I know it’s going on there we go guess who I’m here with guys I can know who it is either hey guys I am here with a very very special guests please welcome Kim kardashian-west you’re my job I’m so excited I am this is thank you or even having me yes I know she’s petite I’m not oh I’m just gonna be like so today I am gonna do something really fun on Kim we’re gonna throw it back to the face what side of my face do you want to do okay good I have a darker circle on that side the darker circum like I’m the Hulk so today we’re gonna do the power of makeup and we’re throwing it back for me by doing the power of makeup but we’re also throwing it back for you we’re gonna go back to the bronze see the glam like 2009 yes Mario and I like date them by years we know how crazy we got okay which one was 2009 was very white under eye yes we did it a little too white I will 2011 I got a little crazy a little heavy with the foundation you know who you’re talking to right now right I wish I could do that on myself take advantage of this time and get a lesson on how to do my makeup erotic let’s go down to memory lane okay I took a makeup class when I was 14 my dad put me in a makeup class and it was Jo Blasco and then dermablend I just got into that morphe sponge it’s so anyone no thank you it’s just fascinating to me everyone just gets into the business and makes such a name for themselves how did you get into it I had the flu and I was watching the hills and I was 14 and I was like oh look really beautiful and I was really insecure and I got bullied and I was like you know what I’m gonna look like them so I found a tutorial on YouTube and this girl did wake up and make up and I was like oh my god this is a world of beauty and like all these tips and tricks and like a zombie I was like I took my bike bought my first like eyeliner mascara and and after three months I was like you know what let me film my own do you want to see it I do my accent was rough that’s what I love about the internet it doesn’t matter where you are but the fact that you have that when you’re 14 I wish I had a video like that I’m 14 that’s really cute were you parents what are you doing so my parents didn’t know for like the first two years I would hide it from them and my mom would be like where’s my camera where’s what I can’t find my camera I’d be like oh yeah my brother found a video and he’s like yeah here you go mom and I’m like I ran away I was so embarrassed but they loved it and they were like since when do you speak English they’re like so confused when did you write that my passion for me I mean I think every kid except like my mom was always really into makeup it’s always the mom yeah and so I would sit in her room and always just try on I remember I actually got into a foundation first of hers yeah and I would just put it all over my face and I remember her walking in like what are you doing no no I’m just copying you and she would wear red lips all the time I wasn’t really into that I was just into the foundation when I was 14 my dad said you know you girls are gonna be getting ready to start wearing makeup a lot and I don’t want you guys to look crazy so I’m gonna put you in a makeup class by Joe Glasgow I don’t know why Joe Glasgow I think his fiancee at the time wore that makeup and found a makeup artist today I remember we went there they put us in a room kind of like this with video cameras and lights and then they did our makeup and explained it as they did it and then videotaped it and gave us the VHS tape when we were done he’s so happy I don’t know where I bet I have it somewhere I know I would die to have this video and we would watch it and see how to put on concealer but it was like the heavy duty like studio makeup it wasn’t like just a light makeup it was like liner let’s go yeah and then in high school my friend would always talk to me about color makeup like glitters and purples and blues and greens and then she was like no my dad she didn’t really know her dad growing up and so when she was in high school she met her dad so her dad started makeup forever and he wanted to just pamper her like him all the time and give her all this makeup so hitting me we’d go they had a store in New York and we’d go to the store we’d stay at his apartment in New York with him there and we would just remember she would just get me so much free makeup and I just remember having so much colored makeup I was so excited your favorite color this like turquoise color it was like a turquoise glittery pot yeah such like a pigmented shimmer and I would put it underneath my eyes and I would always wear I made these headbands these floral headbands and I sold them at like Fred Segal and all these stores and mm-hmm I would do the turquoise flowered headbands with the turquoise eyeshadow it always matched Burgundy with burgundy shadow match it to your oh my god my little flower headband how did you meet Mario you know I was doing this shoot and he was the makeup artist and it was like I don’t even know if I had my show yet or Simon was like hey do you want to do this magazine for my friend the cover and at that time I was like sure anything you know and he was the makeup artist and I guess they called him the night before I was well I’m in New York we might as well just do it yeah he was the makeup artist and I just he made me feel and look so like ethnic and Armenian and like just so different than anyone else had yeah and I just loved