R.A.P. & Jake the blogger 123 Responded…

Previously, (again) on Daniel T. gaming. You know what? How about I talk about another one of his videos? Just to push his buttons, to see if he makes another video and finally gets triggered! (music) Roblox awesome parodies: THIS PURSON, LIKE, MADE A RANT ON ME, SO (inaudible)!!!!!! (earrape) Daniel: Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, the unidentified human species known as Roblox Awesome Parodies Did do a response video to my video, Minecraft Awesome Parody’s return. Now, the thing is, this Imbelllic INSECT is STILL ACTIVE, even though we already know it’s a troll channel! Now, not only will we be reacting to THAT THING’S rant, but I’m gonna be reacting to other rants. One of them is even an actual rant! Not just a troll rant to get views, this is an actual, genuine rant! So with that said, let’s dive right in to the cringe! Roblox Awesome Parodies: (loud) HEY GUYZ, THIS IS ROBLOX AWESOME PARODIEZ!!! Daniel: AGH! OH GOSH WHAT DID HE DO TO HIS MIC? It sounds like he ended up copying and pasting the same audio, but delaying one to make it sound like he has a twin brother or something! Roblox Awesome Parodies: AND TODAY WE’RE GOING TO LOOK AT DANIEL T. GAMING! AND, WHAT ABOUT HIM IS HE UPLOADED A VIDEO ABOUT ME, ABOUT MY CHANNEL, BECAUSE HE THINKS MY CHANNEL SUCKZ! BUT IN REAL LIFE, HIZ CHANNEL SUCKZ! Daniel: (laughing) I love it when kids are trying to win an argument, it’s just adorable. Oh, right, that thing’s not actually a human. It’s an insect Roblox awesome parodies: BECAUSE WUT HE DUZ IS JUST UPLOADZ VIDEOZ!!! Daniel: Wait a minute, my channel sucks because I upload videos? You do the same thing too, but ten times worse! Roblox awesome parodies: AND UMM (heavy breathing) THIS PURSON LIKE ,MADE A RANT ON ME, SO WHAT I DO IZ JUST MAKE PARODIEZ!!! Daniel: no, you are wrong, you don’t just make parodies. You made a rant one me, and I didn’t even talk about you! Also, like I said before, you were acting like a complete hypocrite! You made a rant on me, and I’m fine with that. But then I made a rant on you, and you’re not fine with that. You are an absolute, imbecillic, hypocrite! Roblox Awesome Parodies: SO THE FUNNY THING IZ, HE MAKES (INAUDIBLE) THAT’S WHY I’M MAKING THIS VIDEO, STAHP THE HATRS! Daniel: no, we aren’t going to stop the haters. Roblox Awesome Parodies: CUZ THEY’RE JUST HATIN ON MOAR KIDZ. AND STAHP HATING ON ME!!!!!!!!! Daniel: also, one more thing, doesn’t this kid know that there are other hating channels, or commentary channels, thats what they are actually called, by the way. Like Pyrocynical, Leafyishere, and NFKRZ, but still, all of them do the same format, but my inspiration for commentary channels come from pyrocynical. To all you people who say that I’m a Leafyishere copy, just know the fact that I’m actually inspired by Pyro. Roblox Awesome Parodies: WHY YOU IDIOT!!! (SCREAMS) Daniel: well, that ended pretty quick. Now before I talk about the next video, let me ask you guys something. Do you remember my video “Looking up ‘I’m mad’ Videos on YouTube”? and, do you remember how the first person I talked about was Jaketheblogger123? Well, apparently, out of nowhere, Jaketheblogger123 responded! He made a response video! Now, oddly enough, I first heard this from the first Roblox Awesome Parodies video. Where somebody actually commented Saying that “Jake responded” and it’s kind of interesting! So with that said, let’s dive right in to more cringe! Jake: hey guys! It’s Jaketheblogger123, and I’m back, I haven’t uploaded in a long time. Daniel: (laughs) just the way he’s saying it is hilarious “I haven’t uploaded in a long time, and I’m back!” it’s just hilarious to me. Jake: and I got roasted by somebody, so this is what I say to you: *angry face* Daniel: (laughing) Jake: you are so boring (SAVAGE) and I don’t care. *dad yelling in background* (Daniel remixed the sound of this kid’s lips smacking, and it’s pretty hilarious, but also hard to subtitle) Jake: so, anyway guys, I don’t know. Stop hating, especially if you didn’t get my permission to put me on your video. Daniel: Ya know, in his defense, he is kinda right. I was actually kind of an a-hole when making that video. I actually feel kind of sorry for him, to be honest. Listen, if you are a person who did go and hate on his video, all just because of mine, PLEASE STOP. This is the same thing that pyrocynical had to deal with with Gliche gaming. Please, just stop with all the hate, and let him be. But that is all the time I have for today, if you did enjoy the video, hit the like button, and, if you’re new, the subscribe button! And if you have any other suggestions on what you want me to talk about next, and if you have any fanart you want to submit to me, You can submit them all via Twitter, Discord, or in the comments section via the hastag #DanielTGaming Anyways, thank you all so much for watching, and I’ll see you in the next video. Bye! Also, if you haven’t noticed throughout the video, I never said the words “retard” or “cancer” as a sort of way to make a joke. Because that is actually kind of a serious thing to talk about, especially cancer, that is a very important thing. So, it’s kind of upsetting to see that as a joke, so I will stop saying it from now on. Thank you guys for watching, see you in the next video. Bye! (outro music)

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