55 thoughts on “Q&A, Updates and 100k Giveaway!

  1. kanalını bulduğum için çok mutluyum! ben de geçen sene istanbul’dan uk’e taşındım ve bu kanalın sahibinin de türk olduğunu öğrenmek beni gururlandırdı. sabah sigara+kahvenin vazgeçilmezi oldu bu videolar 🙂 başarılarının devamını diliyorum

  2. Thanks for the very useful and interesting Q&A, your channel is truly inspiring and opens up to new musical experiencies, looking forward to listening to your new projects, all the best

  3. abi merhaba. kanalını uzun zamandır takip ediyorum. müzik dinleme, keşfetme alışkanlığımı bütünüyle değiştirdim sayende. bu süreçte çok güzel şeyler keşfettim, çok güzel şeyler öğrendim. özellikle bazı silinen kayıtları soundcloud hesabında bulunca çok sevindim ve aktif olarak daha fazla kullanmaya başladım soundcloud'u. bandcamp, discogs, mideast tunes, folkcloud gibi imkanları farkettim, spotify ı daha iyi kullanmayı ve önerilenleri geliştirmeyi öğrendim, uzun zamandır kullandığım radioparadise ı bu öğrendiklerimle çaprazlayabildim. bahsettiğin youtube kanallarının bir kısmı bu süreçte karşıma çıktı, imkanlarım dahilinde kulaklık seçimine dikkat ettim. yani müzik, benim çok heyecanlandığım ve belli bir zamanımı mutlaka ayırdığım bir şeye dönüştü. bu keşfetme sürecimde bir dönüm noktası oldun. teşekkür ederim.

  4. Hi, congratulation to your 100k Subscribers!
    I like watching your Videos. You are one of this guys who brought me in tuerkish 70s stuff wich I adore. Thanks for that. Tomorrow I will see Baba Zula playing in my home Town. Do you have some recomandations for some morden tuerkish psych, funk or soul stuff like Baba Zula, Altin Gün or Derya Yildirim?

    HHV is a great shop from Berlin, wich I can highly recommend. Juno is also great. Another nice shop from U.K. is Rook Records (they also have a YouTube channel).

    Best Regards to London,

  5. First of all: Greetings from Romania!
    The clip that got my attention and made me subscribe to your channel: Turkish 70's Funk and Anatolian Rock on Vinyl (Part I)

    Now sadly 13 out of the 19 episodes in that playlist are blocked in my country and can't be watched without a VPN service.
    Cheers & keep up the great work!

  6. This is my favorite channel. Thank you for expanding my musical library. Congrats on your channel! Looking forward to what's to come!

  7. *This is from my comment on Instagram but i also wanted to post it here 😉 *
    doritoshave9sides is my alias on instagram.
    i really love the japanese gems you put on. It really inspired me to hunt myself and explore the music from the east to the point where i have bought 50GB+ worth of FLAC's. Thanks for inspiring me everyday and for the #CoffeeBreakSessions !!!!!!!!!!!!! ;).

    Also, my favorite genre so far has to be the beautiful 70's and 80's Japanese Jazz (Terumasa Hino Quartet – Soulful (Alone, Alone and Alone, 1967) to be exact is my favorite)

  8. Loved your brazilian vinyl set (which triggered some purchases for me too), and am a fellow Mr Bongo label fan to boot 🙂 Really curious now about the Russian jazz set you mentioned. RU has some wild musical offshoots – punk being one interesting area. I'd never have guessed though that Russian jazz even existed.. though happy to hear it when you offer it up!

  9. Hope you get into the polish funk and rock , and the Belgian jazz and funk

    Wait you dig in Istanbul would you happen to know a shop owner named Benji?

    Looking forward to the ussr session

  10. uzun zamandir kanalini takip ediyorum ve tessekür etmek lazim. senin sayende tanimadigim türk veya yabanci sarki olsun kesfettim. ne varsa eskilerde varmis 😊
    eglerine saglik

  11. Thank you. For sure link up with djs and collectors on Instagram. The community is healthy. Hit me up AbstraktWorldwide. I can also help you with getting certain records.

  12. I absolutely love your channel! Something I’ve been interested in lately and I would love to see you play is psych rock from South America in the 60s. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised 😎👍🏼

  13. This QA makes me love your channel even more! Sharing your channel with everyone my friend! Congrats! Oh and almost forgot I have my own equipment so good luck to everyone else in the give away!

  14. Your channel always has enjoyable, rare music that really is a treat to listen to. I have discovered a few albums thru your playlists and I really appreciate the great work you do. Thank you for posting the websites you use to get your albums.

  15. All the coffee break sessions are amazing, thanks for helping me find gems I wouldn't have ever heard of like Ayrılık Günü

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