President Trump Delivers Remarks at the 2019 Second Step Presidential Justice Forum

President Trump Delivers Remarks at the 2019 Second Step Presidential Justice Forum

The President: Two
great gentlemen. Thank you very much. And thank you all. Please, sit down. Audience Member: We
love you, President! (applause) The President:
Thank you very much. And I want to thank
Representative Donalds. There’s somebody
with a future. (laughter) I don’t know
if I’d trade him — that future — for the age. I’d love to pick
up that age. That was a good age. But he’s got a tremendous
future ahead of him. And a very special thanks
to Matthew Charles. I saw him on television
the first time when he had so much difficulty trying
to get something that he was really entitled to. And I looked
at that smile. That smile is infectious,
and he’s a great gentleman and we’re very
proud of him. And I’m very proud of
being involved with criminal justice reform
and getting it done, getting it passed. And we had a lot of votes
that normally wouldn’t have gone that way. And they really — they
were pushing me, some of them, at the end. And we have some of the
folks here: Tim Scott and Lindsey. They’re here. But I’m going to introduce
them in a little while. But we had
tremendous help. This was a
bipartisan bill. We had a lot of
support on both sides. And people that you
would’ve least expected really helped us a lot. So, they’ve been trying to
get this passed for many, many years. But to everyone at the
20/20 Bipartisan Justice Center: It’s my great
privilege to speak with you today, and my true
honor to receive the Bipartisan Justice Award. I am very, very
grateful for that. And it will be at a very
high level in the Oval Office — a place
called the Oval Office. Have you heard about that? (applause) It’ll be right
in the Oval Office with me. I’m very proud of it. Thank you. I also want to thank
everyone from one of our nation’s incredible HBCUs
— I’ve been working with them — Benedict College. We know Benedict College. (applause) And especially
your very dynamic president, Dr.
Roslyn Clark Artis. (applause) Where are you? Where is Doctor? Where are you? And the outstanding
students who are joining us today. You are outstanding and
you have a tremendous future. Thank you. Thank you all. Thank you. (applause) We’re thrilled
to be on your campus and to celebrate all that we
have achieved together and to discuss the actions
that we’re taking to build a future of safety and
opportunity and fairness for all Americans. Four years ago, 20 African
American Republicans and 20 African American
Democrats founded the 20/20 Bipartisan Justice
Center to advance the cause of criminal
justice reform. And I’d heard about it for
so long and it was going nowhere. Nowhere. But they all got together,
and you fought to fix a broken system. You sought to confront
inequality and stop injustice. And you worked to restore
hope and optimism where they are really needed the
most and where there was very little. With your help, last year
we brought the whole country together to
achieve a truly momentous milestone. They said it
couldn’t be done. Past administrations
had tried and failed. Some didn’t try very hard. I will sell- —
I will say that. But they tried
and they failed. After years of waiting,
we assembled a historic coalition. And it was
indeed historic. We had them so liberal you
wouldn’t believe it, and so conservative you
wouldn’t believe it. And they got together. I said, “How did
we do that one?” But it was a beautiful
thing to watch. It really was. And we rallied activists,
and faith leaders, and law enforcement, and
lawmakers alike. We worked across party
lines very strongly. After all of the work and
effort, we passed the bill and I proudly signed it
into law — the most significant criminal
justice reform in many generations. We call it the
FIRST STEP Act. I sort of liked the
idea of just calling it “Criminal Justice Reform.”
But FIRST STEP is good because that allows a
second step and a third step. And that’s okay because
we can go there, too. (applause) But the FIRST
STEP Act proved that we can achieve amazing
breakthroughs when we come together as a nation and
we put the interests of our citizens before the
interests of any political party. Since we passed this
landmark legislation, 10 states have followed
our lead and passed legislation that takes
critical steps to advance criminal justice reform
at the state level. We gave it a beautiful
stepping stone. And some states have come
and they’ve really taken it to a level that
you’d be very proud of. And it’s only because of
what we did that they were able to do it legally
and in many other ways. So I want to say
congratulations to all of the leaders here today
from Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi,
Missouri, Michigan, Nevada, Oklahoma,
Oregon, and Tennessee. Congratulations. Great job. Really great job. (applause) We’re also
grateful to all of the mayors, city council
members, and state legislators who are
fighting for reform in your own communities. I especially want to
thank the South Carolina leaders. And I have their names
written down; there are so many of them. I’ll do this
before you, Henry. Is that okay? I want to introduce
our great governor. They love Henry. (applause) They might like
Peggy more, but that’s okay. But we’ll do this first. State Senator — and
they’ve helped so much — and President of the
Senate, Harvey Peeler. Harvey? Where are you, Harvey? Thank you, Harvey. (applause) State
Senator Gerald Malloy. Gerald, thank
you very much. Thank you. (applause) State
Senator Katrina Shealy. Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you. (applause) I thought
you were over there. And statehouse members:
Speaker Jay Lucas. Jay? Thank you, Jay. Thank you, Jay. (applause) Majority
Leader Gary Simrill. Gary, thank you. (applause) And all
members: Brandon Newton, Mike Burns, Bill Chumley,
Peter McCoy, Sylleste Davis, Chris Murphy,
Bobby Cox, Alan Clemmons. I want to just thank all
of you for being here. And I’m sure that we
probably left some out and they’ll never
speak to me again. You see? (laughter) But all
we can do is try. I have all these
names written down. And they’ve worked very
hard, and they’ve worked hard. And I said they really
have to be mentioned because they’ve been
