Prayer Journal How To

Prayer Journal How To

Hey it’s Lindsey with Ryan and Rose and
today we’re talking about my prayer journals this is a question I get all
the time I get asked how do you pray how do you implement a prayer journal in
your life and we kind of kid because these are like my golden books like if
you it’s like it’s kind of crazy is I keep them in the safe like that’s how
important they are and how valuable they are to me and my family just because
they’ve been with me through the years and they’ve gotten me through those hard
times because of the Lord and me being a kinesthetic learner like I love to write
things down and be able to see like oh my gosh look what God’s done so I
thought I would kind of show you some tips because I get asked about it all
the time um I have a bunch of different types of journals that I’ve had in the
like I have journals basically from when I was in college as well I don’t really
have a favorite people asked me which ones are your favorite and I basically
just like one with lines talking about not picky at all yeah so you can
see this is the one the last one I had and then this one I got from
Anthropologie and I loved it because I’m able to put a pen in it but also it has
lines as well so yeah so today I thought I would share a few tips about starting
a prayer journal and what I recommend that you should kind of put in your
prayer journal the cool thing is there’s not a right or wrong way there’s no
rules the only thing I would say is make sure you date it because you want to be
able to go back and see okay when was I going through this in my life how did I
get through that okay that was that two years ago is that four years ago and
it’s like wow you can look back and see gosh God did so much even maybe in that
short amount of time or maybe it took a few years but it’s so cool to be able to
go back so make sure you date it that’s rule number one
secondly would talk about just talk about your life a lot of times people
ask me like well how do you pray and me it’s just talking to the Lord have a
relationship just like he’s my BFF you know I talk about everything I talk
about my worries I talked about what I’m thankful for I talk about my family I
pray for every aspect of my life and you’ll kind of see I’m going to show you some
examples of how I pray about everything it’s the little things the medium things
and the big things and he wants you to talk about it all so there’s nothing off
limits with God like he wants to have those conversations with you which is
what makes this so beautiful so yeah write down what’s going on in your life um
write down what you’re thankful for I think sometimes in prayer we get stuck
about only praying for our needs Lord I need this Lord I want this Lord help me
to do this but remember to thank Him like thank Him for all He’s done for you
thank Him for how He’s blessed your life maybe He’s blessed your families life
and it’s important to have those positives as well as those worries and
those those other desires so yeah don’t forget to thank Him also
this is where all my worries all my fears once I learned how to give it all
to God and it’s like “yeah Lindsey that’s easy to say” but once you do it it’s like
oh my gosh I can breathe like this is a legit true thing once and me sometimes
it’s not just saying it for me it’s writing it Lord I give this to you you
are in full control you know there’s a lot of stuff I think which is really
cool with social media I’m able to show my life I’m able to show my struggles
I’m able to show the ups and downs but it’s important that you write them down
so you go through your life you can see how you’ve gotten through it but I write
down all my worries usually if there’s something bothering me or something
stressing me out or you can like Bret’s like what’s wrong with you or I’m really
obsessing about something it’s like oh wait time out you need to write in the prayer
journal like you need to to to get it put your heart on the line put it all
out there and write it down and so that’s me that’s my way of giving it to
Lord writing it down this is I’m giving it to you so this is something I highly
recommend for you also my prayers and it’s not just about me and my family
it’s about my friends it’s when I was a teacher I prayed for my kids I prayed
for their families and now you’ll see all in my prayer journal I’m praying for
you I’m praying for our products the safety I’m praying
for the families the babies that use it also for the babies
families like that they are able to you know be abundant and multiply and be
blessed so I think sometimes we get so worried about praying for ourself and
it’s so such a beautiful thing when we can pray for others and maybe people you
don’t even know or so maybe somebody that’s getting under your skin pray for
them I’ve had when I was a teacher I had some experiences where it’s like this
person is really getting to me and it’s like nope I need to stop and I need to
pray for them and I need to help me figure this out because in this this is
just my time to to write it down and get get it off my heart and get it in here
it’s so crazy because me and Bret today we’re going through this this is starts
let’s see 2016 February 20 2016 and there’s like really in the beginning I
skip a whole year I was like I didn’t write my prayer journal and he was like
I think when I wrote I was like Lord a lot has happened and I think that’s what
it’s important for me to tell you I don’t write in this every night I don’t I
wish I could I wish I could say I write it in every week but I don’t but I do
try to write in it as much as possible but really it’s like when something’s on my
heart and I’m struggling with something is when I come and I write it down so
pray for your families pray for yourself pray for your friends pray for the big
things the little things and then a lot another thing that I recommend a lot of
people to do is if there’s something I’m struggling with I’ll find some prayers
in the Bible that relate to this situation and I’ll write them down Mark
9:23 all things are possible for those who believe I can do all things through
Christ who strengthens me so if I’m struggling for something I write and I
try to find those verses that supports and tells me all the blessings that he’s
going to give him me all the help he’s gonna give me and you put them in here
and you stand on it and you pray about it and you stand on that faith and it’s
just pretty amazing to see what he’s done
so overall write the date right write the month date year write down your
worries write down what you’re thankful for write down all your prayers remember
no prayer is big too big too small for God he wants to hear it all and yeah I try to tell people in my stories @ryanandrose on Instagram that you
know prayer is just it’s just a conversation with the Lord it doesn’t
have to be a certain time of day I’ll be honest I’m not a right when I wake up
pray kind of person and that’s not it’s okay like there’s not right or wrong way
to pray I pray the best in the shower I pray the best when I’m driving or when
I’m getting ready even last night I did a story I was like we’re riding that is
a huge prayer time for me on that time quiet time that I’m able just to kind of
enjoy the moment and just pray about all the different things that’s happened
that day or what’s coming in the future so yeah just pray all the time that’s
what God wants he wants that continuous prayer all day and this is just one way
that I pray so yeah let’s get kind of into the deep stuff it’s really cool to
see how God’s worked so I kind of I kind of marked a lot of spots so this is
February 24 2016 one thing that I wrote that really stuck
out it said one God idea is worth more than a thousand good ideas and I tried
to really really write everything because you never know what he’s gonna
give you so this is kind of a funny one so Bret used to dip and it drove me
crazy I’m talking about tobacco in the lip spitting yeah forever he dipped and
so this is one thing to show you that I pray about everything and it was one
thing that like when he dipped I never liked harked on him I never like told
him how much it bothered me I prayed about it instead of you know nagging or
anything like that I brought it to prayer and I brought it to God so it
says um so this what was the date February 2016 I prayed that Bret stops
dipping and that even though it’s the thought of dipping makes him sick I know
