Planner vs. Bullet Journal

Planner vs. Bullet Journal

Hello everyone, today’s video will be all about the differences between a planner and the bullet journal and whether you should be using one or the other. Before I say anything else don’t forget to turn on notifications for this channel by clicking the Bell button Many people have been saying they haven’t gotten notifications for my recent videos So this is the way to fix that. Although, I’ve created tons of content for this channel about planning I never entirely cover the subject of the differences between using a planner or a bullet journal. Since the bullet journal has been growing popular over the past few months, Tons of people are thinking of switching and end up approaching me with their questions. On the main differences between the two;,I wanted to summarize what I think are the most important things to consider when making the change and how both planning methods can have entirely different goals. The first thing you need to consider is price point. A paper planner will mostly be more expensive than a bullet journal. Since you can use a bullet journal with any cheap notebook. Although some planners retail for the same price the planner community mostly revolves around the Erin Condren or the Filofax planners Which can cost from 50 to 100 dollars So if money is an issue consider either switching to a bullet journal or buying an inexpensive planner from cheaper brands The second thing is outer aesthetic the planner community now revolves around customizable planners with interchangeable covers different color schemes and so on a Spiral-bound or ring bound planner has endless customization options as you can switch pages dashboards and other insert around Besides that many planner companies such as Erin Condren plum paper planners and have customization options that allow you to build your planner according to your needs A Bullet journal usually has a very minimal look as it consists only on a blank notebook. If you are looking for an organization system where you can switch things around a bullet journal will probably not be the best option for you closely tied to this last point you have to consider inner aesthetic and layout options. A planner predefines layouts for you. Be it vertical, horizontal or timely layouts with monthly yearly and weekly overviews You are stuck to what the company offers you. A bullet journal is entirely customizable So you are never stuck to one layout you can create things like lists or reviews project planners, trackers and so on If you think that the planner community doesn’t have the type of layout you’re looking for perhaps It would be wise to switch to a bullet journal Other things you need to consider are time and dedication a classic planner offers you all the spreads you need to plan your days just by filling in the details a bullet journal on the other hand is a Commitment as you have to create your own spreads and designs when you are setting it up This means that a bullet journal is not the ideal tool for someone that is constantly on the go and has no time to spend preparing their notebook for planning as Creative as it looks if you can’t incorporate it into your lifestyle There is no use in even trying it is also important to think about your own Relationship with planning if you’re a consistent person that plans daily and always has a regular workload The consistency of a classic planner might appeal to you as it will fill your organization needs. On the other hand if you are someone with an irregular workload Buying a classic planner will probably end up with you skipping entire pages of planning only to fill it to the brim in busier weeks Since the bullet journal is an empty notebook You can use it according to your organization and productivity needs Without feeling the obligation to write in it just because there’s a page waiting to be filled in Also, remember to consider whether you are someone who feels comfortable with mistakes or not. Planners like the Filofax and even like the Erin Condren which is ring bound Allow you to rip off and add pages if there is a mistake or if you’re not feeling a hundred percent Satisfied with your spread and notebook does not offer that Flexibility and when you make a mistake you’re either stuck with it until you finish the notebook Or you need to find a way to cover it up either way it will not look neat and if you are a perfectionist, there’s a high chance you’ll want to switch journals whenever you are not satisfied with how yours look so These are the things you need to take into consideration when deciding between a planner and a bullet journal I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s video, and I will see you next week. Bye!

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  1. I tried both and since I've discovered the bj I can't live without it. It's very minimal, which I like, it's cheap and has no rules. You have the freedom to decide what's more useful to your lifestyle and your habits, you can write your thoughts, your workout, your diet, whatever you want without using a lot of papers or post-it because you have always the next white page ready. For students it's a life saver and it's good for your mind as well, love it! Thanks for the video ❤️

  2. Another great upload Mariana,
    Even if I don't have any use for a paper planner or bullet journal, I still find myself clicking on your videos simply because I enjoy watching them.