tremendous supporters of all of us. So thank you all
for being here. We appreciate it. Thank you. (applause) With us this
afternoon is a very special friend of mine. He was with me from
day one, before it was fashionable. (laughter) And he
picked a winner. It’s like going to a
horse race, isn’t it? (laughter) He
picked a winner. But he had good feelings,
and he was tremendously loyal friend and he’s
a great governor. And he’s become more
and more popular. I never want to see his
approval rating go above mine; otherwise, we’ll
have to come in and give it one slightly negative
speech — (laughter) — about Henry McMaster. Thank you, Henry. (applause) And also,
please, Peggy McMaster, First Lady. Congratulations on
a job well done. Thank you, Peggy. She has been by his
side — I’ll tell you. Thank you very much, both. Great job you’re doing,
too, as governor. Lieutenant Governor
Pamela Evette. Pamela, thank you. Pamela Evette, thank you. (applause) Thank
you very much. And Alan Wilson
is here someplace. Alan? Alan? Thank you, Alan. Great job, Alan. (applause) Thank
you very much. Two friends of mine that
are warriors — really, warriors. Two great people. And you have them both. They’re senators
and they fight. And somebody just said,
Lindsey, we’re up to 50 already and we — I
haven’t even made a phone call. Fifty. Fifty out of fifty-three. And they said, “If you get
to 40, that’s pretty good, if you haven’t done
anything.” But we’re up to 50. I don’t know if you’ve
heard that, Lindsey. Did you hear that? And Tim said that
was going to happen. But two really great men. They love your state and
they love the people of this country. They love our country. Lindsey Graham
and Tim Scott. Could you please
— (applause). Thank you, fellas. Thank you. All I can say is, thank
goodness they’re on my side — (laughter) —
because if they weren’t, I’d have big
trouble, right? They’re warriors. They really are. They’ve done so many
different things: tax cuts and all of the things
we’ve done for our military, and Choice. Military Choice. They were right in there. And, Tim and Lindsey, you
never let the people down. Forget about me; you never
let the people down. Thank you very much. Great job. (applause) And
Representative Ralph Norman. I want to just mention
he’s been a friend of mine, he’s been a warrior. (applause) Very
popular guy. But we learned a lot,
because Ralph had one election. “He was so far ahead that
everybody said, “Hey let’s not vote; he’s going to
win too easily.” We can never let that happened
again, because he — he won. But it was a little
closer than we thought. Everybody stayed home. We can never
let that happen. So we always have to
pretend we’re one point behind, right? But he is a fantastic man
and he’s been incredible, and he’s really a popular
person in South Carolina. And Joe Wilson. Joe? Joe, thank you. (applause) Thank you, Joe. Joe is an incredible guy. Been with us from day
one, I think, Joe. Right? Day one. And he loves this state
and he loves our country. Thank you very much, Joe. Great job. Appreciate it. And Columbia Mayor
Steve Benjamin. Steve, thank
you very much. Steve. (applause) Thank you. Thank you, Steve. Great job. Thanks also to my good
friends, Pastor Darrell Scott and Kareem Lanier. Where is Darrell? You talk about a
warrior — this guy. (applause) I met
him a long time ago. He was defending me on
CNN — low-ratings CNN. And — (laughter) —
and he was brutal. You know, I said,
“He’s a pastor. He’s a man of the cloth. And, boy, can he go at
it.” (laughter) So you have the two — you have
that little dichotomy, but he never let
it bother him. And what he has done in
defending us, I will never, ever forget it. Darrell Scott has
been incredible. Both of them. But when I saw Darrell on
television, I said, “You have to get — we have to
find out who that man is. He’s fantastic.”
Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you both. Thank you, Darrell. (applause) And I always
thought he was a very young guy. How many years are you
married to your great wife? Mr. Scott: Only 38. The President: I said,
“How many years are you married?” I thought he was
like 40 years old. (laughter) He said, “We’re
having our anniversary.” He’s got an
incredible wife. “Oh, how many years?” “Thirty-eight years.”
I said, “You got to be kidding me.”
Thirty-eight, right? Thirty-eight. That’s great. Congratulations, Darrell. Thank you. Thank you very much. Great friend of mine. And we’re also joined
by several outstanding members of my
administration — people that have really made a
difference: Secretary of HUD Ben Carson. (applause) A man that
has had more impact on investment in various
cities and inner cities and people that really
need help — an incredible, inspirational
man; an unbelievable athlete; and somebody
that’s done a job that — we can’t even believe what
a great job he’s done, because opportunity — you
know, I don’t know if you go see what’s happening
with Opportunity Zones; I don’t think there’s ever
been anything like it. And I have to give Tim
Scott a lot of credit for that. Maybe all of it. (applause) You know, I go
around and I talk about Tim Scott where they’re
not that familiar. And I say, “Yeah, there’s
a senator from South Carolina.” I could be in
the other parts of the country. “Tim Scott.” And they
come to me, “Why did you mention Tim Scott? Why didn’t you
take more credit?” I said, “Because,
honestly, it was his idea.” We got it done
together, but it was. And, Tim, I don’t think we
could have picked a better person than Scott Turner
to make our vision come true. It’s the hottest
thing there is. I don’t think there’s
been anything like it. (applause) So,
fantastic job. What a job. Johnathan Holifield, who’s
with me, and Ja’Ron Smith, who’s with me and been
with me for a long time. I want to thank you both. I know Ja’Ron
was back here. (applause)
Where is Ja’Ron? He was back here. There he is. He never wants credit. You know, usually he’ll
stay back there and I don’t want you ever to be
— I want you to be right where you should be. But you are — what a
job you guys have done. Thank you very much. And a very special thanks
to someone who worked tirelessly to get
this law passed. You know, I’ve always said
— I think I was telling Tim before, and I
pulled Lindsey aside. I said, “You know, I
think he’s a liberal. He could be a liberal.”
