100 thoughts on “Planning for 2018: A Minimalist Bullet Journal for Productivity

  1. Matt, I've been loving your channel, I just binge watched probably 2 hours worth. What resources have you found for note taking ?

  2. I love seeing your style. I am a function over style when it comes to organization. I like to draw and craft, but really it can easily distract from the overall idea which is to stay organized. Hope you continue to explore, adapt, and most importantly SHARE! 🙂

  3. You captured the #1 frustration I have with most "how I bullet journal videos": "Ship your things. Make things that work for you." Thanks for releasing this video, it's encouraging to see other people use bullet journals without feeling the need for them to be works of art and instead to use them as tools for being effective in the whole purpose of keeping a bullet journal.

  4. that's a GREAT spread! finally found another male doing this, I felt kinda lonely! hahaha

    p.s. the music is pretty loud in this video, maybe you should consider turning it down a little so we can follow your words better. byee!!!!

  5. I love minimalist bujos, I feel the really complicated bujos are cluttered in my mind, but then again to each his own.

  6. You went quite quick on the first part of your 10 task bar chart. What is the count of 100 marking for each? 100hours? So if you were balanced would be only about 10 or 20 a bar? Or some sort of % or story points?

  7. Hi!! Your bullet journal is very interesting. Could you possibly do a journal flip through? I am interested in what all you put in it. – Donna

  8. Something I do that makes it easier the entire time I use a notebook is to mark along the top and bottom edges of the closed book where the marks would be to divide the individual pages in half and in thirds. For any page, grab a straightedge and line up with the marks. Takes a few seconds to do it once, and beats counting dots or measuring each time.

  9. One of the best and realistic bullet journal set-ups I've seen! Can tell that you're focused on your goals and this journal is a helpful tool for you. Can also tell that you're working hard and not just doodling and decorating it all day long. Please share more of these as time goes by!

  10. Why don't you make your own pocket on this notebook? I like the Leuchutturm, as they are guaranteed not to bleed and I don't have the spine issue on the first page. If you get the normal one instead of the bullet journal version you get 1 book mark rather than 3. I really like using field notes as a task book – using todoist is not really the same and I am going back to paper.

  11. IF only the annoying music in the background wasn't so loud. At some points I could hardly discern your speech from the music. You don't need any kind of music if you're talking.

  12. Hey Matt. Enjoyed your video. I like the Baron Fig journals, too. Well made. I do a little bookbinding, and that first page is the end paper and it is typically a heavier weight than the text block paper as you pointed out. And there is a reason that the first page is glued the way it is. It is what adds to the strength of the end paper being glued to the inside cover and a strip to the text block. The text block is Smyth sewn and the end papers are glued, not sewn to the text block. Cheers, Wade

  13. It’s loycht turm. The first syllable is like the first syllable of “lawyer”, or the 2nd syllable in “alloy”, then kind of ch sound in the back of the throat. You can say a k sound and it’ll sound pretty good. Then the next it’s like the word tour, plus an m.

  14. I need to start tracking my feelings/moods. I'm finding that I wake up one way and then go to bed another. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to more videos.

  15. I love your set up. Alot of "plan with me" videos are really just come watch me decorate my expensive piece of leather videos which are more fluff than useful content. I love the clean and visual pleasing asthetic of your bullet journal. Please dont stop making videos

  16. Can you please do a video on your 10 block? I understand that you use it to track the amount of time spent on your priorities, but I'm confused with how exactly you track the percentage of what's been completed. I'm not sure I'm explaining myself well enough… If you spent 2 hours on meetings, how does that translate to the percentage bar?

  17. This video is so helpful. I use a bullet journal for more than a year, and it I'm still figuring out what works best for me. Thank you very much for this video. I think I am going to try the 10 blocks system as well.

  18. I live in Washington and (SAD) Seasonal depression seems to effect everyone. Definitely something everyone at least here at home home need to come come to grips with.

  19. Love your channel and tips Matt. Thought I'd give you an idea that I borrowed, tape an envelope on back inside cover of the baron and fig book. 🙂

  20. Hey Matt, loved the video! The one thing I was wondering about is how you deal with new tasks that come up mid-way through a month. Since you already have your month laid out in front of you, do you omit the new task from your planner for the current month and just remember it in your head, do you start next month's planner early and add the new task to that planner, or do you do something different? Thanks for sharing!

