Project Glass: Live Demo At Google I/O

Project Glass: Live Demo At Google I/O

>>Sergey Brin: Hey, Vic, I’ve got a really
cool event for you.
>>Vic Gundotra: Sergey! [ Cheers and applause ]
>>Sergey Brin: How are you doing?>>Vic Gundotra: Guys, we — we’re going to
— we’re going to do something pretty magical here. And we have a special surprise for you.>>Sergey Brin: We have something pretty special
for you. It’s a little bit time-sensitive, so I apologize for interrupting. You’ve seen
some really compelling demos here. They were slick, they were robust. This is
going to be nothing like that.
[ Laughter ]>>Sergey Brin: This can go wrong in about
500 different ways. So tell me now, who wants to see a demo of Glass?
[ Cheers and applause ]>>Sergey Brin: So we’ve been really excited
to test it for a few months. The unit I actually really want to show you, I lent to a friend,
and he’s going to be here momentarily. My friend’s J.T. He does a lot of skiing, base jumping, wingsuiting,
all sorts of crazy things. And he’s actually pretty close by. He’s just about a mile overhead
right now.
[ Laughter ]>>Sergey Brin: — with his buddies they have
a few Glass units. If you guys can maybe afford to wait that couple of minutes.
[ Applause ]>>Sergey Brin: Maybe they’ll bring them down.
>>>They’re cheering for us.>>Sergey Brin: All right. We’re about to get
into a Hangout here with J.T. Hey, J.T., J.T., can you hear me?
>>>Yes.>>Sergey Brin: Hello, hello. We might have
a few technical issues.>>>Can you hear me?>>Sergey Brin: Yeah, yeah. Hey, we’re just
down here in Moscone. I’ve got a few thousand people here. I was hoping to maybe get that unit that I
lent you down here. And I thought maybe you guys could show us a fun time on the way down.>>>Yeah, if you can hear me down there. I’ve
been listening to your speech through the Hangout. It’s pretty cool.>>Sergey Brin: Cool, cool.
I see you and friends are in a plane close-by there. Any chance we can get a view out the window?>>>Heck, yeah. It’s beautiful, we had a visual
on Moscone a minute ago.>>Sergey Brin: All right. This is a Hangout from Glass.
[ Cheers and applause ]>>>Look at that!
>>Sergey Brin: Yeah, yeah, yeah.>>>Coming a little closer. I think we’re
going to get you that device pretty quickly, actually.>>Sergey Brin: I see the roof of Moscone there.
So if you guys can, you know, be safe, but get it down here in a hurry for us, we’d love
to watch that.>>>Okay. Yeah, you’ll have to standby. We’ve
got our wing suits. So we’ve got a pretty good range. It’s kind of interesting. People
have watched us fly many times before. But I don’t think that the world’s ever tagged
along live for a ride. I mean, we’re — nobody really knows the outcome of this jump. We’re
feeling really confident about it.
[ Laughter ]>>>How are you feeling, Pete?>>Sergey Brin: We’re all rooting for you.
What do you guys think, should they go for it?
[ Cheers and applause ]>>>Not in position yet. About one minute,
Sergey. Maybe you’ve got to entertain the crowd a little.>>Sergey Brin: That looks like the view down,
that looks like a long way down.>>>Turn it sideways.
>>>There’s the ballpark.
>>>This is good. Stop here.
>>>Yeah, Moscone center. I’ve got a visual on you.
[ Laughter ]>>>Okay.
>>Sergey Brin: So this is one of the things,
as we’ve been experimenting with Glass, just the ability to really share. And we’ve posted
some pictures. But as we start to experiment, being able
to share what you’re seeing live is really amazing. And, you know, we’re not — we don’t know
what’s going to happen here. These guys are all really good. They’re trained. And I have
great confidence. But this is — this is a demo that —
>>>Yeah.>>Sergey Brin: All right. Door’s open. Door’s
open.>>>Let’s — we’ve got time.
>>Sergey Brin: All right. Happy flight!>>>You know what? We can jump.
>>>Let’s do it. It’s going to be beautiful.>>>It’s going to be perfect.
>>>Yeah! Look at that!
>>Sergey Brin: All right.>>>Yooo! San Francisco!
[ Cheers and applause ]>>>All right. Everybody’s super happy.
>>>Nice and close-in there.>>Sergey Brin: They’ve got to get to the right
place so they can hit the roof.>>>Three, two –>>Sergey Brin: I’m going to take a few pictures
