President Trump Gives Remarks at the National Rifle Association Leadership Forum

President Trump Gives Remarks at the National Rifle Association Leadership Forum

(Applause.) The President:
Thank you very much (laughs). We love you folks,
we love you, we love you. (Applause.) Audience:
USA. USA. USA. The President:
Not bad. Thank you, thank you, folks,
thank you very much. A great honor to be here
and I want to thank Chris. So many people have done
such an incredible job. And these are real patriots. They really are, and they don’t
get the kind of adulation but really, they do. And we know that.
I want to thank Wayne LaPierre. I want to thank my friend, our great Vice President,
Mike Pence, for his terrific remarks. (Applause.) I also want to recognize
our great Texas leaders. Do we love Texas? Do we love Texas? (Applause.) Governor Greg Abbott, my friend,
where’s Greg? Governor Greg Abbott. And he’s running —
and I’ve already done it, but I will tell you.
Greg, I fully endorse you. You are endorsed. He has done a great job. (Applause.) I’ll tell you, he would — you had your water just
pouring down on top of you, just kept coming and coming. He kept calling and calling, “We need more money,
money, money.” And you know what?
We gave it to you. Fully endorsed, Attorney General
Ken Paxton, tremendous guy. And by the way, Ken,
you have my full endorsement and Angela, your wife,
has my full endorsement. She’s just had a big victory. Senator John Cornyn, been with
me right from the beginning. John, thank you,
thank you, John. Full endorsement for this man. Ted Cruz, where’s Ted? (Applause.) Where’s Ted? (Applause.) Thank you,
boy, that was very rousing. (Laughter.) That’s a good sign. Congressman Pete Sessions
and Congressman Mike Burgess. Great friends. We’re also joined
by Pete Ricketts, Dana Loesch, Charlie Kirk,
Diamond and Silk. (Applause.) Where are they? Where are they? They’re so great. Mark Geist, Richard Hutchinson. Pete Brownell
and Leslie Rutledge. Finally, I want to
thank all of you, the true American
patriots of the NRA, who defend our rights,
our liberty, and our great American flag. Thank you, thank you very much. (Applause.) The people in this hall
have never taken our freedom for granted, never. And you have never
stopped fighting for our beloved Constitution. Incredible people, thank you. (Applause.) You give your time,
your energy, your vote, and your voice to stand strong
for those sacred rights given to us by God, including the right
to self-defense. (Applause.) And now, thanks to your
activism and dedication, you have an administration fighting to protect your Second Amendment and we will protect
your Second Amendment. (Applause.) Your Second Amendment
rights are under siege, but they will never,
ever be under siege as long as I’m your president. (Applause.) All of us — thank you,
thank you. All of us here today are united
by the same timeless values. We believe that our liberty
is a gift from our Creator and that no government
can ever take it away. We believe in the rule of law — (Applause.) — and we support the men
and women of law enforcement. (Applause.) We have pride in our history
and respect for our heritage. We put our hands on our hearts
for the Pledge of Allegiance and we all proudly stand
for the National Anthem. We proudly stand. (Applause.) Audience:
USA. USA. USA. USA. USA. USA. USA. USA. What people, what great people. Audience Member:
We love you. The President:
And this is your record crowd. You know, all-time record crowd,
you do know that? So, just remember,
nice to set records. (Applause.) We love our country
and we believe our citizens deserve a government that shows them the same
love and loyalty in return. For the last 15 months, that is
exactly what we have been doing. We are all finally
putting America first. (Applause.) And we are seeing
the incredible results. As a result of our
massive tax cuts and everybody is benefitting, and everybody is happy. And the Democrats
are very concerned. You watch how well
we do in ’18. You watch. (Applause.) Get out and vote, don’t be
complacent, don’t be complacent. When our history says that
when you win the presidency, you get complacent. We all know the feeling,
do you know the feeling? Not too many. Like 90 percent of the time, you win the presidency and for whatever reason,
you lose the mid-term. We can’t let that happen.
And the word is complacent. You know, I kept
thinking to myself, “Why is that, I wonder why?” Think about it, you win;
you have this great win. Now you take a breath,
you relax. All of a sudden,
two years is up. They’re fighting like hell
and you’re complacent. We cannot get complacent.
We have to win the mid-terms. (Applause.) Because since the election,
we’ve created 3.2 million jobs. Un-thought of. If we would have said that three
years ago during the campaign, people would have said, “What a horrible exaggeration,
that’s so terrible.” They wouldn’t have believed
it — 3.2 million. The unemployment rate —
you saw that just today — just fell beneath 4 percent
for the first time since the beginning
of this century. (Applause.) You know, I heard
it was about 19 years. I said, “Wait a minute. The beginning of the century
sounds better.” So, I say the beginning
of the century. More beautiful. African-American
unemployment has reached another all-time
in history record low. In history. (Applause.) And by the way, Kanye West
must have some power, because you probably saw, I doubled my African-American
poll numbers. We went from 11
to 22 in one week. Thank you, Kanye. Thank you. When I saw the numbers, I said,
“There must be a mistake. How can that happen?” Even the pollsters thought
there must be a mistake. No, we’ve come a long way. You remember I come in
to big rooms, big audiences, and I say, “What do
you have to lose?” Because the Democrats
have always had their vote. They say, “What do you
have to lose?” Horrible on crime.
Horrible on education. Horrible on everything. I’d say, “What do you
have to lose?” And they voted for me,
and we won. But now the numbers
are much higher than they ever were
with African-American. But we’re happy. (Applause.) And the same thing with
