Plan with me | September 2018 Bullet Journal Setup | Fox and Flowers

Plan with me | September 2018 Bullet Journal Setup | Fox and Flowers

Hi everyone, I hope you’re doing fantastic! It is that time again to setup our bullet
journals for the month of september and it’s so special for me because this month marks
exactly one year since I started bullet journaling! I cannot believe that it’s been a year already
and I what’s funny is that I still look forward to setting up my monthly layout. I do have to admit that some months are a
little more tedious than others, but overall, it was has been a commitment that really escalated
my drawing abilities and creativity. So if you just started, don’t stress too
much because the more you do something, the more you’ll learn and you’ll eventually
improve! So to commemorate this one anniversary and
because the majority of you voted in my last plan with me video, I am redrawing my very
first bullet journal setup ever and I’ve added a story to it, following the beloved
bunny as it meets the very first of my characters, the fox. Thank you Skillshare for kindly sponsoring
this video and allowing me to create more content for you. I’ll tell you more about them later but
if you’ve been following me than you know how much I love them as a learning resource! Before we get into this month’s set-up,
I want to take you back to my very first set-up that started this whole journey. Some pages are blank as I was trying to find
a setup that worked for me, so if you end up with unfinished trackers, it is okay! Also one thing to note, is that I only had
5 thousand followers when I posted my first setup and we’re so close to 100k right now,
that it’s surreal! Thank you for being such a lovely and supportive
community, I love you so much! When I was redrawing the sleeping fox, I actually
noticed that my style changed from a little more of a cartoon style to an elegant, semi
realistic illustration style. I’m not quite sure how to explain it, but
side by side comparison which you’ll see at end, you’ll notice the difference. It’s as if i grew my drawing style and it
became a little more mature. I also noticed that I love to add a bit of
color to the spreads and have no fear of experim enting with different color combinations. So first hand I’ve experienced all of the
amazing possibilities when you find the courage to try. So for the new sleeping fox, I’m using four
different co lors this time, which I’ve never done before in my bullet journal and i thought
it was going to look funny, but it looks so good, almost like a vintage color scheme. Here I’m using my Zig blue gray for the
leaves and stems, my tombow pale yellow 991 and zig sand for the yellow flowers. And then the zig pale rose for the pink flowers. For the fox, I used the zig sand again to
draw in the strokes of the fur and then used my water brush to smooth out the colors. After everything is dry, I went back in with
my 02 and 05 micron to add in the details and give it a little more definition. If you look super closely to my inking you’ll
notice that I don’t follow my marker lines too much, and that’s because I love that imperfect
style, giving it a very carefree feel. I’ll have the link to all of my supplies
down in the description and I’ll also have the link to this full setup as a printable
down below as well, so check that out when you can. Just as the flowers take their last breath
and the winds carry a slight chill across the lands, the beautiful red fox dreams of
a pleasant time, where there is an abundance of friendship, happiness, and adventure. Anyone who watches the fox would know how
peaceful and even happy she is, as she shares a bit of a smile while deep in slumber. The next morning, she wakes to a feeling of
something familiar but new at the same time. And notices, not only the beautiful last breath
of summer, but also little golden flashes all around her. Somewhat perplexed, she sits up quickly to
watch the golden flakes dance in the air and then boom, she feels a little bit of weight
on top of her head as if something fell on her. What’s even more interesting is that she’s
not afraid at all and feels this immense emotion of love and connection to whatever it was. “I just have to say, even though I’ve
never met you, I dreamed a dream of the beginning of something big and I feel so grateful that
you exist. I just had find you and I didn’t even know
if I could,” the bunny says bursting with excitement. The fox smiles in response, yet still pondering
if this is real and why she didn’t remember the bunny. “It is odd and magical isn’t it, this
feeling of connection that we both have? You are grateful of me and I have so much
belief in you and your journey to come.” The fox says. She continues by saying, “Somethings and
actually the most beautiful things in life can’t be explained, but felt, and in this
circumstance it is truly felt and is a blessing. Thank you for finding me and including me
as part of your story.” The bunny gives the fox a friendly pat on
the head as they both dwell in happiness, letting go of their questions and confusion,
relishing in the present and believing only the feeling of something beyond logic. This month is dedicated to new beginnings
for my journaling journey and also for everyone who is beginning a new school year or a new
chapter, whatever that maybe. F. Scott Fitzgerald Once said, For what it’s
worth: it’s never too late to be whoever you want to be. I hope you live a life you’re proud of. And if you find that you’re not, I hope
you have the strength to start over.” Just as the bunny and the fox begin their
journey together, believing not in logic, but on the want of making their dreams come
true. I hope that you take every chance to pursue
yours. The presence of flowers is proof that summer
doesn’t want to let go. So for as long as it can, it will deliver
its radiance. This is my three month calendar spread with
this month larger up top and the next two underneath., smaller. It is the exact same spread that I created
a year ago and it’s amazing that I still use it today, with some slight style changes
that make it a little more elegant. With all of its trust in the bunny, the bunny
and the fox wander the mystical forest, guided only by their intuition and the golden flakes. They pass a pair of mushrooms and a pair of
