Qualified for finals & Mentioned in newspaper! | Sham & Jana

Qualified for finals & Mentioned in newspaper! | Sham & Jana

Sham & Jana Hello , yesterday many great events happened, we want to share them with you! we’ve been selected as spatiality finalists in Rookie Awards which is open to young creatives in visual effects, animation games, virtual reality, motion graphics and 3d visualisation . The goal of this Awards is to help encourage and motivate artists to share their work This is the Young Guns category that we are in. Results appear in 16 July We are also nominated for the people’s choice award. There are many great sponsors such as Autodesk, Unity, EpicGames and other great companies too. Those are some fumbles entries another Good News: Al Ghad newspaper mentioned us! Also we attended o interesting events we want to share. This Event was with representatives
investors, we talked about Jordanian Startups. And the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Jordan. We had a long conversation Also, we talked about investment and entrepreneurs. It was a really Good experience the other event with the chairman of Greater London Investment Fund talked about potential and future investments and given advices to startups and entrepreneurs. we talked about market & Economy competition, We talked also about the latest technologies. If you liked this video don’t forget to share it and give it a thumbs-up. Don’t for get to subscribe and watch the lastest videos.

2 thoughts on “Qualified for finals & Mentioned in newspaper! | Sham & Jana

  1. Don't know what to say since I have you two .. my wonderful creative daughters 😊
    بحفظ الله ورعايته أيتها الرائعتان المبدعتان ❤❤

  2. الف مبروك و بتمنى لكم التوفيق والنجاح و مجال تصميم الالعاب فعلاً راااائع انا لسه في مستوى ال beginners وبتمنى اصل لمستواكم الرائع ده في يوم من الأيام سواء من ناحية الdesign ياشام أو من ناحية الprogramming ياجنى
    و ربنا يبارك في الأهل بجد أقدّرهم جدا على اهتمامهم و رعايتهم وربنا يحفظهم ويبارك فيكم جميعاً ☺️

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