(laughter) Jared Kushner. He could be a liberal. (applause) He wanted
to get that through. He came to me. I said, “Jared, okay. Okay. Just don’t ever
come again. Please, just leave me
alone.” (laughter) And we got it done. Right, Jared? We called a couple of
folks that people didn’t think would come along and
they were incredible once they understood
what we were doing. And it’s really — you
know, it’s really worked out. It’s been a
while now, right? It’s been a while. And it’s really
worked out. We’ve had tremendous
support, and a lot of people are very happy. I want to extend my
warmest condolences to the family and many friends of
Elijah Cummings, who are celebrating his life
today in Baltimore. Not long ago, I met with
Elijah in the Oval Office, and I saw the passion he
had with me for lowering prescription drug prices. He had a very strong
passion for that. We’re going to
get it done. I will tell you, we are
absolutely getting it done. But I was with Elijah and
I have rarely seen anybody want to do
something like that. And we’re going
to have that done. Prescription prices
are coming down. We’re the first year in
50 years where they have actually come down. And if we could get
support on the other side, we’ll get those prices so
far lower than they are right now, you won’t
even believe it. I think people are going
to be very surprised. So I want to give my
warmest respects. Please. (applause) Every African
American leader here today — we have lot of great
leaders from all parts of our country — is very
proud of a noble heritage. Throughout our history,
African Americans have strengthened, uplifted,
sustained, defended, and inspired the United
States of America. At the founding of our
republic, African American heroes gave their
lives for the cause of independence. In the next century,
leaders like Sojourner Truth and Frederick
Douglass escaped the evil of slavery and fought for
the ideals enshrined in the Declaration of
Independence: that we are all created equal and that
our rights come from God. (applause) True. In the 20th century,
African American churches, civic organizations, and
HBCUs, like this one — this great one that
we have right here. It’s a beauty, isn’t it? A nice auditorium too, by
the way, I have to say. I go to a lot of places. This is one of
the nicer ones. Do you mind if
we come back? (laughter) But you helped
lead the righteous struggle to secure
civil rights. African Americans have
given their blood, sweat, and tears for this nation. You are entitled to a
government that protects your families, your jobs,
your safety, and that always puts American
citizens first. So true. So true. (applause) From the
beginning, my vow has been to stand up for those
who have been forgotten, neglected, overlooked,
and ignored. And we stand up loudly and
clearly in our nation’s capital. My goal has been to give a
voice to the voiceless and to make Washington see and
hear those who have been made to feel silent
and to feel invisible. Although criminal justice
reform was not a theme of my campaign initially,
when I came into office, I heard from countless
leaders and listened to many diverse points of
view, including to our great church leaders
and religious leaders. Everyone from governors to
law enforcement officers, faith-based ministries. They call came to see me
— asked me to fight on behalf of this
forgotten community. I knew criminal justice
reform was not about politics. I’m, to this day, not sure
that what I did was a popular thing or an
unpopular thing, but I know it was the
right thing to do. (applause) Thank you. Last year, Kim Kardashian
West and Kanye West, they came to see me. And really good people. They really are. And they told me the story
of a woman named Alice Johnson. Alice had already served
22 years for a first-time, non-violent drug offense. And she was going to be
in prison for, it looked like, at least
another 28 years. That’s her whole life. During her time in prison,
Alice became a minister and mentored
fellow inmates. She’s an incredible woman. She took responsibility
for her actions, but her sentence was simply not
proportionate to her crime. And that’s why I commuted
Alice’s sentence. And I’ll never forget the
scene: She came out of prison, and there were her
children, all grown up: big, strong guys;
beautiful — really beautiful, incredible
women with such love in their hearts. And they embraced and they
kissed and they hugged and they cried outside of this
big, monstrous prison. It was a scene that played
all over our country, and it was a scene that I
don’t think anybody has any idea the impact of
what that had on a lot of people that don’t maybe
think like we do. It had an
incredible impact. It was a beautiful
thing to see. There was so much love. That was true love. And that was a
truly happy family. And that was something
they never expected. Twenty-eight more years. I knew in that moment that
I made the right decision. And we’re all delighted
that Alice is with us. She’s been such an
incredible representative. In fact, sometime I’m
going to sit her down and ask what is it
that you do? Please explain it to me,
Alice, because I’d like to have a little bit
of what you have. (laughter) But she has
been — she’s got an incredible warmth
and passion. And she really is a
very special person. I’ve gotten to know her. So, Alice, please come
up and say a few words. Alice, thank you. (applause) Thank
you, darling. Ms. Johnson: I never in my
wildest dreams would have thought that I’d be
standing before such a group as this. What an honor. Being incarcerated,
separated from my family for 22 years — almost 22
years — was one of the hardest challenges
of my life. When one person goes to
prison, it impacts not only that person, but
their family, their communities,
their society. For generations,
we are impacted. Criminal justice reform
is not a partisan issue. We are human beings. I represent, as you see my
face here, see the faces of the ones that you will
never see unless we come together; unless we come
together to act to cause other families to be
reunited the way that I was reunited
with my family. It was only by the
grace of God that our President’s heart was
touched by my story and signed papers to
commute my sentence. Kim — (applause) — and I
want to thank all of you for the warm reception
that I have received since I came home. I think that my story
touched so many who saw it, who read about it, who
heard about it, because we are just regular people. When I came home, I didn’t
come home as an ex-felon, I came home as a
returning citizen. (applause) So I just want
to say thank you again for all of the work
that is being done. I thank all of our
legislators who have come together and put aside
all of their political differences to work on
this very important issue, because this truly has
become a movement and it is one that we as
returning citizens would not allow you to forget
those who have been left behind. Thank you. (applause) The
