What’s up warriors ?! welcome to a
new video analysis, this time we could say that it is
a super smash analysis, as you know the gameawards approach, and it’s
that’s why the 5th dlc character is believed of smash,
It will be revealed on this holiday, there are many hints that imply that this may
occur, the smash is nominated for goty and also joker
the first dlc of the smash was revealed in the past gameawards,
so well, in this video we will try to analyze who could be this 5th dlc,
that so much expectation and doubt generates in the fans,
well, to start we will take into account this list they see on screen,
as 2 of the most popular leakers know as for smash, Vergeben and Sabi,
they have not stopped deconfirming characters in The last weeks,
and this is the final list to this day, before I start I want to clarify something,
I know that most of you know it, but there is always a minority that does not,
which is why I prefer to highlight it, I do not believe in these leaks, I have stopped believing
from that smashfied rayman’s leak, there I lost all faith in the leaks, so they have
to learn to differentiate when one gives a information,
and when he shares it as his opinion, Well, I don’t believe in leaks, I’m just
informing, You really think I would like this leak
be real when I confirm my character more dear? crash?
well no, besides these leakers I’m sure that were wrong several times, but nobody
apparently he remembers I think I’ve been more successful with my analysis
smash that these guys with their leaks, but anyway, I wanted to make my opinion clear
about this before starting, Now, taking this list of leakers,
we are going to realize that it is true, who are right, and all these characters
are deconfirmed as the 5th dlc, since if we think they are not right, the
video would not make sense, since everyone I would have a chance
these deconfirmed characters serve me to my as a filter,
to be able to analyze those who are not on this list and come to a final conclusion,
well, taking this as true, The confirmed characters are:
• Geno • Doomslayer
• Ryu Hayabusa • Crash
• Dante • Gordon Freeman
• Phoenix Wright (tweet from Kamiya indicates he’s not)
• Lion • Scorpion
• Namco rep • Ubisoft rep
• Level 5 rep • Falcom Rep
• Tracer • Arthur
• Master Chief with that said, who could have chances
of being the 5th dlc? So let’s start with what for me at first
It was a wink and it is the inclusion of resident spirits
evil, I at that time, besides regretting for
not have a playable resident character evil in smash,
I thought, if Capcom let them add spirits of re,
then he plans to put another franchise as a character,
This could be so quietly, At first he thought of Dante Devil
may cry, but after deconfirmation by
of leak, he discarded immediately,
phoenix wright from ace attorney was also seen, but supposedly for a kamiya tweet
He would be confirmed, what the tweet says is that they ask for
that phoenix wright is not in smash, As for my opinion of this, I wouldn’t rule it out
as many do, in fact quite the opposite, we should still
to take it into account, but hey, since we rely on this list
for the analysis, what capcom franchise do we have left for
be represented in smash? the first is monster hunter, this franchise
already has representation in smash with Rathalos, the hunter was expected but there are no signs yet
from it, everything can happen, the second franchise is okami, this franchise
has come to switch recently, for what is possible, amaterasu is a character
very dear to the community, then we have viewtiful joe, I always know
He mentions it in all the smash, He has a big fanbase in Japan and the United States,
so it could be too, and finally something crazy that occurred to me,
is that it be dina crisis regina, I know the franchise is dead, but I know
imagine their inclusion in smash, to give it a push, and for everyone to buy
a dino crisis remake, It is worth dreaming but it is unlikely,
Now we continue with the representatives of Sega,
which has unlike what many believe, bayonetta represents more a platinum games
that sega, since it was developed by this, and not by
sega, sega just distribute it, and if we see it like this, sega would only have 1 representative
and it’s sonic, very little in my opinion, Kiryu Kazuma of Yakuza, is the character of
sega more likely, The yakuza saga is very popular in Japan, and
despite having a mature and serious atmosphere, also with his side missions he has
a bizarre touch that would make your inclusion To smash be more than possible,
then we have Axel / Blaze from Street of Rage, the popular beat em up saga,
that will have a 4th delivery very soon, that would seek to revive the franchise,
as far as you know, its inclusion in smash, I would like a ring to my finger
and finally we have Ryo Hazuki from Shenmue, with his last game shenmue 3 that has already come out
in playstation 4, they can choose to make a port for the switch
and help the franchise to enhance itself, well, let’s continue with the companies that have
given a character like dlc, Could they include another one? because they can,
but I think they would first let him be included to another company,
nevertheless let’s analyze the case that if that one of these companies repeat,
and include another dlc character, let’s start with atlus the company that included
to joker, Well, there is no other franchise according to my opinion
that meets the popularity necessary to enter smash,
only person for me should appear on the part from atlus and it’s already included,
then we have square enix, which has already included a cloud of final fantasy and the dragon hero
quest, square enix still has franchises that
explode in smash, but these 2 I think are the most possible,
Sora from Kingdom Hearts, this character is coming asking from brawl,
and it is the dream of many fans, leading the most requested character table in europe
and united states, and leaving second in Japan, is the character
par excellence that most want, I don’t include myself because I don’t like sora,
the second is an icon of video games, Lara Croft by Tomb Raider,
Lara was the first love of many, and I included myself, It was one of the most emblematic female character
protagonist, for me it was, and I am part of my childhood,
so his inclusion to smash, it would be a good way to honor her and
all your franchise that you deserve without a doubt a little place in smash,
We continue with Microsoft, the rival company who did something historical and has a representative
in smash, banjo and kazooie, Could it be that we can see another representative?
let’s see who they could be, Well, I only see 2 candidates, since it is
has ruled out master chief, The first one is undisputed, Steve
of Minecraft, the inclusion of steve to smash, would drive crazy
to Internet, now with minecraft again in the mouth of
everyone, it would be a great way to finish the fighter
pass, He is the second most requested character in Europe
and the fifth most requested in the United States, no doubt minecraft is an icon in the world
of video games, if you want to see their deeper analysis, you can
see it in the description link, the other is cuphead, but I think for this
His glory time has already passed, However, everything is possible, if you want to see
Your smash analysis, I will also leave it in the description,
and finally in terms of companies that lent a dlc character,
we have snk, snk it would seem that he gave us everything yes, giving us spirits, songs and everything