to record this for posterity. And they’re off!
[ Cheers and applause ]>>Sergey Brin: All right. And they’re flying.
Look at that, look at that. You can see Moscone right below there. Live Hangout, through Google Glass. Four skydivers.
And they’re under canopy. Chutes are open. Woo-hoo!
[ Cheers and applause ]>>Sergey Brin: Okay. Where’s Vic. Vic, hey,
look, this is a Hangout On Air.
[ Laughter ]>>Sergey Brin: So it’s a little bit tricky
landing on a building, as you might imagine. I don’t know if you have ever tried this kind
of thing before. But you can see all their perspectives now.
They’re going to have to line up one after another to get down to the roof here. It’s a little bit of a — it’s a pretty big
roof, actually, which is great for their landing. And you can see there’s — there’s a little
yellow arrow they’re aiming for. It’s pretty exciting. Hopefully, they land it. All right. And they’re coming in. First one’s
coming in.>>>Woo-hoo!>>Sergey Brin: All right.
[ Cheers and applause ]>>Sergey Brin: Yeah!
[ Applause ]>>Sergey Brin: So, okay, folks, thank you.
Woo-hoo! Hey, so the roof is a little bit big there,
so it would take a while to run down the length of it. So we got, actually, a few bikers up
there for this eventuality. We’ve got them wearing Glass, too. And there’s
our little package. Let’s see if we can — let’s see if we can get it here in a hurry. Here we go. First person with Glass, here
are the bikers. Yeah! Woo-hoo! Here they come down. And, you know, there’s only one good way down
the side of a building.>>>Have fun.
>>Sergey Brin: It’s pretty high up there if
you haven’t been there before. Don’t try this at home, kids. These are trained professionals.>>>All right. Now we’ve got to get down there.
Wanna unplug me?>>Sergey Brin: All right, they’re going.
Wait, wait wait wait, whoa, whoa, whoa! No, we’re on the third —
Okay. Close call. Sorry about that.
So this is pretty wild. I’ve never seen that perspective before.
And –>>>Special delivery. Bring that to Sergey.>>Sergey Brin: We still have a couple of bikes.
Its a little bit of a long way. I apologize. [Laughter]>>Sergey Brin: Don’t run anybody over!
[ Cheers and Applause ]>>Sergey Brin: All right. Please stay in your
seats, folks. Don’t get into the aisles. Please keep the aisles clear. Here they come up.
[ Cheers and Applause ]>>Sergey Brin: Yeah! Woo-hoo!
[ Cheers and Applause ]>>Sergey Brin: Yeah. That was awesome.
All right. That was pretty amazing.
[ Applause ]>>Sergey Brin: All right. A big round of applause
for our bikers.
[ Cheers and Applause ]>>Sergey Brin: I’ll get a little picture of
you there with my Glass. All right. We’ve got — I just wanted to — some
of our athletes who are performers I wanted to give them another big round of applause.
We have the rappellers in the back. And — [ Applause ]>>Sergey Brin: It takes a little while.
And we’ve got the — let’s see. And the skydivers should be close behind them. Thank you so
much. That was amazing.
[ Applause ]>>Sergey Brin: Okay. All right. Thanks, guys.
[ Cheers and Applause ]>>Sergey Brin: All right. Now maybe we should
— well, all right. Come on up, guys. You’re
already here. Come on up, take a bow.
[ Cheers and Applause ]>>Sergey Brin: These are the rappellers, all
the bikers you saw up there. And there’s the sky diving crew coming down the aisle.
[ Cheers and Applause ]>>Sergey Brin: Hey, J.T., that was amazing.
We were worried about you. That was awesome. All right, thank you all so much.
Now maybe we should tell you a little bit about Glass.
[Laughter]>>Sergey Brin: All right, guys, have fun.
You can meet them. They’ll be out and around if you want to chat with them.
Thank you so much. Now, here’s what — no, no. This is the wrong
[Laughter]>>Sergey Brin: I think we have to do it again.
[Laughter]>>>I’d be happy to.>>Sergey Brin: We’ll find the time. We actually
might have the time. If you want to see behind the scenes and maybe catch some of that activity
on — through Hangout, tune in tomorrow. But now I just want to tell you a bit about
how we made that happen and why we’re so excited about Glass, and to tell you that I have Babak
and Isabelle. Please welcome them aboard. [ Applause ]