President: Fantastic. Thank you, darling. I’m proud of you. Thank you, Alice. And Alice’s story not only
touched my heart, but it showed me that significant
disparities and injustices can exist in the
criminal justice system. And I actually went to
Alice and I said, “Alice, you were in a
prison for 22 years. You got to know a lot of
people in that prison. How many people do you
have in that were — there’s only one
Alice, right? — but people like you. People that are there
for so many years for something that, really,
it’s time to come out?” And I said, “Because I
want their names.” And she knows. Right? She knows the ones. She knows the ones that
we’re talking about. Some great
people are there. And so we’re going to
work on that, right? You’re going to give me a
big list and we’re going to do — we’re going
to do some good things. Okay? (applause) She goes, “Hmm,
probably.” Thank you, Alice. Great job. The more people I spoke
with, the more clear it became that the system
could be deeply unfair, contributing to a tragic
cycle of poverty and crime and incarceration. To redress this
unfairness, the FIRST STEP Act made transformative
changes. We rolled back the unjust
provisions of the 1994 Clinton crime law —
(applause) — which disproportionately harmed
the African American community. You know that. I remember very
well what happened. Here with us today is
one of the Americans who changed her life and was
recently released under the FIRST STEP Act:
Tanesha Bannister. And please, Tanesha, come
up and tell us your story. Thank you very much. Please. (applause) Ms. Bannister:
As the President of the United States says, my
name is Tanesha Bannister. I was released, after
doing sixteen and a half years, under the
FIRST STEP Act. And it was because of that
act that I was able to reunite with my family. I’m joined here today
by my son, Abel. He’s somewhere
in the crowd. There. (applause) I want to thank
all the political leaders and the organizations that
helped push this act — organizations like Cut50
that led this act to free not only just me, but
thousand of others. I want to thank all the
political leaders that crossed party lines and
stepped out of their comfort zone to
make this happen. So many, like myself, have
been displaced in the criminal justice
system for so long. But I stand here today to
say: Because of the FIRST STEP Act, we’re able to
move towards the second step. I want to thank the
President for giving me another lease on life. If it wasn’t for you,
Mr. President, I’ll still be serving five
years in prison. (applause) The
President: All right. That’s good. That’s good. Ms. Bannister: And I’ll be
forever grateful for that. The President: Thank you. Ms. Bannister: I just want
society to know that this is one bright spot that we
can stand on that’s not an issue that has to
be forgotten about. It’s one that has been
focused on by not only just the political
leaders, but the organizations that fight,
that (inaudible) to Washington. That was our voice when we
didn’t have a voice to be heard. And I just want to say
“thank you.” I want to say that, in order to take the
first step, you have to be willing to do things that
you’re not comfortable with. You might — you don’t
have to be willing to have conversations that you’re
not willing to have. For decades, the criminal
justice conversation has been a hard
conversation to have. Almost non-existent. It was all about the
political leaders thinking about who can be tough on
crime, who can lock up the most and throw
away the key. It dehumanized. But I’m standing here
today saying: This is what a second chance
looks like. (applause) I’m determined
not to let my past define my future, but to continue
to move forward day by day, step by step, and not
forget about the ones that are left behind. There’s still work to do. But what I can say is, on
this day, a change has been made, and we’ll
looking forward to things to come in the
near future. Thank you, Mr. President. Thank you, Benedict
College, for having me. Thank all the political
leaders and organizations that fought for not just
myself but others like me. FIRST STEP Act not only
freed thousand of people, but it helped rehabilitate
us, to have us ready to integrate back into
society and live a comfortable life. And I just want to
say thank you again. (applause) The President:
Thank you, darling. Alice, when is she running
for office, please? I want to back her. We have to back
her, right? That was not a written
speech, folks. That was delivered
from the heart. That was incredible. Tanesha, do you mind if I
take a couple of the lines you just gave and use them
in my future speeches, please? (laughter) And, Tanesha,
like Alice, I want you to go give me some
recommendations of people that you lived with for
many years that you know are good people, that are
in there for a long period of time. I want you to give me
a list of names, okay? Because I know — give
me only the right ones. You know the — (applause)
— you got a tough couple of bad ones in there
too, Tanesha, right? And that’s okay, too. But give me the right
ones, the two of you, and as soon as you can. Okay? Because you know some
great people that are going to be there for
many, many years, Alice. Right? And you’re going to give
me some names, all right? Thank you both. Thank you. (applause) Incredible. Thank you both. To ease former inmates’
return to society, the single-most important
action we can take is to help them find a good job. As a result of our tax
cuts, our regulatory cuts, and pro-American trade
and, you know, we’re putting America first — I
think everyone likes that very much — the energy
reforms — our economy is booming. It’s booming like
never before. Nothing better for former
prisoners that are coming home to look for a job
when there’s very low unemployment. And that’s what
we have right now. Because of this, the tight
labor market, employers are now recruiting
Americans who have been on the sidelines for far too
long, including those with criminal records. And they’re doing
a phenomenal job. They come out, and
they’re being hired. And I’ve had many people
tell me — people that are doing the hiring —
saying these people are unbelievable. They never got
a chance before. So we are being helped by
— they call it the “Trump economy,” but a
great economy. We’re being helped
by a great economy. And perhaps our economy is
the best criminal justice reform of all, because
when people can get a job, earn a paycheck, and find
purpose in their work, and especially when they are
coming out of prison, it’s an incredible thing. (applause) It’s really
an incredible thing. And we’re setting
records also. When they come out,
they’re not going back, in many cases. Statistically
much, much better. That’s because they get
a job and they like it. They love it. But before, they were
never getting that job and bad things were happening. For years, applicants with
criminal records were dismissed out of hand,
just automatically: “Nope. We’re not interested.”