birds, one of which is offering the other an olive branch, as the other smiles in acceptance
of the apology and gift of friendship. The golden flakes are everywhere now, enveloping
the whole forest in a subtle glow of beauty and serenity, illuminating their path. This page can either be used as my video ideas
page or simple a brain dump page. I’m not quite sure yet, but it has been
so nice to have blanks pages in my layout so that I can use it for whatever I need as
the month goes on. On the bottom on the page is a little reminder
quote that says, Every day is a chance to change your life. A very true statement about the power we have
and the weight of the decisions that we make. Next up is my Monthly calendar. This is new and I absolutely love it. After using the full monthly calendar for
so long, I realized that I never really fill up the entire spread, only the very important dates. So this is going to keep things a little more
tidy and neat. I also combined my trackers onto this page
by adding a keys section to the bottom. So for everyday that I work on the book or
hit my fitness goals, i’ll put a little dot in the upper left corner of the box corresponding
to the day. This way, I can look at this page and see
my month planned out and keep track of my progress. On the bottom is also a box for my goals,
so this month, actually it’ll be August 30th, so not quite September, but my goal
is to launch my shop on my website and continue to improve during the month. So in case you missed that, check out new
stickers and the new website on August 30th at 4pm EST. right before the holiday weekend, I will have a gift and promotion
going on so mark that on your calendars. I had to move the original date back because it was not ready yet and now it will be for sure My next goal is to finish preparing for my
second craft show, so if you want to meet me on September 9th which is definitely coming up, check out the info in the description. And then lastly, I’d like to finish the
first draft of my manuscript for my book this month. If you want to follow the journey of the book
and see any of the progress, join the blush patrons for exclusive content because I won’t
be posting that anywhere else, except for Patreon. Info and how to sign up also below, so make
sure to check everything out, I’m so excited for it all. As the bunny and the fox continue to follow
the radiant flakes, the forest opens up to a magnificent wonder of the moon made of the
last flowers of summer. Its size is beyond anything of this earth
and its beauty is simply breathtaking. “Never have I seen such a magnificent scene
where the blooms itself turned into the moon that we all long to, today is clearly a magical
moment in time and I have a feeling it is because of you, little fox.” says the bear. The fox, accepting this as its reality and
enjoying the moment, plops down beside the bear, making itself comfortable, basking in
the new found, yet familiar presence of friendship. The bunny pats the fox on the nose in complete
approval and almost like reassurance, as the other bunny makes its wishes to the moon. Unbeknownst to anyone, these wishes joyfully
sprout from seemingly nothing and blossom into special and unique beginnings to something,
might I say, magical. This is my weekly cover page, so on the next
page I’ll be creating my weekly as the month goes by, which has been perfect! Underneath this final illustration is a final
quote that is true for this whole cycle of our lives. It says, “I’m stronger because I had to
be, I’m smarter because of my mistakes, happier because of the sadness I’ve known,
and now wiser because I learned.” I hope that you read that one over and over
again and remember it by heart. Because everything that happens, good or bad,
is a learning opportunity and you have the choice to let it overpower you or empower
you to start again, better than you were. now here is the final flip through And I have to say this every month, but this is my favorite spread so far! So side by side wise, I really love this redraw. I wanted it tell the story of my experience
going back to something I created a year ago, thanking it for existing and really show its
importance as I continue to pursue my dreams. And overall the story and the colors and spreads, it all turned out just perfect! And since I love share good finds with you, I’ve
just learned this hack on procreate to turn drawings into gifs animations, without using
an animation app or program, which was perfect since I’m already learning to use procreate and I wanted to switch up the illustration on my homepage and actually make it move So this is all thanks to today’s wonderful sponsor, Skillshare! I am being completely honest when I talk about
them. I’ve learned so much, which allowed me to
progress in my work, and there is still so much I want to learn and I can do that all
through this platform. Real quick if you haven’t heard of Skillshare,
it is an online learning platform for creators with more than 22,000 classes ranging from
calligraphy to how to use photoshop. I learned how to use procreate using this
class and then now, I learned how to animate using this class. Something I actually couldn’t find anywhere
else. So, just take a moment to browse their website,
check out these classes if you want to learn and send them some love for supporting me. Premium memberships start at $10 a month,
but for the first 300 people who click the link the description or go to the link on
the screen, you can get 2 months of unlimited learning free, without any commitments! I also want to thank my “hello sweet bear”
blush patrons for generously supporting my work, you are simply wonderful and I cannot
truly express my gratitude for you! and for all of the patrons supporting my work! If you want you have to be featured in my
videos, check out all of the fun links in the description and join me on instagram for
quick updates and even more creativity. I sincerely hope that this video helped you
to start your new beginning with complete determination to conquer your fear, forgive
your mistakes and those of others, be brave, and succeed. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll
see you next time, bye.

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