Hispanic American unemployment, which is also at
the lowest level in history. Unemployment,
lowest level in history. And women, unemployment,
many women. Is at the lowest level
in almost 20 years. (Applause.) Think of that. So, we have the best employment
numbers we virtually ever had. And yet all we hear about
is this phony Russia witch hunt. So, just when I’m
walking on the stage, a highly respected judge
in Virginia made statements. It says, The Wall
Street Journal, it says, “Judge questions
Mueller’s authority to prosecute Manafort.” (Applause.) Now Paul Manafort’s
a nice guy but, you know, he worked for me
a very short period of time. Literally for, like, what?
A couple of months. Little period of time. Then what happens? He worked for Ronald Reagan,
he worked for Bob Dole. They worked, I think
there’s a firm, for John McCain. They worked for others.
Does anybody say that, no. But he’s out there fighting
on fake news, CNN. (Applause.) I think NBC may be more
distorted and worse, but. No, but on CNN
they have a headline, “Judge in Manafort case says
Mueller’s aim is to hurt Trump.” You believe that? This is what we’re up. It’s called the witch hunt. So, I just said, “Give me that
article, I want to read it.” Just happened a few minutes
before I walked on-stage. “A federal judge
Friday questions special counsel
Robert Mueller’s authority to bring tax and bank fraud
charges unrelated –” unrelated — nobody knows that. Everybody’s, “Oh.” “Unrelated to the 2016 election against former Trump campaign
manager chairman, Paul Manafort.” He was there for a short while. But he’s a good person, he is. I really believe
he’s a good person. Judge T.S. Ellis, who is really
something very special I hear from many standpoints —
he’s a respected person — “suggested the charges
before the U.S. District Court for the Eastern
District of Virginia was just part of
the Mueller team’s designs to pressure Mr. Manafort
into giving up information on President Donald Trump
or others in the campaign.” I’ve been saying that
for a long time. It’s a witch hunt. (audience hollering) Then, none of that information
has to do with information related to the Russian
government coordination and the campaign
of Donald Trump. It doesn’t have anything to do,
it’s from years before. Then, how does this
have anything to do with the campaign,
the judge asks. Let me tell you, folks,
we’re all fighting battles. But I love fighting
these battles. It’s really a disgrace. (inaudible) (Applause.) Thank you, thank you. Can you imagine
if we ever called for a rally in Washington, D.C.? There wouldn’t be enough room,
there wouldn’t be enough room. We have a lot of love going on. You know, people don’t realize
we have great love going on in this country. Great love, it’s right here. We have — and by the way,
you just saw the recent poll? It came out,
the Rasmussen. 51 to 52. It’s the highest level
I’ve ever been at. How does that happen
when you only get bad publicity? How does that happen? (Applause.) That’s because people realize,
that’s because people realize that a lot of what you read and a lot of what you see
on television is fake. They realize it,
the people are smart. (Applause.) So, you have a battle also. You have a battle
to keep your rights, and we’re going to
keep those rights. You’re going to be so happy,
you have to say it. You weren’t sure that
Trump was going to win, but you all went out there. You all went out there
and you voted. You voted. (Applause.) And there were times
they put up that Trump / Pence. Trump / Pence. There were times
you’re saying — you know, the week before,
they were saying, I remember they came out
with a lot of phony polls. You know what that’s called? Suppression. They convince you that
you’re wasting your time. Why should you vote? Go to a movie instead,
come home and watch the results. Very few of the people
in this room and in this country did that, and we really had a big night. (Applause.) Remember they said, “There is
no way, electoral college. There’s no way to 270 for me,
there is no way to 270.” And they were right,
but 306 was okay, right? (Applause.) Crazy, three-o-six. So, we had a great time. And I think we’re doing
better now than ever before. I think we’re more popular now from the standpoint,
now we’ve produced. You know, when I was running, I said we’re going to
give you tax cuts. And by the way,
we are decimating Obamacare. We got a bad vote the evening — we got a bad vote the evening that we were going
to terminate Obamacare,
we got a bad vote. You know about that, right,
that was not a nice thing. That was an unexpected vote. But if you look at
the massive tax cut bill, we also got rid of
the individual mandate which is the worst part
of Obamacare, right? (Applause.) I don’t know if the people
in Texas are going to like this, but we also got ANWAR in Alaska. So, I don’t know
if you’re going to like it. A little competition.
But you know what it is? It’s called “energy
for this country.” It’s called energy. (Applause.) That, we like, so, Ted,
I think they’re happy with that. I think, right,
so, we’ve delivered. And when we were running,
I would say, “We’re going to this,
we’re going to that, we’re going to that.” A certain person that’s not
a very fair person in the media said, “I have to say, Trump has actually delivered
more than he promised,” which is probably
the first time people have ever heard
that statement. We actually delivered
more than we promised. And let me just tell you this. We’re really doing well
with North Korea. We’re really doing well. (Applause.) Right, we’re doing real well. Remember they said,
“Oh, it’s going to be terrible.” They were actually saying,
three months ago when the rhetoric
was rather sharp. Do we agree? I won’t use the rhetoric now. Now, I’m trying to calm
it down a little bit. So, I’m not going
to use the rhetoric. (Laughter.) But let’s put it this —
he goes, “Use it.” (Applause.) I know you come from Texas,
whoever the hell you are. (Applause.) Look, for years — for years,
they’ve had this problem. And everybody has said,
“Oh, don’t talk, don’t talk. No, please don’t.” The last administration
had a policy of silence. “Don’t talk, you may
