

  26. Wooops I forgot to say my insta I’m on private but it’s mi_sparkles also can I add I’m lovin it and this is new for me cause I’m used to Amanda but I’ve got some variation to choose from so a bit of both is goooooood stuuuuuuf. Also I luv Andy Warhol I learnt abt him at school ages ago

  27. So cute I love the idea =) Thanks for the giveaway, thanks for sharing your ideas with us as well… GL everyone!

    IG: sylphea_overwatch

  28. My kitty heard your kitty talking and had to join the conversation.. I love your theme. I am currently trying to come up with a cool layout for a dream journal section to my bujo. I think my problem is I have TOO MANY ideas… of course LOL I am new to Instagram and my "handle" is @broompilot71

  29. Ugh I love Cheryl she’s my favourite too! Having Veronica in the whole comic book style just ties in so nicely with Riverdale S3!
    If I’m not too late for the giveaway, my insta is @alissaxausten xo

  30. WOW, this giveaway sounds amazing, hope I'm not too late. I always get so much more inspired to bullet journal when you post new videos, I could honestly watch them over and over all day. Can't wait for your next one !! xox @mila_blyth

  31. what a wonderful setup! i really liked seeing you make it happen. and the beautiful colorcombination 🙂
    my instagram is: @_.lisa._.marie._

  32. That circle template is SO convenient! I’m also a toddler teacher and I am constantly trying to draw perfect circles!!! @lizspencer2003

  33. Such a good theme!! I’ve been trying to incorporate a more multicoloured scheme into my bullet journal and this would be perfect! 😍😍
    my insta is : @amyjenclark

  34. Loving this theme! And same on Riverdale…it’s like a moody soap opera you just CANT stop watching!!
    Insta: josie1109

  35. Love your layouts! Wish I could set aside this sort of time to create something as beautiful as this!
    Instagram tagline: @emilylouise_91x or @emotifdesigns

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