that was so nice right um so I asked him today so that was February 2016 he
stopped dipping I know it was Super Bowl so February 2017 so that prayer that one
prayer is in this book multiple times so it took him a year it
also shows you that not all prayers are instant sometimes they take months
sometimes they take years sometimes they may take ten years but he’s
listening and he’s he’s always there and he wants you to put your faith and put your heart all in these books alright another one
this is one I remember reading a while back and because one thing as you’ll
know we had a miscarriage before Ryan and when I was a child I was told I
could never have kids we ended up having Ryan Rose which is a blessing and so
like I was like Lord like do you want us to have another kid you know I’m super
grateful for the one we have she is a blessing like but do you what is your
will so this is one thing that I highlighted that I saw Lord whatever
you want us to have another child or not I give it all to you I want your will
lead us give us peace and then I kind of go in to pray for my family friends so
that’s one instance so it’s just really cool to now look back and see like I
didn’t know what I wanted I didn’t know what God’s will was but I was praying
about it and I was putting it in his hands so let’s let’s see you another one this
one oh I like this one okay so this is February 2016 February 27th 2016 this is
your business and your success I pray for big things just like you gave George
Washington Carver the idea of the different ways to use the peanuts I pray
that I do everything you want I want me to do all you want me to do with Cutie
Clips I’m praying big prayers and having big faith I truly want your will for my
life I know I’ve said this multiple times like if you asked me years ago
what I would be doing in 30 years I would say oh I’d be interpreting but God
had different plans He wanted me to be a teacher and then He wanted me to be an entrepreneur all right so here’s another
one I had saved January 30th 2017 all right this is kind of funny right now we
have ninety six point five thousand followers it is a good goal to get to a
hundred thousand next month that’s one of my goals so I’m telling you I wrote
about everything I wrote about Instagram I wrote about followers I wrote about
posts right so that was January 2017 right now is August 2019 and we have
over 700,000 followers so we grew six hundred thousand followers
in two years like mind-blowing but just to look back in 2017 that I had under
100,000 it’s just given those little things to God all right let’s find
another one I’m just tell you this is so much fun it is so much fun to go back
all right so I’ve told many stories about the
struggle it’s really easy for people to look at my business now and see like wow
she’s so successful but this is year six and it took us years and years and years
to get where we are at right now it took us four years four years to pay myself I
was paying my employees but I wasn’t paying myself I mean I think it’s
important for us for others to realize that so this is one of my prayers this
is Saturday February 25th 2017 I’m fully trusting in you regarding my finances
where everything everything I need I need three thousand dollars by the end
of the month to pay payroll and be able to pay myself a little bit I believe and
receive that you will provide He did provide there are so many times I
remember being upstairs in front of that Cutie Clip wall and being on my knees
and praying see God’s talking I don’t know if you can hear the thunder it’s
raining He’s talking to us but praying and being like Lord I know you’re gonna
provide I know that you’re gonna do this and He always did I’m talking about
since sometimes like I barely had just enough money to do payroll might not
have paid myself but I paid all that I was praying for and it’s just there’s so
many instances in this tiny little book that shows how He was faithful how He
blessed us and how He provided then February 2017 Lord I put my personal
finances in your hands then I’m making money at Ryan and Rose and then I’m able
to pay myself and able to give back so I’m just telling you there are so many
times that we were talking about finances we were talking about family
all right I thought you would like this one this is there I did not put a date
on this one I’m 27 weeks pregnant all right Lord
I’ve struggled with Instagram lately knowing what to post what to say Lord I truly give this to you it’s in your hands put me at peace help me find
and select the right pictures know what to post and know what to say so I’m
telling you I even prayed about Instagram and you’re probably like Lindsey
that’s so silly but no it’s not He cares what you post He cares what you say and
He’s gonna help you and He’s gonna guide you through all of that all right let’s
find another one all right so here’s the Pat Pat I think this is right when I
said I like went a year yeah so I went from let me find this I went from February 2017 to February 2018 a whole year with not writing a word and I said my
goodness a lot has happened since I wrote for one Charley was born on June
2nd and it kind of goes into her birth but let me go to the next one so that
was all right February 2018 I went to a parenting class I talked about that okay
here it is in October 2017 you gave me the idea for the Pat Pat y’all have been
around y’all know we originally called it the Pat Pat and later had to change
our name due to copyright trademark stuff lesson learned
glad I went through that definitely another God thing prayed about that a
lot in here and pacifier and teether we should have done it for sale in March
and we couldn’t be more excited so Lord we give you our business and place it in
your hands from everything to the Pat Pat testing the colors the packaging
it’s all in your hands we pray that the Pat Pat passes all testing that we
picked the perfect beautiful colors even the tan color because I’ve been
stressing about it telling you to the packaging what words to put on the
outside this is your project and I will give you all the glory and I have tried
I often say this is God’s Cutie Pat this is His project this is His business and
I’m just doing His will but it shows you how I’ve prayed about everything all the
aspects March 2013 as I write this I’m on my knees asking for your help and guidance on days I feel stressed and overwhelmed
I remained I’m reminded to get on my knees pray and slow down struggles we
all go through them we’ve all been there and I think just I think that’s why the prayer journal means so much to me because I’ve been through those hard
times I’ve had those hard days I’ve had those hard moments thing when it’s like
having to have that that big faith putting it all in his hands
it’s just a beautiful thing so I I just hope you’ve been able to get something
from this if you’ve watched our warehouse video we also went through and told you many instances where I wrote in my prayer journals when I was believing for Target I talked about when we had the Walmart situation in here BuyBuy Baby
situation it’s just really cool to see all that God’s done and and that I’ve
learned to give it all to Him like He knows what’s best like people are like
what do you want to do in 10 years I’m like I don’t know I want to do what God
wants me to do but putting it all I mean right now I even pray for Ryan their
future Ryan and Charley their future husband I pray for their soul and their
spirit that they love Jesus even more than I do I pray for their intelligence for their health I pray a hedge of protection over our family I pray for all of our family our
friends I pray against every sickness every disease and it’s all in this it’s
all in these books these on these pages written so that’s why I say my pages of
gold people always say Lindsey you should write a book and I’m like I ain’t
writing a book but somebody could take these and could sure write an amazing
book from these pages to see all that God has done in my life and my family’s
life so I just hope you feel encouraged maybe to start a prayer journal remember
it’s not something you have to do every day start small just just start writing
down your heart writing down those verses and just giving it to God so
don’t forget to subscribe subscribe I could never say that word subscribe to
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I’m Lindsey and I will see you next time

