PSYCHO musically star assaulted Zach… storytime? rant?

PSYCHO musically star assaulted Zach… storytime? rant?

* shit music* I’m gonna drop you and you’re gonna lose all your clout if you don’t shut the fuck up Don’t tell me what the fuck to do You have a hickey on your neck as we’re calling you a whore like shut up hickey on you’re neck and then say ‘don’t fucking slut shame me’ ‘I’m not a slut, you don’t know my life. I’m 20 years old.’ as her tits are popping out and everything. this is what I’m just gonna help you to do. If you don’t wanna get slut-shamed, don’t post pictures of your ass. and pin them as your Twitter header -I’m gonna post whatever the fuck I want. * suspicious music* -Bryce Fall -Bryce Fall? Is that what you just said? -Winter came and he just fell. YoU a DeAd BiTcH! I’m just letting you know if I drop Edwin off tonight Boy.. Today on my channel, we’re going to be talking about You gonna put your hands No no you puttin your hands on people and talkin about people you know you shouldn’t be talking about -sO tHiS Is Dj -I’m so mad like If we dead ass go to your house tonight if we dead ass drop you off I’m going upstairs like- No cAp I’m walking up them steps with one fucking Balenciaga and one fucking Gucci flip flop I’m gonna bust down some doors today -Guys DJ is actually one of my best friends I just have never had him in a video and I think this is the perfect one. Hi guys! It’s Tana Mongeau. Welcome to my drama or welcome back to my drama. Today’s video. It’s an interesting one for sure. I was just at the mall like Christmas shopping being like a holly jolly little bitch and then I got really angry about something and I felt like the best thing to do would be to make a Youtube video about it. Think of this like a Christmas special almost. Get a snack if you want like we’re gonna be here for a second. as you guys know, I’m a petty ass bitch I’m a scandalous ass bitch but I’m a petty ass bitch more importantly and I think that life is all about growth and today I’m here to really elevate my *petty powers* and use them for good Maybe not. I might be cancelled after this ya know merch link in bio where do I even begin? you guys probably know that I have been really good friends with Zach Clayton/ BadZach. Bruh It’s Bad, Good Zach Zach- woah woah woah slow down. -We have been really good friends for a minute now. cue the sad music right now. Zach is one of the best people I have literally ever met on social media like upon meeting him I was like wow you are so genuine you are so intelligent you love what you do, you’re passionate about it, you fucking, you fuck with your fans would not hurt a fly, someone could literally do anything in the world to him and he would still like want good for them. He’s just one of the best people I’ve literally ever met Something really fucking shitty happened to Zach last night It absolutely shattered my heart and I’ve been debating what I wanted to do about it and today I just got like a little petty and a little messy and then it just like snowballed and now it’s like This is a storytime that Zach would like never make because he’s like the world’s nicest person. upon being friends with Zach, I also met Bryce Hall I became friends with him and I like fucked with him at first ya know like i was like ok this kid’s dope like clearly a little troubled,we bonded over our dislike for Michael Weiss and GoodTimes Well, Imma get into that don’t you worry. and then, like, he just got super fuck-y and for a second there, I thought Bryce and I were pretty good pals. but Zach and I were obviously always like way better friends if that makes sense. Bryce is clearly a little weird and way too fuck-y he like slept in my bed one time and then he started telling people that we fucked and we like didn’t fuck and I just don’t fuck with that either like on some like fuckboy shit like clearly if you’re fucking these like 19 insta-bitches, like why are you telling people that you fucked me when you didn’t? and I would always hear rumors about him like telling people that or like alluding to that or like making jokes about it or whatever and like I get it we were like friends and like I was like there for you we like hung out and whatever but like I like didn’t fuck you I- okay whatever, anyways, and so again I still always kept things like civil and was like nice to him if I saw him because like and we had this like weird past of like fuck you GoodTimes so it was like a I don’t know and then my good friend Nicole as you guys know would come around all the time, she’s literally at my house like every single day and she like had a fling with Bryce and he was constantly cheating on her and I was always just like hearing about that and I was like okay so like, overall consensus, you’re a bad person so then yesterday Zach, on his Instagram story, posted a photo of his face looking like someone literally took a bat to it and like beat him shady tea music* and so I instantly FaceTime Zach probably like 30 minutes after he posts it and Zach answers the FaceTime call and he’s standing over the sink just spitting up clots of blood and I’m like who did this to you? like literally thinking someone like found his fucking like address online and came in and did it or like he did something fucked up to someone and like they got in a fight or like just whatever and he’s like you’ll never believe who did this and I’m like who? and he’s like Bryce. I thought