100 thoughts on “Police called on boy delivering newspapers

  1. The mother didn't owe that dumb woman an apology. That dumb woman owe her and her son an apology. It's a shame black children have to go through this racist bullshit in 2019!😡

  2. This is a nosy person thar would have did the same thing if the kid was white. Dam yall under the circumstances. Racist racist racist every thing is to yall idiots. Sickning

  3. That's that's why when I hear people say America the greatest country in the world i say BS I said America the most racist country in the world especially if you are Latino or black you have a Target on your back and at sporting events they want you to stand for the so-called national anthem ain't that a bitch

  4. "Living While Black". It would be funny if it was funny.

    This is some of what racism looks like, and it's routine life for black people. Thanks to more cameras and coverage, more people get to see and deal with the fact. By the way, that cute kid kinda looks like me when I was little. Wish him and his mom and their family the best. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  5. Gm edagdwg thanks for sharing U Tube for sharing sad ppl looking for trouble see ppl ask the person can I help you thank God nothing more happened a mom ☮️❤️ ❤️💯 💯🙏 Linda j ☮️

  6. Gm edagdwg this little boy is a real child as he gets older he is going to stay away from so called help hope he does well in school and show he is a real person with love and respect a loving mom and grandma peace ❤️🙏 ❤️🙏 changes things linda j ☮️ ❤️💯 💯

  7. Don comes through the race baiting again….research crime reports and police dispatch calls and you will see how bs these race baiting stories are


  9. You are the worst mr. Don lemon

    obviously your narrative is very clear UOU ARE A RACE BAITER

    but please tell the true story

    that the kid made a MISTAKE and when he WENT BACK to go on PRIVATE PROPERTY to take property from that PRIVATE PROPERTY

    that's when the police were called…

    main Street media are RACE BAITErs…

    A neighbor saw a a male go on someone's PRIVATE PROPERTY and remove an item

    how in the world WOULD they know that he put the item there in the first place

    that would be impossible for them to know

    THIS racism b***** is getting out of hand…

  10. Mom: Son today you will learn the value of hard work…


    Reality: Change of plans, how would you like to learn about racism

    Son: Wait what?

  11. I have a question to the mother did she have a job?. As a mom and i knows that it is a lot a pedofilos i will never allow to my child delivered anything in other people home


  13. If you read the comments you can see that even though there's a lot of white people supporting African Americans, when you read the comments of African Americans you can clearly see how little they care. They simply stereotype ALL WHITE PEOPLE.
    The truth of the matter is that, even though United States have one of the best quality of life in the world, the people are so privileged , that they find anything to bitch and whine about. Like, hating each other about race, the color of their skin and religious beliefs. Which makes them, the most pathetic nation in the world. That's why I moved back to Puerto Rico. I'm sick of them all!!! Total, entitled whiney little bitches!!!

  14. People rich neighborhoods do this to everyone. I've had people lock doors as I walk by call police on me it's not always race, but sometimes it is. I think you should really go back to that neighborhood I would have went right back there don't let these idiots win. These people are the same white people that are screaming about racism because they feel guilty about things they've thought or felt. People like me that don't see race don't even notice. A man last night at my table was screaming diversity. Then racial profiled a Latino as a white boy and started giving him a hard time because of the climate towards white males. Its so funny how racist the rich white folks out there are that are non this diversity bandwagon because those of us that aren't racist don't put down any race. Just never let this liberal racist white people win. And yes I'm white but have grown to hate my own people, and yes i am a gun touting Democrat if that's possible now a days.

  15. Ps this has been happening for years. I hate trump but he has nothing to do with it. Its just the news is on this trip. Its making more racism. That boy should go right back and give them there paper to there face. I hate rich neighborhoods. It manaientance of real properties I get police called twice a month in our rich nieborhoods. And it's always the rich liberal that screams diversity.

  16. Here's a bright idea that this woman could have thought of. Why didn't you just ask him what he was doing? Mind blown 🤯

  17. How do we know they called bc they saw him with something in his hands walking away and not when he walked up. What a concept it was bc they thought he might be stealing and not the color of his skin. Let's all jump to conclusions

  18. While I do not support racism by any means, I do not believe children should be on paper routes at 11 years old either. You are not supposed to hold summer jobs and for a maximum of fourteen hours per week until you are fifteen and half. Granted I did art and sold it and window painting starting around eleven or twelve to earn money for things I wanted that were extra…it is not the same thing…children cannot work paper routes at 11 years old.

  19. This has nothing to do with Trump there's been assholes in this world before Trump. All the more racist shit started coming out during Obama's years as president. But none the less this shit shouldn't happen to a little boy trying to work and make extra money. I'd love to buy a the little boy a new bike just to show him there are good people in this world.

  20. People act like whites are the only people who are racist. There are more blacks that are racist than any race except for Muslims. But this isn't something people don't know.