  21. I have a question about the 10 blocks is that for the whole month of January? and if it is on an average a month has 730 hours, but yours is a 1000 hours can you please explain your concept, I am lost. btw, i like your simple bujo others are so focused on visual than productivity

  22. Is it even worth it? I would try it but then I noticed I don't even have time to make a book because I work late and all I could do is eat, sleep, shower and get ready for work. Mabey Saturday and Sunday. Any suggestions anyone?

  23. The first and last page of every notebook is part of the binding. That is why it's glued like that. It keeps all the other pages in place and is NOT a fault.

  24. Thank you for discussing the minimalist approach to bullet journals! I've tried having a bullet journal in the past but I'm not into the fancy pens and drawings so I only managed about 4 days. You've inspired me to try again so thanks! 👍

  25. Just getting started with bullet journaling – thanks for the tips. How are you filming the overhead shots?

  26. Thank you for this video. I’m starting my first bullet journal tomorrow! I just finished writing in July dates!

  27. Hey this is a super late comment that you probably won't see. Just wanted to tell you nice video and it's awesome you live in (or near) Portland! I'm new to your channel but saw your powells books sticker. Good luck!

  28. Can anybody tell me how many dots there are on a baron fig confidant flagship? Like how many across and how many vertically?

  29. I like the way you set your notebook up. It's simple and doesn't have all the extra stuff. I can't start doodling or my notebook turns into a sketch book. !!

  30. I am so glad I discovered this world! I think it’ll change my life… I usually get overwhelmed w planing n organization

  31. Great video, some nice organization tips! Just wanted to say for some people here that sometimes the decorating part is therapeutic. I like setting aside an hour or so a month to plan out some minimal layouts for the month but it's still entirely functional. Bullet journalling is a really personal system and if you want stickers and bright colors, thats fine too- whatever works for your own organization system. 

    I found quickly I didn't need half the spreads or want the stickers some other decorative journalling channels had, but those systems work well for them- and it benefits them to have it look nice as well so that's their thing.

  32. Long winded like an aged person. Mentioned even the difference of the length of note book. Unnecessary talk. No patience to liaten to such lengthy talk, too slow in getting to the main point.

  33. Been wondering how you track any web content, like links? I’ve been thinking of starting a text note with “year-day” and then numbering any of the links I would need to track.

  34. Thank you so much for posting a "how to" that I can relate to. I appreciate the beauty of the scrapbooking- artistic-style Bullet Journals, but really needed to see a video more about function and 'getting it together' than artistic expression. Thanks!!

  35. I like your style. I’ve been trying to do minimalist billet journalling. It’s been going really well but it’s trial and error to figure out what layouts work for you. I started with a week to 2 pages, and now I’ve changed to a day to a page. It’s great how bullet journals allow you to be flexible and play around with different strategies.

  36. Matt just discovered bullet journaling and found your video this is one of the best I’ve seen. Love how you explain this journal is just for you and how engineers can use it. Please put a 2019 version I’ll check.

  37. Hey matt, my name is jacob neufeld and i would like to thank you for your videos, i am 16 and i have my journal set up for 2019

  38. So I may be repeating what several have said below – but for someone who hasn’t drawn in a while or has time nor the skill to draw master pieces to then organize a hectic life around it, this video makes you feel a lot better. It’s straight to the point and I’m not freaking out about what art or theme I need to create. Good job!

    I’m already having trouble compartmentalizing my work/life tasks. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  39. I really liked your system and the setup, but I found a little bit hard to understand how it actually works.

  40. I would always use the first page as a "title page," dedication page, etc anyway, like "Amanda's journal February 2019- (blank)"
    Or maybe a quote or something like "do all the good that you can" or whatever resonates as a theme for me at the time. (Could be the theme or word for the year)

    My current book says "Love is the energy that creates the world." On the cover page. Now the funny fitting first page actually has my vision statement, mission statement, "if lost return to"/info and the year I started writing it.

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