this was like one of your best friends and he’s like we were at our friends house and I was standing in the bathroom with this like girl that he’d hooked up with he had cheated on her, the night before and like I knew that, and he like came charging in the room, beat the fuck outta me, pushed me into a bathtub and just started hitting me over and over and over again like 30 times and keep in my mind this is like my acquittance and Zach’s like best friend like Bryce already has this like crazy past history with being like a piece of shit so I’m just like damn I don’t know if you guys remember when Elijah was like calling out Bryce for like pissing off of balconies onto his fans at Playlist Live that’s probably when I should’ve decided to like not be his friend but like I have this like bad trait where I just like try to see the good in people and it just like ruins my life so I’m obviously freaking out I’m telling Zach to go to the hospital he’s like I don’t know like DJ, who you guys just met, is coming to pick me up like he’s really mad we’ll figure it out as he’s spitting up blood clots. his face is just like dripping in blood like swollen here black eyes, and already like keep in mind that someone has to beat the fuck out of you for 30 minutes after you to already look like hell Zach’s just like off camera like nodding and I’m like am I doing good? am I doing good? and so Zach was like I don’t know if it’s gonna get out like if it doesn’t get out, I don’t know if I wanna talk about it. and I’m like okay, but like if this shit gets out like he’s over imagine thinking it’s okay to assault your best friend because he knows that you cheated on your girlfriend. you shouldn’t be an influencer. you shouldn’t have millions of young followers if you are psychopathically assaulting people that are your “best friends” for no reason so I assumed that if it got out ya know Bryce would come out and publicly apologize like maybe like go to rehab or maybe like ya know like get some therapy and it would just kinda end whatever and I woke up today to MessyMonday outing that this happened and so I was like, okay the world knows now imma chime in and you, the viewer at home, are probably so confused as to why I inserted myself into this situation and I’m filming this storytime right now. but I’m going to get to why I’m involved so first of all for like nine fucking months every other video Bryce Hall posted, I was incorporated into his clickbait like first of all, send me 80 fucking percent of your AdSense check because you’re my fucking son. You little bitch. that- that just makes no sense to me I’m not saying that like clickbait is wrong or anything like that like Hi I- Queen of clickbait if you’re going around telling people a bunch of lies about me and kinda like shitting on my name behind my back and like convincing people that you fucked me or like whatever else and then every other video, you’re using me as you;re clickbait and I’m still being like a nice friend to you Fuck you. You suck. I hop in this Twitter moment today and I wasn’t really saying things that were that bad I may or may not have thrown around a “Fuck you Bryce Hall” But also fuck you Bryce Hall and I’m just like, this sucks like Zach is the best person ever Fuck you Bryce, whatever. and then Bryce quotes my tweet and says “if you cared so much about Zach, why’d you fuck me” Now I’m mad. Imagine responding to someone’s assault allegation by lying and saying that you fucked me. and even if you literally did, you still assaulted Zach what? Im gonna fire back but hopefully this won’t get too far out of hand. and so then I just like throw out some like fun little tweets like hey if you’re a fan of Bryce Hall like he might piss on you or cheat on you or say he fucked you when he didn’t and that’s the fucking tea sister sorry I go on this long Twitter spree He ends up deleting the tweet about fucking me because what he responds to all of my tweets by quoting one of them and saying that I sucked his toes and tried to finger his asshole -something he would like someone please tell me that this is not a simulation someone please tell me that Youtube content isn’t just handed to me by the gods. *music* that is just asking for Youtube content then he sends me a text saying “I had your back during Tanacon, why are you doing this?” I sent him some voice memos being a very rude gal and then he goes on his Instagram story You’re gonna get a kick outta this like you like at home like watching this right now like you’re gonna get a kick outta this he goes on his Instagram story posting the typical Youtuber no pat apology and don’t get me wrong, like I’ve probably had like 4 or 5. and writes this long apology to Zach and at the end writes “ps Tana you a snake ass bitch” I will show you a snake ass bitch motherfucker *music* and then 20 minutes later, posts this shirtless photo in the mirror and says “goodnight guys” like nothing ever happened and like Madcon like didn’t reject him ya know what I mean? *screams* and imagine me not getting on the internet to make fun of that right now with my special guest Zach Clayton Zach- hey it’s about time man, ya know what I’m sayin? – fun fact you guys, on a complete side note, Zach and I have been trying to film a video since like June There’s too much mess – yeah I gotta go -we’ve been like Oh do we do a cooking video? like should we like do a cover? like should we like and our first collab