  21. Racism is a mental illness and a primary sign of a feeble envious mind. A racist is too much of a coward/ punk to confront a person of color, they are afraid of any physical confrontation, so they try to use the law against people of color. Lmaooooo which is so damn embarrassing for them like why invest all your energy in hating someone who doesn't even know you exist nor care . That's why I strongly believe this is an illness. We have racist people risking there jobs/ lives just to be racist lmaoooo if they aren't stupid I dont know what is🤔

  22. She was way too docile in response to the racist loser who was threatened by a CHILD, if that's not embarrassing and disgusting I dont know what is. I believe if you can harass a CHILD you should be considered as a pedophile, criminalizing a CHILD innocence because the color of there skin, should be a considered as a pedophile because sure as hell wouldn't trust human waste such as them around children of color😳🤯 #cowardwimps

  23. Mark Cuban started same way.. Why knocking lil King's hustle! That's a great start n am so proud of u future billionaire young Man cuz I teach my kids same way!

  24. I live I. Cleveland Ohio an the caucasions here is very friendly we stick together as one city.so I don't know what part of Ohio this story comes from . Trust it wasn't cleveland. Tia monee.

  25. Crazy white people gone bad. Its downright sickening. They just cant take care of their own business ! They are always picking on black people. Get a life ! Amen to the guy that is a postal carrier. You nailed it good ! God bless you for speaking up and voicing your opinion. It is like we all have to have the word honest or the words just working on our foreheads. I was brought up to respect other races as i would want to be respected myself. Thanks for putting this issue bluntly ! These trump follwers will get theirs in the end. We can only hope they do. God bless all races ! Amen !

  26. The police do whatever they want to do and go arrest whoever they want to kill black people especially not be held accountable for their own actions

  27. What is wrong with white people in the USA ? Why do they feel threatened? Why is this level of racism so high in the USA?
    The USA has one of the most diverse populations on the planet,
    yet the level of racism towards non-whites is absolutely sky high compared to other developed countries.

  28. Just another reason amongst millions why no non-Whites should live in White ruled nations. Remember WORLD WAR 1 & 2 was between Whites in truth. They left Europe and spread hate war and decease to the rest of the world. Now they call it progress and want everyone to thank them for all the death and suffering they caused.

  29. File complaint for the person who called that's the only way you can fix this problem. Next time the cop should give the person who called the ticket for wasting there time.

  30. This little boy was out trying to make innocent living!! But because the color of his skin the police were called and that's the bottom line this is so sad and evil world that we live in!!

  31. 🤷🏾‍♂️it's really simple they hate blacks regardless if you right or wrong young or old and any premise to give them false reason to call the cops to advocate for their hatred they will do so expeditiously expecting the police officers to follow their extremist hate nature and alot of them will because they are them….

  32. The woman was probably awake paranoid, awake doing drugs! The police should have returned the visit to her house!

  33. The poor kid doesn't realize that most black kids are there to steal bicycles, such a shame he has to live in the shadow of his black ancestors who commit so many crimes.

  34. I was in Florida about six months ago looking at model homes and a white woman called the police on me and real estate person went the hell off on the woman and the police. she was told to mind her business. The whole time I didn’t have to say anything The police asked me for my ID and he ran it through of course he found nothing anyway the realtor called his father come to find out was the Chief of police…..The Chief Gave her a ticket for trespassing. I cracked up laughing and the officer that ran my Id was fired. All of this shocked the hell out of me because I never seen White people get checked by other whites.

  35. Personally I don’t think it’s walking while black bbq while black there’s always more to the story or situation. I pray the world stops and comes to gether it doesn’t help anyone to segregate

  36. Don Lemon …fueling the fire……look all that happened here was someone looking out for the neighbors ……it wasnt that big of a deal, someone called on someone that was on their property thats it…making it bigger than it is….u ever see a police office that stops a non threatening looking person and then gets shot at…..no one knows how far how far the lady was or how they took the paper back, running and looking suspicious…..everyone calling everything racist in the states its crazy…..even though there is a lot of that shit this might have been just a simple inquiry thats all..

  37. You owe her know apology…. For what? Teaching your own son how to be responsible? These devils are going to pay one day soon! Most are already suffering inside…

    Ring…Ring…Hello this is 911 can I help you? I'm at the corner of entitlement drive across from 128th & KKK Lynch Boulevard….Ok, what's the emergency? There's a suspicious-looking black man driving what look like a police jeep with decales on the side that read, ( Parking police )….Operator, so what's he doing? He's pretending to put papers on my car and others…?? Caller, "but I think he's casing our cars so he could steal somethings inside"…… Hello?…..Hello?…@#$%&@$# Hung up on me?🤡😱👹👺👾…….

  38. What are you so called black people complaining about? you are in the land of the free! Keep dreaming for inclusion.of course you are not mad at her, you have been condition in slavery to love and quickly forgive your oppressors the Willy Lynch Evil methods that's why.

  39. It is just outrageous what is happening in America to the black community, these so-called defenders of freedom humanity, and must protect people are nothing but corrupt oppressors and abusers. These figures must be permanently removed from society.

  40. So sad this young kid had to experience racism in this day and age 😢 Good for him for working👍and Good for mum for bringing up a kid with a good work ethic👍 you raised a good kid and you must be very proud😀 God Bless both of you🙏❤️

  41. Lets just be honest in time all you racist people out will have to face God and I feel sorry for you cause your hate will be your down fall you can lie to yourself but not Him

  42. Mothers with coloured sons should be careful and vigilant,some sick people are out to make the young black male an endangered species

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