make them and him angry. Don’t talk. If a horrible statement is made about the United States,
don’t say anything. We have no comment.
Please, please, oh my god.” (Applause.) Same thing with Iran, remember? We’re signing that horrible deal and they’re marching
in the streets, saying “Death to America.” I said, “Who signs a deal
when they’re marching, saying ‘Death to America’?” Who marches? They’re saying,
“Death to America?” And we have the
former administration as represented
by John Kerry. Not the best negotiator
we’ve ever seen. He never walked away
from the table, except to be in
that bicycle race where he fell
and broke his leg. (Laughter.) That was the only time. I said, “Don’t tell them
you broke your leg. Just stay inside, say
you don’t want to negotiate, you’ll make a much better deal.” But he broke his leg,
and I learned from that. At 73 years old, you never go
into a bicycle race, okay? Just saying. (laughter and applause) You just don’t do that.
I’m not 73; he was. Okay, just, but I’ll be there. But we have great
things going on. And, you know, with respect
to North Korea, remember how strong it was
and they were saying, “This is going to be nuclear
war, we’re going to have –” No, you know what
gets you in nuclear war? Weakness gets you nuclear war,
being weak gets you nuclear war. (Applause.) That’s what gets you
nuclear war. So, let’s talk
about guns, shall we? Paris, France has the toughest
gun laws in the world. The President just
left Washington. Emmanuel, great guy, nobody
has guns in Paris, nobody. And we all remember
more than 130 people plus tremendous
numbers of people that were horribly,
horribly wounded. You notice nobody
ever talks about them. They talk about
the people that died, but they never mention
that 250 people had horrible, horrible wounds. I mean, they never mention that. But they died in a restaurant and various other
close-proximity places. They were brutally killed by a small group
of terrorists that had guns. They took their time
and gunned then down one by one. Boom, come over here,
boom, come over here, boom. If you were in those rooms, one of those people
and the survivors said, “It just lasted forever.” But if one employee or just
one patron had a gun, or if one person in this room
had been there with a gun, aimed at the opposite direction, the terrorists would have
fled or been shot. And it would have been a whole
different story, I mean, right? (Applause.) Right, we all know
what’s going on in Chicago. But Chicago has the toughest
gun laws in our country. But Chicago has the toughest
gun laws in our country. They’re so tough,
but you know what’s happening. It seems that if we’re
going to outlaw guns, like so many people
want to do — Democrats — (Laughter.) You’d better get out and vote! (Applause.) Then we will get out —
you know what I’m going to say. We are going to have to outlaw
immediately all vans and all trucks, which are now
the new form of death for the maniac
terrorists, right? (Applause.) They take a truck, and they run
over eight people and wound 60, like what happened in New York, and what just happened.
It’s happening all over. So, let’s ban
immediately all trucks, all vans, maybe all cars. How about cars?
Let’s not sell any more cars. Audience Member:
I love you! The President:
I love you, too. Thank you. (Applause.) The President:
I recently read a story about in London, which has unbelievably
tough gun laws, a once very prestigious
hospital right in the middle is like a war zone
for horrible stabbing wounds. Yes, that’s right, they don’t
have guns; they have knives, and instead, there’s blood all over the floors of this hospital. They say it’s as bad as
a military war zone hospital. Knives, knives, knives,
London hasn’t been used to that. They’re getting used to it,
it’s pretty tough. We’re here today because
we recognize a simple fact. The one thing that has
always stood between the American people and the elimination of
our Second Amendment rights has been conservatives
in Congress willing to fight
for those rights, and we’ll fight. We’ll fight. (Applause.) We’re fighting to defend
our freedom. We need the people in Washington
to support our freedom, to support our candidates,
to support Ted, to support the people
that have to raise their hand. You know, they say
we have a majority. We have one,
a majority of one person. That’s not really a majority. We need Republicans. To do it right, to get
the kind of things we want, we’ve got to get Republicans elected. We’ve got to do great in 18. (Applause.) Those midterms —
we have to do them. We need judges who
will enforce our laws, protect our sovereignty, and uphold our
American way of life. The Constitution can’t
be changed by judges, bureaucrats,
or the United Nations. That is why we are
appointing federal judges who will interpret
the law as written. (Applause.) In my first year I nominated,
and the Senate confirmed, more circuit judges than any new administration
by far in history, and we will have the
all-time record very soon. (Applause.) President
Obama was very nice to us, because he left us
a lot of judges (inaudible), and I said,
That’s a lot of judges. Like, almost 140,
that’s a lot of judges. I was very surprised;
I was very happy. And we put an incredible new
justice on the Supreme Court, Judge Neil Gorsuch. (Applause.) Yet virtually every
single Democrat in the Senate opposed Neil Gorsuch, just like they have
consistently opposed judges who will protect
your basic freedoms. And by the way, the way
they’re slow-walking people that are supposed to be
working for us in government — if you look at what
they’re doing, in the history of this country
there has never been anything like what the Democrats
are doing on great people who gave up their jobs and their lives to take
a job as an ambassador, or people working
for our government. And they can’t get approved
because every single one of them is being slow-walked
by the Democrats, and it’s never happened before. And you know what,
I hope we have long memories, but I hope we don’t have
to worry about it, because we’re going
to be there a long time, so we won’t have to worry about. But what they’re doing
is disgraceful. (Applause.) What they are doing —