is Zach’s assault by our good friend storytime so -thumbs up! get me good. hold on right here you see it? I was also put into a choke hold for like 20 seconds like I was told that I like almost died like I was literally and I was just sitting there letting it happen too I was just in a choke hold just like like yo chill out bro like what are you doing? just letting it happen last night, on FaceTime with Zach, he was literally like I don’t even wanna tell the world, I don’t even wanna press charges I don’t even want problems like this like imagine someone pushing you into a bathtub, putting you in a chokehold and punching you like 30 times in the face until you look like this and him being such a good person that he doesn’t want to even talk about it or have any problems and that’s where I said okay and so today, Zach is having his first storytime on my channel – oh my god this is actually my first storytime I’m like nervous though cause you’re like actually really good at it and like -I think you’re already just doing fantastic sweetie like you’re doing great -oh thanks hey rev that shit up alright so what am I talkin about? -ya know just the weather -oh ok -like what are you doing for Christmas -well its cold as tits outside. Christmas, well I don’t really know to be real with you. Imma be with my fam I’m gonna look like this on Christmas but it’s okay I’m not even mad about it -like oh my god if that didn’t just shatter your heart at home like – I thought about it today, I was like yo Im finna be around my family on Christmas and look like this. They’re gonna be like – because you knew someone is a cheater -yeah -and you didn’t even say it was Bryce you wanted to keep it a secret like – I really didn’t wanna put it online and I really like, didn’t. I wasn’t the reason why it’s a public thing now It got on MessyMonday because Zo called me and wanted to know what happened obviously and I told him what happened, who did it like -well and you can’t just walk around like this and be like “Oh I ran into a door” – yeah like I slipped and I fell and that was it like I didn’t wanna make it a public thing at all and I told Zo that and that made him so mad he was so angry that he wanted to make it public that’s why how it got out was he screenshotted me on FaceTime with him and was like he said it was Bryce Hall and then that’s when it came out and then you started going crazy toes got brought up he could’ve assaulted me like that obviously I would’ve been like StoryTime like don’t get me wrong like peep my 2 videos ago but when you come for my friends like I just feel like it’s such a different type of anger like bitch I’m petty now -backin me up -like what? -same time lets go! and you’re like on a Norco right now um -I’m on 2 actually so basically it was..we was gettin a little turnt we’re not gonna drop any names so yeah we had like 2 bottles of like we were doing our thing it was going down there was a girl there and this girl and Bryce had done some things I guess or whatever I’m not too sure exactly this girl had asked me something about Bryce I want..I want to know what he said on his live I felt like what he said was like theres a lot of things that he was like sugarcoating or that he wasn’t like wasn’t even mentioning he was trying to turn it into a situation where like either or of us could be in the wrong -the fact that you are also like in his live casually from the hospital punch me 30 times and put me in a headlock and almost kill me my G -he said on his live that he only like he hit me like he didn’t mention that he fucking hit me 30 times not one Bryce- every dude, douchebag does it but like I’m not calling Zach a douchebag but I mean he was drunk he was probably.. -okay and also that like ‘we were drunk’ ok bro like blaming being a piece of shit on being drunk just makes you so much more of a piece of shit Bryce- I mean he was drunk he was probably trying to get in he was basically trying to fuck the girl and I heard it and I was like dude like what the fuck did you just say -time out. backspace. boop boop boop boop boop boop motherfucking delete -command z? -yeah whatever that does. I’m not..I gotta see the keyboard to know like command Z that bitch I like cussing on your channel him overhearing something I said to this girl but it wasn’t even…It wasn’t that. It wasn’t me trying to get with her -well and imagine him being possessive over a girl when his dick is in like 19 more like sorry yeah -god daaamn. god daaaamn. -No I wasn’t it’s bullshit -that does not warrant ‘But I believed that you weren’t’ -the girl asked me an opinion just cause she kinda liked him ‘is this something worth getting my feelings involved with?’ I didn’t tell her straight up that like no like fuck that like no you shouldn’t that’s a terrible idea I was just like be careful not me trying to fuck her I was not no I was not trying to fuck her Bryce- he was trying to get in her pants right now like it’s whatever you guys can do whatever now I’m leaving he keeps talking and I’m like dude, we’re really drunk right now please just stop talking my guy I’m pissed and he continued to talk I guess like as you just saw in the live how he like…he said like stop talking I kept talking just because like I wanted to like get the whole situation clear like I didn’t want him to just leave like mad cause like I was still friends with him at that point But like I guess I kept talking to the point where that’s when he like walked up to me where I was like standing in the bathroom door as he came up and that’s when he hit me once and like I said I wasn’t even trying to fight back he probably hit me and I was like yo stop like I’m not trying to fight you right now because that’s childish like why would I fight you over a female that like…like it’s not even that deep he just kept hitting me like kept doing it and I was like really drunk so I’m like my balance wasn’t great I most definitely fell into the bathtub and I remember being in the bathtub with my hands like this like bro stop like stop hitting me stop stop stop and just kept going and going and going I was told by the girl there that he put me in a chokehold cause I didn’t remember this I woke up and did not remember I was like why does my neck hurt so bad I thought it was just like from him hitting me he had me in a chokehold for like 20 plus seconds she said like she said it was so scary like it was insane like it felt like a movie -so then I FaceTime you you’re spitting up fucking blood I’m telling you to go to the hospital, you decide not to obviously ya know DJ comes and picks you up all you kept saying to me on FaceTime too was ‘I’m in so much pain. I’m in so much pain. I’m in so much pain.’ You woke up today and because the bleeding and the pain and shit was so bad, you went to the hospital – I wasn’t gonna go originally It wasn’t like a thought in my head my mom usually always gives me advice she hadn’t told me to go to the hospital yet so eventually after talking to people and just reading all the comments of like what people were saying I was like ya know what? I should probably go to the hospital only cause my pain was like also getting like way worse like my neck was like I couldn’t even move it would hurt so bad this felt like it was throbbing at one point good news! nothing internally happened to me I still look good as shit and I only have a concussion If you really think about it it could’ve gotten that bad like like I could’ve had brain damage like *music* I am a nice person I don’t like trying to purposely make people look bad so I don’t want to sit here and just talk mad shit on my Instagram post like on my captions all I said was that last night was crazy. I explained like kinda what was wrong with me like I’m too fucking nice I can’t feel my face when I’m with you -so now I think before we go DJ -DJ Khalid! -DJ Balenciaga Gucci DJ- First of all don’t come for Gucci like that because – sit down you’re not fighting with him too Bryce Hall I really want DJ’s take on this all because I know that how I feel DJ feels 10 times harder and I’m bringing the petty out for Zach I’m using my powers for good and that’s what you’re doing here. welcome. -there ain’t no words to be said you got what’s comin my man so like I think it’s time for you to like pack your shit and ship on back to wherever the fuck you came from cause you just fucked with the wrong family and I don’t do no talking -I do I don’t do all that yip yap fuck all of that fuck clout fuck views fuck all that shit -I need those things so please keep watching period. It’s like why like in order to love someone you have to love yourself which he doesn’t that just shows like this kid has something really wrong with him like but that doesn’t give him an excuse to just do this onto someone we don’t fuck with lyin shit this man fucked up Bryce Hall you a bitch -Moral of the story is that when bad things happen to you you make videos about them and you make merch about them -get lots…and you get lots of money sometimes you’re friends are way too nice and not petty and sometimes you have to be petty for them so that’s what today’s video was -get you a friend like Tana yo – I wouldn’t do this for anyone Mario off camera goes nah B I really wasn’t ever gonna make a video about this I was gonna keep my defense for Zach to some tweets maybe an Instagram Live maybe a Snapchat story ya know? and then my name got lied on so here we are alright guys, if you learned anything from this video subscribe to Zach and unsubscribe from Bryce and that’s just the fuckin tea ya know we just don’t stan victim-shaming, slut-shaming toe-suck, lying, assaulting cheating, bad people who disguise themselves as shirtless stars Fuck you Bryce Hall Alright guys I don’t know what this video was but I’ve been saying for nine thousand fucking years I tell stories cool sometimes I wanna use this space for other people to tell their stories and this is one of the best people I’ve met in this city on this space so -fuck everyone else in California -and I don’t suck toes always -yeah -one Balenciaga Speed Trainer and one Gucci Slide -I don’t know he just hatin cause he ain’t got this new Gucci, Burberry, Mink Moka, he just a hater cause you know this exclusive there’s only 2 made -DJ that’s a clearance throw blanket from target -Mhm -okay cool -ahhhh -so how should we thumbnail this? -just get my face -we need to leave room to like -cause for some reason I get way more likes and views when my face looks like this so do I like do the like exaggerated ass like -I don’t even I think No no – Oh my god I got my ass beat Oh can I show my lip though? -absolutely -she said are you rich rich Bitch, I graduated, call me “Big Fish” -how are you just like happily rapping while showing your face like this? -our first collab! baby’s first storytime. ok bye

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