100 thoughts on “Project Glass: Live Demo At Google I/O

  1. Face recognition on the level that this has the potential to become the best or worst thing for society in the history of society. There would be a lot of economic damages initially in that it would become too easy to find porn of anyone and everyone, easy to exploit and no privacy left publicly. Does society want this to become the new norm? Its a time bomb more than deterrent. Concept of scandal and human behavior judgment to disappear completely? The death of marriage? strange world

  2. The trend is to jump in with both feet.

    We are unwittingly constructing the Matrix. Each of these devices are just one more small step in acclimatizing ourselves to being part of a larger organism.

    While it appears to enhance the capability of the individual it actually co-opts it at the expense of your independence.

    Already today, many people would not know what to do if the lost connectivity.
    Tomorrow, you may die without connectivity. (Do you want this?)

  3. By your logic we should stop any human advancement because it "might" be used for the wrong reasons. What do you think people said about the internet 10 years ago? "Oh internet banking is not safe i can get hacked by viruses in my computer." "The gouvernement will be able to see the website i browse and build up my political affiliation and gets anyone that typed "weed" under DEA surveillance." Everybody has a right to privacy and nobody can take that away from you so chill.

  4. I love tech and software, But this is different.

    Since the revelations of NSA surveillance, not one company (Microsoft, Google,Facebook,Apple.) has stepped forward to offer enhanced security or increased anonymity. We've haven't heard a peep because they have betrayed us. You could have a secure Google Glass, but they are not offering that.

    (Quote from MrXeyu: Everybody has a right to privacy and nobody can take that away from you so chill.) This is simply not true.

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  6. Remember what the iPhone was before it was a phone? It was a video iPod. Google should focus on something that shows movies and videos, and work the rest in later. Entertainment is what sells.

  7. After these companies, Google, Microsoft and Facebook, have betrayed all us to the NSA you would willingly go along with this concept?
    They have invited the police into our homes.
    Did we get an apology?
    Did they offer us increased privacy and restore our anonymity?
    They have remained silent. I for one, no longer trust them.

  8. Everybody calm the fuck down. And if you are so concerned, don't fucking wear the glasses while buying pot or kidnapping a child.

  9. Google Glass fking sucks, the user interface sucks, it's a useless piece of shit not only that it distracts the eye and a menu screen is blocking your view. In theory it sounds good but in practice its fking annoying hindrance.

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    It's a fathers job to spoil his daughters shamelessly, it's their husbands job to tame them. Prince Zehava-The Dragon Prince

  11. Right now you are wearing a GPS in your pocket… Although it is turned off they can still get your Location pretty accurate. Soo you are scared that your data won't be trated like it should? It is like this in the moment…

  12. I am well aware but it is amazing how easily people check in for an up-grade in their surveillance status.
    The day is coming where increasing numbers of people will be fleeing connectivity.

  13. And they talk like a canary to any and all governmental agencies..Google is nothing more than a totalitarian governments wet dream.

  14. Что за дискриминация я может не смогу купить это но со временем  можно было бы но все видео на английском языке и я понимаю только половину.Хоть бы одно на русском было.

  15. Thit is you wearschuwwing, google glasse is allong di handicap, never boor pipeline achter car = auto, gevaar op streat, never consetier op verkeers, moeten verplight consetier op streat, wy dat togh doo , is leve long verbod never have van regels te hou-de

  16. Hero Go Pro HD cameras have much better resolutions and they can be mounted on your body…I don't get it.  It's just a camera mounted on an eyeglass frame.  Am I missing something?

  17. Fuck everything made by google. They care only about their money. With these useless glasses they are one step further in controlling and spying you. I dont know how dumb you need to be to give your money for this shit. You can live without it. 

  18. Stalkers, pervs, psychos and peeping toms must think christmas has come early. Is there a central hub to retreive data in cases of crime? Unless there is some kind of policing, most worryingly I can see this as an outlet for paedophiles. And we should beware of paranoids who might think theyre being filmed or photographed and downloaded when we are just looking at them innocently…with our special glasses which makes us look like psychos. These glasses will be modified to be mini computors  with personal and other peoples data, and whereas we can hide our mobiles in our pockets etc, not so with these glasses. Personally I think this is a fail: perhaps I am paranoid, but I will refuse to speak to anyone who wears these glasses. Their uses should be restricted to professions that need them such as law enforcement.

  19. And what exactly was this supposed to prove to us about glass? I manage to look dumb enough on my own without a computer mounted on my face.

  20. you can really tell Google put in a ton of work putting this thing together. Then the morning of the stunt they realized they'd forgotten to hire a host. 

  21. LOL im late, yes… But this was awesome!!! Eager to see whats gonna happen at Google I/O tomorrow… Nice!!! 👍 

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    ..จุดหมายจุดนั้นฉันมั่นใจ อย่างน้อยยามไม่มีใคร หัวใจก็ยังมีเธอ ที่.เก้า.ไป.กับ ใจ..
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    2,  The Pizza Company 1112 Lovers's .Grand XO The  Pepsi.
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    2,   Project Glass: Live Demo At Google I / O
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  26. we want to die !perfect loction 4 jump.hum marna chahatein heinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn….:( 🙁

  27. I remember like yesterday how excited we were. But, ended up with a lot of frustration like a lot of other Google products ended. I think it was the most excited product of our near tech future. But, somehow Google could not maintain this while it has a lot of educated engineers and support of the crowded and excited tech world. It's a pity. I'd want to have one of them.

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