Schumer and the group — what they are doing
is disgraceful. What they’re doing to the wall
and immigration is disgraceful. And you just take a look
at the border, okay? You take a look,
take a look at what’s happened. My administration and
conservatives in Congress were elected
to uphold your rights; to rebuild our military, which we are doing
a great rebuilding — (Applause.) — to restore our prosperity; to secure our communities
and defend our borders. (Applause.) We have the worst immigration
laws anywhere in the world. I’ll tell you why, it’s not easy
for people to come in, I will tell you, it’s not —
we have the worst laws. After years of defending the
borders of other countries — we go into wars
with other countries; we shouldn’t be there. We go into wars
to defend their borders. We don’t defend
our own borders. (Applause.) And we’re going to start
defending our country. We’re going to start
defending our borders. (Applause.) You’ve all seen, on television,
all over the papers, the illegal migrants
pouring up through Mexico, flooding the border — many from Central America;
Honduras; all over the place —
coming up by the thousands. We’re stopping them at different
fronts, but we don’t have laws. We have laws that were
written by people that truly could not
love our country. (Applause.) Illegal immigration must end,
illegal immigration must end. We are going to have
strong borders. I will tell you,
we have maxed out every law. We are going to
have truly strong — and we’re going to take
people into our country, but they’re going to
come in based on merit, not based on picking
somebody out of a bin. (Applause.) We are not going to let
our country be overwhelmed, and we’re going
to demand Congress secure the border
in the upcoming CR. It’s going to be very soon,
going to be very soon. In recent months,
Democratic lawmakers have voted against legislation to close deadly
immigration loopholes, like catch-and-release. How about that one? We caught him. “Oh, release him, bye-bye. Welcome to America,
Welcome to America.” That’s what we have. We’re going to keep
the violent criminals out. Senate Democrats
like John Tester — you saw what happened there, what he did to one of the finest
people in our country, what he did to the admiral —
what he did is a disgrace. John Tester. (Applause.) Bill Nelson and Bob Casey
voted against Kate’s Law, legislation named
for Kate Steinle, who was gunned down by a five-time-deported
illegal immigrant, and you saw what happened
with that court case. Can you believe the result
of that court case? Can you believe that? The same senators, along with
nearly every other Democrat, also voted to protect something that’s actually becoming
very unpopular, sanctuary cities. Can you believe, finally,
people are starting to get it? (booing) Democrats
and liberals in Congress want to disarm law-abiding
Americans at the same time they’re releasing
dangerous criminal aliens and savage gang members
onto our streets. These countries
send up their worst. Remember when
my opening speech — I got criticized
for it, remember? Well, guess what, they’re not
sending their finest. That I can tell you. (Applause.) We’re getting some
real beauties in here. But we’re taking MS-13,
horrible killer gang members; we’re getting them out, because our guys are
much tougher than theirs. There is not even
a little bit of a contest. And that’s the only
language they understand. That’s the only language
they understand. These are savage killers. My administration
believes our cities should be safe havens
for Americans, not sanctuaries for criminals. (Applause.) And we believe that
violent gang members must be thrown out
of our country immediately, not left to stay, to fester,
and to get larger. We get ’em out, and we are
kicking ’em out by thousands. (Applause.) And if we had the right laws, which we can have very quickly
with cooperation, we wouldn’t even
have a problem. It would be so much
better, so much easier. We believe that politicians
who put criminal aliens before American citizens should be voted
out of office immediately. (Applause.) As we secure our borders, we’re also supporting the heroes who fight crime,
serve our citizens, and secure our streets, our brave men
and brave women in blue. We love them. (Applause.) In my administration
we have a simple policy, we will protect those
who protect us. You saw what I did with
the military equipment, the excess equipment
that was sitting all over the country in warehouses, never to be used again,
and other administrations — they just didn’t want
to give it to the police. They said, “It’s too much
protection; it looks too strong; it looks like military.” Guess what, it’s now
being distributed all over to our police forces. (Applause.) And it’s better than
they could ever buy. You can’t buy stuff like that. Today, our love and prayers
go out to the family of slain Dallas police officer Rogelio Santander, who last week was murdered
in the line of duty very, very close
to this arena. We ask God to help the others
who were wounded, and they will recover. They will be better;
they will be back. Send our love, so important,
thank you. (Applause.) And we mourn together with the
entire Dallas Police Department. It’s a great police department, a police force that
has lost too many heroes but has never lost its will
to protect and to serve you. (Applause.) We’re also taking very
strong action to secure and protect our most
valuable resource: Our children. (Applause.) All of us here today are deeply
committed to school safety. Nothing is more important
than protecting innocent lives. And I will tell you,
Wayne and Chris and all of the people
at the NRA — we speak about it all the time. These are great people,
these are great Americans. These people have great heart;
they know what they’re doing. Our entire nation was filled
with shock and grief by the monstrous attack
on a high school in Parkland, Florida. We mourn for the victims
and their families, gotten to know members
of those families. These are incredible people. And our hearts break
for every American who has suffered the horrors
of these school shootings. In the aftermath