how I looked actually what we had filmed because I had worked with other makeup artists to know the difference I feel like if there’s one thing that we should all be very thankful for is for you and Mario taking away the being afraid for makeup because so many people are like oh my god yeah what is all of that and I feel like you guys were like no it’s okay here’s how you do it here’s how you look beautiful with them thank you I feel like if it wasn’t for you people nowadays with contouring or like anything like foundation concealer would be like oh thank you yeah we just I loved makeup and I was like go do whatever you want like make it smoky like I really just wanted more and more and more I honestly with everything that I’ve done I’ve never worked harder than on makeup it’s crazy beautiful you know doing that smoky eye so do you watch a lot of YouTube videos not even makeup bullet i watch what’s like a probably 30 YouTube videos a day but all on opening toys and making slime that is my life or watch stupid music videos like the gummy bear Oh stupid gummy bear song anyone know what I’m talking about oh just to annoy you guys no I’ll play it for one second okay this is what I have to watch you guys 500 times a day this has 1 billion I can’t believe I willingly played that what is it for how easy okay punch and roll my eyes are two different shapes thank God we did the power of me so what was the hardest you’re like okay after all these years of being obsessed with makeup I’m gonna give it a go what was the heart is what the colors was it like the consistency well I think at first doing a line with my sister’s really prepped me like I just really wanted something that would be perfect I’d be proud of I’d wear all the time just like genuinely product that I love what’s your favorite makeup look like it’s like I know what to do we pretty well we should come out with the highlighter should have been called glowy Chloe such a missed opportunity River foam asleep during glam I’ve done glam on the floor sleeping yeah when I was really sick in New York and I had to film and I’m like I can’t even sit in the chair and I used to lay down and even if I’m really jet-lagged in in France I remember sleeping on the bed and being like dude I wake up and wake me up when it’s over and I had full under eye concealer bottom everything mascara I don’t know how you do that no choice oh I have no idea no clue great not once not once now but I should catch up we need to talk because I kind of want to dye my hair blonde and then I can do that for Halloween no I’m gonna do differently because I can do it with the stripes I am the makeup artist that get your stripes I’m gonna contouring the contour Queen that’s such an interesting technique I like that I like it because I can really build up to how far you want it like your breathing pattern the circles 2009 called they want Kim back and this is a new brush what’s an angle it’s bigger yeah I started with powder contour like that’s how I learn but first we’re gonna set the rest in with the lighter powder I’m setting the light areas of the face so I blended over the contour tiny bit what we’re really gonna want to intensify that so you’re the first person that’s using the brush the palate and the palate yep that’s just my one sample palette go ahead say it you’re the first other side of my face like no out tonight it looks so good I’m gonna just see if it is I’m literally just gonna see if you notice I really I can’t work with them I try to but just a little bit when I’m not using a lot of highlight yeah you’re talking to the wrong person when I started doing wearing highlighter with a bare face Chloe just not to work out people are like you look amazing girl it’s every time she works out she does it and I think that’s just what I got to do it just put highlighter with a bare face and everyone’s like yeah they people don’t get it they just think you’re literally glowing yep that’s the trick of all fucking story ready for the blinding now I’m gonna mix I like mixing this is my favorite part you guys we’re twins this is a pretty major highlighter Mario doesn’t even have this like I haven’t even given it to anyone anyone I mean that’s pretty glowy if you ask me I can tell it’s your thing now I’m so excited I’m even more excited tomorrow and snap Kim mm-hmm that’s gonna be my trick got Chloe with the no makeup working out in highlighter Nicki is so shady she’s only doing half my fucking face she wants me to go out like this you love it though I say let’s put a lash on you can choose mmm maybe that one I’m gonna do when I get home I’m gonna try to recreate the other side of the face I’ll snap it seriously the power of makeup I can’t wait for that glow to come out it’s so good and that’s it guys the power of makeup on Kim how do you like it which one do you guys like better I’m gonna watch this tape back so many times to figure out how to do this mm-hmm I want to try to do the other face and see if I can remember how you do this I’m gonna channel you and just don’t text Mario I won’t no help no help no help this was such a dream come true thank you so much video amazing and literally one of the most down-to-earth genuine people I’ve met so thank you yeah no I mean it guys thank you so much for watching don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to my channel and hopefully I will see you guys on the next one

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