Pregnant Meme | MPGIS S2 | Episode 1

Pregnant Meme | MPGIS S2 | Episode 1

No! No! You go back into the toilet, demon
poop! Back to where you came from! You stay away from me and you stay away from the children! Hello, Desmond. Oh hello Trisha. Were you, um… were you just yelling at your
poop? No, no, Trisha, I wasn’t yelling at my poop,
I was yelling at the poop that the girls leave in the toilets. They never flush. I…I thought these were automatic. And people be leaving these all over the goddamn
floor! Wait, people are leaving ipod shuffles on
the bathroom floor? Why haven’t I heard about this? Child, it’s not an ipod shuffle. It’s a positive
pregnancy test. Some girl is having a baby. Oh, right! Wait, what? What? Oh, no, no, no… Hey, hey hey, don’t- somebody peed on that
stick, child! It’s not the least bit clean! Alright, poop, it’s just you and me. Let’s
dance. I mean, it was good, it wasn’t great. Hey Trisha. What the fuck? You are one of my very best friends. And I
cannot stand by and watch you throw away your life like this. You’re too young. You’re too
beautiful. What the fuck are you talking about? I’m talking about the baby that’s growing
inside of your belly right now. See ya! I’m not pregnant. Well, not after that punch you’re not. I’ve
been taking muay thai classes. I was never pregnant, Trisha! Are you sure? Yes I’m fucking sure! I’m sorry, but why the fuck is everybody yelling
over here? Oh, I found this positive pregnancy test and- I know that we have had our differences in
the past. But I cannot stand idly by and let you ruin the cheer squad’s chances at nationals.
And we will never get there with you rocking a fetus fannypack. I’m not pregnant. Oh, well I just assumed- Well yeah it does make the most sense. No, it doesn’t make any sense. I have told
you guys repeatedly that I am saving my vag-inity for someone special. I have standards! Wow, so noble. Alright, well now that we’ve established it’s
not Brittnay and her back-door butthole standards, Trisha. My boyfriend doesn’t have a penis or testicles. Right. And it can’t be me because I’m halfway
through shark week. Yeah, I know what you call my period when
I’m not around. So that means somebody else is pregnant. So let’s go find out who it is- And congratulate them. No, mock them, ridicule them, and tell everyone
in school. This is high school, not an episode of fucking Lizzie McGuire. Hey Deandra. Yeah, what’s up? What the fuck! Holy shit! Awesome. What? You have arms. So do you. You want a fucking medal? Wait, didn’t we rip her arms off? Oh, you mean my new prosthetics? Yeah I just
got these today. Ok. But why the fuck do you have two different
kinds of prosthetics? Oh, well, that’s kind of a long story. The one that looks human. No. Robotic! No.
Human. No. Robotic. No Both! Oh, well that sounds like a perfectly rational
decision. So tell me, Deandra, are you pregnant. Oh my God! Is it gonna be like, like a little
robot baby. Is it gonna be a roomba? Fuck no, I’m not pregnant. I haven’t had a
lot of time for dating lately. I don’t know if you know this, but most guys don’t want
to fuck a girl with no arms. And the guys that do are very strange. Well, if it not’s you, then- oh, oh, Jesus
fucking yellow penguins, yes! Come on girls! Oh hello, Gay Van Buren. God damnit! For the last time, I am not pregnant! Oh, I know. My sister said to give that to
you. And my other sister said to give this to you. Oh, The Cat in the Hat Comes Back. I’ve heard
really good things about this! Oh Shay! I heard the good news! Congratulations! I couldn’t think of a better person to get
fat than you! Oh good afternoon Brittnay! Oh and a good fuck yourself to you Saison
Margeurite! What the fuck are you bitches babbling about?
What good news? Um, the news that the Van Burens are about
to add another pup to their litter. You’re so lucky! It’s like being born into
royalty! Wait, what are you saying that I’m pregnant? I wouldn’t so much say pregnant as much as
carrying what I can only assume is the demon spawn of Satan inside your stomach. But that is specifically what you are asking
me, right? Because I am not! What? Well then, whose pee have I been carrying
around on this stick all day? Hey Saison, do you think our baby’s going
to come out French or American? No, no, never mind, I asked. I want to be surprised. Wait, Saison, you’re pregnant? Ha! Oui, it is true! I am carrying Blaine’s baby.
So it is my pee that you hold upon your stick, Trisha. Yeah, Trisha put that thing away! I, I…sorry. Haha, you’re fucking pregnant? Ha, that’s
hysterical! Oh, and you. You’re a fucking idiot. You wear fucking footie pajamas you
stupid idiot. My feet get cold! Shut the fuck up! He has cold feet. I love it! You can’t even speak English, you’re
a fucking retard. God, it’s me Brittnay. I know I said I was an atheist. I was wrong.
So wrong. But I am back, and I am all yours. Do with me what you want. Thank you, Saison.
Thank you so fucking much. This is the best day of my life. I’m going shopping! You are welcome, Brittnay. There is no greater
honor than being able to carry the how do you say baby of the man you love. Are you fucking serious! We all just said
baby like ten times. You even just said the word baby. So don’t fucking act like you dont
know how to say baby. You pregnant Canadian bitch! Ok. He he. Bieeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! It’s not worth it, Brit. Back off. Yeah, I forget how to say baby, like
the time.

92 thoughts on “Pregnant Meme | MPGIS S2 | Episode 1

  1. "Do you think the baby is gonna be French, or American? No, don't tell me, I wanna be surprised."
    That line is so underrated


    Best line by far

    "Oh Jesus fucking yellow penguins"

    This one too

    "caring what I can only assume that is the demon spawn of Satan"

    This one again

  3. I remember when my nose was not good i take my hand to hide the nose cause is disgusting
    But how could my friend though i was vomiting and pregant 😂😂😂

    (Fixed) mangle: OW! What the fUcK?!


  6. This is the only episode of this I've ever seen but I can still tell you that Trisha is the literal best thing to ever happen to this world

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