And even if they were qualified, and if you
thought they were reformed, they
couldn’t get work. My administration is
working vigorously to remove barriers to
re-entry and to encourage second-chance hiring. And we’re really
doing a great job. When we say “Hire
American,” we mean all Americans. Every single American. That’s what we want. Instead of hiring low-wage
labor from overseas, we’re asking companies to
hire American citizens, including former prisoners
who have been reformed. America is stronger, and
our society is brighter, when everyone can
contribute, participate, and join in our
national revival. And that’s what it is. We have a national revival
going on like you haven’t seen in a long time. Our two great senators,
Tim and Lindsey, have been so helpful. I can’t even tell
you how helpful. Here with us today is
Jerome Brown, who served 11 years in prison and
now is a master barber. Oh, good. I can have my hair
properly cut. (laughter) Where is he? Lindsey, do you have a
scissor on you, by any chance? (laughter) Finally, I
can get a good haircut. I’ve been criticized
for a long time. Now, it’s — and
doing really well. He has more than
500 clients. And, Jerome, I’d love you
to come up and say a few words. But perhaps more
importantly, check out my hair. See what you
can do for me. (Laughter and applause.)
Thank you, Jerome. Mr. Brown: First, I would
just like to say thank you to the President for
giving everybody a chance. Because, a lot of times,
there are people in prison, and you don’t
really know, like, their goals or, you know, what
they want in life unless they have a chance. I was kind of fortunate. When I walked through
the doors of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, I
had a goal in mind. And my goal was to educate
myself, and to read and to help my entire 11 years. So, during that time,
I made curriculums. I started a program
called, “Criminal and Addictive Thinking.”
I had barber classes. And I was mentoring guys
that couldn’t read or write. I would help them. Anything I can do to help
somebody, because helping them helped me. And it couldn’t have been
done without support neither. So, support from my family
and my wife Keisha (ph). We’ve been
married 24 years. The staff in the BOP. And now that I’m looking
at the FIRST STEP Act, the President is also giving
a lot of guys and women support again. Because without the
support, they don’t have the incentive to do things
positive for their life and to make a change. So, for that, Mr.
President, I thank you very much. The President:
Thank you, Jerome. You’re so beautiful. Thank you very much. (applause) Mr. Brown: M
goal now is just to mentor people as much as I can. I mentor guys now
that still come home. I try to show them the
right way, not to give up, because a lot of people
give up easily just because of a
criminal record. And they just think that’s
the easy way out, just to say, “Oh, I have a record. They’re not going to hire
me anyway.” One quick example: When I was in
prison, I had to renew my barber’s license. And for five years
straight, New York state denied me because of moral
turpitude — because of my conviction. Every year, I
say, I don’t care. I’m just going to
spend $40 every year. And if they deny me, I’m
just going to do it every day until I get out. And eventually,
they approved it. And I had letters from
staff and everybody that gave me support. So it’s like — you
can never give up. You know, like I said, the
support right now from the FIRST STEP Act, I think
it’s going to help a lot of men. There’s still a lot of
good men left in there, and women. So, my motto was just, you
know: To help one person in any way is to help
secure the future everywhere. Thank you. (applause) The President:
Thank you, Jerome. Fantastic job. Thank you very much. Thank you, Jerome. Incredible job. On criminal justice
reform, trade, the economy, and so much else,
our America First Agenda is focused on expanding
opportunity for citizens of every race, religion,
color, and creed. For decades, politicians
of both parties put their own interests ahead of
your interests, and put the interests of foreign
nations ahead of the interest of our nation. Our leaders spent $8
trillion on wars in the Middle East, but they
allowed our great cities to fall into tragic
decay and disrepair. For the cost of one year
of war in the Middle East, we could have given
scholarships to every child at every inner city
school in America and had tremendous numbers of
dollars left over. Politicians drained
America’s wealth policing ancient tribal conflicts
overseas, while leaving generations of African
American children trapped in failing government
schools and in failing inner cities. The same Washington
establishment enacted ruinous trade policies
that shuttered our factories and shipped our
jobs very far away to other countries. More than half a million
African Americans lost good-paying manufacturing
jobs after the twin disasters of NAFTA and
China’s entrance into the World Trade Organization. That was a bad day. At the same time,
lawmakers and corporations joined forces to push
immigration policies that hurt working-class
Americans of all backgrounds. Many politicians fight
harder in Congress for illegal immigrants than
they do for United States citizens. (applause) My
administration will always put American
communities first. On issue after issue,
politicians raked in cash from special interests
while selling out our nation’s workers and our
nation’s great families. Under this administration,
the great betrayal of the American worker is over. After years of rebuilding
— (applause) — thank you. After years of rebuilding
foreign countries, we are finally rebuilding our
country, renewing our cities, and securing
our neighborhoods, and protecting our own
forgotten communities. Audience Member:
Make America great! The President: All my
life — that’s right. Make America great. (laughter) I couldn’t have
said it better than you did. Thank you. Thank you, darling. All my life, I’ve been
committed to advancing fairness and opportunity
for the African American community. And today, I am here
before you with the empty — and we have to say,
we’ve had so many people with empty
political rhetoric. We’re doing the opposite. We’re acting, not talking. People have talked. (applause) They’ve talked. They’ve talked a lot and
they’ve got nothing done. And we’re talking
about for a century. We’re talking about for
over a hundred years it’s been all talk by a certain
group of politicians and no action. Tim Scott, Lindsey Graham
— they’ve done more in the last couple of years
than some of our, I hate to call them opponents,
but I guess that’s what they are, unfortunately. But they have done more
than they have in a hundred years. I am here to report on
real actions that we’ve taken, real promises that
we’ve kept, and real results that
we’ve delivered. Since the election, the
unemployment rates for African American, Hispanic
American, and Asian Americans have achieved
all-time, historic — in the history of our
country — lows. Today we have more working
— (applause) — today we have people working at a
level and a number, in the history of country. we’ve never had so many
people working before. Almost 160 million people. Never come close. African American youth
unemployment — so important — a number
that, three years ago, when I was running,
was through the roof. It was, you know,
just incredible. It recently reached the
lowest rate ever recorded. Youth unemployment. So important. African American poverty
rate has reached its lowest level ever recorded
in the history of our country. (applause) So, when I’m up
on the debate stage with one of these characters,
whoever it may be — (laughter) — and I rattle
off a couple of those stats, I don’t know how
they’re going to beat me. They’re going to have
to be awfully good. They’re going to have
to be awfully good. More than 2 million
Americans have been raised out of poverty — taken
out of poverty, lifted out of poverty. For the first time on
record, most new hires of prime working age are
minorities and women. That’s the first time
in the history of our country. (applause)
Minorities and women. Wages are rising fast. And they are rising
twice as fast for the lowest-income workers than
they are for the high-wage earners. Proportionately, they’re
doing the best of all. Women — the best year for
employment in 71 years. And soon, I think,
it will be historic. It will be “in history.”
