Project xCloud Preview

Project xCloud Preview

>>[XBOX SOUND]>>Welcome back everybody.
I’m very excited. Top two members of the Project
xCloud team here today. Please welcome our guy with, hey, there you go, lots
of fans out there. Kareem, you’ve been on the
inside Xbox stage so many times, everyone recognize
you, and loves you.>>How it was going.>>Now, welcome back. I’m thrilled to have Catherine Gluckstein join us. Catherine, you’re one
of the key leaders on Project xCloud and you
add up the product. You are welcome to inside Xbox. Give her a round of applause.>>Thank you Graeme, it is so great to be back home here in London.>>That’s right. A
London local as well, I love it. All right. Kareem, can you tell
us a little bit about Project xCloud and why fan
should be so excited about this?>>Of course, Project xCloud
is our cutting edge game streaming technology that
takes the power of Xbox, and everything that
comes along with it, and puts it in your phone or tablet. That’s your friends,
your social network, your saved games, your achievements, your gaming history,
all your progression. It all comes with this, so you don’t have to start over. Project xCloud can
give you this freedom because we’re literally
putting an Xbox in the Cloud.>>With 2.6 billion
gamers in the world, Project xCloud is our dream of delivering gaming for
everyone, everywhere.>>That’s right. Just last month you started the first phase of
the preview in the UK., the US., and Korea. So what happens next?>>More games. As of right now, there are over 50
games in the preview from over 25 of our
development partners.>>Right.>>These are fan favorites
like Forza Horizon 4, Devil May Cry 5, Tekken
7, and many others. We’re not just going to stop there
with what we’re doing today. You can see us continue to add
more and more games over time.>>There you go. Fantastic. So
more games and more ways to play. So how can people at home
actually get involved? We are delighted to
announce that in 2020, we will bring Project
xCloud to Windows 10 PCs.>>Right.>>Nice.>>Of course, we won’t stop there. We are working with a
ton of partners to bring Project xCloud to every device
where you want to play.>>Right.>>Tell me about controllers as well?>>Absolutely, we think
a ton about controllers. Project xCloud of course, plays great with your
Xbox controllers. Because we believe in choice, we will support multiple
Bluetooth controllers, including Razer Junglecat
and Sony DualShock.>>Yeah.>>Project xCloud is
freedom to choose and freedom to play
right now on Android, but in the future,
on multiple devices.>>So we view preview as our
journey to create the very best in games streaming
together with our community. Today, we will be inviting more
of you to come on that journey. Then next year, we will
extend preview to Canada, Western Europe, Japan, and to India.>>Right.>>So if you haven’t
signed up already, what are you waiting for?>>Absolutely.>>There you go.>>Thank you Catherine. So Kareem, let’s talk about those
publishers to developers. How are you working
with other publishers and developers on xCloud?>>We’re partnering with the
industry in true Xbox style. From multiple industries,
we’re working with the world’s best and that’s content
designers, and publishers, and developers, silicon designers, hardware manufacturers,
telecom operators, and many many others. They’re all coming together
to make it possible. I’m super thrilled to
announce that one of our great partners is here with
us today from Electronic Arts, the Chief Technology Officer
and my good friend Ken Moss.>>Fantastic. Everybody give a
big welcome to Ken Moss from EA.>>It’s good to be here.>>Welcome.>>Welcome to the inside
Xbox stage in London, Ken.>>Thank you so much.>>So we’ve worked with
our friends in EA for a long time but you’ve also been
involved in Project xCloud. So how did you get involved and what does game
streaming mean to you?>>Well, at EA, we want more
players around the world to have more opportunity to play all
the games that they love. We’ve long believed in
the power of the Cloud, and that it’s going to transform
gaming right at it’s core. That starts by bringing all your
games to all of your devices. We’re excited about that
where you can play with your friends even when you
don’t have the same devices. Now, the Cloud gaming is
starting to become a reality. We knew, we had to partner with
Microsoft in Project xCloud.>>Awesome. So how do
you actually think about developing games for the Cloud?>>Well, it’s actually
one of my passions, it’s one of the reasons I joined
the industry over five years ago. The power of the Cloud is
just going to be amazing. It allow us to build games in brand new ways that are going
to be fundamentally different. But it starts with, how do we get our games out there quickly and
easily so that they’re available on all of your devices
no matter how you want to play.>>Yeah, our goal is
to make it as easy as possible for our partners
to build for the Cloud. When you build for Xbox, you are auto-magically
building for the Cloud, there’s no extra Dev work required. Ken, when you came to visit us at Microsoft and learn
about Project xCloud, that morning I asked my team, hey, go and install EA’s games on
our Project xCloud Servers. You came in and we would
just jumped in and played, it was that easy.>>It was amazing. We
got lost in the fun of the game rather than thinking
about the technology, and that’s how it should be.>>All right.>>So thanks so much
for that and it’s been really inspiring to see EA’s games are biggest games showing up on mid-tier
mobile devices. So thanks for the great partnership.>>Nice. But names some
games from it, Ken? What did you play and what else is coming from EA to
add in Project xCloud?>>Well, one of our
flagship games that has roots as deep as
Electronic Arts itself. It is one that I want
to talk about today. I’m excited to announce that Madden NFL 20 is now available on
Project xCloud, available today.>>Available today.
Love it. Touchdown.>>As we continue to learn
together about how to make our players or how our players want to play games
in streaming world, we are looking for
new genres to bring. We’re looking at a
huge worlds and RPGs, we’re are looking at some
of her indie studios that we partner with
to bring forward. So we’re going to be bringing three more games to xCloud
in the coming months.>>Excellent, that’s
amazing news Ken. Thank you so much for joining us. Everyone give up for
Ken Moss from the EA. Now, Kareem, Catherine, before we go, I heard that you’ve got
something else for us as well?>>That we often get asked.>>Hey, what happens after preview? So we’re here today to
announce two things. In 2020, we’re going to give you the ability to play the games
that you own from the Cloud, or the games that you will
purchase in the future.>>We all know that Xbox Game Pass is the best place to discover and
play your next favorite game. I’m delighted to
announce that next year, we will bring game streaming
to Xbox Game Pass so that you are free to discover and
play, anywhere and everywhere.>>Fantastic. What
you think about that? It’s amazing news. Tons of news for Project
xCloud tonight. [XBOX SOUND]

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