27 thoughts on “Put Facebook Page Feed on Your Website or Blog using RSS

  1. Can't get it to work and it's just what I need!

    Found my ID and checked it was correct i.e. it links to my page.
    And my page is definitely public!

    Then went to the Facebook /feeds/page.php?MyID&format=rss20 and it came up with SyndicationErrorFeed (it was an xml page with lots more than this).

    Any ideas what I'm doing wrong???


  2. Hi
    Speedy reply!!! 🙂 Thanks

    Yes… where I wrote MyID in the shortened URL was where I put my actual ID.

    I must be doing something wrong unless FB have just changed how this works… which I guess is very unlikely.


  3. Got it!

    Missed out "id=" and now it gives me the full and correct xml RSS feed which I can now use as I want.

    Excellent video and solution!
    Many thanks!

  4. Worked, thank you. The only suggestion I can offer is to slow down a little bit and show more closeups of what you are doing. My old eyes can't really read your screen even in full size. Thanks again.

  5. i have a problem with RSSinclude. I use the Facebook notes RSS and after i configure the facebookBOX from rssinclude site i see that the link tile of the note have a wrong redirect output50.rssinclude[dot]com/notes insted of facebook[dot]com/notes/etc/etc..

  6. N IE8 opera the link title of my notes work , in FIREFOX the title don't have link and I finde out… that in rssinclude preview the title links redirect to htt[p]s[:]/[/]w w [w].rssinclude[dot]com/notes/ not facebook.com/notes/my-link-bla­-bla-512154 and I get the error "The requested URL "/notes/my-facebook-notes-bla-­bla-not-importent-link0000"(th­e link its to long) was not found on this server." PS: I put the [] because youtube dont allow that characters ..you know;)

  7. Does this still work? I get a feed validity error when trying to parse the url… Is there any way to get the feed now, as this way might not be working?

  8. Hey there I like your video but I got this error:
    Facebook Syndication Error

    I used the following Graph API:   539284248

    Can you help? Thank you in advance.

  9. i am getting error
      "error": {
        "message": "An access token is required to request this resource.", 
        "type": "OAuthException", 
        "code": 104

  10. Try https://www.facebook.com/feeds/page.php?format=rss20&id=YourId
    or https://www.facebook.com/feeds/page.php?format=atom10&id=YourId

  11. Does Facebook still allow this? I am having zero luck. Even when I use your ID, I get the "Sorry, this page is not available." message.

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