(applause) That’s a good number. A recent analysis found
that middle class income has risen by $5,000. But add to that — that’s
median household income — add to that $2,000 from
the tax cuts and then $2,000 for energy, because
our energy is much cheaper. And when you look at other
countries, what we’ve done with energy, we become
the number-one producer anywhere in the
world, by far. And so that would be
$9,000 per household. Median income. Think of the household
median income. Nobody has ever
come close. If you go back and you
look at the Bush — eight years — it’s $400,
for eight years. You go back and you look
at the Obama — eight years — it’s
less than $1,000. And with us, it’s $9,000,
when you add — think of that. And that’s for two and
a half years, if they stopped at two and a half. It’s even better now,
because we’re almost up to three. I don’t even know if you
folks know that, but think of that statistic: $400
for eight years, $975 for eight years, and $9,000
for two and a half years. I mean — (applause.)
Audience Member: Four more years! The President: Thank you. Audience: Four more years! Four more years! The President: Thank you. I just — that
just came out. That came out in
a poll — Moody’s. And it just came
out in a poll. And you can never take
this — they said I’ll win the election, practically,
no matter what. They had three
different forms of win. And they’ve been right in
every year except for one. You know what the one was? The last one. They got that one wrong. (laughter) Did you
know that, fellas? They got that one wrong. They said, “We were wrong
about 2016.” They don’t even mention that I
happened to be in that election. But they said that was the
only one they got wrong. That’s okay with me. (laughter) If they’re
going to get one wrong, that was the one we wanted
them to get wrong, right? But those are
incredible numbers. Those are numbers that
nobody would have believed possible. If I would have said that
on the campaign trail, people would have said,
“You have to be kidding.” They would have said —
the fake news said, “You have to be kidding.”
(laughter) “He’s not telling the truth, ladies
and gentlemen.” Well, it turned out that’s far more
than we even anticipated. Through our Pledge to
American Workers, more than 360 companies have
committed to providing over 14 million training
jobs and career opportunities for
the American worker. My daughter, Ivanka,
worked so hard on that. That’s her love. It’s her passion. It’s incredible. She came to me at
the beginning of the administration, and she
said, “I want to help people get jobs, Dad. But they have to be
trained.” She was a great student. She’s a great person. And she said, “But they
have to be trained.” I said, “What’s your goal?” She said, “500,000 jobs.”
She just hit 14 million. Can you be- — I said,
“That’s Ivanka.” (applause) You know,
that’s Ivanka. Fourteen million jobs. (applause) It’s an
incredible — it’s one of the reasons, I think, that
our employment numbers are so good. I hope that you will judge
my administration based on the tremendous amount that
we’ve achieved — not talking, but achieving. We’ve made — it’s —
it’s really something. (applause) It’s
really something. And the support that
you’ve given is incredible. We’ve made our nation
stronger than ever before. And I’m here to tell you
that we’re just getting started. And we’re just getting
started for the African American community too. Please remember that. And I will say this, and I
really say this with great confidence: The
best is yet to come. (applause) Audience:
Four more years! Four more years! Four more years! The President: Thank you. Thank you very much. Now, don’t say, “Sixteen
more years,” because you’ll drive them crazy. (laughter) They’re afraid. They said, “You know, he’s
going to win.” They said — one of these characters
said, “You know, he’s going to win, don’t you? You know, he’s going to
win.” “Well, no, we’re going to fight.” “He’s
going to win and then he’s never getting out. He’ll be here for another
four, and then another four, and then another. We’re never going to get
him out.” So when we say “four more years,”
sometimes say “16 more years”. It drives them crazy. (laughter) And we like
doing that, don’t we? But as we make tremendous
strides to deliver greater economic promise to all
our citizens, we’ll never let up on our efforts to
ensure that our justice system is fair for
every single American. And I have my own
experience, you know that. You see what’s going on
with the witch hunt. It’s a terrible thing
that’s going on in our country. No crimes there. It’s an investigation
in search of a crime. It’s been going on for
longer than I’m in office. (laughter) It’s true. It happened before I even
got here with — remember? — the insurance policy. Strzok and Page, the
lovers, the great lovers. (laughter) The two great
lovers, they talked about the insurance
policy, right? That, “She’s going to
win, but just in case she doesn’t, we have an
insurance policy.” That was long before Mueller,
and that whole deal. We had 18 angry Democrats
that hated Trump, looking at me. Spent $45 million, and
they found nothing. I think I could do that
with almost everyone in the room, except maybe
your two senators. I could never find a
— that’s why they’re senators, because
they’re so clean, right? But, in America, you’re
innocent until proven guilty. And we don’t have
investigations in search of that crime. It’s a terrible thing. It hurts people very
badly and it divides the country. Innocent people, and those
surrounding innocent people, were being
destroyed and humiliated. We have so many people
that have been hurt, destroyed, and humiliated
in ways that we’ve never seen before in the
history of our country. And we’re working to put
an end — for everybody — to horrible injustice and
the horrible practices that we’ve seen. It’s just — not only
here, it’s — it’s in other places. It’s in some
pretty high places. Justice, fairness, and due
process are core tenets of our democracy. These are timeless
principles I will faithfully uphold
as President. They’re principles
Republicans stand for and, historically, Democrats
have stood for in the past. They used to
stand for them. If this were a Democrat,
they would never allow this to happen. They would never, ever
allow this to happen. And I’ll tell you, Tim
Scott made the finest statement yesterday. He said, “The
President is innocent. Forget about due process. He’s innocent.” And
I won’t forget that statement. We have a — (applause) —
we have to remember — a big factor, and I say it
in more and more of my speeches, because Honest
Abe was something pretty special. Abraham Lincoln, he was a
Republican, a President revered for what he did to
preserve our nation and union and to