of your company, but it still makes me noise, no
there have been slug metal spirits, that they only gave us some songs,
it will be that there is still a minimal chance of seeing your characters in smash?
with a stage that accompanies them, spirits and much more music of the franchise?
Well, time will tell, while if you want See your smash analysis, I’ll let you in the
description, well, we have finished with the companies
who have collaborated with a dlc, Now who else could be taken into account?
from Arc System Works we have Guilty Gear and Blazblue, some character may be
included, but I don’t see them as to close the fighter
pass and be the 5th dlc, and as for Konami, he has already given us almost
everything you have with bomberman, metal gear and castlevania,
Only Against would be the only franchise that they have left that could reach smash and have
reasons to do it, then I have 4 more characters, I feel that
They have a chance if the planets line up, the first one is Subzero of Mortal Kombat,
we all know that subzero and scorpion, They are the most popular characters in the franchise,
even more than its protagonist liu kang, It caught my attention and it made me a lot
noise that vergeben will confirm to scorpion, when I was not being asked or appointed
by anyone except for me in my smash analysis, yes
you can also see it, I leave it in the description,
it’s weird that he says scorpion won’t be there, and not directly any mortal character
Kombat will be, for what made me think about this possibility,
and if it is not scorpion but what if it is subzero? we’ll see,
another character that many hated me to do his smash analysis, but I had a lot of fun
doing it, is the character of Fortnite, although fortnite
It’s not as popular as before and is more hated by many than loved, there are
to be realistic and see their popularity, Is it enough to enter smash? well
will depend on nintendo, the third is a prominent female character
at present, 2B of Nier Automata, developed by platinum games,
this character was very popular and the game it was all a success,
but only because of its popularity is that it maintains a chance, in fact it is in 9th place in
United States and in 10 in Japan, Will it be enough to reach smash?
and finally we have Reimu Hakurei from Touhou Project,
a character mentioned in the last time as a possible character in smash,
and also quite popular in Japan, I can’t mention a lot about her because I don’t know her,
but as I tell you, I know it’s popular and that has been mentioned for smash,
Now let’s see the most difficult but not impossible, the inclusion of a sony character in smash,
this has not yet been confirmed and this generating a lot of expectation,
the characters that I think would have more opportunity are:
-Kratos (God of War) -Nathan Drake (Uncharted)
-Sir Daniel (Medievil) -Ratchet and Clank
kratos, he only fights his violence but has been softened correctly in playstation
all stars, so it can happen again, its inclusion
to smash it would be a bomb, and a beautiful way to close the fighter pass,
I already did your smash analysis too, so you can see it in the description if you like,
as for the other 3, they have the same chances of entering,
it all depends on seeing, if sony can enter a character, whom they choose,
My presence is still suspicious from sony in the smash tournament, we’ll see
What’s going on, since it is now or never, because if the
5th character dlc and is not a representative From sony, I think he will have lost a great
and only opportunity, and unless the planets align another
Once, this may not happen again, finishing we have the possibility that
the last character is a representative of Nintendo,
something that makes a lot of sense, if you think about it good,
we have become accustomed to seeing characters from third party companies like dlc,
that we don’t even think about nintendo representatives because if,
If this were the case, Nintendo would end with a character of his the fighter pass,
and who could be the candidates in that case?
for me it should be a bomb, I don’t think be a character of xenoblade chronicles,
because your time has passed, maybe before there would be its inclusion was good, but for me already
it’s late, as for a pokemon of galar, it could be,
it’s the most recent nintendo game, but we know well the inclusion of who would
fly internet, and it is the inclusion of waluigi, although we know
which is very complicated, in its time everything happened around this
character, who knows? maybe it was planned from the
start, and we wanted to give this surprise as 5th character,
also, there is a theory that is circulating In the net,
which says that the 5th character dlc will be a new character, created only for
smash, that goes with the history of world of light,
that is to say with the lumina and lugubra antagonists, an original character totally created for
smash and that would be included as dlc, because everything can happen, it sounds interesting,
and that would explain why leakers just can deconfirm characters and not confirm
nothing, because nobody knows the character, since it is
new and does not belong to anyone, this has happened in other fighting games, in
kof xiv, for example, najd, a totally new character to the franchise,
so well, these are all possibilities I see possible characters for the 5th
dlc character, if we rely on that list of all these
Confirmed characters is real, Now to finish, I will give my final conclusion,
based on my opinion, you can give the his,
if the confirmed characters are real, of all the options you mention,
I believe that these characters are the ones who have more opportunity,
because I still insist that the 5th character dlc, it should be a bomb,
It will be a character that drives many people crazy for its final inclusion,
I’m between: -Steve of Minecraft
-Lara Croft by Tomb Raider -Sora of Kingdom Hearts
-Kratos of God of War -Waluigi
-Subzero of Mortal Kombat -A totally new original character from
smash I believe that the inclusion of any of these
characters, it would be a good gold clasp for the fighter pass,
and that they would drive fans crazy smash,
obviously I would like to crash too there,
but how deconfirmed I can’t, since the game we make is based on that,
think of alternatives to the confirmed list, This is what I think would be a bomb,
now calmly sakurai can come and puts goomba as the final character,
and trolls us all, everything can happen, there is nothing said, not even what they say
the leakers, but this was an analysis and game could be said,
in case the leakers became real, where I show you that there is beyond those
characters, what candidates can we see? what are the options? well here in this
video, I have answered them, if you think there is any character that I have forgotten
and that you think there should be been in the analysis,
Let me know in the comments, and also Tell me your list of characters according to you,
they think it would be a bomb their inclusion, and what do you think will be the 5th character dlc?
I will be reading them! Well, I was editing the video, I went to twitter
and just Sabi just posted a tweet referring to Sora,
where I would practically be confirming, so if we rely on leakers,
another character that would be discarded, Who will be the new 5th dlc?
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his friend Javiwario, until next time!