of the terrible attack, I met with the survivors, the parents of school shooting
victims at the White House. I was inspired,
like all of you were, by their incredible courage. We agreed that it’s not enough
to simply take actions that make us feel like
we’re making a difference. We must ensure that we
actually make a difference, and my administration has
pursued an aggressive strategy on community safety. We’re working to improve
early warning systems so that when
the police are called, when the community
sees the red flags — which they saw in Parkland
all over the place; there has never been a case
where more red flags have been shown — swift action is taken
by the authorities. Law-abiding gun owners
want to keep firearms out of the hands of those who pose a danger
to themselves and to others. We all want that,
we all want that. (Applause.) I recently signed legislation
that includes more than $2 billion to improve school safety, including the funding
for training and metal detectors and security and mental health. Mental health is a big one. They don’t like to talk
about mental health. Mental health — that was the
number-one example in Parkland. That legislation also
made vital improvements to our background check system,
which everybody wants. Finally, all of us agree that
we must harden certain schools. At the same time, the police have to be able to get into those schools
if there’s a problem. We want armed guards,
we want to be able to get in. (Applause.) I saw some of the craziest plans
that I’ve ever seen. You can spend a fortune
on each school. You will spend so much — nobody knows more about
construction than I do. You will spend so much,
you’re going to make it so hard that you can’t run a D8 —
you know what that is, right? Through the doors —
tt means a tractor. There’s only one problem,
if one of these maniacs get in, and it’s so hard,
you can’t get in. So, you have to be careful. We strongly believe in allowing
highly trained teachers to carry concealed weapons
if they’re highly trained. (Applause.) And we want highly trained
security guards. Ninety-eight percent
of mass public shootings have occurred in places
where guns are banned, just so you understand. Tragically, as we see, there’s no sign more inviting to a mass killer than a sign that declares, “This school is
a gun-free zone.” Come in and take us. (Applause.) Ninety-eight percent,
you know, they’re cowards. You saw that in the recent case,
where he did all of his damage, and then he sort of slinked
out of the school, and the policeman outside caught
him in a different community. That policeman did a good job. (Applause.) That policeman did a good job. Caught him in
a different community. But they are cowards. When they know there’s guns
inside, they’re not going in. We just don’t understand that;
we can’t get that word out. But highly trained people —
at the same time, there is no stronger deterrent for a sick individual than the knowledge that their
attack will end their life and will end in total failure. When they know that,
they’re not going in. You’re not going
to have school attacks. We support the Second Amendment, not only because
we believe in freedom, but also because
we trust in everyday, talented, wonderful people. They love our students. (Applause.) And by the way, these teachers
— they love their students. They love their students,
they understand it. They love their students, and they’re not going to let
anybody hurt their students, but you have to
give them a chance. In America, we trust the people
to be wise and to be good. We trust them to take
responsibility for themselves, their families,
and their communities. And that is why, in America, we have always trusted the
people to keep and bear arms. (Applause.) It is fitting that
we gather today in the great state of Texas, a place that cherishes
their right like no other. (Applause.) You know, before I left today, a couple of people
came up to me — good political people —
they said, You know, going to the
NRA convention and speaking today —
that’ll be very controversial. It might not be popular. You know what I said? Bye-bye,
got to get on the plane. (laughter and applause) Because we have to
do the right thing. (Applause.) We have to do the right thing. (Applause.) This proud state would not exist if not for a handful
of determined and defiant Texans who refused
to surrender their rights nearly two centuries ago. Right? You know who I’m talking about.
You know who I’m talking about. (Applause.) In 1835, soldiers from
General Santa Ana’s army marched into the little
Texas town of Gonzales and ordered those settlers
to surrender their small cannon they relied on
to protect their lives and protect their homes. The Texans refused, you refused. You’re tough. (Applause.) That’s right, they were not
about to give up their only means
of self-defense. In response,
Santa Ana’s army returned with a large group
of additional people. They had men all over the place;
the army was big. This time, they were met
by dozens of Texans, settlers, soldiers
and ordinary citizens, who had rushed to Gonzales to defend their rights
and their freedom. As Santa Ana’s men
watched from a distance, those brave Texans raised
a flag for all to see, and you know what it said. On the banner,
they painted a cannon, along with four words
that echoed through the ages, and you know what it is. It said, “Come and take it.” Come and take it. (Applause.) Audience:
USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! The President:
Like those early Texans, Americans will never
surrender, ever, ever, ever. We will never,
ever surrender. (Applause.) We will never give up
our freedom. Americans are born free. We will live free,
and we will die free. (Applause.) So again, it is a great honor to
be with you very special people. We truly appreciate
your support. I’m doing the right thing. I’m doing it for you,
but we’re doing the right thing. We’re doing
the right thing together. (Applause.) I want to thank again
all of our friends and patriots from the NRA. We will never fail, and we will always protect your Second Amendment. Thank you. God bless you,
and God bless America. Thank you all, thank you. (Applause.)