abolish slavery. Abe Lincoln was
a Republican. A lot of people
forget that. Fellas, I think we have to
start bringing that up a little bit, okay? (applause) People
forget that. They don’t know that. They don’t assume
it, actually. We’re committed to
upholding his legacy and the sacred principle that
all people are entitled to live in freedom
and dignity. I’m talking about Lincoln
more and more, because the Democratic policies have
let African Americans down and taken them
for granted. And they have. They’ve taken African
American communities for granted. And I promise you that
Republicans will never, ever do that. We’re going to keep
fighting for you and we’re fighting hard, and we’re
really having an impact. (applause) And you’re
having an impact on elections now. And you should never let
that happen, but they have taken advantage. I will always fight
against abuses of power from any source. And I will always champion
the right to due process, the right to a fair trial,
the right to good legal representation for every
American, regardless of race, background,
position, right? (applause) It’s a
big thing, legal representation. A lot of people get in a
lot of trouble because they have the wrong
representation. And they say, “Why I
didn’t have somebody that knew what he was doing
or tried or was fair?” This is my promise to each
and every one of you: I’m hearing that more and more
African Americans are supporting our Republican
policy agenda because they see the results that
we’re delivering. (applause) You know,
during the campaign, I read a long
list of things. It was a speech,
regular speech. Long list. Highest crime rate:
African American. Highest crime rate. Worst housing situation. Lived in the worst areas. Everything was bad. Worst education. There were like 10 — And
I’m going over 10 things, over and over and over. Highest rate of
incarceration. And this is all
African American. And I said to myself —
probably I shouldn’t say it, but I’m going to
say, “Vote for me. What the hell do
you have to lose?” Do you remember that? (applause) “What the hell
do you have to lose?” I said it. (applause) By the way, I
hate to say this to you, but my poll numbers with
African Americans, Tim, went like a rocket ship. Okay? My people said, “I don’t
know if that was good to say.” I said, “Look,
it’s the truth. What the hell do
you have to lose?” And you know what? I said it, and sometimes I
take the word “hell” out because the fake news
would say, “He used a horrible word. The word ‘hell’ was a
horrible…” I said, “I’ve heard worse than that.”
(laughter) But it was true. And look at what we’ve
done in less than three years. I mean, look at the
progress you’ve made. Everything is historic,
meaning it’s never happened in the history of
our country, what we’ve done. And we’re very
proud of it. And, you know, it’s an
incredible, talented, smart, wonderful, warm —
look at the people that came up today; warm
group of people. And I have so
many friends. They’re great, great,
and I am so honored. I just am so honored. And, Jerome, I’m putting
you in the same category with these two
incredible women. If you have some people
in there that you’ve been with for a long period of
time, you’re going to give me some names. I only want the
right names, Jerome. Okay? (laughter) I only
want the right ones. But I think it’s a
tremendous thing we can do. We can do a lot of great
things from — it’s called the power of
the White House. We can do some
incredible things. And we want to only
do the right things. But these are
three unbelievable representatives. And there are so many more
out there that we don’t know about. We want to find out who
they are so we can help them out too. Jared, I’ll put you in
charge of that little project. That’s something he’d like
to do very much, right? (applause) So as part of
our agenda to lift up forgotten Americans,
we are investing in distressed communities. Under the crucial
provision — a very, very important provision of our
new tax law — America’s governors have designated
nearly 9,000 communities as the Opportunity Zones
that we just discussed, including this very
neighborhood surrounding Benedict College. And you see what’s
happening even just around your college and
in your college. To bring back prosperity,
we slashed taxes on new investment in these areas. And people are investing
in these areas that would have never, ever
been investing here. And in some cases, they’re
rich, and in some cases, they’re not so rich, but
the money is flowing into your community. Nine thousand
different places. And I directed every
member of my Cabinet to support Opportunities
Zones in every possible way. And leading these efforts
is Secretary Ben Carson, along with executive
director of the White House Opportunity and
Revitalization Council, Scott Turner. Great job. Mick Mulvaney is
here someplace. Where’s Mick? He’s here someplace. Where is Mick? (applause) And a lot of
people are here, a lot of people that have done an
incredible job for this community and
for the country. Within my first weeks in
office, I also signed an executive order to support
historically black colleges and universities
— (applause) — by moving federal HBCU initiative to
the White House, where it belongs. It’s now in the
White House. Over the past two years,
we have increased federal funding for HBCUs by
a record 13 percent. Check out the last
administration. See what they did for you. Not too much. Not too much. Audience Member: Nothing. The President: You said
it: “Nothing.” Not much. Check it out. I don’t want to
get into this. I’ll get myself
in trouble. But I want you to
check it out yourself. My administration will
always treasure and protect HBCUs, like
Benedict College. It’s very important. It’s very important. The story of this
institution reminds us all how African American
leaders have helped America stand for what is
just, noble, right, and true. Nearly 150 years ago,
Benedict College began with 10 students and one
great Baptist minister. Their first classes
took place in a former plantation mansion. In the 1930s, Benedict
students participated in one of the first civil
rights campaigns in South Carolina. From the halls of this
campus came American pastors and poets,
advocates and athletes, innovators and
entrepreneurs. In their courage,
their vision, their determination, their
wisdom, and their grace, they lifted up the sights
of our nation and called America to greatness. They have done an
incredible job. This has been an
incredible institution. (applause) The
extraordinary legacy of generations of African
American patriots shows us that the heart and spirit
and soul of our nation is always found
in our people. You are the source of
America’s strength, the captains of America’s