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  9. Para Mi Siendo Sincero Creo Que Lo De Los Leakers Algunos Son Falsos Y Top 5 Posibles Son Estos:
    2.Personaje Orginal De Smash.
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    5.Steve – Minecraft
    Y Como Deseo Explicito O Como Se Escriba: WaLuigi & Issac :3.
    Con Issac Yo Me Muero Y Reviento Todoooooo.

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    Lo de Atlus que acompañará al Joker es su eco que es mujer no se como se llama y uno de Radiant Historia llamado Stocke.
    El único personaje de Microsoft que me gustaría ver es a Dust del juego Dust an elysian tail, le daré a ese Espadachín de Microsoft llamado Dust y no a Steve de minecraft.
    ¿¡Que 2b de Nier Automata no lo desarrolló Square Enix? verdad es de Platinum Games y Square Enix lo Distribuyó.
    Unos de Nintendo que me encantaría ver son Bandana Waddle Dee, Leon Powalski e Intileon de Galar, pero no quiero a Goomba, ni a Sandbag, pero hay un personaje sorpresa que quiero es a Bisharp o Sylux, pero sospecho que es Paper Mario, ya que su escenario está disponible.
    El próximo análisis quiero que sea Paper mario, Viewtiful Joe y Dust de (Dust an Elysian Tail).