  3. Yet another lovely video, Mariana!
    I personally haven't tried using a planner yet, and while I do like the bullet journal, I've found it's really easy to fall down the rabbit hole that is the studyblr community, with their fancy brush pens and their pretty washi tape. What this essentially means, is that I have a few pages where I've just used a pencil to scribble info in, and some other pages where I've used no lesser than a total of five different pens!
    I'm thinking of adopting a minimalistic system for my new BuJo, and I'll see how that pans out. If not, then I'll give the planner a try, who knows! 🙂

  4. A lovely video as always Mariana. Really helpful!
    I often struggled knowing whether a planner/bullet journal was best suited and this video has helped make my decision much easier.
    I like my stationary to have a theme based on my interests that year. This year I'm keen on botanical watercolour painting so a floral theme works well in terms of aesthetics. I'm currently using a Royal Horticulture Society hardcover diary. It has short weekly spreads which works best for me as I don't have an action packed schedule so don't need too much space to write.
    I use a to do list for daily tasks and a separate notebook for my "reading journal and goals"
    I do love the idea of a bullet journal as it allows you to incorporate many things into one but I am a bit of a perfectionist and like the flexibility to tear out pages if need be.

    Thank You:)

  5. Lovely video, Mariana!
    I've been using the bullet journal system for a while and I absolutely love it! I love how customizable it is. I'm a high school student with a pretty busy schedule, so some days I need one page for my day, other times I need ten pages to plan out a presentation I need to give. I'm a very creative person, so I thoroughly enjoy creating my own spreads. Bullet journaling doesn't have to be so time consuming though…you can make a perfectly functional list/spread in a few minutes. For people who want to try one of these forms of planning… I'd advise trying out bullet journaling first, just because of the drastic price difference… If you don't like it, it's not such a big deal.
    Hope this helped someone!💞

  6. this video is really helpful. I use both a structured planner and a bullet journal for my everyday life but they both serve different purposes and so far its been the best decision I've made ☺️💕

  7. I love supplied by lilly!!!! her first launch of the planner made me suuuper motivated. I've seen her stuff a few times on your channel 😉 both you girls inspire me <3 it means so much

  8. I’ve decided to stick with a planner instead just bc I feel the bullet journal is more time consuming. I’ve tried to use one before and I have noticed I don’t reach for it as much as my planner lol

  9. I prefer planner because the spread is already there and I can decorate it was stickers and washy tape… it turns out so cute. I have the happy planner.

  10. i would just like to say that as someone who feels like it’s hard to commit to a bujo but also has an inconsistent workload UNDATED journals are a BLESSING.

  11. I've never used a planner. I've always been using a journal for planning. A millennium passed and then they named this journal "Bullet Journal".

  12. I have recently bought a daily planner from Kikki k and I don't know what to do with it because I'm using the bujo system now. I realised that I can't really use daily pages that well. if anyone has any ideas please let me know… :/

  13. i settled into a mid-system between the two, so i used a blank ring binder (A5 in my case) and buy traditional planner inserts(daily, weekly, monthly), but also have dotted pages inserts for when i need a more detailed breakdown of tasks, and since ring binders give flexibility to the whole notebook, taking in and adding pages as i need them. i think it works best for students that has limited time to layout, but also need some flexibility in content, like making financial tracker, lists of assignments and specifications, meetings etc. I found it a good way to keep all my life in one place.

  14. i love watching these videos but tbh i literally use scrap paper to make a spontaneous list, and cross stuff off, then throw it away. i envy your dedication and organization tho

  15. I started a bujo because I like the fact that I can put everything whenever I need to but I don't do a lot of doodles and all those things, just a simple bujo and it's very handy. 😄

  16. I've tried the bullet journal but I couldn't even use it for a whole week :(( I'm a perfectionist so i took too much time on spreads,, just no. Even though I'm in high school I have a busy schedule plus a job so I just don't have time for a bj
    I'll stick to a planner for now lol. You just have to look for a planner that has what you need 🤷‍♀️ mine wasn't even over $16 and I think it's perfect.!

  17. I just made the backward move from a bullet journal to an Erin Condren because I could finally afford one, but I LOVED my bullet journal.

  18. Hi Mariana! I have been following videos for a long time and they really inspire me. I have a question for you

    Do you listen to music while studiying? Why or why not? Which music do you listen to?

