Private Tenants Forum | Shelter Scotland

Private Tenants Forum | Shelter Scotland

Private renting in Scotland has seen
some important changes in recent years. We now have a tenancy which means
greater security for tenants, an easier way to settle disputes between tenants
and landlords, and the new written set of rules for letting agents.
Although we’ve seen some big changes we still need you – the private renters – to
continue to tell us what is not working, and what needs to be done to
make private renting better. We have created an online forum for you to share
your views. You can talk about how the changes have affected you, tell us what
frustrates you, and have your say on what further improvements you would like to
see. This is your space to discuss what’s important to you as a private renter, and
talk to other people who may have similar experiences to you. Sign up and have your say at

One thought on “Private Tenants Forum | Shelter Scotland

  1. How about the fact that it takes 6 months to increase the rent, but only 3 months to evict & put it back on the market?

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