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  16. Se te han quedado compañías fuera, un montón.
    Tampoco estoy de acuerdo con tus candidatos para ser el 5º:
    -Steve: ya tiene representación Microsoft, y un personaje que no aportaría más que su fama no encajaría.
    -Kratos: tiene las mismas posibilidades que Master Chief: ninguna, siendo realista. Serían licencias astronómicamente caras y ambas compañías, por mucho que haya cesado la guerra de consolas…
    -Scorpion: no. Piensa en el moveset. No encaja ni de coña.
    -Waluigi: no, punto. No hace falta argumentar el por qué.
    -Sora: Sakurai fue clarísimo diciendo de no meter nada que no haya nacido en videojuegos. Sí, Sora nació en KH, pero el problema empieza por todo lo que trae de la mano.
    -Personaje original: no. Teniendo la oportunidad de promocionar nuevos juegos, facilitar todo simplemente alquilando una licencia, colaborando con la compañía…? La gente no va a pagar por un personaje sacado de la chistera que no sea conocido.
    -Lara: podría? Sí. Tendría un moveset bueno? Lo dudo. De todos es el personaje que más dudas me genera, de los que has dicho.

  17. Yo creo que blinx de blinx the time swiper (has un análisis de el) lo único que te digo en que su primer juego blinx tiene que rescatar q una princesa (o algo así) de los tom-toms (los antagonistas del juego) ah y es un barrendero del tiempo ese es el único personaje que se me ocurre a parte su franquicia fue popular por el 2000 así que puede ser posible su inclusión

  18. Un personaje que puede estar en Smash sería Zero de Megaman Zero, sabiendo que en el juego tienen a tres personajes de Capcom: Ryu, Ken y Megaman, sabiendo que dos son de la misma franquicia, a mi me gustaría que agregarán un personaje de Megaman para que estén se puede decir la misma cantidad. También cabe mencionar que hace tiempo se anunció la colección de La saga Zero y la saga Zx para la Switch

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  21. Mis 3 opciones para DLC
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    -Ratchet y Clank estan algo olvidados, a pesar de que tuvieron un juego y pelicula recientes, pero creo que, junto a Crash, serian los mas posibles de Sony ("is qui crish ni is di siny" si ya se, pero es donde mas impacto tuvo)
    -Ya se que lo mencionaste, pero no creo que suavizen a Kratos, digo, ¿como pueden quitarle la violencia a Kratos, pero no taparle la piel a Mai?, creo que la ideologia de Sakurai es muy distinta a la de Sony, y si de verdad quiere conservar su esencia, debe ser un personaje epico y brutal (aunque mi fantasia es ver la reaccion de Pit y Palutena a Kratos)
    -Primero y lo mas importante, Mortal Kombat esta baneado en Japon, incluyendo a MK11, y la gente a veces olvida que Smash es un juego japones para japoneses en su mayoria (ahi estan de prueba El Heroe, que fue donde mas causo emocion). No digo que no sea popular alla, pero si le quita muchas opciones…

    PD: disculpa mi biblia de comentario >_<
    PD2: no estoy diciendo que estos no van a estar, solo estoy sugiriendo contras, pero no estoy imponiendo mis reglas (no como otros…). De hecho, si uno de estos entra, con todo el gusto del mundo estare dispuesto a tragarme mis palabras 😉

  22. Mis opciones para personajes de Smash como DLC son:

    Ezio Auditore
    Tracer (Overwatch)
    Akali / Katarina (League of Legends)
    Morrigan (Darkstalkers)
    Spyro (Spyro the Dragon)
    Aiden Pearce (Watch Dogs)
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    -sora (kingdom hearts)

  29. Vengo del futuro y anunciaron otro fighter pass con:

    Conker, Neku Sakuraba, Geno, Shantae, Tarma, Vaporeon y N de Pokémon Blanco y negro como personaje eco de Pokémon trainer.

