Q&A – Can you put newspaper in your compost pile?

Q&A – Can you put newspaper in your compost pile?

Can you put newspaper in your compost pile?
Celeste, what do you think about that? – Yes, I believe you can, Chris. – You can do that. – Sure, you can. You can add them to your
compost piles and they’ll decompose just like a lot of your other dry materials you put
in there like your leaves and things like that that you may be adding. A lot of people are concerned
about the ink that’s used on the print, on the paper, but they’ve changed that, the ink
that they use now and so, it’s safe to use. I don’t know if you. – Yeah, it’s soy based. – [Celeste] Soy based. – Yeah, so it’s pretty safe. – So, in the past, maybe folks were discouraging
that but now it should be fine to go ahead and add to your compost pile. – Yeah and I know some folks that actually
shred it up, you know, a little bit just to kind of help out the process. – Mm-hmm. – ‘Cause those microorganisms of course, are
going to be breaking that paper down. – Right, right. – And it’s going to take a little while, you
know, for it to get broken down because newspaper contains lignin. – [Shawn] Mm-hmm. – So you’re going to have to make sure that
you turn that compost pile to get it hot enough to actually burn that paper. – And don’t add the glossy pages. – [Chris] Right, right. – Probably wouldn’t want to add those glossy
pages. – Well, I’m glad you mentioned that. You definitely
don’t want to do that. But yeah, sure you can put it in your compost pile. You know,
folks now are putting newspaper in their vegetable gardens. – [Shawn] Right. – [Celeste] Mm-hmm. – It breaks down. – [Chris] Right. – [Celeste] Mm-hmm. – Over time, you know. – Keeps weeds down. – Keeps the weeds out for the most part. – And it’s better because plastic is not biodegradable,
it doesn’t break down. – [Chris] Right. – [Celeste] Right. – You know, newspaper, I would prefer that. – [Chris] Right and it will break down. – Yes, it will. – [Chris] Overtime. – Yes. – [Chris] So it does work. – Yes.

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  1. I’m sure he says liquor in the newspaper. If that’s the case, paper sales will surge as all the winos will be buying it to chew on. Lol

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