destiny, and the authors of America’s future. Now, after decades of
bitter disappointments and betrayals from Washington
— and you have had the most bitter
disappointments, more than anyone — my
administration is making a decisive break with the
failures of the past. We are taking on the
entrenched interests, the corrupt power structures,
and the rigged systems of the old status quo. With confidence in our
vision, we are putting this nation on a better
and brighter path for you, for your families, and for
all of our great citizens. We’re keeping
our promises. We’re solving problems,
righting wrongs, and boldly confronting
injustices, wherever and whenever we find them. Through it all, we are
honoring our allegiance to the hardworking men and
women whose sweat and sacrifice make
our country run. Together, we are
reaffirming the sacred bonds of loyalty and love
that unite us together as citizens and patriots
and as Americans. We are defending freedom
and justice and equality for every man, woman,
and child all across our nation. We are fighting to bring
opportunity, dignity, and hope to every block, every
neighborhood, and every city and town all
throughout this magnificent land. Above all, we are putting
our faith in the greatness of our people, the grace
of our God, and the glorious power
of redemption. Thank you. God bless you. And God bless America. Thank you very much. Thank you. (applause)

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    ~ Ronald Wilson Reagan

  30. this video cuts out the 2 black men that handed him the award at the beginning !  Benedict college in Cola SC   …I worked with 2 twin girls many years ago…. Wanda & Rhonda… at Taylor Street pharmacy right up the street from this college they attended…a school that produces success ….Trump …The President who does for all people !!  Vote–> DT2O2O !

  31. “A sharp analytical mind is what we need today in this lawlessness, government lies, and false media narratives” Patriots STAY STRONG. Satan was In full control but not anymore. DARK to LIGHT. Democrats, Globalists, Radical Communists, Pedophiles, Criminals…All being taken down at a steady pace. TRUMP 2020! WWG1WGA – Q

  32. Ignoring China's Communist Party's 70 years of continuing massacres, enslaving, organ-harvesting, starving, threatening, oppressing and otherwise abusing their citizens, destroying our planet, and rampantly stealing of Intellectual Properties and assets from Companies and governments around the world. By having such an intimate relationship with China's communist regime, Politicians world wide ethical leadership quality is in question and many Patriots now do not believe they put their country's interest first before China's.

  33. Communists judge and praise others for the beautiful words they say, not for the crimes they secretly commit. 🤢🤢🤢
    Patriots judge and praise those for what they do and achieve, not for the soothing, politically correct-fake talk. 👏👏👏

  34. Dear Americans, you need to know and make no mistake about this, that your fight is with Islam and not with the individual Muslim, you kill one, and hundreds if not thousands are ready to take his place. Killing one does not count as a victory whether your president is Trump or Obama, but killing an Ideology is. You can protect your people by not allowing Muslims into your house and fight the ideology from there. This is how the west can win this war, Not with multiculturalism, that is national suicide.

  35. Thats Our POTUS, He Makes US Proud, Strong, Safe, Secure, Respected Again, Great Again, And Will Keep America Great! Thank You Lord 🙏 For Giving US President Trump, Keep Him,His Family And America Safe And Blessed! Amen!

  36. Love this wonderful hard working and promises made promises kept winning all the time President, he is the best he is victorious he is a hard worker he gets things done and he is the most wonderul promises made and promises kept Presient he is a Genius and he is getting things done fast despite of these losers delusional cry babies democrats who are mentally deranged mentally ill and mentally psyoctic, who need thier heads examined anyone that still supports the democrat party is really gullible if you can't see how evil, the do nothing deranged liars in the demoncrat party need to be impeached for corruption for trying to impeach this victorious presidnet because they know they cannot win in 2020, they are right they can't win, but the do nothing cry babies instead of getting things done good for this Country lke we all want and need they continue to divide this Country along with their mentally a holes liars in the psyco media of clowns, that spew hate bs and bull shit, anyone that still gives cnn crap network nazi clowns the time of day is really as mentally ill as they are, and evil, wake up America and democats once and for all please wake up, the democrat party does not love us, they hate us and they are enjoying punishing and getting revenge on us right now because we voted for this loving godly President trump and were all going to do it again all millions and millions of us, and were going to make the cry baby temper tantrum babies do noting demon rats cry again it is time to vote these lairs these criminals these traitors out for good, it is time to vote and keep President Trump in the white house six more winning winning yrs and hopefully beyond that. I was Democrat i had enough, of these sick people they are mentally demonic and sick, and I will never vote democate ever never again, they can go and screw themselves as far as i am concerned, they have no one to blame this time for the pathetic loss of this election and the destruction of the democrat party which they brought on themselves.they are not fooling anyone with their bs, they are only hurting themselves. CNN= CRACK NAZI NETWORK DRUGGIES

  37. The President is no racist it is the lying demonic hypocrite evil and sick mentally disturbed Marxist racist Activist socialist and Satanic demonic democrats, who would let people rot in prison for little crimes, they don't care about us President trump does, and we the American people must must vote the evil deranged traitors democrat party out of office one and for all people we have one more chance we blew it in 2018, ihope you all learned your lessons now, that the demonrats clowns frauds fakers and con artists possessed demons, are liars garbage and shit, and they don't give a damn about us or our families they only love money votes and power, and they will never get my vote again, President trump 2020.

  38. What is wrong with you people? I believe in God our savior and he doesn't not call people ugly names . He Doesn't even go to church or wear a wedding ring.

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