  30. Dice el viejo dicho mientras más alto apuntes más te vas a decepcionar cuando veas la realidad así que está vez ya perdí las espectativas supongo que al final no será la gran cosa

  31. Una forma interesante para tratar de descubrir al posible 5to personaje seria pensar como nintendo o algo asi, ver pistas, joker fue elegido por sakurai al ser este un fan de la saga, los heroes de dragon quest son de los iconos mas grandes por no decirl el mas grande en japon, banjo y kazooie, un personaje pedido y que ademas ultimamente microsoft ha tenido buenas relaciones con nintendo, y terry sacado de snk, la idea inicial de sakurai de crear un juego de peleas accesible vino de una anecdota con KoF. Ahora con esto…… que se les puede ocurrir, no creo que tan solo sean por promover un lanzamiento o algo asi ya que eso solo aplico con dragon quest y de los demas nada de momento.. Se podrian considerar relaciones con nintendo o sakurai. Pero bueno, en unos días se mostrara el resultado

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  33. pero Ryu Hayabusa y crash no están desconfiados de pertenecer al fightin pas tal vez no será el 5 dlc pero ay oportunidad que ellos pueden entrar en el segundo pase de Smash pero para mi los personajes ideales es Travis touchdown

  34. Esa necedad de poner a un chara de RE, MK, Doom, KH y ahora Tomb Raider y Dino Crisis??? seamos sinceros no pasara, no son personajes para estar en Smash, Javi deja el Mugen un rato….
    No creo que se ponga otro chara de las compañias que ya estan, no estara Cuphead ya se dijo que no por que al final el estudio que lo trajo y Microsoft no prestaran mas personajes.

    Waluigi……es neto??? Tienes a muchos personajes de Nintendo y te vas por el molde mal.hecho de Camelot para este juego Waluigi no es canon ni es alguien en la saga Mario, si llega a ser un personaje de Nintendo, ya solo tendria que ser uno que tenga una popularidad unica y por desgracia ya muchos personajes estan en Ultimate, tal vez y eso Geno puede ser pero es poco probable, seria alguien de Fire Emblem, Pokemon o aunque te duela Xenoblade, pero tendria que ser uno que tenga impacto en su juego, por Xenoblade puede que Rex y Homura/Hotaru haciendo un personaje doble estilo Joker con su Arsen, pero con un estilo mas activo a diferencia de Joker.

    No creo que Nintendo haya permitido en este Fighter Pass una compañia fuera de Japón a escepcion de Microsoft, el siguiente personaje puede ser Japones, con trayectoria con Nintendo, por lo cual no dudo que sea Namco o Tecmo, veo mas esas posibilidades, sobre Sega, perdon pero Bayonetta si es Sega pero tambien Nintendo, solo ellos dos dieron financiamiento para que la saga saliera, asi que Bayonetta es parte de Sega y tambien de Nintendo, Konami no creo ya esta Castlevania y Metal Gear.

    Puede que alguien de Overwatch, pero siento que sera alguien de Namco o Tecmo.

    Sony…….jajaja ni en sueños jajajajaja es en serio la relacion Nintendo-Sony no es la mejor pero no es como en años pasados, pero como se ve es muy inprovable, a parte que siendo Smash un juego de Nintendo la mayoria de los fans no reconocen a los que mencionas, es mas ni uno es un personaje talento, Kratos es mas conocido pero muy poco inprovable por ser de una compañia canadiense……y si ves Nintendo tiene mejores relaciones con otros japoneses que extranjeros en Smash.

    Por cierto con Sora, es imposible, ya que es un personaje del deal con Disney/Square, literal seria pagar tres licensias por un personaje y Square no es accesible con ciertas cosas(vease la musica) ahora con Sora seria un caos por que hay que pagarle a Disney el uso de Sora y a parte los personajes de Disney por que si o si Goofy y Donald estan a su lado….asi que olviden a Sora el no vale la pena

  35. Mmmmm porque aparece geno descartado si ya era un espíritu en el juego pero no fueron descartados ni Rayman ni Shantae en la misma lista…

  36. Si es de Sony, ojala fuera Sir. Daniel Fortesque. Encajaría perfectamente, esperó que Sony, haga una colaboración y si llegaría a pasar gritaria como chica xD
    Buen video Javi, sigue así con tus vídeos!.

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