100 thoughts on “President Trump Gives Remarks at the National Rifle Association Leadership Forum

  1. Trump is a COWARD!, Traitor, liar. Trump has attacked Admirals, Generals, Navy SEAL's, Veterans, gold star families, ran 5 times to avoid wearing the US Uniform, shook hands with PLO terrorists that murdered US Marines in Beirut and Olympic athletes then invited them to the White House, proudly gave the Russians "Highly classified Information", gave the exact location of 3 US Nuclear subs on patrol and pardoned a Spy that took pictures of the power plant and systems of a US nuclear sub on patrol. Don't forget all of the DC Republican Traitors, that stated their " Number one job is the failure of the President"- US Special Operations Afgh, Iraq, Africa and around the world

  2. I feel like your not telling us the truth anymore. Your just distracting the American people with the good things you do, which we respect are happy to see, Thank you. But what about our country being taken over by other people, immagrants!!!!!!!! Use your excutive order to cut the money off to them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They will not come!!!!!!!! Please stand up and be very strong for America !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are getting our money and more then we get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop this now make us happy once and for all !!!!!!!!!

  3. Audio is sooo crap. Diff the chant "USA!" – WTF. The look that student hearing Pelosi "values" socialist spew; my take freakin echo chamber "all time" "all-time" … sheesh, FACT: "[d.i.n.o.] horrible at.." to, include, scapegoat. Double-standards, we drowning CA – statutes-molesters, forever and a day.. "press".

  4. If Martin Luther King Jr. were alive today, he would dis-own the hate filled democratic party.

  5. Exactly ‘ the laws were written by those who didn’t care for this County. We love you Trump for loving us the people and this Great Country.

  6. I'm Canadian and envy you for your President. If we could borrow Trump for one day he could clean out the Muslim Brotherhood from our government! May God Bless Trump!

  7. The black flag is still There .as long as it hang there .Amerika has not trampled the Serpents head .remove the two pillars also .

  8. You should be be ashamed Mr. President. Pandering to lobbyists instead of the majority of Americans. You're only loyal to money! Smh

  9. Thank you, President Donald J. Trump, for your service, steadfast concern and dedication in stewardship in securing our citizens' rights! God help our nation to BE BEST for the good of all concerned. God bless America!

  10. shameless americans
    Mr. Trump You first thing is deal with, Tyson Foods inc. to sell sick dead chicken drumsticks to Taiwan defraud money , and then deal with trade war between China and the US.

  11. Russ "SHIT EATER" Hartman: You're sexual perversions are between you and what ever law enforcement agency you are required to report too. SHIT EATER!

  12. This current president since 2016 said in this speech at 4:45 "Your 2nd Amendment Rights are under siege but they will never ever be under siege as long as I'm your President". How's that now?

  13. Yeah Trump, what about our so called "assault weapons" which you so casually gave-up and sided with that old cunt Sen Freinkstein ? I don't trust you any more until you openly say you made a huge mistake and will NEVER gain allow talk of so called assault weapon bans of any kind or any other gun control laws! You were doing so well until you turned on us firearm owners in that disgusting meeting with gun grabbers….