10 thoughts on “Prayer Journal How To

  1. I just watched the “crazy faith” YouTube video you shared on your Instagram stories. After watching it i said to myself i want to start a prayer journal for myself but i wasn’t sure where to even start. Within 5 minutes i got a notification on my phone saying you uploaded this video. ❤️

  2. Just about to start my first prayer journal because of your inspiration so this is PERFECT timing! I am a worrier, but prayer is so amazing! Thank you for your witness!!

  3. Love this! Thank you for sharing. I have a prayer journal also. When I started, I made my first page a daily prayer list which has a list of people on it. Dating everything is great too like you said. I also have a section carved out for people who ask for prayers in the Cutie community. It really does help to get things out and feel lighter.

  4. I am not a writer nor do I enjoy doing it but this video makes me want to give it another try. Thanks for the encouragement!

  5. I needed to hear this! I used to keep a prayer journal years ago. My mom always kept one. Now I’m inspired to start it up again. Your passion for the Lord is such a blessing to see. Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. So basically right I’m 16 so gotta have a clean understanding so check me out what your sayin is write anything in your wanna talk about to god or just prayers in general ,make sure to date it also on the page so talk about something happening in your life that might bother you or something like that and bible verses???? Or something about family does it matter if you feel special cuz when I say it with my mouth I feel more connected

  7. How I love journaling my prayers. It’s a blessings to look back months/years later and see how God answered those prayers 💓🙌🏼

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