  19. Mariana descobri agora o teu canal e já adoro!! Quero ver tudo, sinto que o teu canal é um grande ajudante a quem quer ser mais produtivo e ser melhor pessoa 😊 Gostei muito dos vídeos que já vi e é muito bom saber que youtubers portugueses estão a atingir um grande público enquanto faz videos em inglês 😋😙

  20. I use a happy planner because I can’t use a bullet journal ( I don’t have enough time) and in my happy planner I can add and take out pages so I can customize it

  21. This video is super- awesome and I like it a lot. but I'm pretty much using both of them which is a planner and a bullet journal. And can you make a video of how to focus more on writing a bullet journal or planner

  22. Could you please do a video about how you plan your thesis? would like to know more about how you do your research. Thanks =)

  23. Great video! Would you be able to tell me where to find the planner that says “Dear Diary” on it? I saw it next to a floral spiral planner at timestamp 2:03

  24. I see You have Lilia's weekly planner. 😉 I subscribe to both of Your channels, so it's a funny coincidence, I think.

  25. Can you upload a video with your handwriting ?? As how you write ? If you get me ?????
    Your writing is too beautiful.

  26. tbh I kinda don't like how the BuJo community has made it so that only creative people with pretty handwriting can use a BuJo.
    My writing is shit and my spread is so minimal, I barely have anything on it other than the default month, week, day plan that pretty much makes it into a BuJo rather than a random notebook.

    And that's okay, because what makes BuJo so amazing is the fact that it's suppose to be YOURS. You decide what you want and how you want it.

  27. Just saying but there are some planners that are like 18 pounds from staples that you can buy online, so if anyone would like to get a planner instead that's where I'd get one.

  28. I love using the Cambridge planner by Mead because it has a really blank slate. It features monthly spreads and weekly spreads, each containing a horizontal box for each day. It's really effective for me because it also has like 30 lined pages in the back which I use for bullet journaly things like yearly goals and lists. I recommend it if you want a bullet journal, but need a little bit of structure as well

  29. You really really NAILED it in this video. When the bullet journaling revolution began I hopped at the very beginning thinking this was God sent to me. It was flexible and I could do anything I want because I don't like the limitations of structured planners; however, because I'm a perfectionist bullet journaling turned out to be VERY STRESSFUL for me. I couldn't bear looking at those mistakes you mentioned. I hated being stuck with page after page of mistakes, scribbles, errors and cross outs compared to the millions of clean and wonderful looking pages I see online. It was very agonizing. I glued pages together to stop looking at mistakes but the time and effort to lay out the spreads and create them just felt suffocating. I went back to planners because I liked just opening it and writing within the lines written for me which took me by surprise cuz it's the total opposite of what I thought I hated about them in the beginning. Now I use both for different purposes. I use the bullet journaling to manage lists, ideas and trackers and I use the planner to schedule what I analyze in the bullet journaling and manage the timeline.

  30. Thanks this video was very helpful for me. I normally use a diary to plan my day but im finding that i am running out of space and i want to become more organised. I havnt been able to find a video comparing these two points before so thanks

  31. I've been through so many different books. I did the bullet journal, the planner from Michael's, regular calendar, my phone. Now Im Trying to see how I like the travelers notebook. When I was in college, the blank teacher planners were great for planning out my projects and thesis papers

  32. you can buy planner inserts to print or already printed on etsy. You can also make your own inserts on word, excel, illustrator, photoshop and more. Right now I'm using a bujo but I'm thinking on switching to a planner just because I don't find fun on making my spreads any more, I prefere to decorate my personal journal (more like a diary) But with a planner I can add pages when I need and where I want.

  33. I use both a planner and a bullet journal for the simple fact that usually I can carry my bujo around, write down ideas I have and sketches, and don't have to keep up if I don't feel like, it's my system. I also use it for school stuff as project lists that don't fit in my planner. My planner is for more organized, quick checking, and overviews of my week or day. My bujo is barely a planner. It started off as such but developed into an idea notebook and writing down dates to transfer over later. And I love it the way it is, it works for me as it gives me a place to put my chaotic thoughts and reorganize them later.

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