  14. Mueller investigators have been examining some of Cohen's business relationships as part of the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. Viktor Vekselberg, chairman of asset manager Renova Group, is an oligarch close to Vladimir Putin. He sent hundreds of thousands of dollars in payments his company's US affiliate made to President Donald Trump's personal attorney, Michael Cohen. WHY ???

    The TRUTH should NOT FEAR investigation.

  15. ATT confirm paying $200,000 Novartis confirm paying $400,000 Russians confirm paying $500,000 Where did the other $4,500,000 go, remember Cohen couldn't pay Stormy and he had to get a 2nd mortgage to pay Stormy a mere $130,000


  16. Sure is funny how all you ignorant liberal democrats just can't get enough of TRUMP. Why don't you all go Barry's, "AKA Barak Obama's" page, and tell that moron how much you love him.

  17. This is the worst President in history!!! You people on here who love this idiot will see him fail you and this country. Wait and see. Remember I told you so!! He does not love this country, he loves money. We have a fool for a president. You’re a fool if you trust him.

  18. +JMJ…😍😍😍👏👏👏👍👍👍 So, glad he is OUR President!! Love his confidence! Love his loyalty to us Americans! Love his family image! Trump! Trump! Trump! 2020 God has. BLESSED America! #MAGA #BlacksForTrump

  19. Les sous-titres français Youtube c''est vraiment de la merde. L'intelligence artificielle robotique peut aller se rhabiller. Il faudrait quand même réussir à les civiliser ces Califuckniens de la Sili-con-valey

  20. Le sous-titrage insulte le président des Etats-Unis, insulte 1917 et le 8 mai 1945. Youtube, c'est vraiment un tuyau à merde robotique.

  21. Les sous-titres de la traduction française interviennent avant les paroles (et ont donc été faits par la machine putain avant) et sont pourtant nuls.

  22. I was so proud to be at this speech.. the crowd got very loud when Cruz was mentioned. Cruz!!!!!! Can’t wait for him to beat the democrat wanna-be Hispanic “Beto” o’Roark.

  23. "Witch hunt" Mueller should be charged with sedition and be arrested for false accusations (No evidence of any crime, yet conducting an investigation anyways, isn't that a constitutional law?). He should be facing a judge to keep his ass out of federal prison. Now, who was behind him? FBI, DOJ, State Dept, and a whole bunch of other actors, including James "Dopey" Comey who should facing the same charges, and then a charge of conspiracy for them all, to top it off. Shillary, Lynch('em) and the infamous (soon to be infamous) Obombish will soon be facing their own charges, as well as these.

  24. The rights given by God? Which one? The Christian God said turn the other cheek and make your swords into plowshares.

  25. If you support law enforcement: why make it so easy for the mentally unstable and criminals to get guns? Why not support better background checks?

  26. It's hilarious that he thinks only Republicans belong to the NRA and that he is stumping for 2020.

  27. Arm teachers that are part of the National Guard and service smell dogs. That would help with bathroom drug deals as well. We have 6 NG at my school alone. Get service dogs to sniff at the entrance. Cheap effective. Im a teacher. I don't want a gun, but both my neighbor teachers already are in the National Guard just give the order and arm them.

  28. what about bombs 😏trump you have to figure it out i know you can your smart they look like cowards se…dont judge a boom by its cover

  29. Travis Allen is bought and owned by the koch bros, Big Pharm and stated "the earth is flat, no question". We have enough idiots and dumbasses running the State of California, We don't need to add to the Short bus crowd in the State Capitol

  30. Can't wait for this orangutang to go down for all his financial crimes.

    Also, what's going on with Trumps thick, slurred speech lately? He's falling apart quickly.

  31. Trump is scared to death….. Just because you don't want Mueller to go beyong the original scope of the investigation doesn't mean that he has to stop, you fucking moron. You've shown that political norms are out the window. Trump will be hung with his own Rope. Goodbye very soon, you gigantic spoiled manchild.

  32. JEEZUSS!!! Election again???!! This guy is a total asshole. What a jerk. And how many Americans support him? Well, there you go, bye bye American leadership of the world. Greece and Rome ruled the world and faded away. Britain had an empire for a fair time, but just basically got worn out. USA dominant form 1945 to 2018… but who is next. Pretty clealry it will be China, but why is Russia in every conversation.. Because Putin is pulling Trumps strings with money into Trump Org. VERY SAD?
    Who signs a deal with people saying death to America – umm – last I heard North Korea were threatening to nuke America. Clearly. Specifically. With cartoons. Even Trump can undesrstand.

  33. Hey D!ckhead – how mauch majority did Obama have for most of his period. GOP blocked all his ideas. And the judges were blocked by COngress. FFS – how biased can politics be. It aint working people – and that isnt going to end well for anybody. Wioth the amount of guns in US it is going to be a bloodbath.
    DId Obama ever badmouth the GOP people by name – I really cant recalll that at all. Trump is personally identifying them. And teh worst laws??? WTF – this guy is a total fruitcake, playing to the fruitcakes…

  34. DemocRATs hang on to your ass, because you have no more control for the next 16 years, because we have POTUS Trump for the next 8 years and then it will be POTUS Pence for the next 8 years, sorry for all the good news……..not

  35. Trump & Pence – Greatest president & vice president of this century for sure…… perhaps last too!

  36. Never in my life could i have imagined america would have a leader like this. My prayers have been answered.

    Hail trump.

  37. James 5:1 – go ye rich and howl, for the miseries which are coming upon you…. 1 Thess.5:3…. Zephaniah 3:8 God is gathering the nations to that future point of *unexpected destruction….Zeph.1:18 where silver, and gold are worthless due to grt.tribulation Matt.24:21,22 this Mr.Trump belongs to the "rich".. But, he is not "rich"- James 2:5 – rich in FAITH, means heirs of the Kingdom. How hardly shall a rich man enter into the Kingdom of Heaven? No not going to happen. Jesus did not enter due to earthly wealth, etc. Hebrews 2:9,10.

  38. Much Love to president trump, he has done more work in 1 year than any other president has in 8 years…keep draining that swamp Mr President, love from the UK

  39. Trump is BY FAR the BEST President the United States has Ever Had.  He Respects the America People, the Constitution, and The Bill of Rights.   Can't Wait for Him to Throw Obama, the Clintons and Bushes in Jail.   Plus all of the Human Trafficking Pedophiles in Hollywood.   Keep Draining the Swamp of all the Filth and Corruption that is the Democratic Party.  They have ALL Failed the American People, and have Stolen Billions of Tax Payer Dollars.

  40. pretty sad how much americans love there country,they have been brainwashed to the core,we all live on this planet together

  41. Horrible, set there supporting citizens to have weapons of war. You lied to those students that were involved in mass school shootings. I support the right to bear arms. My family hunts but never have we had the need for a weapon of war. These were made for our military, not the citizens. Do background checks, make it illegal for citizens to have weapons of war. If those of you do not then the children that are our future will vote all of you along with those of us that have enough sense to see that there is no reason for our citizens to own a weapon like this. My heart goes out to those of you that have suffered because of these senseless avoidable acts.

  42. I like the new movement for "Sanctuary Counties" (in Illinois), which are exempting themselves from onerous state gun-control laws.  Pass a new gun-control law?  It doesn't apply in OUR county!  What goes around, comes around!

  43. Mike your wrong. The Dow is strong and will show big gains if the republican s win the mid terms. Trump did save jobs at Ford, Carrier , coal. Harley stock is down because they are losing the the old timers that liked Harley. We're getting old. You new mllennials want crotch rockets and not Harleys. Indian cycles are better and cheaper than Harleys. They are booming in Iowa. So you are wrong. Building is booming all over the USA, so get of your ass and get a job.

  44. America has advanced and developed so much in the last 250 years. Guns to hunt game to survive are days gone by. Guns and holsters are things of the past. It's time to re-write the Constitution. It's outdated and needs to be changed.

  45. Mr. Trump thinks in terms of money whatever the cost. No leader to me. He doesn't seem to care about the environment or most of the European countries . The problem is he's spreading the idea of the U.S.A as an inviting country to do business. Mr. Trump is a mistake in world history. Because of his actions, innocent people have died. In the U.S. you get guns and you get school shootouts, but in Europe there are no school shootouts. He (Mr Trump) is insane. President Obama was sane as to opposed to this Trump.

  46. i find it absolutely amazing how dwi drivers kills more innocent people then guns, and yet there's no argument on alcohol ban.

  47. According to the Bible, every person should have 2 guns with them at all times. Luke 36 Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.

    37 For I say unto you, that this that is written must yet be accomplished in me, And he was reckoned among the transgressors: for the things concerning me have an end.

    38 And they said, Lord, behold, here are two swords. And he said unto them, It is enough.

  48. President Trump is the best. However, how does the NRA justify having elected United States traitor and bosom buddy of Dick Chaney Olie North as it's President? Something is rotten at the top in the NRA.

  49. You know, the NRA and its sycophants have used "God-given" to justify their "right" for guns and the Second Amendment, but, funnily enough, I don't remember seeing ANY mention of guns in the Bible. So HOW is the right to bear arms "God-given"?

  50. DT likes to brag that he's getting that "old military equipment that won't be used anymore" out to the police departments, despite the fact that MILLIONS OF PEOPLE don't want their police depts. turned into military units. But here's an even better idea: DON'T BUY THE FUCKING EQUIPMENT IN THE FIRST PLACE. STOP THOSE CONTRACTS that stipulate 40 million pieces have to be bought if we don't have 40 million soldiers to outfit. Pres. Ike claimed more than 70 years ago that we'd regret building up a military-industrial complex when we weren't at war to use that equipment, and now we have a president who BRAGS he got the defense budget INCREASED to buy MORE of that equipment that's not needed. And you celebrate him. And you CHEER him on like he's doing something GOOD for this country. Stupid, STUPID people.

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